Billionaire Democrat Michael Bloomberg Under Fire for Elitist Ridicule of Farmers…

Presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is coming under scrutiny for his elitist comments about farmers not being smart enough to add value in the era of technology.   In some ways it’s predictably sad, in other ways his condescension simply reflects the outlook of modern Democrats.


While it is angering to watch this pontificating condescension; at another level it is entirely predictable. Both the old school Fabian socialist outlook and the modern Democrat ideology is based on superiority.

George Bernard Shaw, a founder of modern socialist thought, famously said at some point each citizen should be required to stand before a tribunal and explain their value. If the community does not find value in that person, then society would be better off eliminating them. You can extend that same perspective into almost every policy advocated by the current political left.  It’s a short walk from Bloombergs’ speech to the cattle-cars.

When CTH was founded we used this picture below to describe the Democrat Utopia; that picture represented where the outlook of Teh One true Lightbringer would eventually lead the party. Nothing much has changed except the clarity of their objectives:

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349 Responses to Billionaire Democrat Michael Bloomberg Under Fire for Elitist Ridicule of Farmers…

  1. Tiffthis says:

    I’m not a farmer but my roommate in college was a meat science major and she had to visit many farms for school. Technology is a HUGE part of farming according to her. And this was back in 2002, I bet the tech in farming has only grown since

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    • dogman says:

      Farmers are some of the best commodities traders. Many large family farms use gps to maximize plowing, planting and many other things to maximize productivity. This asshole has no understanding of farming. Most of the states where farming is big are fly over states. How long would the USA survive without these folks? Eat shit Bloomberg!

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    • I’m an engineer at an ag tech company and you are absolutely right, technology is a growing and crucial part of agriculture. The company I work for is new and responding to farmer demand for new and emerging technologies. With slim margins and changing economic conditions, technology has been a big tool for farmers to reduce costs and their ability to adapt is quite amazing.

      Farmers are crazy smart people and ridiculously good at what they do, and nothing Mini Mike has to say can change that.

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      • WES says:

        Illinoiswarrier:. I used to kid my Grandfather that he looked like a dumb farmer, with the suspenders and straw hat!

        His reply. All the better for me!

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        • Harvey Lipschitz says:

          My uncle was a big overhauls Illinois corn farmer. He played hick. He would go to a sales pavilion and make goofy comments in the booth selling pianos and organs. They promised they had tools to teach him how to play. So he sat down and played some classical music . Did a concert for them.

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      • LookUp says:

        Poor Mike.
        He behaves as if people would choose to remain in the Stone Age instead of using the latest tools (which he refers to as technology) to help them work faster, cheaper, easier and with greater productivity. That is the American farmer.
        Mike is not only clueless, he cannot humble himself and give respect and dignity to the very people who toil every day to feed him.
        I pity anyone who would vote for this fool.

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    • Ferret2 says:

      There is more technology such as robotics, automation, and data analysis utilized in a modern dairy, beef, or pork facility than in many non agricultural small busineess. A new tractor has GPS auto steering ability down to sub inch. Planters have variable rate GPS sub inch ability. With all this technology today’s farm family has intellectual demands much greater than their city cousins.

      We have seen a reversal of sorts in the last 100 years. Today’s rural communities produce the most talented, articulate, motivated, and educated individuals in America. If you don’t believe me watch some of the man on the street interviews rural vs urban. Also watch some of the National FFA Convention videos on YouTube. They are amazing.

      A little known fact. Warren Buffets son is a farmer.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      I am a farmer. For Mike’s information our dairy cow’s milk & butterfat production, herd health, pregnancy rate and a many other management necessities were computerized in the early 1960’s. It was called DHIA for Dairy Herd Improvement Association.The main computer was located at Madison. I am glad that Mike is getting up to speed and feels superior to the stupid farmer that enriches him and his kind.

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  2. Daniel M. Camac says:

    In reference to the first picture SD posted.

    Back in the old days when I actually had a cable TV subscription there was a show called MAX HEADROOM. My late wife and I really liked it because of the sci-fi feel. But unfortunately we also liked it because it showed what America could become if we didn’t reign in the gubmint.

    40 years later and look where we are.

    Sundance and others are trying to open your eyes to what is happening and I can’t thank him/her enough for what he/she has done to expose the real truth.

    I’m sure most folks on this site understand what Bloombug and his anti-Christ wish on us deplorables.

    Let the war begin.

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    • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

      Wait till Kapernut announcement that he’s running for Prez, and manages to win with Stacy Abrams.

      Mike Judge and the movie Ideocracy will come to fruition.

