Bernie -vs- Buttigieg: New Polls Driving Club Message – Bernie Sanders Lead Now “Slim” in New Hampshire…

It became very clear during the Club’s manipulation of the Iowa caucus that candidate Pete Buttigieg was the primary Club weapon to eliminate Bernie Sanders.

It was anonymous complaints from Team Buttigieg that scrapped the publication of the DMR final Iowa poll showing Bernie leading.  It was the Team Buttigieg network that operated the mysterious “Shadow” vote-counting “APP” that stopped working; and in all of the subsequent activity it was/is clear the Club boardroom is working to elevate Buttigieg. This is why Buttigieg could confidently declare victory amid the chaos.

During last night’s ABC New Hampshire debate it was clear from the process deployed by Club member George Stephanopoulos that Buttigieg was again being elevated on behalf of the club objective, & their tool deployed rehearsed answers to rehearsed questions.

Today, CNN comes in with a narrative engineered poll.  Look at the headline: “Sanders Holds Slim Lead in NH Over Rising Buttigieg; Biden and Warren Slip“…

Keep in mind CNN previously constructed the hit on Sanders using Elizabeth Warren.  CNN accused Sanders of saying: “a woman can never be president”, and then used that narrative in the following debate.  The hit on Bernie was manufactured by CNN in advancement of the Club effort.  Just like CNN leaked the questions to Hillary Clinton in 2016 to advance the Club agenda against Bernie.  This is the pattern.

Here’s the CNN Poll intended to influence the New Hampshire race:

[Poll Link]

It will be VERY interesting to keep this poll bookmarked and then review it again *AFTER* the New Hampshire results next Tuesday.   This is manipulative engineering by the media.

(Politico) – The CNN/University of New Hampshire poll — which was conducted Tuesday-Friday, sandwiched between Monday’s Iowa caucuses and Friday night’s debate in Goffstown, N.H. — gives Sanders a 7-point edge over Buttigieg, 28 percent to 21 percent.

Sanders has consolidated much of his support among voters on the party’s left wing. Among those who call themselves liberals, Sanders has 49 percent, 30 points ahead of Buttigieg (19 percent) and Warren (15 percent).

But among those who consider themselves moderate or conservative, it’s Buttigieg (24 percent) who leads Biden (15 percent) and Sanders (13 percent).

Sanders, 78, is the oldest candidate in the race, but he’s the top choice among younger voters: He wins 51 percent of voters under age 35, and 32 percent of those aged 35 to 49.

The 38-year-old Buttigieg, meanwhile, is the leading candidate among primary voters 65 and older, even edging Biden among that bloc, 27 percent to 21 percent.

The poll suggests historically fickle New Hampshire voters are beginning to lock in on their preferred candidates. Roughly half, 51 percent, say they are definitely decided, compared to 19 percent who are leaning toward a candidate and 30 percent who are still trying to decide.  (read more)

Elizabeth Warren is in a free-fall/collapse in the CNN poll. That type of a result would be terrible considering the New Hampshire contest in her backyard. However, the Club is running a very predictable playbook to eliminate Bernie Sanders.

The former mayor of South Bend Indiana will NOT be the DNC candidate, but he is a valuable tool toward ensuring that Sanders is stopped. If the primary continues to shake-out the way it is currently playing, CTH would anticipate seeing Buttigieg and Warren team up against Sanders in the next 10 to 20 days.

There are some similarities between Buttigieg and Warren against Bernie Sanders in 2020 as compared to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz against Donald Trump in 2016.

Joe Biden is a non-issue; CTH would anticipate his exit around the same time Warren and Buttigieg team up to eliminate Bernie (around the end of Feb). Obviously this will create a big confrontation between the limo-liberals and the grassroots Marxists.

Keep watching…

[Link to RCP Average – NH]


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258 Responses to Bernie -vs- Buttigieg: New Polls Driving Club Message – Bernie Sanders Lead Now “Slim” in New Hampshire…

  1. Publius2016 says:

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  2. kinthenorthwest says:

    Will make a bet that before long there will be some type of “Gay Card” in play…just like the “Race Card” that was used in 2008….
    This DNC mess has just started….If any one was a Democrat in 2008, you will remember how the DNC said the voters’ votes did not matter and DNC could do what ever they wanted to

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    • luke says:

      Question for Treepers because I really don’t know how to feel about this. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m quite excited about the chaos in the Leftist’s ranks. The DNC is obviously messing with Bernie. The thought makes me cringe but yet I almost understand why they have to. Lol does that make me a tyrant. I can see the different sides pretty clearly because I don’t have any favs. I hate the Bernie and DNC Establishment sides equally.

