Report: Elizabeth Warren in Negotiations with BOTH Bernie and Biden Campaigns…

According to recent reporting Elizabeth Warren is in negotiations with Bernie Sanders and with Joe Biden about her future in the race, her scripted departure, and which campaign can provide the best incentives for her endorsement.

The fact that Senator Warren is negotiating with both Bernie and Biden teams only highlights the reality of her inauthentic nature.

Warren’s inauthenticity was painfully obvious as she became more desperate and started pandering to ever-smaller groups of constituents, ultimately culminating in her political promise to allow a transgendered 9-year old grade-school student to select her cabinet.

If Senator Elizabeth Warren takes the Bloomberg cash and endorses Joe Biden she will lose any/all progressive credibility; albeit fraudulently based credibility built upon a need to hide her limo-liberal bona fides.  She will also be targeted by the most vocal left-wing elements of the Bernie-AOC caucus for selling out.

If Senator Warren goes with Bernie Sanders, she can retain her progressive title, but will lose all inside DC political capital and be on the wrong side of the party apparatus.  Or, put another way, it could cost her millions.

So, what will she do?….  Credibility or CASH… which is more valued?

Washington Post – Top surrogates and allies of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are discussing ways for their two camps to unite and push a common liberal agenda, with the expectation that Warren is likely to leave the presidential campaign soon, according to two people familiar with the talks.

The conversations, which are in an early phase, largely involve members of Congress who back Sanders (I-Vt.) reaching out to those in Warren’s camp to explore the prospect that Warren (D-Mass.) might endorse him. They are also appealing to Warren’s supporters to switch their allegiance to Sanders, according two people with direct knowledge of the conversations who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss delicate discussions that are supposed to be confidential.

Warren associates and the camp of former vice president Joe Biden also had talks about a potential endorsement if she drops out, according to two people familiar with the conversations.(continue reading)

…”C’mon Liz, let it in… accept it… let me help you… you know you want to”…

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222 Responses to Report: Elizabeth Warren in Negotiations with BOTH Bernie and Biden Campaigns…

  1. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    Sundance, you sure have a way of capturing the human condition in plain easy to comprehend terms. Years ago I held Liz in high regard because she seemed to have a presence about her. She was a gifted opponent. My regard turned to concern upon learning of her political positions but I still respected her accomplishments and the power she wielded with seeming ease. But during her grilling of Betsy DeVos during Betsys’ confirmation hearings, I became more aware of her truly mean spirit and obvious political gamesmanship. My opinion of her fell like a rock with the disclosures of her cultural appropriations. And now I fear her ever getting the power she so clearly lusts for and what she would very effectively wield. I see her clinging to credibility because she is addicted to power and probably has enough money via her manipulation of the CFPB.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      Just another Hillary.

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      • Les D says:

        Senator, Nice outfit for about a year straight, nothing else to wear? Amy K wasn’t afraid of appearing as a successful woman, you sure were/wear.

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      • Esperanza says:

        I prefer Hillary, at least she’s fun (if you’re not on the Arkencide list). Warren is this new SJW mean girl type, you know those not as pretty as they thought they were cliques who bullied you in school? Or more properly, the blue stocking goody two-shoes who suddenly got in with the “in” crowd and turned out to be the worst of the lot.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      She’s every person’s climbing up the ladder evil female boss.

      The one that puts on a good front to everybody she wants
      to impress on the way up. All sweetness and light, concern.
      Then, she gets in the position of power, and the evil comes out.
      But only in strategic times, and only behind closed doors.

      Dealt with such a person ten years ago. Left what had been a
      good job before a stroke came on. Why do they let such persons
      ‘get a free pass due to their gender?

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      • criticalbill says:

        I have left a job because of a tyrant female boss as well. They can be evil with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

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      • mauiis says:

        Most lib females are women turned against their natural selves. From abortion to positions of authority, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a meaner, vindictive and vicious human being than a hollowed out woman.


