Bloomberg’s Silly Billboards…

At first this seemed like some kind of spoof…. alas, in reality, this is what billionaire Mike Bloomberg is spending his money on.  Good grief, the left really can’t meme.

Apparently this is supposed to be some kind of hit against President Trump… but it’s just plain silly.  The only thing this billboard does is highlight President Trump as an ordinary person; heck, Trump likes ketchup too.  So what?

However, there’s a boomerang message; because the implied message is Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s elitism.  What a doofus. This is what Bloomberg’s spending his money on?  Next up: Donald Trump Eats McDonald’s French Fries”…


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280 Responses to Bloomberg’s Silly Billboards…

  1. 2packs4sure says:

    The ONLY thing about Trump that bugs me is his well done steaks with ketchup,,, woof……

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trump likes his chicken Kentucky Fried.

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    • jakee308 says:

      I get what they’re TRYING to do. Make Trump’s jabs and comments as inane as the billboard. (mike imitating Trump. Get it?)

      Trouble is, we agree with Trump’s shots so the billboard (and Mikey) look inane but we don’t transfer this to Trump because we’re not infected with TDS.

      *sigh* will the left ever learn? Will they ever revert to some semblance of sanity? (even tho we now know they were lying all that time)

      I know I shouldn’t go looking for trouble but Trumps done so much yet I don’t see him getting done in only 4 more years so what will we do for someone to take up the torch in 2024. I just don’t see Mike Pence as capable of doing that. His natural inclination is being a nice guy and that’s not what will still be needed.


      • Rachel Guess says:

        President Trump will get the job done as long as he gets strong conservative majorities in both Houses of Congress. It is up to us to make sure he gets what he needs…:)

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      • X XYZ says:

        “*sigh* will the left ever learn?”

        Why would anyone want them to learn? Do you want the opposition to learn? So that the left can learn to fight us more effectively? To me this suggests that you might.

        Keep ’em dumb!
        “Never wisen up a chump, and never give a sucker an even break.” (W.C.Fields)


    • Bevis says:

      Mike would say, “mother, can you have the catsup sent up with my steak tartare?”

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  2. MaineCoon says:

    Here’s some background information on Bloomberg. He’s a scary as Biden and Bernie. Each one of these Dem candidates is scary in their own arena. How anyone can relate to them is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    FTA: QUESTION: Wasn’t Bloomberg part of the manipulation of the US Treasury Auctions at Salomon Brothers?

    ANSWER: No, he sold out to Phibro and was not asked to stay on. In 1973, Bloomberg became a general partner at Salomon Brothers, where he headed equity trading and, later, systems development. In 1981, Salomon Brothers was bought by Phibro Corporation, and Bloomberg was laid off from the investment bank. Perhaps they saw his personality and did not see where he would fit into the bank with what many say was a position of self-importance. Bloomberg News was founded by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Winkler in 1990 to deliver financial news reporting to Bloomberg Terminal subscribers. The agency was established in 1990 with a team of six people while Winkler was the editor-in-chief.

    For someone who came from the market-manipulating house of Solomon Brothers, his attempts on stop-and-frisk, changing the law so he could continually run New York City eliminating term-limits, and his attempt to outlaw 2-liter bottles of soda are just the definition of a demagogue. He will take the green agenda and implement it in a dictatorial fashion as he ran New York City.

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  3. Bloomie is so out of touch he doesn’t realize he is insulting all of us “McDonald” French fry eaters.

    And did he have to ask McDonald s if he could do that.

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  4. kleen says:

    Mini and mini humor.

    Childish and lame.

    Meanwhile Bernie, a 78 year old, angry-communist, is doing far better than Mini and his billions.

    Mini doesn’t have what it takes.

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    • Johnny Boost says:

      Don’t be so sure. Mini Mike is in a better position to bribe superdelegates than Bernout.

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    • X XYZ says:

      Mikey has 60 billion in his control. He can’t take it with him when he dies. He has to proxy it to Soros, who is also a billionaire, and a rotten old man.

      Some things in life are more important than money. That is something that Mikey, Soros and even Bernie (another Socialist in love with money) are incapable of understanding.