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  3. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Bloomberg is the sole campaign yard sign I pass on the way to town.

    It showed up a day ago.

    I was thinking of dropping off an offering of some fresh produce from Watsonville.

    We have a lot of Romaine lettuce!

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  4. 4EDouglas says:

    Always the productive people end up on the short end when Socialism slithers in.
    Knew a Cambodian who escaped Pol Pot and his Socialist Utopia. First disarm – then the killing fields

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  5. Moray Watson says:

    If you’re both a deplorable and a farmer….that’s gotta be some serious MAGA street cred.

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    • Deb says:

      Most farmers are Deplorables. PDJT has the farming vote locked in. Another reason the left has started degrading farmers, especially dairy farmers. They blame WI for 2016.

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  6. Alex Pazzo says:

    Wow. Great work again sundance
    Check out our VPOTUS tweet upping his trolling game.
    Extremely powerful from Paul Harvey

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    • boogywstew says:

      Oliver Wendell Douglas loves farming for all the right reasons. He’s just not good at it. Actor Eddie Albert was a clown and high wire artist in a circus that toured Mexico before WW II. Albert was actually in US Army intelligence at the time and covertly filmed German U Boats in Mexican harbors. During the invasion of Tarawa in the Pacific, Albert commanded a landing craft used to rescue 47 stranded Marines under heavy machine gun fire and supervised the rescue of another 30 Marines. He was married for 40 years until his wife’s death in 1985. He was reportedly devastated by his close friend and Green Acres co-star Eva Gabor’s death in 1995. Guitarist, singer, song writer, actor, organic farmer (Really!) and spoke 5 languages fluently.

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  7. Magabear says:

    Of course, inside the walls of that potemkin city structure dipicted above lie streets filled with homeless people and their tent villages. It’s the end result of all elitist “utopias”.

    I’ll let all the lathe operators at work tomorrow know how low on mini mikes totem pole they are. Imagine mini mike trying to figure out how to use one. 🤣

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  8. burnett044 says:


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  9. lcsteel says:

    In a general election the little Napoleonic dictator has already lost the Bernie basement bros, blacks, and farmers.

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  10. Thank you all for your answers. I haven’t read or seen the Hunger Games but know the general story. I tend to be very literal and can’t figure out how windmills and serfs can supply that city. And why would a futuristic city be dumping sewage? I agree with Kaco; I’d rather live in the countryside.

    Is running man something like burning man? Of course, burning man is another thing that puzzles me…..:)

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    • Deb says:

      Running Man is a dystopian action move from the 1980’s starring Schwarzenegger. The government is corrupt and punished the rebels on a live action game show. The “criminals” must run away form a modern day version of gladiators. They must try to “run” for freedom before they are killed.

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  11. Kermit says:

    I worked a few jobs before going back to the farm. I’ve since been a farmer for forty years. Physics/math in school. SF Bay Area in the mid 60s when the company needed stats work done on a time-share terminal, so bought a couple of books and learned Fortran. Left for Alaska in 69 where I ran oil exploration crews in the winter and guided in summer/fall. I can say that farmers are a competitive and intelligent group. Of course, there are farmers who are not, but they tend to be on smaller paid-for family farms just surviving. You would have to look hard to find a group that is more efficient and hard-working – and I’ve worked in the arctic where hundred hour weeks are the norm. A common misperception is that farmers exist on government “welfare.” This is only said by people who don’t know any better. Of course, government payments can mean the difference in some years between going out of business and continuing to farm for some. But, anyone who knows how markets work knows that those payments, often within the next year, end up in the pockets of seed companies, chemical companies, fertilizer companies, landlords, grain companies, and all the others who have leverage to exact their share. The results of most payments are that grain prices remain low – along with profit margins. Historically, profits are made in about one in maybe seven or eight years. When I’m out in the combine or tractor late in the night, I see lights as far as the eye can see slowly crawling around the countryside. A person would be hard-pressed to think of one industry that works more efficiently, IMHO.

    Now, think about the Mike Bloombergs of the world. The elites – and the would-be elites. A prosperous working middle class is an inconvenience. They were an inconvenience for Mao. They were an inconvenience in Russia just over a hundred years ago. The elites want everyone else dependent on them – for most everything. They don’t want to have to cater to a middle class who have political power. They don’t want to have to negotiate with a middle class. This is why they ship jobs to China. This is why they demand open borders. This is why they hate nationalism.

    I hope this country wakes up, but I’m afraid that we tend to always shoot ourselves in the foot – at the very least. Just one example – Bill Clinton selling our young people down the drain by gifting student loans to the bankers left us with a generation who can possibly never participate in the benefits of this country.

