James Carville Reacts to Likely “Blowout” Nevada Win by Bernie Sanders…

Nevada caucus results are starting to come in, albeit there are again delays with reporting from most precincts; however, it is clear Bernie Sanders is well positioned for a blowout victory likely to exceed 50% of the Nevada vote.

With Bernie Sanders now positioned as the clear front-runner, DNC party insider James Carville reacts.  WATCH:


A troubling early indicator for Democrats shows up in early vote responses showing a lack of turnout amid Latino and Black voters.  Something to keep watching

2016: 19% latino / 13% black
2020: 17% latino / 10% black

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278 Responses to James Carville Reacts to Likely “Blowout” Nevada Win by Bernie Sanders…

  1. Best part is that Bernie is not even a Democrat.

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  2. wvcoalman says:

    It’s the E-Commie Stupid.

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  3. Kristin DeBacco says:

    If Crazy Bernie gets the nomination many Democrats will hope President Trump will win the general election.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      I spoke with a man who has been (and still is) a democrat all his life. He told me that he voted for Trump in 2016 because Hillary Clinton scared the crap out of him. He said that a lot of his friends had done the same. Think about it, if Hillary scared them that badly what is going to be the effect of a radical, Soviet style, communist like Bernie going to have.

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  4. Zephyrbreeze says:

    Carville’s longer conversation.
    This is a suicide act.

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    • Keith says:

      Carville tells Dems to attack Bernie (the frontrunner) but not each other. Fair enough, if you are not as left as Bernie. He then destroys any credibility by saying Putin is helping Bernie in order to help Trump. He further says that the theory that you will win by expanding votership is as invalid as climate denial – further destroying his credibility (questioning present lamentable climate “theory” is very legitimate).
      One smart thing he says is that the media have less power now than previously. True, because we can go to places like CTH instead of listening to media garbage.

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  5. Patricia Dolan says:

    “NEVER BEEN VETTED”!!!!!!! Dan Bongino put out a telling video of Sanders yesterday on youtube and it’s already been taken down. The first line in the video is Sanders saying black people stink. Trump should have fun with Sanders in the debates! Buy more popcorn.

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    • Paul Robson says:

      We (in Britian) have just had this. Our equivalent of the Democrats appointed a left winger to their leadership, sent him into an election with a bunch of far left policies against an untrustworthy but popular candidate convinced they were going to win, or at least get some sort of vote. He was slaughtered and our equivalent of the Republicans now has a big majority in parliament. . Most, not all, of Corbyn’s supporters now accept he’s a disaster and they need somebody who is possibly electable.

      But they had to go through the “clearing out” ; without that result that wing of our Democrats would have carried on believing Corbyn was great for ever. I think the Democrats have to do this.

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      • Patrick Healy says:

        But Paul we voted for a conservative and got Corbyn mk2 in Blundering Boris.
        I cannot name any conservative policies he has.
        Banning gas extraction, banning internal combustion engines, gas for heating and cooking and this week banning all coal fires and ‘damp’ wood burners and worst of all with renaging on ending the BBC poll tax.

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  6. RobD says:

    Give Bernie the nomination! He will get crushed in the general election- curb stomped! Moderate dems won’t vote for him! US military is about 1.2 million strong, with millions more veterans and I can’t imagine any of us voting for him! I know my wife and I never would! Nope! It’s Pres Trump all the way – 2020

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    • InAz says:

      Many in the military do not like President Trump…..more than we care to realize…. unfortunately.

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    • Les D says:

      I think Bill & Hillary’s Carville and Chris Matthews are astute political commentators except when it comes to Trump. But when they are worried sick, their words, about a Bernie Candidacy, you have to give it more then a grain of salt. I met Chris when he worked on the Hill a long time as the Press person for Tip O’Neal who was Speaker 77-87. I think maybe not blow-out landslide, but not close.

      I’ve lived thru 3 landslides: Johnson won 44 states over Goldwater in ’64. Nixon won 49 states over McGovern in ’72. Reagan won 49 states vs Mondale in ’84.

      Bernie will win West Coast and NE Coast, maybe a few 3,4,or 5 more, small to mediums, but it’s not going to be another Bush-Gore, Clinton-Trump. As long as the status quo in Nov is similar to now.