    • Reall? says:

      Liz Warren was really awful in her first campaign against Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate. When did you hold her in high regard?

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    • JiminCO says:

      What, Diogenese?

      I can’t see how anyone paying attention to this shrill Hawvud so-called professor would think she accomplished anything not politically handed to her.
      This kind of politician (or any) is the very reason the nation is “divided”, and her true black colors come forward again showing how these crook are all in it for power (leading to money), or money to bow out.
      Blago did 8 years for the same thing, but Liz will sit in the Hamptons very soon.

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  2. Sammy Hains says:

    “Credibility or CASH… which is more valued?”

    For Warren, that’s easy. CASH.
    She knows her credibility is shot already, and it will inevitably evaporate into nothing.

    But cold hard cash is something she can bank.

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  3. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    She will go back to establishments corner of the swamp. Her only remaining power now is as a senator and that’s as high as she will ever get. Bernie has no chance of winning anything and she knows it. The establishment dems can also ruin her next run for senate if she betrays them. If she were going to help Bernie she would have gotten out with Buttigig and Klobucher.

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    • Beany in Michigan says:

      I think she will stay in the race long enough to steal enough votes from Bernie to seal the deal for Biden. Then she’ll drop out, encourage her supporters to unite behind Sleepy Joe, with her credibility as a ‘good democrat’ intact and $$$ in her pockets from the DNC for sticking it to Bernie. Comrade Sanders will get a nice dacha on the Black Sea. Trump will trounce Biden in November, and everybody wins.

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  4. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Russian word for these wooden dolls is matryoshka Some entrepreneur can bring a Bernie set to market with assorted communists inside and even the Indian.

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  5. Julia Adams says:

    If we have learned anything, just one of many things, from the 2020 Democrat Primary cycle it’s this: Elizabeth Warren is not only less likable than Hillary Clinton, Warren has an unfavorability rating worse than Coronavirus.

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  6. mugzey302 says:

    Sundance ~ who wrote the legislation for Warren’s consumer protection debacle?

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  7. WES says:

    The DNC is staging an election theatre production.

    The DNC’s theatre director is Hillary.

    Hillary hired an election theatre cast of over 20 political actors.

    The DNC’s theatre director, is now one day closer to revealing the final candidate!


  8. ZurichMike says:

    Cash. She is like the Clinton grifters. Faucahontas is like greedy, self-absorbed Hillary, but with an even more unlikable personality and screechier voice.

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Amen, bro! Good to see ya, ZM. Hope all is well in Switzerland with you and yours.

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      • ZurichMike says:

        We’re good! Lots of windstorms this year – almost every third day howling winds (sometimes with rain/snow) whip through Switzerland for 8-24 hours at a time.

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        • The Tundra PA says:

          I know what you mean. We’re on top of a hill at the edge of a peninsula facing a (gorgeous) mountain range in central Alaska. Lots of wind, which causes huge drifting snow. Right now we have 2-3 feet of the white stuff on the ground, with drifts much higher. Been a pretty big snow year for us, but fortunately not bad in the “brutal cold” department. Brief forays below zero, but no days to weeks at -20 or worse. Thank goodness. Blessed Lent to you, bro!

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  9. John Rawls says:

    NBC news site had an interesting graphic, showing who attacked who during the debates.

    Warren attacked Bernie, but didn’t attack Biden at all.

    On Super Tuesday, Warren effectively siphoned votes away from Sanders, and swept up the white female voters who think Biden is a creep.

    If you can believe WaPo, maybe Warren is trying to improve her position in the DNC establishment camp by threatening to throw support to Bernie. Or maybe the establishment is just using Warren to harass, spy, and otherwise waste Bernie camp’s time.

