Biden Unhinged – Tells Auto Worker: “You’re Full of Shit”, Then Threatens: “You want to take this outside”?…

When candidate Joe Biden was questioned by a Michigan auto worker today about his promise to take guns away and put Beto O’Rourke in charge of his gun confiscation program (both of which he did), Biden comes unglued and tells the Fiat Chrysler plant  worker “you’re full of shit”. But it gets worse…

Joe Biden keeps poking his finger in the mans face, the auto worker tells Biden “this is not ok”, waving off the finger. Then Biden threatens to “take this outside”.  Unreal, this candidate is very unstable. WATCH – (video might not last long):


The campaign team immediately realized things were spiraling out of control and took up positions to remove the candidate, but in such close quarters things didn’t work out well. Joe Biden’s unstable anger was very visible.


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488 Responses to Biden Unhinged – Tells Auto Worker: “You’re Full of Shit”, Then Threatens: “You want to take this outside”?…

  1. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    So what’s the excuse with this one? Another “cut and spliced” job?

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  2. aloweusa says:

    I want to know who this worker is? What a legend taking the opportunity to confront the political liars and call Biden out! That guy is my hero today!

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  3. pp91303 says:

    It’s mind boggling that the democrats are about to nominate this clown for president. He was always a horrible person and dumb as a bag of hammers. His conduct in the Clarence Thomas hearings was despicable. Now, he is regularly getting in verbal altercations with people at his political rallies. He called the guy in Iowa fat and challenged him to a push up contest. He said he would beat up Trump and here, he sticks his finger in the guys face and tells people to shut up.

    People with dementia get very combative and angry. I’ve seen the disease up close with a relative of mine. Biden is acting exactly the same way and his difficulty speaking is another hallmark of dementia. The brain still forms thoughts but the person cannot form the words to express the thoughts. One of the major political parties and the media are actually covering for him. They may very well have Hillary run as vice president. Whoever it ends being will likely be the president for most of Biden’s term if he wins and he just may.

    However things work out, the political class in this country is a joke. No matter what you think about him, at least Trump has good economic advisers and he puts America’s interests before all else. That can’t be said about anyone on the left and when you add Biden’s clear mental deficiencies, it gets frightening. People like Ben Shapiro have reiterated how good it is that Biden has pulled away from Sanders because Sanders is a socialist and we don’t want a socialist in charge. That is nonsense. There wouldn’t be a dime’s bit of difference between Biden and Sanders administration except that Biden would lie about what he is doing more effectively than Sanders.

    If the democrats nominate Biden the only thing to say to them when they criticize Trump is STFU.

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  4. Rynn69 says:

    And there they stood – the new Bill and Hillary . . . only never to step foot in the WH. Joe and Jill Biden. He with the plastic surgery pasted on confused look in blue suit and confused comebacks peppered with a halting speech, she with the plastic surgery Desperate Housewives face with lavender dress and pearls grifted from selling out America clapping like a seal to retain their corrupt lifestyle. What a couple.

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  5. Phil McCoxwell says:

    This man is a nasty piece of work. His limited exposure has hidden the fact that he is a loud mouth “tough guy” who barks out orders and talks down to everyone. This jackass is going to get the full rectal exam over the next few months. These are not gaffes. This is who he is. Democrats know they are going to lose the WH so why not give this guy his due and put him at the top of the ticket. It like sending in you 3rd stringer to bang up the other team and get fouled out. They have nothing to lose. Trump is going to jackhammer this ahole in the debates. It will be devastating to the point he might even gain sympathy. These people are sick.

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  6. br549 says:

    Lawd have mercy! What will this country do if Crazy Joe Biden is elected President.


  7. askandgettruth says:

    what a bag of hot stinky air he is. he wouldn’t be so tough if he didn’t have body guards with GUNS. on the streets where i grew up he would not last 5 minutes


  8. buckturdgison says:

    Joe has really gone downhill fast and is barely there. The guy should be in a care facility. Of course his wife and family and the dnc don’t care, they have no humanity and their empty soulless lives are about only power and control. The corona hysteria can’t be sustained and I’m glad we have DJT at the helm with all this idiocy.

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  9. The guy is an ironworker, not an autoworker.


  10. Feisty Hayseed says:

    What a pathetic choice the Democrats have to make – Creepy Ol’ Uncle Joe who cannot keep his hands off somebody else’s wife or daughter – smelling their hair, rubbing their shoulders, grabbing them wherever and whispering in their ear VS. a Burned Out Life Long Fidel Castro Loving Socialist! The evidence that Creepy Ol’ Uncle Joe has “Lost It” is overwhelming. The Old Fart cannot put together a coherent sentence that makes any sense. Is it senile dementia? Sure looks like it!
    I appreciate what an earlier commenter wrote: “People with dementia get very combative and angry. I’ve seen the disease up close with a relative of mine. Biden is acting exactly the same way and his difficulty speaking is another hallmark of dementia.”


  11. Biden is the one full of shit,
    guy should told Him,


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