      • Deplorable Incisor says:

        “IF” Sanders wins the Democrat nomination, he will come face to face with Donald J Trump. When Trump gets done with Bernie, everyone will know exactly who he is and that is not a pretty sight. Bernie has never been truly vetted and there is a ton off stuff that isn’t common knowledge. That STUFF will doom him as a presidential nominee.
        He’ll be lucky to win any state races, may not receive more than 35% of the total vote and will destroy the Democrat down-ballot candidates by association.
        Bernie is a communist and I don’t think the Democrats are going to allow him to run as their nominee. If he somehow makes it on the ticket then the Democrat with the most likely chance to garner votes will run against him (Biden, Warren or Boot-edge-edge).
        It’s the only way that they can try to salvage their candidates in the House and Senate.
        If they don’t do it they will lose far more than the Presidency. Even some of their safe seats could be in jeopardy under a Sanders ticket.
        It won’t surprise me one bit if Bloomberg runs as a 3rd party candidate either.
        I’m still not sure that he isn’t in this just as a spoiler to make sure Trump is re-elected.
        Those two were really good friends at one point so that isn’t out of the question. Their “falling out” may just be one big smoke screen…


    • Donnyd says:

      You shouldn’t live in a Lala-land. Moderate dems will vote anybody to get rid of Trump. But you can keep writing and saying that if it makes you feel better. We need everyones vote for The Donald! It’s going to be close.

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      • Les D says:

        Could be DonnyD–alot can happen to PT’s popularity in 9 mos. Until now Trump has been the political version of the “Teflon Don”. Stuff that he does to himself mostly, sinks others in the lagoon without a ripple but rolls off his back like water on a duck.

        Nixon ’72 is an example, re-elected winning 49 states with 77% but due to his own misdoing, didn’t finish that term. And wouldn’t have been re-elected if his fatal error in June was better known in November.

        We’d have had President George McGovern. A good person, WWII pilot, volunteered Air Force, 35 missions over Nazi Europe, distinguished flying Cross for a crash landing that saved his crew. But considered very left. Not crazy left like Bernie, and alot more effective as a legislator in the House & Senate then Bernie who hasn’t any bill of his own become law. The McGovern–Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program, eg, has provided school meals for millions of children in dozens of countries since 2000, and he was The Man in fighting hunger in the US.

        But for that ’72 era, George was considered far left due to his staunch anti-Viet Nam platform. Who knows how the US would have changed, never would have been a Prez Carter for one. But I don’t think anywhere near how it will change if Bernie should get so lucky if Trump gets caught up in a faux pas with the sinking power of a Watergate.


      • Fubu says:

        Nope not true. I have moderate D friends that are very influential Dems and they say they would never vote for a Socialist. I guess they won’t vote for a Presidential candidate. Net win for Trump.


      • Patrick Healy says:

        Sorry for being brutal, but what exactly is a moderate Democrat? And where could one find one?


  7. Val says:

    That guy from The Young Turks, election night 2016, promised that he (they) would destroy the DNC. They started by electing AOC and the rest of the squad. It’s been all downhill from there.

    They will not stop there. It’s a spiritual warfare. We need to pray.

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  8. Liberty ONE says:

    The pic of Comrade Crazy Bernie looks as if someone was trying to put listick on a PIG!

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  9. Amy2 says:

    This is off point, but I would kill to have James Carville’s complexion when I’m 75. Dang!

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  10. Right to reply says:

    Negligent and ignorant parents have allowed these voters to be raised in the classrooms of America, and the Democrats made just one error. Bernie, is a decade too soon.
    Thank God for Trump, and you better start praying for what will happen in 2024 because the generation needed to push people like Sanders into REAL power, will have left their school desk and be holding a voter card!

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  11. kleen says:

    Obama is a Socialist/Marxist. So are most people around him and in the Democrat party.
    They have no issue with Bernie’s ideology. They agree with him

    The problem for them is being exposed.

    Remember Van Jones: If we are going to succeed (implementing Socialism/Communism) we gotta drop the pose.

    Yeah, pretend not be socialist because it will scare people.

    Bernie, will ruin their stealth plan. Dems cannot let their masks slip. So they have to publicly oppose Bernie.

    The last think they want is to openly embrace an openly Socialist candidate. They know that would be the end of the Democrat party.

    That is problem with Bernie.


  12. Sammy Hains says:

    Biden claims he’s the Comeback Kid after coming in 2nd in Nevada.
    (Clinton did the same thing after coming in 2nd in New Hampshire.)


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    • Les D says:

      Sammy, he keeps hurtin himself with Malarkey. The one yesterday catching traction today’s press as he heads into S Car and his hoped for Black vote, that he got arrested in South Africa when Mandela got released when he tried to get close to Mandela, and some time later, weeks, months, years, Mandela remembered and gave him a hug. The US Ambassador there at the time said he did not think Joe got arrested and didn’t remember if he even was there. Enough already.


      • H.R. says:

        Les D, don’t forget that it was Biden that created a vaccine for polio, not Jonas Salk.
        Wait… Gropin’ Joe hasn’t told that whopper yet? Oh… I see… that’s for next week. Sorry. I jumped the gun.


  13. kinthenorthwest says:

    Did you all see this


    • ChampagneReady says:

      There was a reporter on The Hill TV network that said her sources who were involved in tabulating the votes were telling her in real-time from what they were seeing, that there was a very likely possibility this would also be a trainwreck.