    But, without good jobs, this country does not stand a chance. I worry about what comes after Donald Trump.

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  12. Sammy Hains says:

    Bloomberg is an awkward little man hiding behind a curtain of political ads.

    He is the Wizard of Odd.

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  13. Genie says:

    Pravda is reporting the FBI investigation in to Mini-Mike’s stealing the election from Crazy Bernie is code named Sympathy for the Devil.

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  14. Deb says:

    I’d like to see little Mikey Bloomberg repair a deisel engine in the morning, help deliver a calf in the afternoon, and replace the roof on the barn. Then spend the evening balancing the books and managing the portfolio.

    Bloomberg really has no idea. As someone who comes from a long line of farmers who voted Democrat, I hope this finally hits home. The Democrats hate the people who grow their food and make life in their hellhole cities possible.

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  15. Anyone else sick to death of his commercials with the big eared coke freak on every freekin 5 minutes ? AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH

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  16. MTeresa says:

    Seriously, the democrats are increasingly desperate. Nothing beats the nail in the coffin comment from Hillary about the “basket of deplorables” but this is right up there. They just can’t help themselves.

    That foot in the mouth must be awful tasty……….

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  17. Rick554 says:

    Our farm in Wisconsin has been in our Family since 1856. It amazes me that a billionaire can be this ignorant…….but Bloomberg shows it’s possible

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  18. CNN_sucks says:

    Bloomberg has attacked every race, sex and creed. He disparage people that is not him. His billion cannot buy him the US presidency. He is a the real deal fascist.

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  19. RJ says:

    Didn’t some other short guy by the name of Stalin also despise farmers?

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  20. X XYZ says:

    Many of you still don’t understand BoobBerg, who he is, or how he operates. How do you think a man like him got to be a man like him?

    He doesn’t want to be the king. He wants to be the KINGMAKER. Then he can control whoever the king might be. That’s how politics works.

    Think about Obama. He was just a community organizer from the ‘hood. “Some people did something” to make him president. The rest is history.

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  21. Dr-P says:

    Bad politicians
    – dig a hole
    – plant a seed of doubt
    – cover it up
    – claim it was a corny joke when called out

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  22. I’d rather hear a farmer explain politics than a politician explain farming. They’re both full of shit, but the farmer has something to show for it.

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  23. X XYZ says:

    Mikey the little rich guy controls 80 billion dollars.

    By coincidence, here is what 80 billion dollars looks like:

    If little Mikey would just sit on his ass in Bermuda and enjoy his wealth, nobody would care. But his lust for power is what makes people support socialism and socialists like Bernie. It is people like Mikey that gives capitalism a bad name.

    Nobody like having their nose rubbed in someone else’s money, or being told how to run their life. That is all Mikey knows how to do.

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  24. GB Bari says:

    I might post this on tomorrows Presidential politics thread.

    I am thinking that just maybe the DemonRATs intend to let Bernie have the nomination with the full knowledge & expectation that he will be beaten soundly by President Trump.

    That would be a twofer for the Dems. Why, you ask?

    Because (a) it will show the leftwing extremists like AOC et al that the hard-left socialist platform cannot win a national election. So they will temporarily concede party control back to the DNC establishment.
    And (b), it will allow all the national media to consume all the oxygen in the room on the national election – Socialism vs.Never Socialism.

    What the Dems will do under cover of the Media’s noisemaking will be to quietly try to steal as many Congressional and Senate seats as possible via manipulating those races with fake “moderate” candidates, then via ballot harvesting and fraudulent voting on election day, etcetera.

    IMHO, the DemonRATs dearly want to grab control of the Senate by at least 51 seats (4 more than they have at present) , and to retain control of the House so they can impeach AND convict the President as early as possible in the second term. The could even try to impeach and convict the Vice President so that the Speaker of the House becomes President.

    Absurd, you say? Well, isn’t everything the Dems have done for the past four years and even going back into the eight years of the Ozero Administration – totally absurd, by any rational measure?

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    • treehouseron says:

      I was thinking exactly like you’re thinking… the only way they would do this is if they KNEW they had no way to win. So they very well may do it… but then a wrench!

      Bloomberg has billions to spend. He obviously won’t spend it on Bernie… so the Democrats in charge are going to convince themselves that Bloomy has a chance, and go ahead and let him spend 2 Bilion dollars or so. Remember when they spend this money, they basically just divide it up between themselves. Analysts, pollsters, managers, advertisers, consultants, etc.

