Andrew Cuomo: “I Will Lead The Way”…

Notice the DNC Club is keeping Joe Biden tucked away while the pantomime is presented.  In the latest production, and do not doubt – this is a full-on created production, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo presents: “I will lead the way’….

This is NOT organic.  WATC – This is from today:


Notice how the graphics appearing on the screen are timed to prompt the oration; and all of it is targeting heart message, emotion over logic.  There is a teleprompter directly in front of and below Cuomo so he can reference the graphics as he gives his press remarks.  You can see him checking the monitor for the next prompt. This is all rehearsed. Everything about this is a production.

A prepared script, graphics with points of emphasis, along with national media interrupting all broadcasts to run these messages, this draft nomination effort is brilliantly designed. People in Ohio, Florida, Arizona and Michigan are wondering why they are watching a New York governor presser every day on their televisions.

You have to admit these are brilliant political operations.

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186 Responses to Andrew Cuomo: “I Will Lead The Way”…

  1. freepetta says:

    Cuomo has always been a corrupt disgrace. He is as dirty as Hillary ROT HAM 🐷. Can’t figure out what kept this piece of 💩out of prison.

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    • Mary Wilson says:

      He disbands all ethics investigations when they reach his office; he’s never actually been investigated.

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      • freepetta says:

        Mary even several of Cuomo’s appointed commissioners have been arrested for corruption. He always seems to slither away like the snake he is.

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        • X XYZ says:

          I’ve heard that his old man, “Mario the Pious” (as Rush called him), was a former governor of NY. Do you think that had anything to do with Andrew being elected the present governor?

          Nepotism? Much?

          Bushes… Cuomos… It’s entirely legal. Politics is their family business. It’s the family business of the Clintons and the Bidens too. As the Dems were quick to remind us, corruption is not illegal. Even if it is, no one will prosecute it.That’s “professional courtesy”. But not everyone in every family needs to get elected to public office to profit immensely from the racket of influence and peddling and corruption.

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  2. TradeBait says:

    The DNC has a candidate for POTUS that has dementia that is worsening. So they create an exit with Cuomo as the soft landing for their party, which will be a lead brick in the general election.

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  3. Dutchman says:

    “Targeting heart message, emotion over logic”
    THIS is the essence of manipulation, which is getting someone to do domething they wouldn’t otherwise do.

    Con artists have instinctively known, forever, what nueroscientists have proven with PET scans;
    If you can evoke a strong enough EMOTIONAL responce, the part of the brain that engages in “Critical thinking” goes dormant.

    The thing is, just as those who drive while talking on cell phones are UNAWARE that they “lose” peripheral vision, those who “lose” critical thinking don’t realise its not there.

    Hence, when they get the email from the ‘bank teller’ in Nigeria, in broken English, promising them Millions of $, it doesn’t occur to them to question it.

    ANY emotion will work; Fear, Greed, Jelousy, Desire for recognition, Sympathy, etc. So long as it is STRONG enough, critical thinking shuts down.

    Its the way the human brain works, and we are ALL capable of experiencing it.

    Its EASY to see it in others;
    “The bent bank teller e-mail? How in the World could he fall for that!”

    But then the same person gives $250 to a fake charity, to save the elephants.
    NOT so easy to see it in ourselves, because? OUR critical thinking is shut down.

    Understanding HOW it works is SOME defence,….interacting with others, who do not have their emotions triggered, and so can apply THEIR critical thinking to YOUR situation also helps.

    Don’t delude yourself that its ONLY Democrats who are vulnerable, however. We are all human, and therefore all vulnerable.

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  4. Caius Lowell says:

    This whole COVID-19 situation smells of a ChiCom / Democrat Party operation…

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    • Rock Knutne says:

      Olderglory ~~

      Thanks for sharing that article. I hope everyone here reads it and saves it for emailing out to their contact list..


  5. avocadodipp says:

    The Left is always looking for an earthly Savior – someone who will take all of us gently in their hands and lead us to the Politically-Correct Government Promised Lands. How many have we seen lately?

    Hillary, Michael Avenatti, Sleep Joe, Pocahontas, AOC… I know I’ve forgotten many others (it’s all a blur) … now it’s Cuomo. Flavor of the day.

