President Trump Announces 6:00pm Press Briefing on Coronavirus – A Review of Response…

In 2018 President Trump established a National Biodefense Strategy specifically to improve the speed of action for any biological risk to U.S. Citizens. [pdf here]

Following the initial reports from China, and in response to potential U.S. health risks; and anticipating multiple agency aspects of the U.S. government would need a unified command structure; on January 30th President Trump assembled a unified task force to coordinate all response efforts across the totality of government.

At the time the task force was established, January 30th, President Trump signed a presidential proclamation, using his authority pursuant to Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, temporarily suspending the entry into the United States of foreign nationals who pose a risk of transmitting the 2019 novel coronavirus.

The task force is coordinated through the National Security Council. It is composed of subject matter experts from the White House and several United States Government agencies, and it includes some of the Nation’s foremost experts on infectious diseases.

The task force is led by HHS Secretary Alex Azar and includes:  Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health; Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security; Matthew Pottinger, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor.

To establish protocols, build out the larger response framework, and initiate proactive coronavirus measures.  Immediately following the travel restrictions, January 30th HHS Secretary Alex Azar declared a nationwide public health emergency.

Using the authorities created by President Trump; and in accordance with the declaration, at 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time; Sunday, February 2nd, the U.S government implemented temporary measures to increase detection & containment of the coronavirus proactively.  Effective February 2nd:

Any U.S. citizen returning to the United States who was in Hubei Province in the previous 14 days was/is subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

Any U.S. citizen returning to the United States who was in the rest of Mainland China within the previous 14 days was put through proactive entry health screening at a select number of ports of entry, and up to 14 days of monitored self-quarantine to ensure they had not contracted the virus and did not pose a public health risk.

All foreign nationals, other than U.S. citizens and permanent residents, who traveled in China within the prior 14 days were denied entry into the United States.  The temporary entry ban continues through today.

On January 31st the Coronavirus Task Force held a press conference.

[Video Here] and [Transcript Available Here]

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164 Responses to President Trump Announces 6:00pm Press Briefing on Coronavirus – A Review of Response…

  1. jimboct says:

    Maybe as a part of virus protection, we need to secure the northern and southern borders. Some wall money is in order. I’m sure Chuck and Nancy will support real action on Corona virus protection. /s.
    Time to show the American People what has been going on the last few weeks and put to shame (like they can be shamed) the loony left who thinks Orange Man Bad.

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    • It’s counter productive for the MSM or Dimwits to recognize much less publicize the proactive programs, actions and agency directives by PDJT to address all bio threats, including addressing the open borders promoted by the Dimwits allowing drugs (opioids/fentanyl) to cause hospitalizations and death by users. The restrictions, bans and protocols noted in this article have never seen the light of day on any media outlet or the lips of Dimwit politicians. Yet Chuckie Schumer piped up today demanding an outrageous and unsupported demand for additional $8Billion aid to be redistributed to their special interest groups, cronies and friends in the name of Corona virus. Hopefully tonight the President will address headon this kind of purposed omissions…

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      I bet them two lying bastards would try to stop more wall money. The two faced bitches will always do the opposite of PDJT and the opposite of what is good for our country..
      I say off with their heads as soon as possible.

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      I just have to say president Trump is amazing! He does everything right! Where was all this bullshit talk about this virus from demoncraps, two months ago when we first heard of it? Oh yeah, they were too busy trying to remove our great president from office then! Shitheads! Where is Barr? He has nothing to say about sedition and treason against the people of this country? All these endless lies from dirty dems and fake news must not bother him, he is too busy protecting all his dirty fed cop buddies from prison and hanging!


    • mike says:

      A lot of the problem revolves around the general ignorance on adequate nutrition and therapeutic levels that work well. IV vitamin C, common deficiencies addressed by oral vitamin D, zinc, magnesium
      Vitamin C
      oral C: Dr Robert Carthcart’s paper for maximum benefit

      injectable C Dr Fred R Klenner’s general claims

      Robert McCracken book “Injectable Vitamin C”
      Andrew Saul’s video on Dr Richrd Cheng MD, PhD in China

      Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)
      See also selenium on mutation in viruses, a huge deficency in China.

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  2. A2 says:


    This was all known by the wankerati back in September 2018, repeat, September 2018.

    White House sets ‘new direction’ in biodefense strategy

    “ WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Tuesday released a new biodefense strategy that it said takes a more comprehensive approach to preparing the nation for deliberate biological attacks and natural outbreaks of infectious disease.

    The goal of the strategy, which was required by Congress, is to more effectively prevent, prepare for and respond to biological threats, which the document said are “among the most serious threats” facing the U.S. and the world.

