Mini Tuesday – Ground Reports and Open Discussion – Michigan, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington State….

Michigan (125 delegates), Idaho (20), Mississippi (36), Missouri (68), North Dakota (14), and Washington State (89) all vote today.  If you are on the ground in one of these key states feel free to share your own ground report in the comments section.

How is turnout?  What is the sense in your area, town, region or precinct?

Treeper ground reports have proven to be some of the most accurate real time analysis and much better than the MSM spin.  So, what do you see going on?

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57 Responses to Mini Tuesday – Ground Reports and Open Discussion – Michigan, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington State….

  1. WA State here. Voted for Trump. Seems like most people aren’t even aware there’s a primary here and it’s all mail in ballots.

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  2. Bendix says:

    If Washington goes for Biden, we will know something is very wrong.

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  3. Nigella says:

    No doubt the end of Bern tonight


  4. elseje says:

    West MI here. Voted for Trump as voter #200. Very light turnout around 1130 am, cloudy & rain this am resolving to blue sky & sun by 2p.

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    • sarasotosfan says:

      Did you use your open primary vote for Bernie?

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      • MILupper says:

        I voted Bernie. West Mi heavy republican district. Poll workers said turnout was light but dem ballots requests about 2:1 over republicans.


    • kurtmandoo says:

      SW Michigan here. Voted for President Trump @ around 11:30 am,…light turnout,…more poll workers than voters. 3 precincts vote at same place.

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      • seejaye143 says:

        Metro Detroit here. Happily voted for Trump….Thought I would vote for Bernie but just couldn’t bring myself to ask for a Democrat ballot. Dem ballots were about 2:1 over Rep ballots. There’s a bunch of crazy liberals in my area.


        • slowcobra says:

          Lower southeast MI here. Voted at 4:30 and poll workers said it’s been “very slow” all day, that I was #166. I, too, thought I could vote ‘chaos’ for a dumbocrat, but couldnt do it.

          Found out today that my bro-in-law of 45 yrs wants “anybody but Trump.” Kind of explains a lot now that I think about it.

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  5. maxwell102 says:

    whoever loses tonight will blame the turnout on coronavirus and the reason they lost.

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  6. rondo1342 says:

    KCMO here….I was the only person there when I showed up around 1230 CDT….open primary in MO, I voted for Bernie, because I’m still hoping for the spectacle of a contested Dem convention, but senile Uncle Joe might get a big enough lead where that won’t happen…..Trump all the way in Nov….

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  7. bosscook says:

    The DNC is using their considerable voter fraud skills in their own primary. I’m sure they’ve learned new tricks over the past 3 years. There will extraordinary fraud in the POTUS election. Not only do we have to overwhelm the fraud with huge Trump voter numbers, we have to identify the DNC’s latest tricks. I’m semi-confident Trump and team are aware.

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  8. Junior Samples says:

    I was looking forward to participating in Operation Chaos for Bernie but I just couldn’t bring myself to verbally ask for a Libtard party ballot. I know, I know, suck it up: I just couldn’t.

    I’m in a Michigan town of less than a 1000. Everybody knows everybody and we’re heavily Trump. The audible call for a Bernie ballot just wasn’t going to happen. LOL

    GO TRUMP!!

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  9. Janice says:

    Washington State is all mail in ballots cheating is unstoppable at this point. Makes my blood boil.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Mail in voting is stupid. It is designed for vote harvesting and fraudulent filling out of ballots.

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    • RyderLee says:

      Especially when they have you Declare Your Party
      It Is Showing on the Outside of the Mailing Envelope by Your Name &Address !
      Disturbing , to say the Least !

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      • 55praises says:

        That requirement put my husband off, wouldn’t vote (he voted third party last election, now firmly for President Trump). I believe that coding is due to it being a primary, not that that makes it a good idea.

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  10. Christopher Chantrill says:

    North Seattle Woke Central. Mail-in ballots. Warren and Bernie bumper-stickers. Don’t think I have seen a Bernie.

    Every fifth house has a #WeBelieve yardsign since Jan 2017.

    Imagine what would happen to my car if I put up a “Government is Force” yardsign!

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  11. L4grasshopper says:

    So if WA is all mail in voting [a very stupid idea, BTW] — there are no polls to close.

