South Carolina Democrat Debate – Open Discussion Thread – 8:00pm CBS Livestream…

Tonight at 8:00pm ET the fifth Democrat presidential debate will take place in Charleston, South Carolina. The debate is sponsored by CBS and will broadcast on CBS networks.

The debate will include: former Vice President Joe Biden; former New York Mayor Mini-Mike Bloomberg; former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Amy Klobuchar and billionaire Tom Steyer.

There will be no opening or closing statements, but all candidates will get a closing question. Candidates will have one minute and 15 seconds to answer direct questions and 45 seconds for rebuttals.

CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell and CBS pundit Gayle King will moderate the debate; with additional questioning by “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan, chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett and “60 Minutes” correspondent Bill Whitaker.

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746 Responses to South Carolina Democrat Debate – Open Discussion Thread – 8:00pm CBS Livestream…

  1. Margaret Berger says:

    I predict that there will not be a presidential debate. There is no fair venue. They cheated last time with a video screen and an earbud and the questions before hand. They still lost. Just the optics of any one of those people on a stage with President Trump would lose it for them. They will make the conditions so untenable that they hope President Trump declines.

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  2. patti says:

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  3. patti says:

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  4. DaughterofLiberty says:

    Watched Laura Ingrahm who had Newt on – said watching Bernie was like some twilight zone SNL skit – but didn’t know who could play him. I do – its always been the Back to the Future scientist.

    Another Newt takeaway – none of them will ever have the visuals to go against El President. While these malcontents and misfits flail about and sputter, meanwhile – in the real world, His Excellency El Presidente was being applauded by 125,000 people in an overseas stadium. Hahahahahaha.

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  5. trapper says:

    Why does Joe Biden always sound so angry about everything?

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  6. Willy Nilly says:

    Ew, the 7 dwarfs: Crazy, Sleepy, Mini, Liaw, Amy, Butty, and Whodat.

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  7. treehouseron says:

    The most interesting moment of the night I haven’t seen many people comment about. Butt Edge Edge said Bernie is going to alienate voters and said his policies are crazy.

    Bernie, in a stroke of brilliance, then listed every policy he has and asked who doesn’t agree with Universal Healthcare? Who doesn’t agree with a wealth tax? Who doesn’t agree with loan forgiveness? Who doesn’t…. etc. etc.

    They all shouted him down and almost had a coronary, because he was honestly, and accurately revealing the ENTIRE democrat party, every nominee on that stage, as Communists.

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    • Publius2016 says:


      Crazy Bernie is actually to the right on some issues!


      Crazy Bernie knows Mini Mike Madoff and the GLOBALISTS need China to lead their takeover!

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      • treehouseron says:

        Yeah, it’s pretty wild. You’re absolutely correct, he’s to the right of them on some issues. There is going to be some percentage of his voters, after they’re burned, who slightly wake up, see the light, and then seamlessly slide right over onto the Trump train.

        A lot of the complaints Bernie has, are Trumpish issues, he just has ridiculous stupid solutions for those policies (I.e., full blown Communism). Trump addresses the same problems, but with solutions that work.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          in 2016 13% of bernie’s supporters voted for trump, more than trump took wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania or florida. this time they are better informed. i fully expect to vote for bernie in the florida primary and trump in the general election again. i’d be happier about it if some of crossfire hurricane’s perps had been put on trial by then but i’d rather see a second trump term than a first by any of the democratic party’s candidates for nominee thus far.


          • vfm#7634 says:

            Yup. The antifa crowd is in denial that the reasons people vote for Bernie are often the same reasons they vote for Trump.


          • Pokey says:

            You say you will vote for Bernie Sanders in the Florida primary? That sounds like collectivist claptrap to me. I suggest you try to read our Constitution and the Federalist Papers. You may be able to figure out the extremes the founders used just to help us preserve our individual liberties. Collectivist claptrap has only been taught in our grammar schools for about 50 years.


    • And Bernies followers love him because he doesnt change- he really believes these things are all possible, and so do they.
      As Carville pointed out, he is off to the races with a big lead, and if he wins big in SC, he is probably unstoppable.
      Joy Reid, who normally I despise, made a surprisingly honest and passionate point about Bernie- he has been saying this for ever, and the Dems have missed it, because they havent been paying attention to the angry youts, etc.

