Now Is Not The Time to Forcibly Close Restaurants – There are Interim Alternatives…

Right now, today, the retail food supply-chain is trying to recover from previous panic buying. Across the nation grocery stores are wiped out. Warehouses are emptying trying to replenish the stores. The upstream suppliers are trying to resupply the warehouses.

Supermarkets are closing early and opening late while trying to stem panic and fulfill customer demand.  Now is exactly the wrong time to limit food choices and push more people into those retail food stores.

No advance notice. No time to prepare or plan… just an immediate order.

Imagine what will happen tomorrow morning in Ohio and Illinois at grocery stores.

Notice these orders from short-sighted governors are in effect almost immediately. Meaning no-one has had the time to prepare for this type of a disruption in the total food supply chain.

These governors do not have any experience, policy framework, or previously established state-wide systems (having been tested through experience) for a process of rapid food distribution as a result of a state emergency. They are flying by the seat of their pants, and taking advice from the wrong people with the wrong priorities and the wrong frame-of-reference.

A government cannot just shut down 30 to 50 percent of the way civil society feeds themselves, without planning and advanced preparation for an alternative. Those who ARE the alternative, the retail food grocers, need time to prepare themselves (and their entire logistical system) for the incredible impact.  Without preparation this is a man-made crisis about to get a lot worse.

Some states have emergency food distribution and contingency plans. Those states are hurricane prone states; and those states have experienced the intense demand on the food distribution system when restaurants are closed and people in society need to eat.

Those states have, by necessity, developed massive logistical systems to deal with the food needs of their citizens. These current short-sighted states are not those prepared states.

Any governor who shuts down their restaurant industry without a civil contingency plan is being incredibly, catastrophically, reckless. It really is a terribly dangerous decision.

Any policy that drives more demand, when demand is already outpacing supply, is a bad policy. This is the food supply chain we are talking about. This is not arbitrary stuff being discussed. This supply chain is critical.

People freak out about access to food.

For the past 20 to 30 years there have been exhaustive studies on the growth of the restaurant sector.  It has been well documented that as the pace of society increased, as efficiencies and productivity increased; and as less of the population learned how to cook and prepare meals; approximately 30% of retail food growth dropped.

Multiply the impact of lower food shopping over all those years.  More Americans eat at restaurants now.  Depending on the area, there are estimates that fifty percent of all food consumed is from “dining out” or “food consumed outside the home.”

Most of the current panic shopping is because people are preparing by buying weeks worth of food products.  Closing restaurants will only magnify that panic shopping.

If state officials are going to make these decisions, they need to coordinate closely with the retail grocers and food outlets in their states. The decision to shut down restaurants must be very closely coordinated and timed with a civil society need for alternatives.  Those providing the alternatives need time… not much time…. but they need time.

This is exactly the wrong time to shut restaurants and put additional pressure on a national food supply chain that is trying to meet overwhelming demand.

Either these officials are intentionally trying to create civil unrest, or they are just inexperienced politicians without the ability to think through the logical conclusions to their mandated orders.  I’m not sure which it is.  However, regardless of intent or stupidity, these types of knee-jerk decisions will harm more people than the virus itself.

Drive-thru and curbside services will not work.  Yes, McDonalds and similar do and can provide drive-thru services… but they are not designed for exclusive “drive-thru” services.  Approximately eight percent of all daily fast-food comes from McDonalds imagine a line of cars a mile long for a drive-thru hamburger.   Then imagine that car, after waiting four hours in that line, orders a month’s worth of hamburgers….  and then that supply chain collapses….  See, it ain’t that simple.

These decisions create the snow-ball effect…

Most restaurants are not not set-up for immediate delivery…. Yes, all of these challenges can and will be overcome; restaurants will limit their curbside products, fast food will put a limit on orders, kitchens will modify to adjust to the work-flow, etc.  However, it takes a time to prepare for these necessary shifts and changes.