      It was large-scale confusion and nobody knew what they were doing.

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  14. shortcoach says:

    Carville, admonishes Dems to support non-Bernie candidate to have a chance to win in November saying “…because the Country is in great peril”. PERIL? WHAT PERIL? Please, somebody, anybody, tell me what the problem is with Trump regarding policy. I don’t want to hear about the mud he throws or his mean nicknames. TELL ME ABOUT BAD POLICY. Tell me, with substance, why our foreign and domestic policies are so bad under the Trump administration. Because we are now making allies pay their share for defense? Because we are insisting on fair trade? Because unemployment is at 50-year lows? Because wages are rising? Because manufacturing is coming back to the US? Because citizens are coming off food stamps? Because we are finally starting to protect our borders? Because of two conservative Supreme Court appointees? I could go on and on and on and on. We had peril with Obama wanting to re-make this country from what made it great and giving Iran a green light on nuclear. If you want peril, how about more Obamacare? More post-childbirth abortion, more student loan forgiveness, more open borders, more democrat policies designed by and for the ruling elite class? No thank you very much. The peril will be if dems hold the House and take the Senate.

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    • California Joe says:

      People like Carville believe that Climate Change is going to destroy us at any moment. Of course, they refuse to accept that Obama, the poster boy for global warming spent $15 million for a oceanfront home on Martha’s Vinyard which, according to the New York Times, will be underwater along with the entire East Coast in 12 years!

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  15. kleen says:

    What Dems are afraid of with Bernie winning the nomination is being exposed as the Socialist they are.

    They agree with Bernie but can’t show it. Bernie is open about his love for Communism. Dems hide it and call it “liberalism” “liberals”

    Van Jones: “I’m willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.


  16. dallasdan says:

    In the video, Carville emphasized his claim that Bernie “…has not been vetted by the press.” That appears to me as a clear signal that the DNC is calling-out its minions in the msm to get busy wrecking Bernie’s candidacy.

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  17. JohninMK says:

    Sorry for quoting Twitter but this just fits in so well here

    Chris Hansen
    MSNBC is must watch TV right now. Chris Matthews just likened Bernie’s win in Nevada tonight to the Germans overrunning The Maginot Line in 1940

    Alex Mello
    Warren: “We are beaten; we have lost the battle… the front has been broken near Reno”. Columns of stunned Buttigieg voters clogging the roads out of Carson City, wild rumors circulating in Biden campaign HQ that “les chars de Bernie” have broken into their rear areas

    The remaining establishment Dem forces trapped in the Las Vegas kessel are crumbling under concentric attacks from Panzer Group Bernie… https://twitter.com/tankcat/status


  18. TwoLaine says:

    From the looks of Bernie’s background crowd at his I WON Nevada speech in San Antonio yesterday it looks like he might have the illegal vote sown up.


  19. Publius2016 says:

    Dimms cant defeat Crazy Bernie…early returns show Pocahontas plus Crazy Bernie is 60% to 65% of Dimms! The Dimms are working furiously to STEAL LV PRIMARY for Biden and Boot Edge Edge…reality is neither has any way to stop the onslaught!


  20. Pew-Anon says:

    It’s called “REAPING WHAT YOU SOW”, Mr. Carville.


  21. paper doll says:

    Where has Carville been? It’s a little late to try and stop Bernie now. The Dems had to steal the nomination from him in 2016 and they cheered the wave of invaders coming in before and since….how can they be surprised at his dominance now? Particularly his popularity with the south of boarder invaders? He’s preaching their kind of socialism \ commie “solutions” from home. Not the woke\ Wall street gobbledygook the actual Dems are .The Dems have brought in what they thought would be the new Dems voters and Bernie has stolen them right under their noses….plus he has taken from them the young U.S. idiots the Dems have dumbed down in schools for decades for their own use. They had all this and he’s taken it away from them because they inexplicably let him run as a Dem. This is a completely self affected wound. 😂


  22. Mendacity in the Big Easy says:

    The blind leading the blind
    This is happening in his backyard and he is the Dems elder strategist?!:
    James Carville, infamous democratic strategist in ‘The’ textbook Democratic Machine town claiming the local Dems can organize a Mardi-Gra Carnival parade easier, quicker and better than the DNC can put together the Nevada Democratic presidential caucus:

    Mardi Gras float victim in New Orleans is 2nd fatality in days


  23. lettruthspeak says:

    If you add up to the total votes of all candidates in this caucus it doesn’t even come close to the amount of people who showed up at Trump’s rally in Vegas. The demorats will lie and lie about numbers, it’s in their DNA to lie, but the visuals speak volumes. They can barely fill up a school gymnasium.

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  24. thesitrep says:

    Suffice to say, there is dissension in the ranks of the Nephilim-Nicolaitan party.


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