President Trump Holds Coronavirus Taskforce Meeting with Pharmaceutical Companies – Video…

Earlier today President Trump will met with pharmaceutical companies who are actively working to develop the COVID-19 vaccine to discuss how the United States Federal Government can help accelerate treatment and vaccine development.

♦Roundtable participants from the taskforce include: President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence; Ambassador Debbie Brix, White House Corona Virus Response Coordinator; Secretary Alex Azar, Department of Health and Human Services; Dr. Robert Redfield, Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dr. Stephen Hahn, Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Food and Drug Administration; Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

♦Pharmaceutical executives include: Emma Walmsley, CEO, GlaxoSmithKline; Dr. J. Joseph Kim, CEO, Inovio Pharmaceuticals; Stéphane Bancel, CEO, Moderna; Dr. Leonard Schleifer, CEO, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals; Stan C. Erck, CEO, President, and Director, Novorax; Daniel Menichella, CEO, CureVac; David O’Day, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Gilead; Dr. Paul Stoffels, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson and Johnson; Dr. Mikael Dolsten, Chief Scientific Officer and President Worldwide Research, Development and Medical, Pfizer Inc; John Shiver, Senior Vice President, Global Vaccine Research and Development, Sanofi.

[Video Prompted ]

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33 Responses to President Trump Holds Coronavirus Taskforce Meeting with Pharmaceutical Companies – Video…

  1. fedback says:

    VP Pence and his scientific experts deliver briefing on Coronavirus. They did a great job. Apparently they are going to have a daily briefing to update the American people and counter the Fake News narrative

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    • a daily briefing of their lies to cover up any real truth that may have gotten out. Pence has only one job = rally the stock market up on hope and hiding the truth. If you completely trust what Pence and Trump are saying on this you are naive. They tell the truth more than most politicians but when things are not going well they all lie. And they are lying a lot here. The full truth can never be said now as it is like a war. You have to lie to keep moral up.

      The fake news will still be wrong on this and we will have to go to the independent not full Trump loyalist sites to get the truth. This is an alien invasion and they do not want us to find out the full truth.

      There will be 3 sets of news on this.
      1) Trump news = mostly lies or hiding what is really happening..
      2) Fake news = all lies
      3) independent sources = the only possible more complete truth.


      • GB Bari says:

        You are posting on the wrong site.
        We are not interested in such absolute manure-laden ad hominem against the President and his Coronavirus Task Force. Manure that you have not and cannot back up with facts.

        Your pseudonym belies your motivations.

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      • lmk408 says:

        Wow. You’ve said a lot here.

        Apparently, from your post, there are ‘independent sources’ we can trust because they are not ‘fake news’ nor are they ‘Trump News”.

        Please, enlighten me. Which sites are the Holy Grail you recommend?

        Also, please give an example or two of the facts “Trump News” shares that are disputed by these “independent sources”. Thank you in advance.

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  2. gingergal says:

    Anyone notice Trump’s defensive body language?

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    • GB Bari says:

      No. Just normal body language that we see in most or all of his roundtables.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      Not defensive at all; I’ve seen him use this body language (especially when he purses his lips, as if to silence them to allow the speaker to fully tell their idea) in the past when he is fully focusing on what the individual is saying and weighing the impact of their ideas, words, actions as to the overall goal –

      for me, this is always good to see; it means this is truly a collaborative effort.

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  3. Les D says:

    And the one who gets it first gets the patent? That is on the minds of the bean counters behind each company represented at that Table. There are no Jonas Salk types anymore. He would not patent the vaccine for polio. His famous quote:”Can you patent the sun?”

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  4. we have become like communist China. The CDC has been “muzzled” (canceled press briefing – had to run it past the Czar first.) and told what to say and to not say anything anymore about the number tested, when CDC said they could test 1 million by end of week. Trump appointed a Czar and just like expected the Czar’s main job is to control the narrative and hide the truth unless it is good. This is what all Presidents have done in the past and all czars have done in the past. They are there mainly just to control the narrative. Do not let the full truth out ever.

    Will we ever get the real truth out of Trump and his people on this? No never. You can tell both Trump and Pence are lying about this by their body language. Also the planes Trump said he stopped coming from China never really stopped many of them.