    Since ballots can be postmarked as late as “Election Day”, when are results tabulated, since many ballots can take a few days to be delivered?

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    • jeffsn4 says:

      They’ll let us know the rules at a later date. Complicated business.

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    • Seattle, (King County) is famous for “finding” as many sets of 5000 votes, (amazingly ALL 5000 are for democrats) as needed to win.
      I quit voting for 10 years or so out of this frustration.

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    • piper567 says:

      L4, I’m in WA State. ALL mail-in.
      many, many people use drop boxes.
      in 2016, at my Library, there was a traffic jamb on Election night.
      I WISH we as conscious as CA where people in droves voted for Trump.
      But we here ARE discouraged, as you say…I have a high degree of confidence that my envelope will be tossed in the recycle bin.
      our vote counting is Totally Corrupt! as stated, they count until the Dems win.
      spotty traffic at Library mid-day.

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  12. John Post says:

    Missouri voter here. Voted for “the bernout” just to participate in the chaos at the dimmocrat convention!
    Will vote like a rational human being (for our magnificent President Trump) in November!
    In the meantime I WANT MY PONY (for voting for a communist)!

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  13. MO Pragmatist says:

    In MO, STL suburb. At my polling location, there were more poll workers than voters when I got there a little after 7 AM. Heard the same from others at my volunteer gig in the morning. Hope turnout has been better. But of course, I’m comparing it to the last significant election in MO.

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  14. Black Irish Rose says:

    Treepers, I go to Idaho’s polls in a few minutes with a torn heart: so VERY grateful for our POTUS and the privilege to vote again for him, but also a little sad: after today, I only have one more time to vote for this great man and his re-election in November. Four more years!

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  15. sunnydaze says:

    I know that a lot of Trump supporters are voting Bernie.

    But PLEASE consider: The more votes TRUMP gets right now, the harder it makes it for the DemMSM to argue “fraud” is what won Trump the election in Nov.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      I agree and you might send a message to bandwagon people that Bernie policies are really popular and more people will join in thinking everyone else likes them.

      I would prefer his policies minimal votes of support. They are really bad and there are a lot of people that don’t see that.

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  16. Deborah Fehr says:

    hahahah I feel like the Dems were gearing up to blame Coronavirus on PDT, and now look what it is doing to their own primaries…what if nobody shows up??? lol, all the fear mongering they have put out there, is really working. I wonder if they thought that the idiots on the Dem side would be immune to the fear mongering…..Oh we didnt mean you guys, just the Trump supporters….what a bunch of dummies….dont they ever get tired of losing???


  17. Nonniemae says:

    Small town, south Mississippi. Fairly normal turnout for a contested Republican primary. There was only one contested race for US Representative and none of the challengers are really a threat. So, a much better turnout than I expected. All to vote for President Trump, I’m sure!

    While I was at the poll no Democrat voted.

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  18. roy1982blog says:

    Michigan resident, Milford (population 7,000) precinct 7 (red district in Oakland County-Metro Detroit area) 7:20am took 5 minutes voter #12 (Trump). My wife, 4:30, 5 minutes, voter #320-something (Gabbert). She is a Trump supporter like the rest of the family, surprised me when she said she voted for Tulsi. Said it was the only Democrat she could tolerate.

    This is very low turnout from my experience. Most likely low Democrat energy. The only political signs we’ve seen were a few Bloomberg signs a month ago. VERY VERY quiet.


  19. 1hear2learn says:

    Michigan resident also, Farmington Hills precinct 21. 2 votes for Trump from our house today.
    I voted at 7:30pm no wait, but about a dozen or so people voting while I was there. Thanked the workers and said I thought it would be busier, they agreed, but said has been pretty steady all day. Blue district typically, but saw no yard signs, not even the usual ones just before the entrance to school parking lot.

    My son voted for first time around noon. Said it wasn’t busy then either. Proud mama, turned 18 in September while at Army Basic Training in OK. He joined MI Nat’l Guard in Dec 2018 just before Christmas at 17. He’s also working a polling station tonight in Port Huron. College teacher suggested it to class, so he took them up on the offer. He’ll be calling in vote tally’s.

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  20. Nordic Breed says:

    Missouri voter here. Hubby and I went to the polls after noon. I was voter 381 and he was 383. Very light turnout. Voted for PDJT, of course.

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