  5. hokkoda says:

    Also, it’s a billboard showcasing TRUMP.

    Also, I think your average person sees that, chuckles, and understands that THIS is what some politicians think is important as they roll their eyes.

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  6. kleen says:

    We have the right to know, who did Mini call a horse-faced lesbian?

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  7. calbear84 says:

    Mike Bloomberg Won’t

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  8. Merle Marks says:

    you know, advertisers will tell you if you are doing a sign or billboard, drivers have less than 1.5 seconds to read and take in the message…large print and short messages are key…chances are (at least the drivers) are seeing DONALD TRUMP and little else, and very unlikely seeing small print bloomberg below it…Our President is not only living rent free in their heads but on their paid for billboards…Best President Ever!!!

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  9. Ausonius says:

    One word for that sad attempt at humor:

    Doubleplusunfunny 😉

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  10. novanglus86 says:

    This shows the authoritarian/bully streak. No respect for individual preferences. There is a right way and a wrong way for everything. My way is right. Your way is wrong. Why? Because I have more money than you, so I must be better than you at everything. He is. such a d-nozzle.

    Like what you like – don’t force YOUR preferences on me. I am a free man. I make my own choices. This is so god-damned unAmerican, I feel like I live in a foreign country these days. How is this ok?

    In fact, how is this not bullying? Basically, it says “You’re different and I am superior, so I will mock you.” I really don’t like anything about Mini Mike. I hope he goes broke. That would be justice.

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    • Lanna says:

      First thing I thought when I saw it was, “this is America, we can eat our steak any damn way we want!”

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      • gabytango says:

        Exactly, Lanna, any way we want! The only people who will be “offended” by Trump’s preferred steak temp choice are the Fru-Fru Chefs in New York City! Don’t think President Trump cares about their votes, anyway.

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    • X XYZ says:

      There is a very thin line between bullying and leadership.

      Here are some things to consider.
      Why is the presidency called the “bully pulpit”?

      Trump is mocking and calling out his opposition left and right, in every rally. Politics is a blood sport, without any actual blood spilled. American voters haven’t seen this in any president in many generations. We have been indoctrinated for decades to think it is “un-presidential” to act that way.

      “My way is right. Your way is wrong.”
      That is “bigotry”. That is partisanship. Same meaning in either word. That is moral certitude. That is judgmental. So be it.

      Is exercising moral certitude, i.e. standing up for what you believe a good thing or bad thing? Isn’t deciding what is good vs. bad a moral judgement?

      What is justice? Hoping that your enemies fail? Seeing them punished for their wrongdoing? You may be right. Is there anything wrong with hoping for that expectation?


  11. TreeClimber says:

    Go read the comments under the original tweet. Bloomberg is getting taken apart, it’s hilarious. Someone compared him to Lord Farquaad – if you want to get through to millennials, that will do it! The actual spoofs are priceless, too.

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    • III% says:

      I read through those. What keeps running through my mind is that he is actually PAYING someone money for this. Either he has the worst and most inept media team in HISTORY or he really is in there just to mess with the democrats. Honestly I don’t care which it is, it’s hilarious.

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      • Phil Free says:

        Amazing. Just AMAZING. Welp, it’s only money, and Mini has lots and lots and lots of it to BURN.

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        • X XYZ says:

          None of us can conceive of what that amount of money, 60 BILLION $$$ is.

          It would be like any of us who are working class or middle class writing a check for $100.

          Our paying for a traffic ticket costs more than that. For many in business, it’s the cost of doing business.

          Oh, BTW – since Mikey is now a presidential candidate, he is now eligible and receiving federal funds that some people elect to give candidates like him, ceded through their tax returns. And you thought Mikey was only spending HIS money?

          BWAHAHAHAHA! Little Mikey is very, VERY clever! The joke is on us!


  12. TwoLaine says:

    I have a question? Where was Mini when NYC was screwing up Wollman Rink for so many years?

    IF Mike Can Fix It, why didn’t he?

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  13. Yy4u says:

    And Mini Mike eats caviar and drinks champagne. So what?


