Sunday Talks: Congressman Matt Gaetz Discusses Questions for Bill Barr Testimony…

Representative Matt Gaetz appeared with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the ongoing issues within the DOJ and FBI.  Additionally, Gaetz outlines some questions he would consider for the Attorney General during his upcoming testimony to congress March 31st.

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47 Responses to Sunday Talks: Congressman Matt Gaetz Discusses Questions for Bill Barr Testimony…

  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Additionally, Gaetz outlines some questions he would consider for the Attorney General during his upcoming testimony to congress March 31st.”

    Asking the questions is the easy part.

    Getting answers, well that is a whole other matter

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    • And you gotta ask the right blanking questions to begin with. Will he do that?

      Seems like Maria has her own question mark with Gaetz as well.

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      • Bill Durham says:

        Pretty sure it was Maria who called out Lindsey a few weeks ago. I do not think he has been back. He said his usual “some one needs to look into that.”. I am pretty sure Maria said “why dont you look into that”?A lot of Fox shows also started calling him out. He then came back with a new song and dance. He started saying certain things were for other committees. Burr can look into that. So and so can look into that. Tucker has gone after him.

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        • RePete says:

          I’ve seen that plastic smile before, but I didn’t get the warm wet feeling on my leg this time.

          This guy reeks of the swamp.


        • beach lover says:

          between Maria and Lou Dobbs, it seems the folks at Fox Business has a better handle on this than Hannity and others at FNC. Hannity has the guests, but instead of asking questions to further information, he only cares if they agree “he has been right all along”. Who gives a flying crap…we here at the Treehouse are light years ahead of where Sean is. He could be so much more effective if he really wanted to expose the truth.

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        • dottygal says:

          From everything I’ve heard and read about Senator Graham is he won’t look into corruption because he’s afraid he’ll get busted for being corrupt.

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      • Pale rider says:

        Thumbs up to Maria!


    • franuche says:

      Indeed. So a dedication’s in order.

      For Lindsay, Gowdy, Gaetz, Hannity, and all those with the lovely chattering teeth:


  2. James Carpenter says:

    A little less dancing.
    A lot more indicting.

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  3. arsumbris says:

    Who cares what they ask Barr, since none of it results in action?
    As long as Republicans produce no charges, they might as well be participants in the coup.

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    • Elric VIII says:

      DING! Give the man a cigar!


    • GB Bari says:

      The Senate SSIC members WERE participants in the coup. AND, IMHO, still are, by reason of their continued obstruction of anyone the President appoints who has indicated they will likely assist PDJT in exposing the corruption and draining the swamp.

      Sundance has been quite explicit in many articles about the complete lack of honestly from the SSIC about their roles in the ongoing attempts to subvert & derail the Trump presidency.

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  4. Linda K. says:

    Amy Berman gets to be judge for Peter Strzok………..corruption.

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    • lcsteel says:

      15 judges on the DC circuit yet Berman gets the Manafort, Flyn, and Strzok cases.
      The corruption is beyond obvious. Why are these judicial assignments not being investigated?

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      • beach lover says:

        Seems this is one of the minor points that never seems to be brought out in the news. Anyone think if this was reversed, there wouldnt be outrage?

        The saddest fact is that if this goes on much longer (and we may have crossed the timeline already), many will say this is the Trump FBI and DOJ that are responsible for all the corruption.

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        • CM-TX says:

          I keep waiting for CONgress to try to impeach PDJT for failure to prosecute THEM for THEIR many crimes.

          If they really wanted to get rid of him, this may be the only way. Of course it will require self-incrimination in that process! 😁

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  5. montanamel says:

    We’ve got lots of time to come up with any actual questions… Let’s see what crawls out from the cracks this week and next…. I’m really thinking that perhaps AG Barr may not be available for any such questions – once he’s no longer AG.

    With all this pressure from the left for him to resign, I’d be very inclined to give him (as PDT only can) 2 weeks to roll up all these lies with indictments OR he can clean out his desk… It would really be better if this could be delayed until well into “late March”…. but, you must play the hand that is dealt.

    Why late March?… Remember the 270 day limit on any “Acting AG position filler/person” without Senate confirmation…..When is our election?…do the math…. make sure if possible the “in-between” AG stays on the job thru that special date. This allows PDT to appoint a “shadow AG” to do the cleaning in that shop AND another to handle the FBI in the same way/timing… let them squeal in Congress – there is no time limit for the President to “submit the names”….etc. AND, an “acting” anything can do anything a long term one can – I know of no restrictions on actions for “acting” office holders.

    We need another train load of popcorn…this is going to be one hell’of a show… (Shotgun!!).

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    • Neil Burson says:

      Barr cannot speak to anything due to his upcoming testimony to congress. He is free to cover up. First mueller, then horowitz,then testimony, then Durham report, then too close to an election and not wanting to tip the scale. Steal the election and wash it away….barr will have succeeded and we lose.


  6. CountryDoc says:

    Can Sidney Powell continue to represent Flynn AND become AG?

    Why are we asking Matt Gaetz anything? Isn’t he on Treehouse probation?


  7. Genie says:

    Maria’s outfit is a little distracting. Beaming direct from Starfleet Command, United Federation of Planets.