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      • Phil better says:

        Are all these supporters of Bernie new ones? Or are they the same ones from 4 years ago.
        Are they all that naive? They have not studied what happened 4 years ago ?
        We should only let homeowners vote, not freeloaders.
        I guess they see Bernie as Santa Claus.
        Boy, they are going to feel the Bern alright!

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  3. You have to say that the Great Iowa Narrative Heist worked. Bernie won but was denied the boost.

    Snuffleufagus is a transparent fixer. You think he’d be better at it.


    • namberak says:

      “Snuffleufagus is a transparent fixer. You think he’d be better at it.” Well yeah, except, perceiving the fix isn’t really a skill the audience for it has; he doesn’t need to be any better.


    • Patrick Healy says:

      Gipper and others.
      I realise the U.S. of A is a ‘great big melting pot’ created by multi national emigrants. Yesterday I learned that this homosexual so called Catholic Buttgeig ? Is the son of a Notra Dame professor who was the world’s authority on Gramiski ? the Italian communist.
      So he is a bed fellow ( don’t tell his queer “husband” ) of Bernie.
      It is difficult for me, a foreigner, to understand the level of corruption to which the great United States has been subject to by importing the scum of the earth.
      I do understand that your great President has an impossible task to try and rectify this.
      I can only hope and pray for his success as we here in Britain have an idiot leader in Boris Johnstone.
      On February 1st he got us out of the clutches of Marxist Europe (maybe) and then on Tuesday he confirmed he would lead us over the global warming cliff.
      He is abolishing all grown up proper vehicles and gas fired central heating and cookers by 2030.
      All our power to charge these toy Scalectrix cars and heat our homes is to come from windmills.


  4. jnr2d2 says:

    I have a slightly different take – this from 50 years in DC, in Gov or as a Beltway Bandit. Warren will be below 9% and, weather she drops out or not, Bernie will pick up her support in Nevada. Although Biden will do just low teens in NH, in Nevada he has a chance due to union support, and SC too. Butti will maybe get 10%, but by SC he’ll be history (Both macho Hispanic men and black men won’t support him). Steyer looking good in SC, may do just OK in Nevada.
    So Biden will survive for Super Tuesday when Bloomber enters the fray. But Biden, Bloomberg and Steyer (maybe other “moderates”) split the “establishment track” and only Bernie occupies the energised “grass roots track.” This is a night mare for the establishment. Kinda akin to Trump’s situation in 2016. Bernie goes from 27 % popular vote in Iowa, to 30% HN, to Low 30’s in Nevada and SC. I believe on Super Tuesday he will hit low 40’s. the other 50 % or less will be Spread among Biden, Bloomberg and Styer. EGO will not allow a back down!! single digit balance will be spread among the desperate holder-ons. If Bernie could do 49.5 % against Cankles, with the DNC and Superdelegates screwing him last time — what are the chances a backlash occurs against the establishment as their heavy handedness and stupidity become obvious. Especially at a brokered convention.
    Screw Bernie there, and all the grass roots energy evaperates — they don’t come out to vote (which is a real problem among the young voters), others vote Green Party or Demo Socialist party out of being pissed, and a small number will vote Trump for the same reason!
    Just think what would of happened to the Repubs in 2016 if they rigged it for BUSH the same disaster. Trump engineered a Repb Party take over, and after a second term, and as a advisor to the winner in 2014, will have completed the takeover.
    Neo-cons (who in the first place were Demos who swung to Reagan) will go back to the Demo Party, along with the Never Trumpers. This Repub loss will be massively offset by Trump cementing young Hispanics and Blacks (18-39) to the National Populist Repub Party. Trump has triangulated better the Bill Clinton — he stole many Demos talking points by actually delivering on Prison Reform, Maternity leave, help raise the bottoms economic fortunes far more than the upper 30%. And Repub traditional concerns for the Economy and business growth, freer, in the end, trade, reduction of regulations, religious freedom, protect the 2nd amendment and the life of the unborn.
    Will go down in History as the greatest President ever, saving constitutional representative government. VSG DJT!!!!!! Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • sundance says:

      If you want to share insight, and if you want people to read it, then refer to the rules.

      No massive blocks of text and use paragraph breaks. No paragraph should be longer than three to five sentences.

      FYI – Hundreds of comments are not approved daily because they are presented as unreadable massive blocks of text.

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        Briefly, the NH laws allow for one day domicile voting. Starting Sunday night, many surplus dem voters will move into hotel rooms and rental properties all over southern NH. NH becomes noticeably more diverse. The locals have a few derogatory nicknames for the 3 day period. On Monday they register. On Tuesday they vote. Bus after busload.
        Second point, Warrens voters are moving to Bernie. The dems will soon be forced into ever more ham handed and obvious attempts to derail him. Can’t wait to see it. Love your work!

