Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer Threatens Supreme Court Justices – Chief Justice Roberts Responds…

Earlier today Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened supreme court justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch today during a rally in support of abortion.

“I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price.” “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

The leading democrat Senator Schumer accused the supreme court justices of taking away peoples’ “fundamental rights” to kill babies, as the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case about a Louisiana law that regulates abortion providers.

Alarmed by the radical threats against the court, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts released the following statement:

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416 Responses to Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer Threatens Supreme Court Justices – Chief Justice Roberts Responds…

  1. Sherri Young says:

    Altighty. I do so like Josh Hawley.

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  2. islandpalmtrees says:

    Think of the value to the Deep State of a Chief Justice in your pocket. We must, do everything we can to save him from exposure.

    What exposure – a FISA court full of corrupt judges!


  3. Tl Howard says:

    Where’s the garrulous Lindsay Graham on this? Nowhere to be heard?

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    • clulessgrandpa says:

      You are right. Isn’t Graham the head of the Judiciary Committee? Isn’t this what a banana republic does? What a joke schumer has become.

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  4. Oh sure… easy for you all to say. You try losing EVERY day for 3 years,
    getting your ass handed to you EVERY day for 3 years.
    He comes home, slaps the wife, kicks the dog…….Grab a stiff drink….
    But his life SUCKS the past three years.
    He’s just letting off steam

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  5. youme says:

    Another attack on Roberts from another Senator…civil war rhetoric

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    • GB Bari says:

      Wow the DemonRATs’ imminent loss of a compliant Leftwing activist SCOTUS is really driving the nasty rhetoric.

      They realize November is already looking hopeless for any possibility of a DemonRAT win.

      Good. They need to be crushed. Republicans need to enjoin every Independent and moderate Democrat to vote for KAG – civility, the rule of law, and the US Constitution.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      They didn’t seem to have any problem with Chief Justice Roberts when he bent himself into a pretzel so the SC could approve Obama Care.

      Democrats will be democrats. Schumer and Co. are so predictable.

      Meh, pffffft, C.J. Roberts (The Romney of the Supreme Court), is doing nothing but protecting/defending the institution, ala Barr.


  6. Laurie Walker says:

    A black female democrat, who is against every other liberty, introduced this bill.

    So, totalitarian Chuck, put that in your pipe and smoke it.


  7. evergreen says:

    If Barr had any nads he would send forth to prosecute Schumer.


    The Chief Justice felt compelled to pen a public rebuke explicitly in response to Schumer, warning of the danger Schumer has caused. Meets the letter and spirit of the law. Let Schumer answer in court.

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    • evergreen says:

      Best thing to do would be ask Barr that question. Box him in with a choice of “didn’t meet the level…”, thus the CJ got his parties in a twist vs. did meet the level, but well, it wasn’t intentional, etc.

      His answer would make one of them a pansy.

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    • FanGirl says:

      The Chief Justice is a joke. Remember “There are no Obama judges”. Of course there are. JMO.

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      • X XYZ says:

        “Obamacare is only a tax.” “There are no Obama judges”.

        Denial is more than a river in Egypt. When it comes to denial, Chief Justice Roberts is the King Tut of America. And his response is: “That’s not nice. Tut, tut, tut.”

        He is sooo reminiscent of the Bush presidencies. A real Bush clone. Except that we could vote the Bush kings out. But king Roberts is there for life.

        Roberts, the King of SCOTUS is King TUT. “Tut, tut, tut…”

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  8. X XYZ says:

    “Let Schumer answer in court.”

    Huh? Answer WHAT in court?

    Oooh, how scary! WOW! The big judgey wrote a letter! Funny how Lindsay Graham is called a panty waist by some here. How might we describe Roberts? His letter was SO intimidating! (sarcasm implied.)

    I’m sure Chucky is quaking in his boots…

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    • Yea, Roberts doesn’t have to prove how tough he is!

      All by himself he got Obamacare passed as a TAX!

