After Being Discovered Wasted and Naked in a Hotel Room With a Gay Male Escort and Bags of Crystal Meth, Andrew Gillum Says He Will Withdraw From Public Life…

It was only a matter of time before the familiar “entering rehab” and “apologize to my family” excuse was trotted out by former Florida gubernatorial candidate and CNN contributor, Andrew Gillum.

After being discovered naked in a hotel room with an overdosed gay male escort and three bags of crystal meth next to the bed, Andrew Gillum says he is withdrawing from public life to deal with “deeper struggles”. Go figure:

TALLAHASSEE — Andrew Gillum said he would withdraw from public life, closing a chapter in his career that took him from the peak of Florida power to a Miami Beach hotel room where he was found inebriated with a man suspected of overdosing on crystal meth.

“This has been a wake-up call for me,” the former Tallahassee mayor said in a written statement Sunday. “Since my race for governor ended, I fell into a depression that has led to alcohol abuse. I witnessed my father suffer from alcoholism and I know the damaging effects it can have when untreated. I also know that alcoholism is often a symptom of deeper struggles.“

“I will be stepping down from all public facing roles for the foreseeable future,” he wrote.

Gillum said he would enter a rehabilitation facility. He apologized and asked for privacy.

The one-time gubernatorial candidate will give up the reins of Forward Florida, a political committee he founded to register and motivate voters to defeat President Donald Trump in the battleground state.

He also is stepping back from CNN, where he was paid commentator, a gig that made him a familiar face in the living rooms of voters.

Gillum’s friends say he’s been withdrawn from them, too, as he grapples with the destruction of his career and the challenge to his marriage. (read more)


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232 Responses to After Being Discovered Wasted and Naked in a Hotel Room With a Gay Male Escort and Bags of Crystal Meth, Andrew Gillum Says He Will Withdraw From Public Life…

  1. Sundevil42 says:

    Sounds to me like CNN are gender and pronoun assuming.

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    • rondonmonson says:

      Trump declares a National Day of Prayer on Sunday, and this guy is exposed as a Drug headed bi-sexual……..Hmmmmm. Shine on big daddy Trump, Shine on.

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    • rondonmonson says:

      Trump declares a National Day of Prayer on Sunday, and this guy is exposed as a Drug headed bi-sexual……..Hmmmmm. Shine on big daddy Trump, Shine on.


    • How on earth do meth addled cake boys ever get so far even in democrat politics..

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      • rigst4 says:

        How, you ask? Ever hear of Barry Soetoro/hussein-obama?

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        • dottygal says:

          Yes. Barry and Andrew a
          re good buddies. Barry campaigned for him when A ran for governor. Was it just because he’s black, or…?!

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          • Lester Smith says:

            Sounds a little like slick Willie. I Ho the pressure of it all, give us a brake. Own up and face your demons, man up fool. My grandmother use to say excuses are like asshole every one’s got one and they both stink.


        • Les D says:

          God one, rigst4. We who knew him as Barry, a good young new guy in da hood where everyone is not, did his pot thang not a secret–and who cares, and then a super good BS artist Union organizer, we scratch our heads.

          Gillum saying after his loss he fell into depression and booze. That part I can believe but while holding one nostril. His Butti thing only since the election? Nah. White Butti parlayed his life booty thang with the white left and MSM. But, he only got .002 vote in Dem primary in SC and quit, eating up millions of dopey white left’s $millions. FL Dems share big % of same demo’s as SC. Black Butti can try a comeback, not gonna fly in Florida. Better idea to relocate for rehab in LA or SF or Seattle.


      • inspectorudy says:

        This was all known in FL, yet because he had a “D” after his name he came within 1% of being the governor of FL!!!!!!!! This is how tribal our system has become. If you smart people think that no one could stupid enough to vote for Sanders or Obiden then just take a look at FL. This is what happens when your state becomes a haven for liberal snowbirds!

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    • Bob says:

      Good bye to this no account politician wanta be, . Can you imagine him in the role as Governor or Mayor.

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    • swal106 says:

      How many of us here would expect to be able to go into a place like that, be so high that you couldn’t even communicate with Police, have multiple packets of Chrystal Meth laying on the bed beside you, and a known Male Escort laying there beside you OD’d, with a third man in the room also while all of you were naked, BUT NOT being tested or charged for drug possession or paraphernalia? Who reading here would have that kind of “kids glove” treatment for a criminal act???