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  10. Magabear says:

    If she wanted to help Fidel Sanders she would’ve bailed out of the race before Tuesday. She’ll take money and run (whoo hoo hoo). 😉

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  11. coldanger says:

    Oh, definitely she’ll take the cash. She has no credibility to lose…

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  12. Ackman419 says:

    I can’t even stand to listen to her voice.
    It doesn’t matter what she says.
    It all sounds like my old 4th grade teacher.
    Mrs Butler.
    Warren would pin your homework to your shirt, like Mrs Butler.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      These #toxicFeminists like Warren are dangerous to our civil society, to men and boys, and to the daughters some of them raise, and to nuclear families. They must be kept out of positions of authority. It is important to discriminate against them because of their dangerous social views and based upon their gender. In our hiring practices and certainly in voting, we now shy away from females. Oh what “feminism” has wrought.

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  13. johnnyfandango says:

    ”I’m going to have me a beer” Total phoney. She won her seat because of Hollyweird money and Scott Brown left his conservative principals in New Hampshire as he collaborated with Barney Frank on the Dodd/Frank bill, the same creeps who gave us the Financial Meltdown because they won’t reform Fannie and Freddie. Such a consumer advocate, she helped author bills to protect consumers and worked with companies and got paid millions to defend these same companies against consumers, because she knew the gaps and work arounds. She and her bothers took advantage of the Financial Meltdown by purchasing foreclosed properties in Oklahoma. She taught one class at Harvard, got paid 400K per year. We know about her checking the box as a native Indian. Where are those applications, Harvard? She has no principled core, she’ll go for the Cash and endorse Biden. She has Merlot and cheese parties with her skanky Harvard elites, laughing at the working man.

    Keep going DumboCraps. Keep screwing Sanders, you’ll have half your voting block sit out the election because of your treatment of Commie Sanders. Trump will win the election easily. He’ll replace Ginsberg, Thomas and Roberts, who will want to spend more time with his family. Good bye sanctuary cities. Good bye illegals. Welcome back manufacturing from China. Good bye Dem congress and Pelosi. 8th Wonder of the world will be the 1000 plus mile Great Boarder Wall of America, charge Mexican’s for Rio Grande riverboat tours to pay for it.

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  14. TEAFORALL says:

    Warren has NO CREDIBILITY …………………
    Total Hypocrite and liar
    Warren will take the Cash and lots of it from Bloomberg.

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  15. scrap1ron says:

    The only thing Liz values is cash. She’s a shape shifting political chameleon who will just move on to the next con. A dime store wooden Indian holding a fist full of cigars is more authentic than Lizbeth.

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  16. CharterOakie says:

    Wampum. Heap big wampum. And maybe DNC Chair?


  17. nimrodman says:

    If she endorses Bernie, she’ll be Tulsi-ed by the DNC power clique

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    • Correctomundo.

      And, Liz is only 70, which (in these days) possibly leaves her with TWO MORE shots at the brass ring. For THAT reason, I believe she’ll throw her endorsement to Biden, in hopes of keeping herself in the good graces of the BIG money donors.

      IMO, the ONLY thing that could make her throw in for Bernie would be a ROCK SOLID promise to be his VP choice (via simultaneous, public, onstage announcements) and her being CONVINCED that Bernie WILL win. But, Bernie doesn’t HAVE the support of the IC, OR their “Fraction Magic” type of election rigging. So, WHAT could Bernie tell her that would ASSURE her that HE will win in November?

      If Liz joins a Bernie ticket, BEWARE THE IDES OF NOVEMBER

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      • treehouseron says:

        I agree. It’s also worth mentioning that Liz has always shied away from going full on communist, so she’s likely not going to tie her name to Bernie who’s very open about his communism. She’s just as bad, but she tries to hide it. So she can shapeshift into a perceived ‘centrist’ like Biden (who is also a communist)


        • Liz is a 5th Columnist who works hard to “unite the proletariat” but doesn’t want the world to see her TRUE nature until she is handed the reins of power. So she HIDES her nature.