  14. paper doll says:

    Mink has 50 + billion and President Trump still lives in his head rent free.😂

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  15. Jus wundrin says:

    I’m sure the vegans are outraged!

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up.


  16. Sammy Hains says:

    Remember this cringe?

    Bloomberg isn’t the first to try and fail to out-Trump The Donald.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    I feel cheated. At leaat give us a visual. Don’t talk about food and not show us any.

    Sounds like what Nicolás Maduro probably does to the people of Venezuela.

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  18. sunnyflower5 says:

    Mini Mike’s billboard forgot to included required calorie and sodium count.

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  19. paper doll says:

    Mr. Bloomberg has yes people laugh at his ” jokes” for decades….this is a distinct disadvantage when taking on PT 😂 All the actual humour Bloomberg generates is the unintentional kind 😂

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  20. Tiffthis says:

    I think it’s gonna be fun if this year we have 2 New Yorkers running for president. Cut down city and trump is sure to have the best zingers 💯🤣.

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  21. Dumbers billboard i never seeing Bloomberg,
    Our president Trump will win November the 3th,

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  22. Coast says:

    “because the implied message is Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s elitism”
    That is their massive weak spot…total blindness to the average American, not to even mention their destructive and un-American policies. Thank God for their blindness.

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  23. wvcoalman says:

    “No burnt steak for you” ………….Nanny Mini Tyrant, the NYC Steak Nazi. 😉

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  24. Mike in a Truck says:

    So? The High Preistess from the Temple of Baal, aka HRC eats burnt babies from the celebration pyre. And Bloomers job is to clear the deck so she can be anointed at the convention.


  25. litlbit2 says:

    Now we know what it takes mentality to be a Democrat today as well as the ability to run Bloomberg News🙈🙈🙈🤡 His negotiation skills for Trade, Peace, American Jobs, future plans for Americans match his farming ability! IMO, Mikey stick to milking the Bull, you and Obama can share, since there is only one. You will need to take turns.

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  26. Donzo says:

    Donald Trump eats burnt steak, but eats Mike raw.

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  27. alliwantissometruth says:

    Well sure, the economy’s booming, jobs are everywhere, the country is safer and Americans have real hope for the future all because of President Trump, but I’m voting for Bloomberg because the President likes his steaks well done
    (said no one ever)

    That sign is a perfect example of an idiot who got lucky and made a lot of money

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  28. Parrot says:

    Trump likes his Bloomberg well done….. so he can stick a fork in him.

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  29. bruzedorange says:

    I’m calling “dogwhistle” on that billboard message!

    (I’m not as good at this as MSNBC… but I’ve seen how it works.)
    I’ll get back to you when I decide which hate-group this coded billboard is inciting.

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  30. FPCHmom says:

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  31. Mrs. E says:

    Well if that’s the case, I must try some burnt steak. I love well-done steak, and is the way I eat it. Who cares?!? I never ask anyone how they eat their steak or pay attention to how they order it. That is their business.


    • Bendix says:

      Well done isn’t burnt anyway.
      I must know a hundred guys who enjoy having some of those charred grill marks on their steak, though.


  32. AnotherView says:

    Money spent…..for THAT?……LOL


  33. sunnydaze says:

    Prolly likes Duncan Donuts, too. aiyaiyai!!!


  34. California Joe says:

    Bloomberg is an idiot and it’s amazing that he was able to amass a $60 billion fortune from a news media company that until CNBC became popular nobody ever heard of. That said when you understand the closed shop nature of business in New York City which limits access to anyone not a member of the club it’s not so hard to understand.


    • bruzedorange says:

      Bloomberg may be urbane, elitist, out of touch, devoid of a moral core, and a few feet shy of tall.

      But he’s not dumb. He defines his goals and hires the smartest people available to achieve them. Billboards like this do serve some purpose. Maybe it’s to tempt Trump off-message and into responding to these mini-memes. Maybe it’s a cash rope-a-dope, inciting the Trump campaign to buy clever response billboards. Maybe his people (and he has purchased all of the very best available, rest assured) have identified new ways to reach an untapped or disaffected Democrat voter group.

      All I know is, he doesn’t have to beat Trump over the next several months. His only goal for now is to keep the Bern from spreading… before the conclusion of the Dem Convention’s first ballot.