      I hope Bernie gets taken down a notch, so this continues to chew all of them up, and drag on as the more the average citizen sees this- (and really- think back to when you were first starting work, family, etc- did you REALLY follow politics, until say a couple weeks prior to the election when you did your homework, if any to vote?

      Most of us here are news-hounds or fanatics, practically- most people in the rest of America, not so much. Maybe a third are engaged right now, so the longer the Dems drag it out, the better the chances people realize what a clown posse the Dems have running.

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        Bernie is authentic.
        George Burns explained how to be successful in show biz (and politics, same thing).
        George said the key is sincerity: if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

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      • wildsailor2018 says:

        Yup, he has been yelling forever but the Demonrats have not been paying attention because Bernie has been an Independent. He is only attaching himself to the Demonrat Party to USE them and their apparatus to catapult himself into the presidency. If he wins the nomination he will lose the election but…and it is a big butt….he will ‘fundamentally change’ the Demonrat party as their party leader. The last nominee runs the party.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “he was honestly, and accurately”

      That is why he has such a following. Granted, half of them do not know the definition of socialism, just that it sounds nice.


  8. this bunch of bufoons isn’t going anywhere.they will bring hillary out of mothballs at the convention.

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  9. patti says:

    Fact Check: Joe Biden Says 150 Million Americans Died from Gun Violence Since 2007

    FACT CHECK: No, Trump Did Not ‘Fire’ Pandemic Specialist or ‘Defund’ CDC
    VERDICT: Mostly false. The specialist was not fired; he quit. Some CDC cuts were proposed, but not implemented.

    Fact Check: Bernie Sanders Claims 87 Millions Americans Without Health Insurance
    VERDICT: False. Recent data show that the number of uninsured Americans is around 46 million.

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    • gabytango says:

      I couldn’t believe it when no one on that stage laughed or told Joe that 150 Million people is about almost HALF of the entire population of the United States. 150 Million killed by gun violence since 2007? Here in the U.S.? Fool!

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      • treehouseron says:

        I’m sure you well know, but just in case anybody else doesn’t, when they do those stats (and of course his number is wrong and completely out of the stratosphere)… but when they do those stats, they include suicide as gun violence, they include police shooting people as gun violence, and they include Samaritans defending themselves as gun violence. Any supposedly accurate number is inflated by at least 60%, and his 150 million number he has apparently just created out of wholecloth.

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        As I said earlier, he is confusing those murdered by communist regimes to get to that number.

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    • Fact Check: Joe Biden is campaigning and running for a US Senate seat. Verdict: No. Joe Biden is still running for his party’s nomination, to run for US President. ( despite what he says in rambling)

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  10. Publius2016 says:

    Well, I lasted 9 minutes watching these JOKERS accuse Russia Russia Russia of electing 45! Apparently the voters of Florida Ohio Penn and Michigan had nothing to do with it…

    How do I know? Fake News is out for the moderators’ blood! When DIMMS Debate Disaster, they say its not the candidates its the questions lol


    Of course, Ofwe get mini mike madoff bragging about “buying” 21 House Seats for Dimms off the headlines…either way, DIMMS ARE LOST!

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    • treehouseron says:

      I watched all the way up to Biden talking about Russia and couldn’t listen to the insanity anymore, I lasted an hour and a half though, that’s pretty good!

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      That made me laugh out loud. He actually bragged about buying house seats…..while he was fighting off attacks that he is trying to buy the nomination. These people are such clowns. I can’t believe the powers that be don’t have someone in the bullpen.

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      • Jan says:

        Hildebeast was slobbering, drooling & cackling as she watched the debate, slurping Chardonnay. She’s got her troops stashed on the DNC Rules Committee, probably been courting her super delegates and is waiting in the wings.

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        • Raptors2020 says:

          Hillary is slurping Chardonnay and worrying about gun violence. Maybe that’s where Joe got his 150 million figure. Every American who dies was killed by worry over gun violence.

