Steve Bannon -vs- Bill Maher….

Bill Maher had a very bad week… Because Bill Maher is watching all of the best laid schemes by his Democrat plotters fail.  Against the failed impeachment effort; which followed the failed Mueller effort; which followed the failed FBI effort; Bill Maher invites Steve Bannon back onto his HBO show to debate the state of anti-Trump politics.

Bannon draws attention to several hypocrisies including the DNC use of Michael Bloomberg to fund and advance their anti-Trump effort.  The Democrats are a hot mess and a hostile takeover by Bernie Sanders looms on the horizon.

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164 Responses to Steve Bannon -vs- Bill Maher….

  1. Rynn69 says:

    “Brave man for doing this” says Bill Maher at the beginning to Steve Bannon. LMAO. The hubris of these people has no ceiling. Brave? You are a lightweight, Maher. Debating with you is as easy as Stormy Daniels. You flattery yourself. LOL.


  2. Kenneth Felton says:

    I hope Bannon called out that skunk about hoping for a recession.


  3. JCscuba says:

    Maher is a pompous fraud. Banon mopped the floor with him. People who watch him think he’s providing news. He’s on Comedy Central, ergo he’s a clown.

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  4. Susan D Harms says:

    why cant bill maher shut up and let Bannon finish a sentence?

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  5. railer says:

    Bannon is a happy warrior. Good for him. He was never cut out for the White House, but smiling and good naturedly destroying angry zealots is his calling.

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  6. Maher is what he calls those he disagrees with: a whiny little bee-yotch.

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  7. Raquel says:

    I couldn’t watch this in its entirety. Not only Maher’s constant interruptions but his apparent attitude and complicit audience made it too difficult for me. Perhaps I’m just a wimp, but I couldn’t do what Bannon did here. My cold anger would have become way too hot.

    Again the liberal accused Bannon’s (our) side with what they are way too guilty of. Sadly their eyes are not open to it, or they just don’t want to admit it, or perhaps they, with full knowledge , are using their debate style of accusation as a war of intimidation. Any which way, the left keeps up using their own guilt as a barrage of accusatory rhetoric; and their minions wholeheartedly agree, cheer, and jeer in their malinformed and uneducated ignorance. My prayer is that we could develop a way to more easily educate these ignorant minions. Perhaps its a spiritual war that needs to take place first. Any way, God bless Steve Bannon; for we can be thankful that there are people like him in the war.

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  8. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Bernie calls his “BRAND” of socialism “Democratic Socialism”
    Bill calls his “BRAND” of socialism “Capitalism Plus!” (sounds awesome)
    Hitler called his “National Socialism”
    The logo for all of them remains the same:

    There’s only one “BRAND”

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  9. smg45acp says:

    Maher complaining about the deficit, gimme a break.
    Does he complain to Bernie or AOC or any other democrat that is wanting increase the national debt ten fold?
    I wish Bannon was still working daily with Trump.
    If he was would have seen more of the wall built by now.


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