FDA Issues Emergency Authorization for the Use of Hydroxychloroquine to Combat Coronavirus Effective Immediately…

Well, well, well….  After the media went bananas trying to refute President Trump several weeks ago after he spoke optimistically about the potential for a malaria medication called chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to be used to combat the coronavirus, today the FDA has approved its use.

WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration on Sunday issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, decades-old malaria drugs championed by President Donald Trump for coronavirus treatment despite scant evidence.

The agency allowed for the drugs to be “donated to the Strategic National Stockpile to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible,” HHS said in a statement, announcing that Sandoz donated 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the stockpile and Bayer donated 1 million doses of chloroquine.

The move was supported by the White House, part of a larger Trump-backed effort to speed the use of anti-malaria drugs as a potential therapy for a virus that has no proven treatment or cure. FDA already has allowed New York state to test administering the medication to seriously ill patients, and some hospitals have added it to their treatment protocols.

“Let’s see how it works,” Trump said at a press briefing on Sunday, referencing New York state’s efforts. “It may. It may not.”

[…] Three officials told POLITICO that FDA’s planned move would facilitate more access to the drug by allowing more manufacturers to produce or donate it.  (read more)

MAGA Bitches !


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498 Responses to FDA Issues Emergency Authorization for the Use of Hydroxychloroquine to Combat Coronavirus Effective Immediately…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    So I just sent a letter to my internist regarding Dr. Zelenko’s 3 ingredient cocktail using hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin AND zinc sulfate together and stressing the importance of the 220 mg of daily zinc in the 5 day treatment regimen.

    I also included a copy of Dr. Zelenko’s letter and the Rudy You Tube video interview.

    Although he was well aware of using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, he WAS NOT aware of the zinc element.

    This is why IMO everyone may want to consider reaching out to their personal doctor and see if they are aware of the 3 ingredient cocktail to include zinc.

    IMO this info needs to spread otherwise the result data could come back not as definitive, if the vast majority of doctors just use hydroxychloroquine and z-pack without including zinc thus leading many and of course the media to poo poo it.

    Remember according to Dr. Zelenko’s theory the hydroxychloroquine opens a canal in the virus cell allowing the zinc to get inside and disrupt the reproduction capability/strength of the virus, which then allows the immune system more time to combat it.

    Driving a three wheel vehicle with only two wheels won’t provide the best results but if the vehicle had 3 wheels, much better results. Just saying.

    In the end it is up to everyone’s individual doctor and that patient to determine what they choose as the best course of action but I know if I test positive for COVID-19 I will be asking for the 3 ingredient cocktail.


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    • modspell says:

      I’ll take that cocktail, and a few others.

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      EXTREMELY important detail, that Zn, 220mg, bogey, EXCELLENT CRUCIAL POINT…it appears it’s the Zn that actually shuts down the viral mRNA’s taking over the patient’s protein synthesis, enabling all the cellular thus organ damage, esp pulmonary destruction !

      YOU ROCK, Patriot !

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    • ex101st says:

      Most of us took HC in Vietnam for months without side effects. Resistance to using this drug combo maybe because it is cheap (under $30) and of course global warming is a much bigger threat.

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    • TonyE says:

      Before the SHTF, I bought multi vitamin pills with zinc and I’m taking them every night. About 20 mg per day. I might up it to 40 or even 80.

      I also bough Cold-Eeze. Each lozenge caries 13.3 mg and the recommended dosage is up 12 to 24 per day for an adult… I don’t take them right now because they got sugar but that’s the fall back if we get sick.


      • drlou007 says:

        Unfortunately, you are wasting your time with zinc alone. The CQ allows the Zinc to enter the cell. Without it, the zinc will do nothing. And with the CQ you need 220 mg of zinc a day.


  2. Charlie says:

    It is not available. I already tried.


  3. CM-TX says:

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    • David A says:

      The hospital overload in New York, Spain, Italy, briefly in South Korea, and China was and is very real.

      Do you have contrary evidence. Do you question the veracity of the NY paramedics reporting their experience?

      In the US the death to recovery fatality rate is over 35 percent dead.

      Can you name one city, anywhere in the world, where strong defensive protocols were not set, and the exponential curve flatlined?


      • Dan says:

        Do you know the criteria for ascribing a death to the WuFlu?
        Do you know the criteria for declaring a person recovered?
        Do you know the criteria for declaring a person to be infected?
        Do you know the requirements for confirming the infection?
        If not, then you really have no idea what you are blabbering about. Don’t you find if odd that these critical terms are never defined?