    “Biological threats emanate from many sources, and they know no borders,” Trump said in a written statement. “They have great potential to disrupt the economy, exact a toll on human life, and tear at the very fabric of society.”

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  3. Perot Conservative says:

    Sybil Romney should be ashamed.

    And if this virus gets into the large California homeless population, a devastating scenario exists.

    And Democrats play games & block funding!

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  4. SouthernTrumpette says:

    Neil Cavuto just stated that the way a President handles a crisis is the way he will be judged….and compared the corona virus “pandemic” to the Civil War.

    I’m not going to panic just yet…there are 57 victims of the corona virus in the US. Not exactly terrifying.


  5. Bonitabay Cane says:

    Can we send Chuck, Nancy, and Mitt to Wuhan on a fact finding mission? 🙂

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  6. Mr_Mayhem says:

    The most pressing coronavirus issue in the US, is US testing is not sufficient by their own admission. US coronavirus testing needs a major ramp-up, ASAP. Its not “misinformation” that US testing was not handled well so far and at this crucial moment in the spread of the disease.

    Is government testing the 7,600 self-quarantined people in California? That alone could become a big mess very quickly without testing. Remember the long incubation period. By the time cases show symptoms, the virus is way down the road into cascade cases.

    A faulty CDC coronavirus test delays monitoring of disease’s spread

    Tired of delays, U.S. labs ask FDA to develop their own coronavirus tests

    California Tells 7,600 People To Self-Quarantine Over Concern Of Coronavirus Spread

    Current CDC protocol is, they only test someone if the patent tests negative for flu, and traveled from China within the last 14 days. This is a very strict, narrow filter and needs to be widened ASAP.

    US has run 445 tests to date:

    Meanwhile, South Korea has tested 60,000 people according to ,
    and today’s news articles say South Korea intends to test all 200,000 members of the religious sect tied to the breakout:

    Coronavirus: South Korea to test 200,000 sect members as pandemic fears hit markets

    Hey CDC, get the testing infrastructure right ASAP, or its getting ugly much sooner. Please spare us the perception management efforts, and focus on getting the physical testing and logistical capabilities right.

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  7. Patriot2019 says:

    I have been following the “Covid-19” virus spread through China and globally and found this cogent article from two prominent virologists from Australia and though it might be of interest to Sundance and many of the Last Refuge Readers.

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  8. BL says:

    Here you all go, it updates twice a day, click on red dots to find out what is happening there plus the map is a click & grab so you can travel around the world put it in you favorites or wherever
    Hope this works

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  9. Patriot2019 says:

    And a Second article from the same site.

    I follow re: emerging infectious diseases. Members on the forum are already stating we are in a pandemic and have graphs showing the exponential growth/spread of COVID-19 using available statistics from reporting countries. I am not posting these links to be a “scare monger” but rather to inform so we can prepare ahead and be ready when the outbreak comes to the U.S.

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  10. youme says:

    If you get the Covid-19 virus in a foreign land, we are writing you off. You are on your own.

    “While the U.S. government has successfully evacuated hundreds of our citizens in recent weeks, such repatriation flights do not reflect our standard practice and should not be relied upon as an option for U.S. citizens under potential risk of quarantine by local authorities.”

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  11. digleigh says:

    About supply chains..Who was the NeverTrump guy who voted against Trump after switching party? He had some kind of business with China? Forgot his name???Just wondering about how his business is doing??

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  12. fred5678 says:

    Democrats should check the interweb before they point fingers.


  13. virus is all the same need protection,But at this time propaganda Nancy and chuck also lying mainstream media are nothing But run Big mouth all day long attacking president, oh yeah looking for impeachment president again,


  14. john says:

    Thought it was interesting that Dr. “Sister of Rosenstein” Messonnier was glaringly absent at today’s presser when only yesterday she was the media’s darling.

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  15. gigi says:

    Once again President Trump was ahead of the curve with the Nat Bio Strat. Yet mofo schmucks like bugger-faced-‘kill it’ Bloomberg can’t come up with anything better than to blame Trump for Covid by cutting back on personnel at the CDC. These people are sick. I don’t have all the facts, but from what I’ve skimmed, there was a lot of redundancy and waste at CDC-shocker for a government agency, huh? And like the President said today, whatever positions that were cut can be re-filled post haste. I imagine the positions cut were those of paper-pushing losers (rhymes with Vindman?) staring into space, picking their noses and going on 2 hour long coffee breaks. Mind you, just speculating. As an aside, Melania looks stunning, as usual. Very FLOTUS- like, unlike someone I know of who shall remain as nameless as she was/is useless. Hint: her husband stunk, as in B.O..


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