A more prudent step would be for state officials to provide mitigation directives, simple and prudent changes, during a phase that allows restaurants to adapt:

  • Position all tables 6 feet apart.
  • Provide single use condiments and utensils.
  • Provide disinfecting wipes at the front door and on tables.
  • Limit the opportunity for virus spread by modifying the consumer engagement.

These types of dining out measures can be prudent and allow for the mitigation of the virus without spreading wide-scale panic that only worsens the issues for alternative options.

Arbitrarily shutting down restaurants, effective immediately, is not a good idea and will only increase the panic and anxiety…. Then again, maybe that’s the goal.

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827 Responses to Now Is Not The Time to Forcibly Close Restaurants – There are Interim Alternatives…

  1. Others have intelligently noted that as the virus passes from person to person, it becomes milder because the virus mutates into a less virulent form to survive longer in the body. If the virus is
    starved of hosts (from quarantines), only the meanest forms of the virus will survive creating greater danger to the public.
    Let the virus simply wash through the population, and segregate the vulnerable as we ramp up hospital capacity, and deploy large amounts of mobile doc units for testing and treatment into visible, highly-trafficked business areas near all where they can set up in and around stores, street corners etc.


    • swal106 says:

      We here in Ohio are showing you ALL a prime example of what happens when you elect KNOWN RINO’S. Fifty percent of this travesty of a Governorship lays right at the feet of our State Republican Central Committee. I am a County Central Committee Member, and we pleaded with our State Committee Members NOT to endorse ANY Candidates before the Primary in ’18. They ignored our pleas and voted by Secret Ballot, 59-2 if my memory serves me right, to endorse candidates BEFORE the Primary. That in effect gave a green light for the Party here to Finance all incumbents and the RINO’S like DeWine all the while denying funding to ANY challengers to the incumbents by the State Republican Central Committee. It was all figured out by the Party who would be the nominee’s before the elections even happened. THIS action is precisely WHY we are in the condition we are today. DeWine was a well known RINO as he had been our Senator for two terms and lost in 2006 because of his support for illegal immigration. NOW we are going to pay the price for the Backstabbing of the Electorate by our Central Committee and the RINO DeWine. EVERY SINGLE Republican State Central Committee Member MUST be voted out of office….


      • Janeka says:

        We have a guy here in Texas that started screaming at the Republican leadership and finally made a dent, but became hoarse thru the fight.. We have big problems with the large city electorate due to fraud and vesting gamesmanship.. about 8 million illegal aliens and anchors of which approximately 1 million are resisted to vote.. We need to replace RINO John Cornyn but can’t get a qualified challenger that the PTB will support..


    • prester khan says:

      One of the problems with your statement is the comment “as we ramp up hospital capacity”. That is the main crux of the “crisis” we are trying to avoid. There isn’t much “reserve” capacity to be ramped up. 10+ years of “cost containment” and “efficiency in health care” initiatives has seen to that.


  2. Laramie Evan says:

    “Either these officials are intentionally trying to create civil unrest, or they are just inexperienced politicians without the ability to think through the logical conclusions to their mandated orders.”

    Sort of. Remember, these are politicians. Few in society have egos as large as politicians.

    What this is, is: Politicians thinking about the media and public, in four months, praising them for their swift, bold, decisive and insightful action. By no means am I suggesting that these actions are wise. I’m merely suggesting what’s motivating the pols.

    It’s a bit like TARP. Anyone who really looks at the data can tell you we should have had a much stronger recovery than we did; that TARP and all the stimulus programs probably hurt more than helped.

    But, what’s the narrative? Obama got us through it with swift, bold, decisive and insightful action. Same with FDR and the New Deal.

    Pols look at that and say “what’s the down side?” And so they order closures.


  3. Buddy says:

    Why would the grocery stores be affected if take-away food is still available?


  4. Rgt says:

    The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.[1]

    Biden is a placeholder for someone to be installed at abbreviated convention due to virus.
    This all smells like an ops.


  5. ooton says:

    Having visited some restaurants regularly, you have seen the old men there who have no other place to get their meals. Suddenly, our fat little governor wants to starve everyone and immediately. Sorry. That’s going to get bloody – idiot!


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