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        • The Demon Slick says:

          I have to correct that, they register on election day. Then they vote.

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          • George Hicks says:

            Please tell me they don’t allow same day voting for the general.


          • California Joe says:

            Why can’t the RNC have its lawyers compare the voting register in New Hampshire, especially the same day registrations, to the voting register in Massachusetts and Maine to catch the number of people double voting? I know that tons of New Yorkers vote on both Florida and New York. I have even heard them joke about it!


    • Trumpeter says:

      Jnr2d2, just imagine how much greater he would be if the justice and state department worked for him.

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  5. icthematrix says:

    I don’t get the “moderate conservative” Dims supporting Buttplug (of course what is a conservative democrat anyway…doesn’t exist). Butt is a communist with socialist elements of policy. Do any of these people listen to this guy?

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    • Sammy Hains says:

      He’s exactly like 0bama.

      The template is the same, only the details are different.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Not really. I know some moderate/libertarian leaning Democrats . They say they listen, but what they hear is: Blah, blah, blah, pro choice, blah, blah …. Gruber understood that when he helped to pitch ObamaCare.


    • Marc says:

      He plays the role of moderate enough to support but not enthusiastically. He might bring the huzzzband out to trot around with him in NH but hubby will be AWOL in South Carolina guaranteed. Think about how many moderate Dem Iowans didn’t know he was gay and married.


    • Blind no Longer says:

      He’s (Buttplug) is just the male version of Hillary without the pantsuit. He is probably going to be very rich after this, while promoting his LGBTQXYZ agenda,
      It gives the Left a different angle…instead of racist, we can all be accused of being homophobes.


  6. They are getting better at these things. Plus this time they do not have emails leaking out showing DNC involvement.

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    • Dutchman says:

      “Plus, they don’t have dnc emails leaking out”
      Not YET. The DNC and DCCC emails showing involvement didn’t leak until the Democrat Convention, which comes AFTER the primary/caucuses.
      O.k., so call me an optimist.

      Seriously, don’t need no stinkin emails. Helen Keller can see whats going on, and Bernies supporters may be, …ARE rabid Conmunists, but they ain’t STOOPID, ya know what I mean?


  7. Blind no Longer says:

    Very interesting that you don’t think Mayor Pete will be the nominee, Sundance. I kinda thought the would love to go in this direction, play the gay card instead of the race card this time, since President Trump has increased his support in the black community.

    If it is a brokered convention, who comes out on top…if they’re even in the race right now?


  8. glen martin says:

    Buttigieg is between Warren and Biden. His rise is more likely to take down Biden and Warren than Sanders.


  9. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    BS (Bernie Sanders) with a sprinkling of Nuttmeg (Buttgig) – ingredients to a recipe that only a DNC chef could concoct.


  10. alliwantissometruth says:

    CNN and their ilk howl with indignation when called an enemy of the people, yet that label couldn’t be more true as they scheme and lie in order to produce their preferred outcome against the wishes of the people

    The paid puppets of the globalist / corporate elite are truly the enemy and one of the lowest forms of scumbags out there

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  11. Stephen F. Paul says:

    Buttagig or whatever can fly to the head of the class, I still can’t see people in this country putting him in the white House . Sure you get the usual die hard democrats who will vote for the nominee but I don’t think he’ll ever win. Blacks will vote for trump if they have any sense,and i think they do. The guy is weird and I don’t think America is ready to deal with a president and a husband. If there was a president of NY or California he’d win no problem ,the thing is there is a lot of other states where a majority feels the same way i do. he’s a smug character too who has that attitude like he’s enlighten or smarter than everyone else. It would be a Big Mistake to have someone like him take control of this country.

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  12. History Teaches says:

    Sad thing is that so many Dem voters are passive low information slugs.

    They don’t think. They just let the party bosses sort out whoever the candidate will be and vote that way. They don’t care about integrity, ideas, character.

    The party machine create the narrative, finesse the talking points and smooth out the image. Actually, very similar to how the publicity departments of Hollywood studios would create images and biographies for their stars. Even give them their names. For instance, Joan Crawford was Lucille LaSouer, and her new name came from a contest MGM ran in fan magazines. And not to mention how the big studios payed off the cops and hired the best lawyers to save their lawbreaking stars.

    Obama fits within this methodology so obviously, with the sanitizing of his past, fake biography and MSM acting like fan clubs. Not to mention the Kennedy’s and many other politicians to some degree or other.

    Bernie will be the most interesting problem.

    They cannot smooth out his own narrative and behavior. Nor hide his base. But they will have to do their best if he somehow beats the odds and slips through their sabotage.