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    • MTeresa says:

      I think so too.

      Bloomberg (a New Yorker) who had gobs of $$ to try to cinch the nomination and couldn’t pull it off. I don’t think Cuomo (another New Yorker) will be able to either. So the best the Big Club can come up with is that guy? In my mind, he just doesn’t check off many boxes of “identities” the Dems look for.

      But who knows how desperate they’ll be when Sleepy Joe continues to falter. And you know they’re getting pretty desperate.

      Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if my snake of a Governor (Newsome) is the “one.”

      Every time I see that joker smile, I think of a snake. A real pretty, dangerous, deadly snake.

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  6. lotbusyexec says:

    You can wrap feces up in a box with a pretty bow BUT the gift is still the same – Andrew Cuomo in a suit smelling like a NYC port-a-potty. No one is buying it.

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    • busy exec- you might be surprised.

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      • lotbusyexec says:

        You are correct Seneca the Elder – Democrats will fall for his nonsense. My bad!

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        • Not all democrats will, and it would never be enough to defeat our VSG President.

          I hope no one here literally believes it would as many sure seem “nervous” to me.

          Some, even older names are just outright doubting our President’s abilities right now, which is ridiculous to me.

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        • X XYZ says:

          Approximately 45% of the voting populace is the loyal Democrat base. They will vote for ANY nominee who is on their ticket. The young might stay home and not vote, because it won’t be Bernie or any of the other radicals who were silenced. That happened quickly once establishment Mikey showed up with his big bag of cash in hand to pay for a brokered convention. They were all made an offer that they couldn’t refuse. Little Mikey the kingmaker and his wad of $$$ will still be calling the shots behind the scenes.

          As usual, the outcome of the election will be determined by the “swing” vote, the “independents” and the “undecideds”. But no matter who the Dems prop up to be their nominee, Trump will win. You can bet that the Dem’s strategy is already focused on 2024 – even though their nominee is guaranteed to be a sure loser this time around. In 2024 it will have to be somebody younger than Bernie or Biden or Hillary.

          Just try to picture Bernie, Biden and Hillary in walkers and wheelchairs on a debate stage in 2024. Ain’t gonna happen.


      • scrap1ron says:

        Andy can win a rigged game for Governor in NY. There is no Republican Party presence, half the time they don’t even bother to run a candidate. His last two challengers, Paladino was a crackpot, Cynthia Nixon *Sex in the City actress* were laughable non entities. 200,000 residents have escaped NY since the last census, which coincides with Andy’s regime. They certainly are familiar with who Andy really is, as is anyone west of the Hudson. The only reason Cuomo seems reasonable is because the other Democrat options are so bad. He might do better nationally, than the other clowns, but that’s a pretty low bar.

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        • Scrap- EXCELLENT commentary.


          • scrap1ron says:

            This is the weakness of the Democrat contenders. They’ve had it so easy. Media covers for them, a goodly portion of the GOPe are on their team anyway, along with more alphabet departments than you can shake a stick at. They haven’t had to really fight in the arena of ideas. They’re intellectually flaccid and don’t even lie that well. President Trump should lump him up real well if he is the nominee.

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        • billinlv says:

          Like many others, I have always believed that Biden would never be the marxist party nominee. When John Kerry got on the bus with Biden, I saw Kerry as the guy who would prop up Biden for as long as possible and then easily slide into the slot when Joe self-destructed. Kerry checks off a lot of boxes and he was the nominee not too long ago. He hates the United States and he’s been lying through his teeth his entire life. He has outlived most of the Swift Boat veterans, he is a diabolical narcissist and he is arguably better looking (plastic surgery notwithstanding) and smarter than the pathetic mobster Andrew Cuomo. On the other hand, Cardinal Dolan would happily endorse Randy Andy.

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        • Rockindubya says:

          His faint praise of late regarding VSGPDJT only “proves” what a true centrist he is….. SPIT!


    • coldanger says:

      He already has groupies, yuck 🤢🤦‍♀️


  7. Bill Bradley > any Cuomo

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  8. directorblue says:

    Two data points:

    1) “New York Wouldn’t Spend $500 Million on Ventilators, Prioritized $500 Million for Illegals Instead”:

    2) Andrew Cuomo was directly responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. Directly.

