Joe Biden Gains Endorsements from Corrupt James Comey and Corrupt John Brennan…

Earlier today the notoriously political and corrupt former FBI Director, James Comey, provided his endorsement for Joe Biden in the Democrat primary.


Yesterday the notoriously political and corrupt former CIA Director, John Brennan, also gave his full-throated endorsement for Joe Biden….


…Which begs the question.

If Joe Biden were ever to win the office of the presidency, who exactly would be running it?

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176 Responses to Joe Biden Gains Endorsements from Corrupt James Comey and Corrupt John Brennan…

  1. MaineCoon says:

    I pondered that exact question myself yesterday SD. I concluded Hag would again be SoS and run things from that perch. They have some 2nd rate lackey as VP that Hag would train.

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  2. Zy says:

    Did Swivel Head Strzok and the Lovely Lisa Page endorse Biden yet?

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    • X XYZ says:

      No, call him what he is. He’s Peter Smirk.
      Did you expect him and lovely Lisa to endorse Trump?
      Did you expect him to endorse Bernie?

      Comey and Smirk need to stay in the limelight, just as naughty lawyer Avenatti did. Cocky bastards.They are all on the same path. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Enjoy it while it lasts. Right, Mr. Avenatti?

      It’s the law of the jungle and the law of the swamp. The big animals eat first.
      The big fish swim away. The smaller fish get caught.


  3. sundance says:

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    • Nigella says:

      All the usual suspects are circling the wagons around Slo-joe…

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    • sarasotosfan says:

      Here’s why: Samantha does nor want to be a witness to the Obama/Biden lawbreaking and she knows she will get a pass from Joe.

      There, I finished her thought for her.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Because he was the kind of idiot that I knew I could weasel my way in to the Oval and eventually completely conceal all of my “indiscretions”. Sleepy Joe is my kind of Obama bro—slow, sneaky, conniving, dishonest, and criminal. All the qualities I appreciate in a good Democrat.

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    • rayvandune says:

      Because Joe has skin in the coup game, and in trying to keep his and his kid’s ass out of jail, will hopefully keep mine out too.


  4. Ludo says:

    Biden Campaign not too thrilled with that.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Hey Jimbo, President Trump knows the Democrats will fill out the paperwork on the 25th amendment charges before the Democrats meet the other jihadists in Milwaukee. The 3 Stooges of the Intelligence agencies of the most corrupt administration in history.

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    Dems live is such a distortive, self-made world view perspective (Mamet Principle) they are simply unhealthy emotionally, basically mentally ill. There is no other conclusion to assess their stance, which is also Godless except for their self-made idols, including themselves first and foremost.

    It’s a world I not only can’t relate too but want no part of.

    Maybe NIH could discover a vaccine, which Planned Parenthood could administer.

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  6. patti says:

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  7. patti says:

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  8. Moe Grimm says:

    You folks remember that skank Evelyn Farkas? The 2 March 2017 interview she did on MSLSD is what lit me off. I’d been suspicious beginning around early Nov. 2016, but this and the weeks following literally changed my life. I’ve never been this wild angry for so long only recently shifting down a few notches while waiting for indictments which will probably never happen. Here’s Farkas now… note the uniform. I tell you Mortal men can not make this schidt up. The NYS ballot too. For the U.S. house from NYS:

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    • dd_sc says:

      She jumped into the House race shortly after the Burisma corruption story was gaining traction. Her video where she declares (one of the morning shows) may still be up on Youtube.

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    • X XYZ says:

      The Clintons wanted to plug Chelsea into that safe seat. But Cheslea is a smart girl. Probably she listened to Bill, her father’s advice.Take the money, honey. She’d rather have the money, like Hunter Biden does.

      So Hillary propositioned Farkas the unknown flunky to run for that seat. It’s a “safe seat”. She’ll probably be elected as a shoo-in. And Hillary will own her.