      ….in case the sarcasm was a little too buried, all I’m really saying is that Roberts can thank his own damn self for Schumer to feel empowered to threaten the SCOTUS after the way the courts have been subservient to deep state for so long.

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    • agproof says:

      It’s “panty waste”!


  9. Retired IG says:

    Looks like the Schumer has just come down with the “California Bernie Virus Syndrome.” Imagine the shock that the state he represents just went to Bernie. I can imagine this is a much like the effects of a BRAINSTEM STROKE. Let me also include Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, etc in that diagnosis. The people of California are SICK and tired of all of them and just sent them a HUGE message. Could that message be, FORK OFF? But that’s just my opinion.
    People lash out at others in the weirdest ways when they have had a sudden shock. I do it. Guilty.
    But lashing out at specific members of the Supreme Court? Bizzarro behavior dear Senator.. Go get thyself and enema.

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  10. Retired IG says:

    Oops. My bad. Mixed up Schumer with California.


    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      Pretty much the same, tho, you’re not that far off the mark, Retired IG…they’re BOTH …
      CRAZYFornicators of the law & liberty, SAD !

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  11. clulessgrandpa says:

    That deafening silence is from Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer. You think they would condemn this and demand his removal from office. ( Yes, I know I am dreaming.)

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    • czarowniczy says:

      They’re silent as they know that the Democrats will add sat least three, maybe four, more seats to the SCOTUS when/if the gain the WH and Congress, that they’ve promised. That way even if they ever lose the House, Senate or WH again they can still rule thru the SCOTUS.

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  12. trapper says:

    Schumer is trying to bait one or more conservative justices into doing or saying something he can use as a basis to bring an impeachment action against them in the Senate. It has been a power grab by the House all along, and Schumer is in on it, beginning with Pelosi’s claim last May that the House is the superior part of government. They are trying to morph our system into a parliamentary type system with a president that serves at the pleasure of the House and a compliant judiciary that can be removed any time they want.

    But that isn’t the real issue. Some would say this is all about abortion, but even that is a trojan horse.

    The issue that underlies the abortion fight is this: when does the constitutional right to life attach? Conception? Birth? Somewhere in between? Because if the right to life is transitory, and the time it attaches can be arbitrarily assigned, it can be just as arbitrarily terminated. Involuntary euthanasia for the elderly at a specified age is what they have their sights on. Listen to them closely, and they tell you this all the time. No medical treatment for the elderly. Send them home with a pill. Value of a statistical life year (VSLY). All of it profoundly non Christian, anti-humanistic, and un-American.

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  13. Ackman419 says:

    Chuck just doesn’t know when to shut up.
    That is some serious crossing the lines, again.
    Since when do Senators get to repeatedly issue threats to Presidents and SCJs?
    That mofo needs a beat down, hard.
    I hope he meets an inglorious end.

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  14. zekness says:

    I was sitting in court in 1995, advocating on behalf of a friend that I bailed out of jail for a failure to appear warrant. No drivers license, no insurance, twice in a year…And then decided not to appear in court when served with a legitimate warrant. So he was arrested and the court applied a 2 day penalty in the box. Mind you, he never had a wreck..just pulled over twice without the proper license and insurance and I think his car registration was expired. Not a really huge deal in my mind, all things considered.

    He was a good guy. He had skills. No priors, hard worker, just had some health issues that made it impossible to hold down a job and it was a small town, so he bounced around alot.

    Some drugs use also, so it was that too. But I knew that given a chance and with some proper care, addiction recovery programs, and some support from me and others to look after him, he could become a better person. The court was not aware of these other matters. He was not charged with any drug complaints.

    So I’m in court and this judge is about to rule on how to determine his fate….none of it was going well. It was looking like a 10 day jail and a really heavy fine and a suspension of license for a year and 300 hours of community service. It was too much…way too much.