    • RePete says:

      It looks like a maternity blouse…but her lips are so especially plump and distractive that at times it seems she’s having trouble pronunciating.


  8. Gaetz’s words don’t fit our questions. And he says, outrageously in my view, that Barr has realigned his prosecutors to the overall agenda of President Trump; the evidence, of course, is that specifically to avoid such realignment, they are determined to quit, without notice as it were.

    So Gaetz has fallen the wrong way entirely, and is just another Washington blowhard, lying every which way, self-serving and dismissive of the people.


    • GB Bari says:

      Something happened or more likely someone “got” to Gaetz in the past few months where he has backed off his previous aggressive approach to exposing the perfidy and corruption in DC to where he now just talks half heartedly about it.


  9. Zy says:

    Can we just get on with the urgent business of re-electing POTUS and take the loss on the Coup? The St. Valentines Day Weekend Massacre Weekend of the Latter Day Patriots (us) of the Dying Republic is over. Let’s move on with our last four years.


  10. rjones99 says:

    I like Gaetz but he’s lost focus and lacks fire. We are not even done with the criminal acts yet and he wants to move to hearings? Please. We saw the Benghazi show. Hearings are where crime goes to die. And I don’t like all the smiles on this subject. It’s just tone deaf. These bastards are not hearing our anger.

    Why is Ohr still at DOJ? Indeed. WHY IS ANYONE CONNECTED WITH A FAILED COUP STILL AT DOJ? Does Trump lack the balls to keep his promise to drain the swamp? Why the hell even be president if you give up on this? He has all the money he needs. Is flying around on AF-1 just feeding his ego or what? Please let us know, because those paying attention want to know.

    And, the idea that Graham is a solution to any problem is nonsense. He, and many others, *are* the problem.

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  11. beach lover says:

    President Trump needs his allies, certainly, he doesn’t seem to have many, but I think he watches too many talk on these shows. He is a man of action. I don’t understand why he is still accepting all the lip service from his so called allies in Congress.

    What is keeping him from knowing what the H Durham is doing or finding? These were crimes against our system of justice, and against the POTUS! Barr owes him updates. This is all becoming too familiar with the IG investigations, the Mueller investigation, the Clinton email investigation. And in every case, only the ones that has any association with Trump are guilty of anything. The rest, they have to twist themselves into pretzels to clear them of wrongdoing.


  12. Patchman2076 says:

    Does anyone know why judge Jackson is having a conference call on Tuesday?
    She’s such a piece of trash

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  13. MAGA Minuteman says:

    It’s all about the upcoming election. If President Trump does not win the 2020 election, then none of this matters. That and that alone must be first and foremost in everyone’s minds.

    The President and his administration being shown as the victims is great for politics and great for angering voters enough to go out and vote for him as he is clearly “For the People, By the People and Of the People”.

    There in lies the delicate balance. Our VSGPDJT and his administration need to keep pressure on the bad guys, while still maintaining the appearance of being the victim.

    In the meantime, a slow and steady cleansing is taking place. Just because no one has been perp walked yet doesn’t mean they haven’t been isolated and kept from doing further harm to our republic. While Bruce Ohr may still be a DOJ employee, does anyone think he is doing any harm there?

    The Stone case alone has brought some great sunlight onto the judge and her prior bad actions. She is exposed. Exposure is enough for right now. That’s a win for us! Further action against her can wait.

    Big picture, the perp walks can wait until after the election. A steady dose of sunlight is doing wonders and is exposing the corruption for the rest of the world to see (something we Treepers have known for quite some time). There’s no need to go on the offense just yet as it may be seen by the uninformed public as bullying, abusing power, etc. This is especially true when crazy Nancy and company are doing such a great job destroying themselves and pushing voters right into the Trump camp.

    At the NH Rally, our VSGPDJT went back to using the term Swamp. Sen Graham, who was in attendance, got to see up close that “We the People” are awake, are watching closely and are not happy with the Swamp. Matt Gaetz received one of the loudest cheers from the New England crowd. A FL Rep receiving the loudest cheer up in NH shows his work exposing the corruption has been noticed and is appreciated. Hopefully it sent a clear message that the politics as usual of the Uniparty is not going to cut it any longer.

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    • Parrot says:

      “A steady dose of sunlight is doing wonders and is exposing the corruption for the rest of the world to see.
      Now the reality….they don’t care how much sunlight they get exposed to if there are no prosecutions.
      Maybe you can get some treatment for that battered compliant conservative syndrome.
      “There’s no need to go on the offense just yet.”
      I’ve got some more bad news, while the DoJ is owned by the Admin State and an AG refuses to act, there can never be any offensive. That’s our future.


  14. rayvandune says:

    Perps that aren’t perp-walked are free to re-offend, and in fact are motivated to do so to avoid ever having to ever do the perp-walk. Winston Churchill espoused a similar dictum: “The more rubble, the less trouble!”


  15. Paul Gallant says:

    Question for Bush/Barr –

    Hey Bill did you know some members within the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence conspired with foreign and domestic actors to eliminate the President of the United States?


  16. Jonathan galt says:

    I would like to know about Rudy Contreras.
    His timely appt by a Roberts and his sudden recusal needs clarity


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