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  35. sunnydaze says:

    Bloomberg’s the guy who made soda so expensive in NYC that people had to leave town to buy it -if they *could*- right?


  36. Comrade Mope says:

    The first rule of political advertising is “Don’t use your opponent’s name” because any press is good press. Bloomers is actually helping the President here. But don’t tell anyone. When Bloomberg digs a DNC hole he will be the first to be in over his head.

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    • Jase says:

      True. I wonder if the idiot who devised this campaign is the same one who came up with Hillary’s disastrous Love Trumps Hate.
      Millions of Democrats brandishing signs that put her opponent’s name in the forefront of people’s minds every day.
      These people are rolled gold, solid state morons.


      • Merle Marks says:

        Remember…lefties roll by feelings not facts…they will continually shoot themselves in the head because they believe bullets just CAN’T be harder than their skull…


  37. Phil aka Felipe says:



  38. deeperinfo says:

    Minnie Mike cheats at elections by paying for the rules to be changed…


    • X XYZ says:

      He found a loophole to undo mandated term limits to give himself a third term as mayor of NY city. And he did. That wasn’t enough for him. Some like him are insatiably greedy. Greed and lust for power have no limits. But there is a final limit. It’s called death.

      Shh. Don’t tell little Mikey that ultimately the grim reaper awaits him…


  39. deeperinfo says:

    Minnie Mike cheats at elections by paying for the rules to be changed…


  40. emet says:

    One of the billboards says Donald Trump went broke running a casino. I’m sure this puzzled long time Las Vegas residents, since casinos regularly go out of business, or are sold off because they are not profitable. Some only stay open for a short time.
    Casino ownership is not a sure thing anymore In fact it is risky. Lots of gaming venues chasing limited gaming dollars, and competing against other form of entertainment.

    Now until the mid 60s roughly, casinos were very profitable. Because almost all if them were fixed. When Thorpe (Beat the Dealer) and his crew visited the Las Vegas strip, they noted cheating in every casino except the Tropicana. When Howard Hughes (Summa Corp) took over the Sands, Desert Inn, etc, he was astounded at the vast amount of (unreported). Some places just made sure that nobody win big money, others like the Sands wanted every dollar. By the end of the 60s most of the funnt business stopped, and casinos generally had to take their chances.
    Indian casinos expanded, online gaming, illegal gaming, etc. all cut in to the business.
    Just some background, because you will
    hear about Trump casinos again.


  41. sunnydaze says:

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  42. trumpmemesandreams says:

    The left can’t meme.

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  43. Hellofromhydepark says:

    This is code on how both do their jobs. President Trump, well done! Bloomberg, eh not so much.
    I guess Bloomberg falls short again :-/

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  44. Dave the WV Deplorable says:

    Steak ‘Pittsburgh style” Charred black on a really hot grill, rare on the inside. Delish!!

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  45. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    The categories and qualifications for being the leader of this Republic;
    What you eat, how much, and how it is prepared.
    How you were a tie, comb your hair, how much you weigh.
    The size of your hands.
    When you sleep.


  46. Magabear says:

    Ah, a quarter pounder with cheese perhaps? My fav meal at Mickey D’s. 😊

    Next mini mike ad: “Trump puts ketchup on his hot dogs”. Nana nana na na. 🙄


  47. Ludo says:

    Yeah, we’re so deplorable for having the WRONG steak done-ness preference. We just have wrong opinions, I guess?


  48. Jim says:

    Is there some background behind this? The President said he likes his steaks 🥩 burnt? If that’s the case, what is the point? We all can eat any way we want.

    These people are so stupid and out of touch is beyond a SNL skit.

    I totally don’t get it.


    • Yy4u says:

      Jim Keep in mind Bloomers has a history of monitoring what people eat…for their benefit of course…it was just a matter of time before he decided to tell us how to cook our food

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  49. meow4me2 says:

    This is supposed to move votes? Oookkaayyyyy.

    At least someone (some many) is making money of the fool.


  50. Mike Bloomberg Eats Galettes De Pomme De Terre
    Donald Trump Eats French Fries

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