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  2. Chance the Gardner says:

    Thursday Weddings can ruin your career. Giving them up is a daily struggle.

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  3. Mike in a Truck says:

    I do not care about this bag of excrement.

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  4. hugofitch1 says:

    “And also, I’m a druggie who’s on the down low,” added Gillum.

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  5. Richie says:

    Figures, obama was practically his campaign manager running for governor of Florida.

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  6. Daniel Raidt says:

    To think that this POS was 34000 votes away from the Governorship of Florida, Thank God for the voters with sanity. We rednecks aren’t so dumb after all.

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  7. boomerbeth says:

    Ton DeSantis & Donald Trump will deeply miss his knowledge, wisdom, & unsolicited advice.

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  8. No wonder these politicians need big kickbacks and bribes. Drugs, escorts, high end hotel rooms on a weeknight. Can’t afford that on a gov’t salary.

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  9. spoogels says:

    Police BodyCam Footage Will Show Blood, Feces, Vomit at Andrew Gillum Naked Meth Overdose Party With Gay Male Escort

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  10. graficgod says:

    so he blames his drug-fueled gay lifestyle on alcohol. it follow a familiar hollyweird playbook.
    these people are so detestable…. how could right-minded people consider voting for them?
    oh, wait….

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    • graficgod says:

      **it follows a familiar


    • rigst4 says:

      No, look again…he blamed his father who he disparaged as an alcoholic. Everyone always blames the man who is unable to defend himself. This Gillum derelict has long been an adult and can’t blame his lifestyle of depravity on anyone but himself. If his wife has any self-respect, she will leave Gillum so he can drown in his STD ridden, alcohol and drug addled lifestyle.

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  11. JRD says:

    Bankrolled by billionaires Soros and Steyer. One hell of an oppressive lunatic.

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  12. ZurichMike says:

    I feel very sorry for his wife and three children.

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    • ann says:

      Amen, Mike. ✝️

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    • leslievb3 says:

      Do you think these people don’t know who they married? Come on man!,… I’m sure Michelle and Hillary know exactly what their husbands do, just like this wife did. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If what Sidney Powell said this week about the NYPD throwing up after seeing pics from Weiner’s laptop, these people are like kinds.. perversion apparently attracts other perverts. Sick! pray for the children they are the only ones worth feeling sadness for.

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  13. paulashley says:

    Yep. Depression over not being governor leads one to getting naked with gay, overdosing escorts. Yeah, right.

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  14. John-Y128 says:

    Think of how close he came to being FL’s Governor, 34,000 votes, was he even vetted?

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  15. Bigbadmike says:

    Gillum’s mistake was not getting Obama to join the party. If he had, nobody would know about it and life would go on as normal.

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  16. Pete says:

    I wonder if Gillum can face Ms Alice Marie Johnson, and look her in the eye and tell her it’s not fair that I am getting away with no consequences while you spent a good 23 years of your life behind bars.

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  17. frank field says:

    Daaaang. I was hoping to see him and Pete on the same ticket in 2024.



  18. littleanniefannie says:

    Gillum did the responsible thing. No, Virginia, our guys weren’t that unselfish!


  19. Chris says:

    “Though Gillum lost his first statewide bid for office, he came closer than any Democrat had in 20 years to beating a Republican in a gubernatorial race. The party hailed him as a star and he rubbed elbows with top financiers and former president Barack Obama.” Rubbed elbows; yeah right.

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  20. Conservative_302 says:

    This story makes me sad. Anyone whose life has sunk to this level is at bottom. I will pray for him that he finds the help he needs.

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    • bruzedorange says:

      Yes. “Love your enemies” makes perfect sense when we realize that we all are fallen, are subject to spiritual manipulation and personal foibles.

      It’s unfortunate that when politicians or celebraties say the right things after having (hopefully) hit bottom, it lessens the credibility of when regular folks say the same, right things.