          Kobe’s helicopter pilot had gun violence on his mind. It’s everywhere.


      • Remington says:

        Oh they do….bring in the ….left hander.


  11. Zydeco says:

    Bernie pooh-pooh it when Bloomie said Russia was helping his campaign. They want it both ways. Russia is interfering but NOT on MY campaign.

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  12. patti says:

    Fact Check: Pete Buttigieg Falsely Claims Americans Are Buying Weapons of War
    VERDICT: False. Buttigieg’s words alluded to the decades-old Democrat claim that AR-15s are weapons of war, but they are not. AR-15s are semiautomatic rifles.

    Fact Check: Bernie Sanders Blames Trump for Homelessness Concentrated in Blue States
    VERDICT: False. The overwhelming majority of the homeless population is actually concentrated in blue states and was a crisis l0ng before Trump was elected president. California, for example, is home to nearly half of the entire United States’ unsheltered homeless population.

    Fact Check: Bernie Sanders Claims Medicare for All Would Save Money
    VERDICT: False. Medicare for All raises spending dramatically.

    Fact Check: Bernie Sanders Claims Trump’s Economy ‘Not So Good’ for Working Class Americans
    VERDICT: False. In fact, working class and blue-collar Americans are outpacing every other economic group in terms of wage growth thanks to Trump’s tightened labor market.

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    • ann says:

      The blue futuristic staging reminds me of Captain Kirk “Beam me up, Scotty.”

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    • Publius2016 says:

      when the DIMMS had some color, it was the exact same lame questions and answers…They are incapable of offering real policy solutions because they keep assuming money will solve “the problem”

      Healthcare is not about money or insurance, fools!
      Terrorism is not about hiring more TSA!

      Violence does not end with Gun Bans and Gun Liability Laws!

      Its HILARIOUS WATCHING THESE “POLITICIANS” Pander…Mini Mike Madoff called them his competitors because he couldn’t say “Democrats”! Mini Mike Madoff is a Globalist lord…you can’t buy votes in South Carolina in a Dimm primary

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      ….and not a [American] flag in sight….

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  13. MustangBlues says:

    First time spending anytime looking at the performance of the communist democrats,

    Cream of the crop for public office and national leadership,

    A beta congress of buffoons. Evolutionary dead end.

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  14. California Joe says:

    So how did the Democrat Minority Pander-rama go tonight. It just strikes me as disingenuous for Presidental candidates to purchase votes by offering free stuff like paying off student loans with taxpayer money! Why shouldn’t they be required to use their own money? Andrew Yang offered to pay $1,000 a month to every voter if he was elected. Well, vote for me and I’ll give you $2,000 a month. What the hell, it’s not my money. LOL

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

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  16. Nigella says:

    I see they managed to blame Trump for the coronavirus

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  17. Garavaglia says:

    I contracted coronavirus just watching this damned debate. They suck! Prediction: There will be multiple “possible” cases of this thing tomorrow. it’s already in the script..sources say.

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  18. treehouseron says:

    Their solution to every problem is to raise taxes and spend more of your money. Their criticism of Trump is consistently that he cut funding and lowered taxes, LOL

    All the stuff they complain about I go “Hmmm… I didn’t know he cut that! Man, he’s better than I thought!”

    Plus it’s all on baseline accounting anyways, if a program is projected to go up 10% this year, and it only goes up 5%, they call that a 50% cut!

    “He cut funding 50%!” in Democrat dumbass speak means “He raised funding 5%” !

    I don’t know if everybody knows about that, but it’s the truth, they should talk about this more.

    If funding for something is 1 billion, and it’s scheduled to go to 1.1 billion next year… if Trump cuts that so that now it will only be 1.05 billion next year, the democrats call that a 50% CUT. 50%!

    In reality, it’s a 5% increase. Baseline budgeting, it’s the main way they screw us.

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    • Jan says:

      There is no incentive to bring your project under budget when you work for the federal government. Money you don’t spend goes to other projects that are overspent AND your budget for the following year gets cut back. Been there, done it!!

