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President Trump Endorses Tommy Tuberville Over Jeff Sessions in Alabama Senate Race….

Good news.  President Trump has endorsed Tommy Tuberville over Jeff Sessions for the Alabama senate race.  This is a resounding message to Sessions showing just how badly his tenure at the DOJ is considered by President Trump: Congratulations Tommy Tuberville.  … Continue reading

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CNN Cancels Audience and Media Attendance For Sanders -v- Biden Debate – Clyburn Says Cancel All Joe Biden Debates Now…

As Joe Biden continues to exhibit serious cognitive issues, and questions about his mental impairments increase following a disturbing incident today with an auto-worker in Michigan, the DNC and CNN have now coordinated to cancel audience attendance for the tenuously … Continue reading

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Hunter Biden Claims Coronavirus Threat Should Allow Him to Avoid Paternity Deposition Until After Election…

Good grief the Biden family is slimy and corrupt.  In the latest development of Hunter Biden’s efforts to avoid responsibility in a paternity and financial support lawsuit the son of the presidential candidate is now claiming the risk of contracting … Continue reading

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Mini-Tuesday Election Results – Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, N-Dakota, Idaho, Washington State – Polls Begin Closing 8:00pm ET…

Six states hold presidential primary elections today and the first results should start coming in shortly after 8:00pm Eastern Time. Initial reports from Mississippi and Missouri today are “very low turnout”.  Additionally, the Michigan secretary of state warned the results … Continue reading

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White House Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing – Video

Earlier today Vice-President Mike Pence and the coronavirus task force held a press briefing and daily update in the White House Brady briefing room.

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FISA Deal – House Rules Committee Releases Text of FISA Agreement….

The House Rules Committee is releasing text of proposed changes to FISA (full pdf below).  The “deal” is intended to reauthorize the FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata … Continue reading

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Citing Coronavirus Risks, Bernie Sanders Cancels Ohio Rally…

Exhibiting once again why Bernie Sanders is just incapable of taking a populist campaign to the finish line, the Vermont senator cancels a scheduled rally in Cleveland, Ohio, due to the risks of Coronavirus; aka: Sanders acquiesced to the media-driven … Continue reading

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