          Bernie, on the other hand, is a Judas Goat, leading his fools (followers) over the rainbow into a Socialist hell that’s downslope, out of sight, and inescapable once the event horizon is passed. His very political existence serves to say “Hey, look at me! I’m a Socialist and I’m still OK! Come on in, the water’s fine!” He’s a ” Trial Balloon” that should have crashed YEARS ago, but didn’t, which gives HOPE to all the little Marxists working in America’s academia.

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  18. Don L says:

    Credibility or cash? Well her credibility went up in smoke signals a long time ago, so methinks it’s all about wampum.

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  19. Richard says:

    Totally logical actually. She endorses Bernie and then after he is taken out, she flips to Biden “to unite the party” in exchange for the VP slot. Then should Biden win and the Amendment 25 process activate, as is certain in this circumstance, she becomes President. It is the only shot she has to win this one. If as is more likely Biden loses, then she is reasonably positioned for 24 having preserved her street creds by endorsing Bernie and her party establishment creds by doing party unity. None of the geezers will be around in 24.

    People need to learn to think like a Democrat if we are to beat them.


  20. namberak says:

    “The fact that Senator Warren is negotiating with both Bernie and Biden teams only highlights…” How many Masshole democrats have lined up to primary her? Inauthentic indeed!


  21. TJ says:

    Anyone not hypnotized by the fake news narrative can see through “Joementum” and Warren’s scheming, but that’s why feminists like Megan Rapinoe endorsed her.

    In California, comrade Sanders campaign filed an emergency injunction to keep the polls open.
    5 hour wait?


  22. Padric says:

    Yep, mentioned elsewhere yesterday that Warren knows she can’t win. Now it’s all about playing Kingmaker and setting herself up for 2024. My bet is she stays in until after the 10th, maybe the 17th in order to get what delegates she can. Betting that its going to be a close race going forward, she offers them up to the highest bidder.

    She’s got an interesting choice: Support Bernie and possibly gain his supporters in 2024 but antagonize the party or support Biden, lose Bernie’s supporters in 2024 but gain markers she can call in.

    She’ll likely chose Biden since Bernie’s supporters may find a new flavor of the month before 2024 anyway, but if Bernie offers her the VP slot, she’ll take that for sure. If both offer it, she goes with Biden.

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  23. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    She wants a new teepee, headdress and wants to be co-Chief. No vice Chief and no smokem price pipe….yet


  24. treehouseron says:

    Warren was the most openly dishonest candidate in the race. She flat out lied about many, many things, most of them on tape. Biden lied a lot too, but a lot of his lies are likely due to his dementia and inability to absorb new information… he’s basically just repeating things he learned 30 years ago. Warren has no excuse though, she’s openly lied about many many things.

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  25. No contest — she’ll buckle under the DNC whip while simultaneously taking the cash. A Biden endorsement looms.


  26. able says:


    thank you for sharing your honest perception of this two bit hustler. can’t be easy to admit, and in fact if people did admit their political mistakes we probably would be running smoothly as a country across the aisles. she’s a disgusting fraud and i’ve always wondered how she got out of whatever crap college she taught at first.
    just so you know she’ll go for biden and the money. these people and the left are all frauds. every last one.

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  27. Johnbix says:

    Are they offering her $24 worth of beads?

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  28. rickinhouston says:

    Warren will double-dip. Take the cash from Joe / Bloomberg / Soros AND stay in the race to suck votes from Bernie. While staying in the race she’ll turn into a little angel and repair her reputation as much as she possibly can.

    A year from now – Bernie will be living in Martha’s Vineyard in his beach house (or wherever it is), Biden will be at home with 24 hr dementia care and Warren will be back in the Senate building fires at her seat proving once again she is American Indian at heart.


  29. Ken says:

    She’ll go for the cash and follow it all the way to Michelle 0bama.