  9. trump20162024 says:

    Jar Jar Biden is attracting worried corruptocrats like a fresh cowpie attracts flies.

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    • William the Comptroller says:

      Apparently, when not trying to pick up hookers late at night on the Hollywood Streets in his new Porsche, destitute Crack Hunter Biden is “painting” in the poolside studio of his $5.7 M Los Angeles-area mansion (renting at $12,000/mo?) while his pregnant newlywed wife does stuff around the house. It would be nice if someone artistically inclined (perhaps Sabo the Excellent) would put up “examples” of Crack Hunter’s “Masterpieces” around Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Marxica, and Malibu…

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  10. Gee, these illustrious endorsements make me want to run right out there and vote for Biden. He must be a very ethical person to have gotten these endorsements from such highly moral people.

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  11. Biden and Comey both are damn corrupt people,

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  12. 4sure says:

    These two criminals should have been charged and tried for serious crimes long ago. It’s been 3 yrs. and no one charged. If these two had faced justice, they wouldn’t be endorsing anyone. And sleepy Joe would be under investigation and lawyered up instead of campaigning for POTUS.

    Banana republics got nothing on us.

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  13. namberak says:

    Reading that headline I wanted to do a Himmler, Heydrich, Goering kind of a joke but decided against it. Reductio ad Hitlerum: the argument you make when you have no argument to make.


  14. FPCHmom says:

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  15. alliwantissometruth says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting that this scam and fraudulent bull**** is fed to Americans who don’t know any better and are too brainwashed or stupid to learn the truth

    How sickening to hear “restore decency and dignity” and “restore America’s standing” from two of the most corrupt and criminal anti-American scumbags who were in the process of destroying governmental decency and dignity and selling out our “standing”

    Biden will literally be a senile rag doll. The globalist / deep state cabal will feed him prerecorded answers and talking points. Just pull his string

    China will once again own us. Borders will be wide open. Any jobs will be filled with foreigners. Massive unemployment. Unstoppable illegal and legal immigration. Leftist radical agenda will blossom. Utter degradation in our quality of life

    That’s what they’re selling

    The absolutely corrupt cabal of government globalist minions who’ve been destroying our dignity and standing for decades while they rape and pillage our institutions and freedoms, along with their buddies the enemy of the people “media”, selling this utter fraud to the idiots who buy into it

    It’s truly astounding

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  16. Magabear says:

    Not that any sane person would need another reason not to vote for senile Joe, but the corrupt duo of Comey and Brennan endorsing him should be all you need to vote MAGA.

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  17. Deplore Able says:

    Comey and Brennan endorse Sleepy Joe. That tells me all I need to know.

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  18. coldanger says:

    Of course they’re endorsing Quid Pro Joe. They’re all part of the money laundering coup clutz clan, and if elected, Joe will make the orange man bad go away…

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  19. Robert Smith says:

    Thanks for spotlighting the DeepState choice. Just to ensure it’s all or nothing on the Swamp draining.

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  20. This is what you get when you don’t prosecute for high crimes, and when you just sit back and take it for 3 years: A broken system, now being iced over with the sticky-sweet but poisonous icing of a new presidential election (so everyone can pretend to themselves — tragically — that “the system is working”).


  21. Ackman419 says:

    Comey AND Brennan?
    It doesn’t get more slime than that.
    I doubt Biden’s crew actually appreciates the endorsement.
    He’ll run with Hillary as his VP at this rate.
    Which could happen.
    Hillary or another woman. One of Hillary, the black gal from Georgia, or Warren.
    I’d bet the house on it

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  22. Pale rider says:

    Hope all Americans see this. The crime has reached epic levels or should say has been and president Trump has exposed it.
    I’m seriously waiting for Chris Mathews and James Carville to jump ship any day now. Don’t be surprised.


    • Ackman419 says:

      True dat, pale rider.
      Not all the Dems are eyes sewn shut. Many have an epiphany later in life.
      It’s what happens when the pain starts to come.