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    • NY Post: “New York legislators are pushing a new law to have the cash-strapped state spend more than $500 million to provide virtually free, taxpayer-financed health care to more than 400,000 adult illegal immigrants. …The Gottfried-Rivera measure piggybacks a similar $100 million program touted by Mayor de Blasio that guarantees illegal immigrants in the city get basic medical care through doctors at city-run hospitals.”


  9. TRUTH says:

    Drive past your local hospital and see the ER entrances are empty. I drove past the 3 largest hospital complexes in my “Battle Ground” state and the ER entrances are EMPTY. All one has to do is drive by their own hospital to see.

    There is no “on the ground” reporting by media at local hospitals – nor useful information. People are past the panic phase and are now getting angry.

    Dem Mayors and Governors biggest problems will be the Libs who trusted them. They’ll yell and scream the loudest – after their cities are instantly transformed to East Berlin. That’s unless the Chinese army or armed ISIS soldiers start moving.

    All I can say is “Be Prepared” – I’ve seen some strange things on the ground lately.

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    • walt39 says:

      We have 32,000 cases and 400 deaths so far; doubling time for cases is under 7 days. Roughly 70 days to 1000x. So about June 1 we’ll have 32 million cases and maybe 400,000 deaths.

      There are several footnotes to that but none of them is at all likely to make things a lot better. Those who are over their panic now will get it back well before June 1.


    • allhail2 says:

      I give it to 7-10 days. When people start realizing that they are not seeing what they’re being told to see, they are going to get restless real fast. Most service workers are getting close or are already down to triple digits or less in their bank accounts. Next Monday, out of money.

      The clamor to get back to work will begin to get loud. Politicians had better pay attention to it and adjust the economy (shutdowns) back towards normal life. Otherwise, it’s setting up to get ugly.

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  10. Everett Miller says:

    Governor Cuomo for POTUS?
    Bring it on.
    Trump will eat him up like a little baby birdy stolen from the nest.

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    • Fab4LvrJ says:

      Can’t stand that “lying dog-faced pony soldier” Crooked Cuomo–phony as a 3-dollar bill, and being set up to steal the nomination! It’s so damned obvious. People: beware the desperate Demons!


  11. Sundance was the first to call the ascension of El Supremo Cuomo to the throne.
    Brilliantly played and as usual, the dopey Repubs have been outmaneuvered.
    Hide’ em must be in a terminal state because he has totally disappeared from public view.

    Meanwhile- why doesn’t someone ask Andy Boy why he is not helping out NEW YORK’S SMALL BUSINESSES to get our share of Federal SBA Money and other grants and loans?

    New York’s small businesses are DYING. It absolutely criminal that our Governor is so busy plotting to get the nomination that the SOB has abandoned his own state.

    We are ready, willing and able to get back to work so that we can make money to pay or taxes. They are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

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  12. scrap1ron says:

    From the subprime mortgage meltdown that Andy helped engineer as Clinton’s HUD Director to the shake down artist as Attorney General of NY, to the smoking wreck of a once prosperous Empire State as Governor since 2011. Fredo’s brother might lead the way, but it’s not a direction any sane person would want to go. Boss Tweed incarnate has so much corruption to hide, and President Trump knows where most of those bodies are buried.

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  13. dufrst says:

    I am not worried at all about Governor Cuomo. If they want to go that route, be my guess. He will do no better than Hillary and lose the popular vote.

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  14. an Italian from NY as President … right … America is willing to try alot of things … but not that …


  15. bluecat57 says:

    To hell?


  16. NCPatrick says:

    Hey, I’m sorry, but this guy has always seemed like a total moron to me and the last thing I’d do would be to put any faith or trust in him. I don’t care what he says or where; he is an idiot. I have enough stress without worrying about this fool. Good grief!

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    • IGiveUp says:

      What in the world does any of that have to do with who becomes the Dem nominee or who the insane American-hating Dems would vote for? Remember Lurch? Obama? Hillary? Maxine Waters? AOC? I could go on for a month.

      People who are idiots are our most dangerous enemies!