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    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Actually, appropriations, budgets, funding, funding cuts, staffing, and purchasing are all Congress responsibilities. If the budget for a department went down it was because Congress said so. The POTUS can suggest a budget but she/he have no authority to go off the approved plan; he executes the plan

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  19. California Joe says:

    Bernie Sanders favorite song! Der Kommissar is back
    (One of my favorites too. Enjoy!).

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    • California Joe says:

      Just think all the East German Berlin Wall movies will be back in vogue with Bernie. The original Der Kommissar by Falco in German, of course. Not as splashy as the English version above but it’s the original and pretty damn good. Falco spent more $ on Vodka than the video. Alles Klar, Herr Kommissar?

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  20. lcsteel says:

    It was a genuine freak show..

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  21. Elle says:

    Meh. It just seems like a suckers game to me. The Dem party puts Bernie forward as a strawman that they and the entire media can all knock down to create the narrative that they, unlike Bernie, are the adults in the room and not the crazy kind of socialists but the “good and noble kind of socialists.

    I just have a hard time believing the Dem/globalists are this stupid and far gone.

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    • sDee says:

      “I just have a hard time believing the Dem/globalists are this stupid and far gone.”

      One thing for sure they knew people were this stupid. They just never ever planned on Donald J Trump and the rising of us Deplorables.

      In the four Uniparty administrations since Bush the First surrendered our sovereignty over to to the Rio accords, the Globalists have faced zero opposition. Americans did not even know they were voting their own demise.

      After Obama’s Uniparty regime, they thought they has us. Jebillary would sign us up to TPP and global governance and puppets like Justine could be propped up on the posts.


  22. Patchman2076 says:

    I really have to ask those who understand economic data, wth is this.
    I have this odd feeling that this whole article is actually bunk but I can’t put my finger on this.


  23. Conservative_302 says:

    I watched it for 10 seconds 3 times. They are all absolute crack pots! I am getting very sick and tired of being taken for an idiot by government. It is insulting that they all think i buy their idiotic stupidity.

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  24. Baby El says:

    hey all – thanks for the comments – enjoyed reading.

    Take the rest of the day off – You deserve it!!

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  25. wildsailor2018 says:

    Don’t worry…the Demonrats will have an “insurance policy” where the morning after Bernie wins the nomination he will be found in his bed with a pillow over his face and it will be declared ‘natural causes’ without an autopsy. Hillary will need to take the nomination to be the savior of the party and the Country and take the place of EMPRESS and assume the throne of her destiny.

    This actually happened to Scalise so that Obama could have a SCOTUS nominee in an effort to tip the court radical just before Trump took office. McConnell blocked that appointment thank goodness.


  26. minnesotamike55 says:

    Well! I was yelling my question at the TV but they never answered. “Please explain in detail what the terrible consequences of Trump reelection is. Give us specifics”. I got no answer.
    And since the left is so big on “sustainability”, how is Buttyjudge and his lifestyle sustainable? If all there were was lbgtqrstuvxyz people, our species would die out. Not sustainable.


  27. Paul Cohen says:

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  28. minnesotamike55 says:

    Did anyone catch Klobuchar’s “Uncle Dick in the tree stand” comment? No personality, no charisma, no basis for running for president other than the lefties in Minneapolis love her, and just not likeable. Why is she still in? Could it be they are trying to keep Bernie from getting delegates by having lots of choices? When they get to convention Bernie will have less in total than the combined and they will use that to steal it from him.

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    • Deplorable_Vespuciland says:

      Perky Klobuchar is still there to keep the interest of the democrat “moderate female” voter. Warren is there for the leftwing wymmins vote. Buttigigi for the 3% gender confused. Biden for the old school democrat establishment, the DNCe. Bernie is there to excite the young skulls full of mush – the college crowd and the anatchists. An the two billionaires are there to bankroll the endless Trump bashing advertisements on the airwaves.

      All together they sound like this:

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  29. Kulak69 says:

    Bernie Sanders did not kill himself.


  30. Sammy Hains says:

    Some of you may recall I said Buttigieg is trying to position himself as the 2020 0bama. Same story, different details. Same empty platitudes. Same pretty words saying nothing.

    Well, you have GOT to see this:

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