    So I stood up and asked the Judge if I could offer some assistance and provide some help to the that he could advocate…to explain some circumstance and some possible ways the judge might be persuaded to reduce the punishment.. Because this was going to really set this guy way behind the 8 ball.

    So, I talk a few minutes …said the facts…offered how I would sponsor him with employment, help with treatment…provide transportation…basically be responsible for his affairs and report to the court weekly wrt his welfare and advances. I was confident.

    But the judge was not having any of it. Just wanted to slam this case closed and didn’t give a care about any other alternative….and his public defender was impotent to his cause.

    I lost my cool and stated emphatically “this is not just…his crime is serious, but the manner in which you are making certain he will unlikely every return to good standing in the community is near zero….what are you possibly thinking…because it certainly isn’t doing anyone, not the community or this man proper judgement”…

    I was charged with antagonizing the judge….and found guilty on the spot for contempt…

    today, reminded my of that experience.

    here we have a senator directly threatening TWO sitting supreme court justices declaring what can only be interpreted as open season …

    and the chief justice sends him a “you hurt my feelings” letter.

    are you kidding me?


    that’s it.

    I got a night in jail for causing a judge to be comfortable in her decision….and a $500 dollar fine. and 3 days of community service.

    and this LAWMAKER a US senator threatens harm to TWO court justices…and he gets a hot letter.

    Yes, the rule of law is so every way imaginable.

    Today, I sent that retired judge a letter with a print out of this senators comments, verbatim with the SCOTUS response.

    And likewise, I also sent that Supreme Court Justice the same letter, my own experience..

    to remind every party that WE ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE RULE OF LAW IN THE UNITED STATES…and should this continue….there are going to be consequences far more “improper” than a damned NYC senator making threats to a Superior Court!

    Yeah…I’m pissed off!

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

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  16. TJ says:

    Soros finger puppets and front groups. Rent-seeking racketeers. DC’s legislative business.

    -Pro-abort billionaire George Soros gave nearly $90 million to feminist anti-Trump protest groups

    “In a new report, Alatheia Nielsen at NewsBusters revealed that more than a quarter of the groups listed as “partners” on the Women’s March on Washington website are funded by Soros.

    “These include Planned Parenthood, to whom Soros has given over $21 million since 2000, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, to whom Soros has given over $3 million since 2000.

    “Other Soros-funded groups…cont.


  17. scrap1ron says:

    Welcome to your epiphany, Johnny. However it begs the question, where have YOU been for the last decade or so? Let’s see, we have dirty FISA court judges rubber stamping dirty cops employing Stasi tactics and lying to convict innocent Americans including the POTUS, and they walk free *crickets*. There’s leftist thugs violently attacking Trump supporters and conservative journalists, while judges, police chiefs, mayors, and governors sit on their hands and DO NOTHING *ribbet*. Leftist activists masquerading as federal judges dropping bs injunctions against any policy or law to stem this illegal alien invasion.
    Colleagues in your own court voting against holding illegal alien lawbreakers committing identity fraud and theft from being punished for their lawlessness. Shall I go on?

    Suddenly, now that there’s a direct threat of violence aimed at your court by a coup plotting Senator you decide it’s maybe important to say something? Well, since you personally acquiesced on BarryCare and rewrote it for them, I guess Chuck and his fellow coup plotters believe you’re their bitch.

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  18. Conservative_302 says:

    Schumer is a low life. His statements are dangerous. Shame on him. He is godless and driven by pride, power, and money.

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  19. nuthinmuffin says:

    i’m so glad president Trump knows how to deal with Schumer as a result of having to swim in the swamp of manhattan. remember when he told the President not to take on the intelligence community? the President gave him the big finger then too

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  20. Bob Lynch says:

    Schumer’s threat is bad, but it pales in comparison to the criminal assault against Justice Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearings. The Democrats did not pay any price for their disgraceful conduct there, and likely will avoid any accountability for Schmuer’s criminal extortion and threats now. Where is Attorney General Barr? I mean really.