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  30. well at the rate they are going it looks like a brokered bernie is an indy SO he has that ace in the hole if they try to push him out again.he could say if your gonna screw me again i’m gonna run indy and suck 1/3 your votes away from ya.and both of em an indy he can still pull down his 15% so running indy could pay off better then taking whatever the dnc tries to buy him out with.


  31. Theckman says:

    If Biden gets it someone should demand he’s not a body double, or even human. I am only half kidding!
    I actually think there’s a legit concern Biden can even pull off campaigning more then 3 days in a row without becoming confused, agitated and well, pathetic.
    Truly think about how MSM is side stepping this issue with Biden’s mental health.
    If I hear him say bring back decency, hope, prosperity again, gag me!!!
    TRUMP already did!!!
    The guy has no message except to recall the Obama administration and brag about all their failures. Who wants to remember, well Joe does and God has been kind enough to take that ability away from Joe.
    It’s 2020 and those two old guys is all the democrat party can rustle up!!
    Come on who that has any pride would want to be a part of the democrat party any longer!
    It gets worse the young blood are a bunch of communist Idiots that hate our country.
    Fox is done completely for me.
    You were all right !!
    OAN is the only channel I will even browse.

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  32. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    These democrat crooks better be careful. Apparently there are laws regarding promising jobs for endorsements; not that they care much about law & order.
    “18 U.S. Code § 599 : Whoever, being a candidate, directly or indirectly promises or pledges the appointment, or the use of his influence or support for the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”


  33. L4grasshopper says:

    Pocahontas is a member in good standing of the Dem Establishment in the US Senate.

    It would be shocking if she backed Bernie, even though she is every bit as Socialist as Bernie.

    She will rally around The Club’s default nominee, who at the moment is Biden.

    But The Club may find themselves regretting this all out support of Biden this early. For one, it makes it harder for them to nominate someone else at the convention. For another, it allows Trump to concentrate his attacks on Quid Pro Joe for many more months.


  34. NJ Transplant says:

    What a sleazebag. I get emails from the WFP (Working Families Party) because I used to be a democrat. The emails are outrageous. These are people who can barely afford to feed their kids and the emails beg for money for Warren. I got one the day prior to Super Tuesday. I tried emailing them back to tell them what a phony she is but it didn’t take return emails.

    If something comes out of her mouth, it is a lie. When she ran for the senate term last year, she denied the whole time that she was running for the Presidency. Then she announced before she was even sworn in. I don’t understand how anyone could vote for her. Of course, she is negotiating with both sides. It looks like she took the Biden/Bloomberg money because she is staying in to run against Bernie.


  35. Pokey says:

    Warren has been in bed with the George Soros Gang for a long time now. They have financed her and given her issues to try to exploit in her campaigns. She is a complete fraud, but she is not near as dangerous as the Gang, who are actively trying to destroy our semi-free market system along with any public figures who may oppose their activities. The Soros Gang supported Warren until they knew she couldn’t win the nomination, and they have now switched back to Biden, who they think they can push to the nomination. Obama is a card carrying member of the Soros Gang. He is busy directing the “cancel culture” and sits offshore on his yacht, targeting whomever he wants with billions funneled to all of his media meddling political action committees.

    When is Congress going to order Soros to stay out of our politics? We already have laws prohibiting many of his activities. Even Hungary has already banned him from political activity in their country. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barry Sotero, and all of the people they finance are the enemy, along with China. Poor senile old Joe Biden is just a placeholder until they settle on a plan to remove Trump in the election or otherwise.


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  36. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    Gov’t apparatus is an ATM, just not for us phlebs! We get ‘coupons’
    Lie -awatha will get a new teepee,seven new cardigans (in the spring palate ) and a case of firewater .
    Oh…don’t forget a book deal “‘Running with cis normative Wolves ‘


  37. She will do what the Soros’ klavern tells her to do. I would guess that would be go with Joe. The Soros klavern owns her.


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