  23. mikeyboo says:

    “If Joe Biden were ever to win the office of the presidency, who exactly would be running it?”
    That’s easy! Corn Pop would be running it!

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Dr. Jill would seriously have to pitch in. Hunter could get appointed to some high-falutin Special Advisor position. Something that doesn’t require Senate Confirmation, of course. Maye something having to do with “making deals overseas”.

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  24. Your Tour Guide says:

    I heartily endorse Joe Biden.
    I’m not the only one good with
    train schedules-B. Mussolini

    I join in the march for Biden-
    Pol Pot

    People said I had syphllis.
    That’s why I can appreciate
    the wisdom of Joe Biden-
    Alphone Capone

    Now, where was I?
    Going out to vote for Joe Biden-
    Judge Crater


  25. paper doll says:

    I’m thinking Joe’s job is to stop Berine now and Bloomberg gets the nom. at the convention. I don’t see him running and spending without a done deal. But all the spy on PT criminals endorsing Joe is interesting. I believe Obama has been burning up the phone lines to bring everyone into line.


  26. boomerbeth says:

    Who will be veep?
    Lisa page or Adam Schiff because…. the 25th amendment is what Comey voted for.


  27. William the Comptroller says:

    WE should start demanding that Creepy Joe release current CT scans of his brain (he probably cannot have MRIs as the aneurysm clips might still be from the era where they were not MRI compatible) to see just how much encephalomalacia of his bilateral frontal and temporal lobes he has from the 2 subarachnoid hemorrhages he somehow survived a few decades back. We see this a lot in these types of bleeds which can be nasty. (Out of 100 patients with an aneurysmal bleed, 10 die before paramedics arrive, 30 are dead by Day 30, 30 subsist in long-term nursing homes, 30 go home, but of that latter group, only 2-3 return to work full time. Average age is 50). It might explain his social disinhibition and signs of early dementia. (e.g.: his insistence of swimming nude in his home pool knowing that female Secret Service agents have to watch. Groping young girls while knowing he is being filmed on CSPAN (a la Jimmy Saville when doing hospital charity telethons on BBC). WE the PEOPLE demand it!


  28. Kaco says:

    So Biden is still the chosen one after all. Remember when they were all over Pres Trump for his health and so forth, claiming all kinds of psychosis from arm chair psychiatrists? Well, here’s Biden, senility staring at us in the face with his constant senior moments and people like Juan Williams calls him “authentic” and “charming”. Give me a break! I hope PJT flattens him like a pancake, there is no way Biden will keep up in a debate. The man needs to be put to pasture. What a puppet.


  29. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “If Joe Biden were ever to win the office of the presidency, who exactly would be running it?”

    Does BHO and VJ still have the house down the street?


  30. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Earlier today the notoriously political and CORRUPT former FBI Director, James Comey, provided his endorsement for Joe Biden in the Democrat primary…..Yesterday the notoriously political and CORRUPT former CIA Director, John Brennan, also gave his full-throated endorsement for Joe Biden….”



  31. T2020 says:

    How appropriate.


  32. Liberty ONE says:

    Of course, these two POS endorsed him. The Commiey would be re-appointed as director of the FIB’s, Brennan the Muz back at the CIA and Hitlery as VP. EVERRYTHING goes away!


  33. TJ says:

    A dirty cop and a spook politically meddling in another election.

    Are Biden’s campaign volunteers, just tax funded informants knocking on doors?

    “Hi, I’m from the FB…ugh, Biden campaign, we noticed your Trump sign…are you Russian?”


  34. askandgettruth says:

    these 2 corrupt pigs should be hung for treason and not putting their bias fat mouth in politics.


  35. martyb59 says:

    Who will actually be running a Joe Biden presidency? Most likely the same people that were running the Obama administration… Valeria Jarret, Brennan, Soros etc…


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