    You will never get the real truth anymore from Trump, Pence or his people on this. Just like all people, when your position or power is threatened, they all lie.

    The US has still done almost nothing much on this. No screening and not much testing. Why? Because to do much on this to really stop the spread would call attention to it more. So just like China did for their first 4-6 weeks and then it exploded. Same may happen here but theey will never ever say that as nobody will reveal many test results. Only a few much reduced lying numbers will be stated in the future.

    The CDC like all gov agencies is grossly incompetent and grossly corrupt and way top heavy with bureaucrats only interested in saving their own butts.

    So get ready for the major Trump gaslighting ride of hope. Oh a vaccine is coming real soon? and on and on to string the stock market up like in trade deal. Hah. Sars still no vaccine. A good vaccine may never come that works without killing a bunch of people from the vaccine. I was part of a non volunteer rush to market human trail of a vaccine and more died from the test vaccine than from the bug itself.


    • Cb says:

      u didnt listen..therapeutics

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    • suzbo says:

      Sorry, but there are many/probably most in the CDC etc who are Never Trumpers. Rod Rosenstein’s sister commenting on behalf of the CDC? That’s a joke….no bias there? Many in the CDC cried in their offices after Trump was elected, and vaccine or no vaccine, far, far more people will die of flu this year, even those who had their flu shot.

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      • Nan says:

        I went to a professional conference a week after the election and there were a lot of speakers who prefaced with having to rewrite their presentation because their starting point, written before the election, was how wonderful it was for Hillary to be our first female president. They wept at the thought of the immediate loss of abortion and gulags for gays.


    • slowcobra says:

      Whatever dude. Who did President Trump appoint as czar?

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    • Sparty says:

      That last paragraph explains a lot. Thanks for sharing. Next time please deliver evidence to back up such wild statements.

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      • GB Bari says:

        He has no evidence.
        CTH has become more widely known so of course the anti-Trump trolls are going to be appearing more frequently with their loads of unsupported (by any credible evidence) steer manure.

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    • lansdalechip says:

      Your Mommy wants you upstairs for dinner, NOW!

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    • Eric says:

      Wow… this may be the worst post of the day.

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    • Thatguy bob says:

      Compare this to the 2009 H1N1.
      50,000,000 million Americans were infected, 200,000 hospitalisations and 10,000 deaths.

      Do you think the response to COVID19 have been better or worse the the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic? Their is no way this out we’ll end up as bad. The attack rate is much too low.

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      • Les D says:

        I thought you were way high but you were low. Final numbers from CDC compiled in 2011 “were that from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010 approximately 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (8868-18,306) occurred in the United States due to p-H1N1.” (Swine flu)


        • Les D says:

          Assuming you believe, as I do after reading as much as I could find out there from Academia and alternate media from the US and abroad the past two weeks, that our current shit now known as 2019-nCov was in fact bio-engineered. Just assume that even if you do not so believe.
          Here’s a conclusion I’ve read twice now, once from a Canadian Biolab virologist, and once from a British Biolab scientist–they both say pretty much the same thing so I’ll quote only the Brit:
          “China perfected this virus and already has an antidote, because no country on earth develops bio weapons without developing antidotes in parallel. And I believe China is concealing it by making a blood sacrifice of thousands of its own citizens in order to save face and pretend that Cov19 was not released into the wild by the negligence and incompetence of its administrators.”
          The other added that this time may have been an accidental release, but the goal of perfecting these bioweapons is “a bloodless war” that only they could win because of the antidote.


    • Deception Stinks says:

      Seeker, remember the rush w/Swine [H1N1] flu vaccine? The CDC lied daily about the cases and deaths to push a vaccine on the public. It happened to damage and kill many including a relative who was pregnant who was pressured to get the vaccine. She and the unborn baby almost didn’t make it. Hysteria is the last thing people should be experiencing and claims that President Trump is lying is beyond a stretch. He’s the most transparent president this country has ever known and his motives to bring our country OUT of the NWO are real. At least you know the CDC is corrupt.


    • spoogels says:

      We dont appreciate any of your comments


    • Kaco says:

      Is this one of those foreign interference the IC is warning us about?