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    • Fab4LvrJ says:

      Let Fredo run as his VP! LOL


  17. ed bernay says:

    He can’t be the VP for Hillary because they are both from the same state. Cuomo signed and continually bragged about the SAFE Act. He would win California, NJ, CT, MA, IL and NY. The rest of the country will not like him.

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    • RobInPA says:


      – with love, Fredo’s brother – 2013


  18. ed bernay says:

    Imagine the arrogance of someone to say this. I guess conservatives will not be welcome in the USA if Cuomo became President.


  19. coldanger says:

    Oh he sees (presidential) stars in his future definitely. Women saying they have crushes on him, puh-LEASE! He scares the 💩 out of me. But most dems do…


    • X XYZ says:

      Obama? “Thrill up the leg”? “Someone fainted? Call the paralegals”?

      Attractiveness has been redefined by the media. Beauty is what the media now tells us to believe is being attractive. Advertising sells products, and it sells politicians, too. Both are made to be attractive. If advertising products and selling campaigning politicians weren’t effective at all, they wouldn’t be spending so much money on promoting it. Some people have been programmed to buy anything they are told to buy. And they do. Reflexively. That’s the power of suggestion.


      • Rock Knutne says:

        X XYZ ~~

        They can tell me from now until the cows come home how beautiful moochelle is.

        Put her on fashion mag cover after cover while ignoring the most glamorous First Lady EVER. (I don’t even need to say her name because it’s so obvious.)

        But they’ll never convince me that the former first lady didn’t play a Wookiee in the Star Wars saga.


  20. GSR says:

    He’s irritating.


  21. Yy4u says:

    Unless Trump is in same position as GWB was in in 2008, I dont think the Dems will waste Cuomo on 2020.


  22. itsahoaxfolks says:

    The media has been broadcasting this Guido’s propaganda into my house every morning, even FOX is fawning over this fart faced fool.

    Its time to enact a little social distancing from my TV.


  23. Kaco says:

    I wonder if Dementia Joe is still going to deliver his planned Coronavirus daily briefing he had planned starting Monday.

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  24. franz dorn says:

    I prefer Coumo auditioning in the open to Crooked sneaking around or Sleepy being propped up.


  25. timothy says:

    cringed, i did. Repulsive


  26. M. B. Lamar says:

    I’m thinking the backlash might be just shy of pitchforks and torches. There are 6 hospital beds in my state occupied for the CCP virus. For this, we will be facing a Great Depression. Lives ruined, or lost. Retirements cancelled. Businesses destroyed. Cuomo may want to think twice about being the face of this.

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  27. John Bick says:

    I’m weeping openly!


  28. Jeffrey Coley says:

    I don’t doubt the Democrats are exploiting the coronavirus for maximum political benefit: Never let a good crisis go to waste. And I also believe without reservation that the mainstream media is all in propagandizing for them. But does anyone really believe China, Europe, and the rest of the world are going along with a charade about a killer virus pandemic merely to assist one US political party winning the upcoming election?

    If the Democrats can really coordinate that kind of a hoax, with global participation from enemies of the United States … heck, we should all be happy to vote for the kind of leaders who can pull THAT off!

    Spoiler alert: They aren’t. The Wuhan pandemic is real, the fears of another 1918 influenza like death toll may be overstated, and the response may turn out to be a gross overreaction – but we won’t know that until we have the benefit of hindsight. Crashing the whole world’s economy over a middling virus that isn’t even as bad as seasonal influenza will be remembered as a huge miscalculation – but again, until we have 20/20 hindsight to inform us we won’t know.

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  29. Cathy M. says:

    Well, I’m gonna have to vote that as another “GAG”


  30. Vince says:

    This would be a great time for the conservative media to start whacking the Democrat hornet’s nest with a stick.

    Reporter: “Mr. Biden, have you been informed by the DNC yet that you have been replaced as the nominee by Governor Cuomo?

    Reporter: “Mr. Bernie Sanders supporter, what does it feel like to not only have your candidate lose, but to lose to someone who hasn’t campaigned and hasn’t won a single delegate?


  31. John Smith says:

    This is stupid. The state of NY has almost half of all the cases and he is working with Trump. Let’s try not to create something out of nothing. Trump is doing a great job and this guy would be drowning bright now if it was not for Trump’s help and he said as much.

    Please leave politics out of it for the next 10 days after which this whole thing will be over and Trump will be in a stronger situation than ever before.