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  21. Albert says:

    Conservatives need to organize and vote RINOs like Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney out of office. It’s most unfortunate that the Republican party is no longer the party of conservatism. Too many of them are cowards who just go along to get along and look the other way at democrat corruption: FISA abuse, Clinton’s unauthorized email server, Clinton’s Uranium One scandal, Comey’s lying and leaking, McCabe’s lying, the secretive meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, the phony ‘whistle blower’ who plotted a coup with Adam Schiff, etc. Trump needs to appoint special prosecutors to investigate all this because the Justice Department, FBI and congress are obviously still being run by the swamp.
    Finally, if you are a conservative parent, please stop assuming that your children will automatically adopt your conservative values. Children are bombarded with outside influences that are often at odds with conservative principles. Specifically, I would URGE all conservative parents to pull their children out of the public schools, and think twice about sending them to any public university. It’s no secret that the radical left has seized control of academia and uses it as a mere training ground for future democrat voters and liberal activists.

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  22. Angus D says:

    Satanic Chuck


    • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

      Excellent. 👍
      Chuck, servant of Moloch, is afraid of losing his “god’s” favor if the infant sacrifices should slow down.


  23. jeffsn4 says:

    There were no more than 15 women wooing him. These leftists gotta go.


  24. Elle says:

    Released the whirlwind. Hmm… sounds like the beginning of another Crossfire Hurricane. What’s next? Tornado Terror? Blinding Blizzard? Satanic Sandstorm?

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  25. rigst4 says:

    Look, this is nothing new. The worst president in history, hussein-obama threatened the Supreme Court before during the obamacare stuff and it worked…the court caved and said obamacare was legal when everybody knew it was totally unconstitutional. It will probably work again because this time, the justices can think about the leftist who gunned down Rep. Steve Scalise and then, out of fear, deliver the opinions that the leftists demand. Of course, people say there should be some consequence for Schumer’s awful conduct but there won’t be…there never are consequences for the leftists.


  26. Jack Worthington says:

    So Schumer is a Jew and we all recall the info on the crematoriums and gas chambers used to kill people but then chuckie boiy approves of sending babies to the furnaces. How diabolically ironic is that? Schumer is a hate mongering, commie/socialist, immoral, slop-at-the-trough, suck-at-the-golden-teat, parasitic, vituperative, prejudiced, duplicitous, anti-Christian, acolyte of Satan Democrat and deserves a seat at the bottom of the outhouse wherein he can commiserate with the rest of the dregs of humanity and thereafter he should be banished to North Korea. Shame on chuckie boy.


  27. BigTalkers says:

    It is interesting that an old pro like Sen Schumer made this statement OUTSIDE of the protection afforded him when speaking on the floor of the Senate. Perhaps he’s rethinking that action now…

    Or maybe he’d just come from reviewing the Dem’s current polls and forgot where he was when he strolled across the street to address his protestors on the steps of the Supreme Court.


  28. Haveaspine says:

    This time Chucky warned the justices. Scalia was not warned,


  29. ARTHUR says:

    Anyone remember the Antonin Scalia symbolism: Pillow over the face to silence him. Not a wrinkle: no investigation by any competent authority. Completely covered up “without a wrinkle”. No autopsy, no medical examiner there to determine the cause of death. Body cremated almost immediately. The owner of the property was a large contributor to Democrats. US Marshalls weren’t present but then were the ones who ‘determined’ his death. A Podesta email a few days prior gave a cryptic reference which is noted by members of the intelligence community.

    Sacrificed on 13 February during the purification ritual of Lupercalia. The chronology of Lupercalia being considered the period of time before the Ides of March, the day of blood, [dies sanguinis] on March 16. I’m sure Chucky is aware of all of the symbolism. You won’t know what hit you? You will pay the price? Doesn’t anyone remember the “price” which Antonin Scalia paid without knowing what hit him?

    “We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter. …Judge declared it a heart attack without looking at the body, but after talking with Scalia’s doctor. Scalia has already been embalmed.”


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