      So they’re going to let Bloomy pay them 2 Billion dollars to lose dramatically to President Trump.

      if they nominate Bernie, they have to be content with the pennies Bernie draws in from the college crowd. No way in hell they’re doing that.

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      • GB Bari says:

        I just watched/listened to Rudy G’s interview of Steve Bannon on Rudy G’s podcast. bannon thinks Bloomberg has a 50% chance to be the DemonRATs’ nominee, or Bloomberg will throw his money to Bernie. But Bannon is genuinely concerned about mini-mike’s $80 Billion and allegedly well-organized & funded ground game in all 50 states. We shall see.

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        • American Heritage says:

          The sophistication and efficiency of the Democrat political machine should never be underestimated. Over the last several decades, It has relentlessly, incrementally transformed this country from something resembling a true constitutional republic to a near totalitarian society. Whatever happens, they keep coming at you with the proven power of Communist annihilation strategies.

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  25. BREAKING…Bloomburg Campaign hires Agricultural Consultant Zsa Zsa Gabor to mend electrizzical fences…Germinating…

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  26. Liberty ONE says:

    I’d like to take Mini Me Mike Dumbsh*t and 10 of his city slicker elites and work them on ANY farm for a week, they wouldn’t last one day.He is one despicable, loathing, self-centered PO manure.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      What a putzer! He wouldn’t last a day in my backyard hobby garden if he thinks digging a hole, dropping in a seed, and watering it is all there is to it.

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  27. treehouseron says:

    Think how far your head has to be up your butt to not have respect for Farmers, who literally are the reason you’re not starving to death.

    I mean I don’t think it takes a lot of grace to understand the importance of a farmer.

    When I was a kid we well understood the value of an ‘honest’ job. There’s no more honest work than Farming.

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  28. magoo622 says:

    Hmm, where to start. I was the local landscaper from 10 yrs on. I built homes from 15 yrs on, I managed pizza stores and grocery stores putting myself through Chem Eng and SW ENg. Some weeks are normal and some weeks require an additional 40 hours on top your normal routine. At the end of the day Im pissed at my dad for not taking the 100 acre dairy farm that was offered to him from his dad. God made a farmer for a reason and those who throw that away….they dont get it. I wish I had received that offer. I have consulted with the top 100 company’s in the world and farming is the only thing that brings reality to life. There is nothing better than flying into Michigan in the fall and smelling the fresh cut hay, alfalfa and cow manure, and seeing the change in leaves.
    Farming is a labor of love, you have to be the jack of all trades to make it work. Pence’s “God made a Farmer” from Paul Harvey (bless him) was spot on. Cold rage, Q sent me.

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  29. H.R. says:

    I guess we’ll find out how many $Billions it takes to find every way there is to say “Orange Man Bad” without ever actually saying, “Orange Man Bad.”

    I’m glad Lil’ Mikey Bloomberg has enough money to find out.

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  30. Ferret2 says:

    If the Federal Government was run as efficiently as today’s farms we would only need 1/10 of the number of bureaucrats.

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  31. John Bosley says:

    Bloomberg is a puppet.
    It’s the small group of Trillionaires behind him that pull his strings and run their hand up his arse telling him what to say.
    Look to the Rothchilds, Payseurs , Europe’s old Nobility , the House of Borgia and the heirs of the Old Roman Empire.
    Those are the true enimies of humanity.

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  32. Conservative_302 says:

    Welcome to the “show” is what comes to mind. Trumps life has been sifted through so much so that it’s criminal. Now it’s Bloomberg turn. I have no doubt he elitest landfill is huge. Get the popcorn.

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    • Risa says:

      Yes, there is very little about Bloomberg’s personal life that sounds appealing.
      PDJT has a family of attractive children and grandchildren, not to mention the stunning and charming FLOTUS Melania.

      Bloomberg is divorced and in a twenty-year relationship with a very leftist girlfriend.
      He has two daughters from his marriage, one of whom is a professional equestrienne with one child and no marriage. I was unable to find anything about the other daughter, so maybe she does the basic socialite gig of charities and trust funds.

      Nothing very warm or familial about mini mike.

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  33. TwoLaine says:

    The truth about farmers is that most of their lands and their livelihoods have been stolen by the greed of past Congresses and President’s in the form a a wealth tax. Double taxation when you die. President TRUMP ended it.

    A great movie and true story about this topic is Troublesome Creek, A Midwestern:


  34. Mary Morse says:

    I tried to post this above with source links. Guess it hit the bin. (sorry if it duplicates.)

    The elite’s posthumanist vision of agriculture:

    Recently exhibited at (and funded by) the American Academy in Rome.

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