  32. Blind no Longer says:

    I could totally see this happening. My and I said yesterday what is this..Cuomo state TV? Every time you turn on the channel, he’s there.

    He’s there talking like and old family friend or the wise caring brother. He literally told story after story about how his sister wanted to take her children to see his elderly mother. He told everyone listening how he scolded his sister, how there is tension in everyone’s families now. He talked about his children and how he missed being with them…about exercising in the parks…yada,yada,yada!

    I wouldn’t have thought much about it at first, but it’s every damn day…and right before the task force briefing so that everyone watching is sure to see him. Where is old sleepy Joe? WHERE is he?


  33. Rob in Oz says:

    Does anybody recall the Trump tweet from about a week ago, where he said that Cuomo needed to “do more”? It appears to have been deleted since. It said:

    QUOTE: Just had a very good tele-conference with Nations’s Governors. Went very well. Cuomo of New York has to “do more”. END QUOTE.

    Suddenly, out of the blue, Cuomo is “running for President”.

    Talk about things that make you go hmmmm… is this the “more” Trump was talking about? An agreed signal for Cuomo to “start”? So now we wait for him to crash and burn like the rest.

    Can anybody think of a better way for all the top Dem contenders to have their true-colors revealed than to force them onto the National Stage? It’s almost as if it is a Movie.

    Somewhat sadly, Sundance has moved to a position where he sees all the nefarious clues/links with strings being pulled (he’s great at this), yet he fails to see all the “Trump is in total control” clues & links from Trump and his Team. Pompeo’s jigsaw-puzzle tweets today/yesterday were classic signalling. Sundance doubts Pompeo. He doubts Barr. Sad.

    I Trust Trump and his Team. The guy is a beast. The tiny brains of his opponents are simply no match. He has totally controlled the playing-field for most of the last 3 years.

    Meanwhile, in Oz (population ~25 million) here is the latest shock-horror situation:

    Australia has almost 150 cases, with 77 in New South Wales, 25 in Victoria, 20 in Queensland, 9 in both Western Australia and South Australia, 3 in Tasmania, one in the Northern Territory, one in the ACT and 10 on the Diamond Princess (a boat off the coast).

    Are you telling me that 150 people in Oz have caught “the panic flu”? The media is breathless. This is a tragedy, the likes of which we have never seen before… WRONG. Time to wake up folks… there IS a US Military Plan and we are watching it unfold under the cover of a forced, world-wide economic shut-down. How BIG might this be? Here’s my shopping list: the end of Central Banks; new currencies; new financial system; new trade rules; new levels of Freedom AND personal responsibility; citizen journalism; and low or no taxes… I can’t wait.


  34. GrandeMe says:

    I got an idea the other day. That President Trump easily convinced Cuomo to make NY the testing ground for the very PUBLIC trial of chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax on COVID. Cuomo agreed knowing he’d be allowed to get a lot of air time, and be allowed to take a certain amount of credit if all goes well (hopefully it does). Public trial, because all the learned medical people want to do exhaustive, never ending testing to look for of all the things that might go wrong with using those drugs off label, rather than just giving them a try. Trump has leaned on Cuomos vast ego and political ambition = and we will know within ten days if these meds will change the direction of this thing. Cuomo gets to be all braggy, BUT he has to give sincere sounding credit to President Trump. Cuomo doesn’t give a s**t about NYers, he does care about his political future. Trump locked Cuomo up. And he bypassed the endless testing period which would have gone on while people died, and the economy would have withered away to nothing.
    I trust the intelligence that the President has on those meds. Especially if it got Cuomo to take such a risk. Think of what will happen to Cuomo if the meds are useless. Especially after all his heartfelt speeches of the past few days.


  35. Rj says:

    New York data
    Last updated: 3/22 11:00 ET
    Last checked: 3/22 15:15 ET

    According to this last updated report on the Covid tracking website it says NY has 61.401 cases. How can that be when they only have 15.168 who have tested positive and they are counting the negative cases in the total number in each state.

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  36. Fab4LvrJ says:

    Fireside Chatster Franklin Delano Cuomo is an overly obnoxious drama queen! Can’t stand to look at or listen to the bum!


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