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  21. namberak says:

    Has Vegas posted an over/under on when the relapse happens? /s

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  22. Phil McCoxwell says:

    These are the EXACT kind of people the left promotes. A married man with kids who is a closet homosexual with a drug problem. You just don’t get depressed and go give meth and homosexuality a whirl. This man in an elected office is a blank check to those who put him there, easily blackmailed and manipulated. And don’t think for 2 seconds they didn’t vet this guy. They were going to make him governor of Florida. A firewall state for conservatives. This is why we always see democrat politicians have catastrophic falls from “grace”. They are broken in the first place. If anyone doubts the left is pure evil they are blind.

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  23. Cocoon says:

    “Gay male escort…..meth…”
    I had heard naked too?
    This is a resume enhancer for a Democrat, not a reason to leave public life.

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  24. Take a good hard look citizens of Florida! This is the person who could have been leading your state in the middle of a pandemic.
    I’d be thanking the good Lord right now!!! You definitely dodged a dis functional and sick individual from destroying your state like he is destroying himself and his family!

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  25. rigst4 says:

    Initial reports said there were at least 3 men in the room.

    Again, this is extreme corruption. Numerous bags of drugs and no arrests. One person reported in other articles to have been unresponsive and in need of CPR and no arrests. As reported in other articles, 1 of the 3 men in the room was a prostitute and prostitution is still illegal in Florida but no arrests.

    This demands an investigation into the corruption. Were police paid off or was it a political favor?

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  26. rigst4 says:

    And, if that was me, the police found me in a hotel room, babbling and obviously under the influence of a controlled substance, a female hooker was in the room and in need of CPR and care by EMS and bags of drugs were visible, I would have been dragged out of the hotel in handcuffs, charged with numerous felonies including drug possession and distribution and attempted murder for the overdosed hooker. I wouldn’t get bail and I would do 20 years in prison. Gillum goes free. This needs to be investigated. This is outrageous.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      Think Tony Phillips who played for the Anaheim Angels back in the 90’s That is exactly what happened to him.

      He claimed he was just helping her out with her tough life and she needed drugs so he bought them for her (from an undercover cop).

      Oh yeah, and his wife didn’t know.

      On August 10, 1997, Phillips was arrested in Anaheim and charged with buying a small quantity of freebase cocaine. He had been found by police in a hotel room with $30 worth of cocaine and a pipe used to smoke it.

      Phillips pleaded guilty to one count of felony cocaine possession, with the charge subject to dismissal if he completed drug counseling and then stayed drug-free for a year. As Phillips met those conditions, the charge was dismissed by an Orange County, California, judge in May 1999.

      (love how wiki leaves off the part about the prostitute)

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  27. NCPatrick says:

    I tried to forward this link on to members of my family and each and every one was blocked by gmail .. they all happen to use gmail as their carrier and it’s interesting that I’m apparently being monitored. I also tried to send a photo of my new Trump flag to my nephew last night and all copies of that photo had magically disappeared from my photo files on my computer. Anybody else seeing this?

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  28. jeffsn4 says:

    PITY MEEEE!!!!!

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  29. IGiveUp says:

    Gillum and Dems are homophobic and utter bigots. As the Left has taught us, What’s wrong with being gay and taking drugs and cheating on your wife? How dare anyone be shamed for their behavior? All behaviors are EQUAL. Walk a mile in a drag queens stilettos on the way to the children’s section of the public library before you dare criticize a tranny.

    Gillum is a proud gay drug using black homosexual democrat father and Dems ought to celebrate that and run him in the next election. This criticism of behavior is most unbecoming!

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  30. Big Jake says:

    As someone who has seen the seriousness of alcoholism up close and personal it really chaps my hide to see it trivialized by some jerk needing an excuse of convenience.

    Shame on you Andrew Gillum. I always knew you were a fraud. Now there can be no doubt for anyone with a brain.

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    • lady4trump says:

      Many, many Democrat voters are involved in the same activities. This guy doesn’t seem like he’s a terrible husband and father, to them. Godless Democrats make up nearly half of the voting public now, and these are the
      activities they hold dear. This is in response to your saying this fraud has to be recognized by ‘anyone with a brain’.
      That’s the place conservatives still don’t understand. These people have already rejected Jesus, which says to me, they aren’t using their brain at all.


  31. Kaco says:

    Gross and disgusting. I’m glad this reveal takes him out of the public eye.

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  32. TwoLaine says:

    Denial is not a river anywhere.

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  33. Lovearepublican says:

    When will we hear some interesting facts about stacy abrams??? Asking for a friend.