  5. MfM says:

    Interesting that Ambassador Dr. Debbie Brix, Trump and Pence didn’t have name plates.

    Her placement to Pence’s right shows her importance.

    I bet it was an oversight because she just got into town, or it had a typo that she spotted at the last minute.


    • bessie2003 says:

      In the press conference that the VP held right after this meeting it was explained that she had just arrived that morning to DC from South Africa.

      This entire meeting is very impressive, reassuring even, to know these industry leaders are coming together like this.

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  6. Sentient says:

    This is how you do it. Convene the people who run the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world, listen to them and ask them what they need, what regulatory relief they need ASAP and incent them to get it done. Now is not the time to pinch pennies. If Remdesivir is the best treatment for now, let’s spend whatever is needed to ramp up production into overdrive. If American drug companies can come up with treatments and a vaccine – and quickly – that will be the best argument for having private drug companies be in the R&D business. I’ve been somewhat anti Big Pharma. Not anymore. Thank God we have a private sector. May God guide them to speedy success.

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  7. Deception Stinks says:

    Mr. President, the threat of “mandatory” [forced] vaccines is on the minds of millions of citizens nationwide with good reason. Will these pharmaceutical executives give up “Legal Liability Immunity Protection” whereby EVERY party including those administering the vaccine will take FULL LIABILITY for causing serious injury or death? Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is fully protected and one only needs to look at the ingredients to be alarmed: DNA harvested from aborted infants and used as an adjuvant [ingredient] in vaccines; Human Serum Albumin included as a stabilizing protein made from human blood donated by screened donors [however, injecting a protein directly into the body is highly dangerous]; African Green Monkey Kidneys [DISEASED flesh of African Green Monkeys [U.S. Patent #5911998]; WI-38 Human Diploid Lung Fibroblast derived from lung tissue of a 3-month gestation aborted female fetus; Glutaraldehyde, a chemical disinfectant used to sterilize surgical instruments w/serious side effects; Sodium Borate, a boric acid salt also known as Borax, used as a vaccine preservative and also used as a rat poison, used in laundry detergents, cosmetics, enamel glazes, buffer solutions in chemistry and in flame retardants. Then add Aluminum; Formaldehyde [Formalin], a carcinogenic embalming fluid known to cause cancer; Mercury, a form of Thimerosal that is 49.5% mercury [nerve killer, damages brain, and may cause permanent nerve damage and autoimmune disorders.

    We realize the pressure that’s out there since Coronavirus has become the topic of the day, however, PLEASE do not take away our freedom of choice of what goes into our bodies and that of our childrens.
    ▶Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary ~ February 2015

    ▶Freedom to Dissent and the New Blacklist in America ~ 3/2/20

    ▶CDC Admit Vaccines Contain ‘Aborted Human Fetus Cells’ – News Punch ~ 9/22/19 ~

    ▶Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Empire on Trial in India ~ 3//2/20

    ▶Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? Will There be an Internet Blackout to Control Information?

    ▶Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Government Is Covering Up Vaccine Deaths ~ 9/20/19 ~

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  8. Chip Bennett says:

    Interesting timing. I’m speaking at an Aseptic conference this week in DC. This morning, I listened to FDA ORA talk about the Agency’s current actions and precautions. And I spent a good part of this evening talking with someone from one of the companies (I won’t specify which one) at Trump’s meeting who is actively working on a vaccine.

    Speaking for myself personally, I do not worry long-term about COVID-19. I have plans to go to Singapore and China in September, that I have every confidence I’ll be able to keep.

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  9. zekness says:

    Fulton County, Georgia now reports two cases confirmed.

    Be aware, Atlanta Airport, in fulton county is the BUSIEST airport IN THE WORLD.

    what this suggests ..what is likely is that travelers either INCONUS or direct flights from other OUTCONUS areas have passed through monitoring. If this is established, then we have a genuine community spread as they are calling it…by one of the most traveled places on planet earth for air.

    not good.

    on the bright side…CDC headquarters and main lab for research is sited in atlanta. so they should be able to establish quickly through regression study how long this specific genome has been in contact with humans….there is a great baseline of data all the way back from Dec (china) so, this will make quick work to determine contact tracing….at least KNOW where to start looking.

    this is over yet folks..

    be prepared..


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