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    • suzbo says:

      Our medium size hospital in Michigan just accepted five Detroit +CV19 patients. Full capacity, considering nursing staff, is 270 patients with only 139 inpatients currently.

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    • drlou007 says:

      It is Zinc that stops the virus’ ability to reproduce. Chloroquine allows the Zinc to enter the cells. Without both, plus z-pack, the medicine will not work.


  4. alliwantissometruth says:

    This should be interesting

    I’ve been asking not only why it wasn’t being used, but also why it’s been hardly mentioned for the past month

    Other countries have done trial tests with a 100% success rate. I recently read of a doctor in NY who treated 699 patients with it and also had 100% success

    Of course I understand the importance of making sure a drug is safe, but during a national emergency, and with the data we already have after decades of use, not too mention the absolute success rate with treating the actual virus, I was wondering why the “media” seemed to be suppressing any positive information on the cocktail and how it wasn’t being mentioned much by doctors and other medical professionals

    So now we’ll (hopefully) see if the cocktail is a real game changer

    Again, should be intersting

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    • MelH says:

      In California, i haven’t heard one person agreeing that the FDA sanctioning the drugs is worth celebrating. “Anecdotal treatment”, they call it, “untested, unapproved”, I HATE living in a quarantined community of over 100 Democrats! Never mind, I celebrated alone. God Bless you Treepers. I celebrated with you, reading your comments. Many thanks! There’s HOPE, but the Dreaded Demon Democrats are not at all interested in hoping for anything but President’s ouster.

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  5. Bogeyfree says:

    Pretty powerful quote from the CEO of Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

    Note the word chosen was KILLED CORONAVIRUS


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  6. railer says:

    I notice my Michigan governor has shut her mouth about Trump now, after she’d issued an executive order banning the prescription of this drug, just to spite Trump.

    Now we should have the families of those who’ve recently passed away here, beating on her door, now that the drugs are approved despite her recklessness and spite. She played politics with peoples’ lives. Despicable.

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  7. TonyE says:

    Why does Trump have CNN in these press conferences?

    Their questions are BS… and in three hours the CNN Headline will be “Trump picks on us, again!”


    • flyboy46 says:

      He lets them in to show HOW stupid they ARE. And they KEEP reinforcing that idea. Why quit now?


    • Why CNN was Present in the conference:

      As I recall, there was a case of the same male journalist from CNN that went to court who confronted President Trump. This was settled by both parties by the court.

      I have been trying to get the attention the National Institute of Health about the use of Acetazolamide(Diamox) a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor which affects this equation
      CO2 + H20 ——-H2C03——H+ (Hydrogen ion) + HCO3-1– this is reversible by
      the action of cell specific carbonic anhydrase enzymes and inhibited by antagonist.
      H+ (hydrogen ion) plus adenosine diphosphate(ADP) = adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) serves as fuel of the coronavirus. No fuel leads to the death of the coronavirus.
      This is like : no gasoline your car(gasoline powered) will not start, No hydrogen–
      no Sun.
      For further reading : my website: https://www.cerebril.com/


  8. sarasotosfan says:

    Henceforth, you shall refer to him as Dr. President Trump!


  9. M.T. says:

    WOW, those two governors are willing to let people die in their States, because why? They hate President Trump and the way the pandemic is being fought. Shame on you governors, shame on you Both. I hope that the families of patients that you sentenced to death, sue your states, and bankrupt you both!

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  10. Nowut Ameen says:

    Surely there must be a US District a Judge somewhere who will bravely issue a nationwide injunction against Trump’s dangerous, impulsive, scientifically unsupported command to force doctors to administer these unproven drugs!


    • drlou007 says:

      ‘BRAVELY’? You mean foolishly, right? Hydroxy chloroquine + z-pack + Zinc = no virus. What the hell are we doing destroying our country??


      • Kindly do your research pertaining the use of Chloroquine for coronavirus. My research shows that
        it has an antiviral action and others(Wikipedia). I contacted the NIH to add acetazolamide which is a
        carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, FDA approved for (P. Malaria and Others) which I have already commented for its functions .


  11. drlou007 says:

    Please put the word out: Zinc is the actual element that inhibits the virus from reproducing. Chloroquine helps the Zinc get into infected cells. By itself, CQ does very little.


  12. Mary Ann says:

    PDJT is kind of like your parents..
    They always think he is wrong, but in the end.. he was always right..


  13. srtnewsnet says:

    Clinical trials r still running, No proof till now it will work for Covid-19


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