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  34. TwoLaine says:

    Do a search on Chris Burrous, a KTLA anchor in California. Their activities are eerily similar. Except, this married dude goes to work one day, leaves early to go home because “he’s not feeling well”, joins his male rent-an-amour-on-the-side for a rendezvous, and never makes it home to his wife and children again.

    You know, we still don’t know what The Kenyan was doing during the 13 hours in Benghazi and afterwards.

    When did that Secret Service & prostitutes thing happen again?

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  35. Rock Knutne says:

    “If I had a son…”

    – barry soetero

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  36. Herbert Kroll says:

    This is so funny to watch, Cenk Uygur’s Young Turks squirming like mating eels in a bucket full of snot, while trying to defend Gillem!


    • gabytango says:

      “…Young Turks squirming like mating eels in a bucket full of snot…” – This is the BEST description I have ever heard for this uncomfortable, parsing, stumbling, stuttering, indefensible, behavior!! The amazing thing is Cenk adding a “qualifier” to every.single.excuse. he proffers. Never seen anything like this on air!

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    • LoonsCall says:

      just sat through this.. unbelievable


  37. Bendix says:

    Sex/Meth Parties are Increasingly Popular

    “Thanks to social media platforms like Grindr and Tinder, sex parties have become extremely prevalent. Party hosts often advertise that guests will be treated to free meth and anonymous sexual escapades. In many areas of the nation, these parties have become a regular occurrence. And, unfortunately, most of the party guests end up having unprotected sex.”

    These are the people who call us Science Deniers, and who we allow to make public health decisions for the rest of us.
    Where are the executive orders banning these gatherings? The science is there.


  38. M James says:

    I hope the voters of Florida understand and remember how lose they came to electing this cretin. Remember being a Democractic party candidate should immediately make one suspect.

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  39. Truthfilter says:

    3 bags of meth and not one person arrested. If they had been white straight males, all would have been charged with possession and intent to distribute.

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  40. boomerbeth says:

    MODERNA Inc (MRNA) begins testing vaccines today.
    Stock was paused. Now it’s rising

    Eli Lilly for Canada testing

    The market is coming back now…

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  41. Robert VanBrunt says:

    He’s lucky He didn’t party with Ed Buck

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  42. Ronald Bee says:

    Many people have a ”problem with alcohol” at one time or another in their life. This is not new,or unusual.
    However… The vast majority of these people are not found naked in a hotel room with a drug-overdose victim and a male “escort” !
    He might as well divorce his wife and go hide in Venezuela or Cuba.
    What an ass !
    “I don’t remember anything,I was drunk!” has never worked too well for us ordinary mortals.


  43. John Good says:

    Back in my “social-butterfly days” when I used to go out 3 nights a week to the “fern-bars of the 80’s”, I met a lot of people of all walks of life & I NEVER met a single guy who attributed his “gayness” to alcoholism!

    This statement by Andrew Gillam is nothing but slimey-Liberal BS & Florida avoided a Hillary Clinton moment when DeSantis won the Election!

    Sharyl Attkinson wrote on Twitter, that there was “blood & feces on the bed sheets in the no-tell motel” that day when the Police came to the motel. I can’t wait till they release the Body Cam footage from the Police (IF they are allowed to)!

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  44. scrap1ron says:

    The Trump Boomerang claims another deserving, self-inflicted victim.

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  45. askandgettruth says:

    this is one of the qualifications that cnn uses for hiring these mutants

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  46. X XYZ says:

    I don’t appreciate the efforts of some here who are lobbying the administration to be more strict, or to scold the rest of us. No one gets to impose their personal idea of what constitutes civility. Those who are easily offended were not appointed to be deputy assistants or nanny moderators.

    I trust the administration will delete whatever comments they consider unacceptable. That’s their decision to make, not ours.


  47. scurfie says:

    Why hasn’t he been arrested? Is it legal in FL to use Meth?

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      Not if you’re a Democrat. Apparently Gillum is getting advice from BJ Clinton…


    • jx says:

      It is illegal, federal and state. Plus he was within 1000 feet of schools, a park, and a synagogue – all drug free zones which increases the penalty. Three baggies = how many grams? Quantity factors into penalty.

      Miami Beach PD and FDLE are letting him get away with felonies.


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