    Should be fun watching the old school swamp MSM loyalists like Stephanopoulos, Mathews, Carville, and so on try to spin the old communist into a sane choice.

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  13. IGiveUp says:

    Perhaps Buttigieg is the one because he’d make the most valuable loser for the Dems. Then they’d be able to say that Americans hate gays and that’s the only reason he lost.

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  14. If Buttigieg should get the nomination I think he might get 0% of the black vote. Here is a very revealing article about him. Interesting that no one is talking much about this. Seriously, it would be a good thing if Trump could run against him.. Butt is a classic Dem racist hypocrite.


    • Sammy Hains says:

      Buttigieg’s pot story doesn’t hold water. He says he didn’t smoke pot, but he ALMOST did once but the cops came racing up out of nowhere to bust him but luckily it wasn’t the real cops so he was OK.

      If he had smoked pot, he would not have been able to join the military, unless he lied about it to the recruiter.
      So he had to carefully weave a story like Bill Clinton, where he smoked Schrodinger’s joint. He did, but he didn’t, at the same time.

      Then he needed a way that he had it without actually getting it. Enter the friend.
      But he couldn’t ASK for a hit, so she had to just give it to him, unprompted.
      And that’s of course where he had his White Person’s run in with the law.
      So it had to occur outside, where this unnamed friend was awkwardly standing around smoking a joint by herself.
      But if there was a police interaction, there would have been some paper trail. So it couldn’t be real police, just campus security, who aren’t police at all.

      All of this so he could claim first hand knowledge of White Privilege when interacting with the cops. Just because such stories are now required to be a Democrat running for office, so they can denounce law enforcement as racist. Indirectly, of course.

      It’s all so very sophisticated, isn’t it?


      • emeraldcoaster says:

        “If he had smoked pot, he would not have been able to join the military, unless he lied about it to the recruiter.” Served with officers that admitted to smoking pot before donning the uniform.


        • Sammy Hains says:

          ” Past Drug and Alcohol Use and Recruitment

          All applicants are carefully screened concerning drug and alcohol involvement. As a minimum, you can expect the recruiter to ask if you’ve ever used drugs or been charged with or convicted of a drug or drug-related offense.”

          You could get a waiver that allows you to enlist. But the point here is they ask. And there is a record of your answer. Clearly, Buttigieg told them “NO.”

          So that puts him in a position that if he claimed he got sort-of-almost-busted by the (not)cops for smoking pot, that would conflict with what he told the recruiter. Which means he’s lying now or lied to the US military to get in, which is a whole other, much larger can of worms.


  15. WES says:

    From a DNC club’s point of view the primaries are going very well. Their usual tools of manipulation are working well.

    There is no disarray or confusion inside the club. The DNC club knows exactly what it is doing!

    All of their candidates are playing their rolls in the DNC scripted threatre’s drama to a “T”.

    Bernie will accept a winter cottage in Florida to go along with his summer cottage.

    The rest of the DNC threatre’s support cast will collect the usual 15% of their campaign contributions.

    Everybody involved makes tons of easy money.

    What is there not to like? It’s the American way!


    • Elle says:

      Here is what we do know:
      The establishment has no intentions of letting Bernie get the nomination. How do we know? Because all of their talking heads are parroting that socialism is bad right now. whaaa? Did the earth flip on its rotation?

      Why would they be willing to do that? Because they need to allow the minions to feel smart and holier than than thou about rejecting “too much” socialism. They need to be told by the cool kids that that is okay.

      It won’t be Biden. His usefulness is done.

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      • nimrodman says:

        good diagnosis, Elle

        particularly the ‘cool kids’ angle

        social media is awash with finger-wagging lectures that “roads, post office, schools, yada yada are socialism …see? not so bad”

        one could point out that they are instead the fruits of a capitalist society investing in “the commons”

        but that’d be fruitless. leftists care most about their virtue-signalling and self-anointed high-minded values and portraying themselves as morally superior


  16. Jase says:

    I haven’t paid much attention to Mayor Butt-ick ick before, but the more I see of him the more he creeps me out.
    I get the feeling that underneath the veneer is a ruthless bastard. Out of the Dem candidates, he’s the one ICAN most easily imagine in a Waffen SS uniform, grinding his boot into grandma’s face.
    He’s the one they want – with Bloomberg as his VP or SoS.


    • Sammy Hains says:

      Bloomberg wouldn’t take a VP slot and there is absolutely no reason to put him on the ticket, since he’s already said he will spend unlimited money on the Democrat candidate, no matter what. He gave away all of his leverage from Day One.


      • Publius2016 says:

        Politicians lie…Mini Mike Madoff ran two time Republican and added an extra term as an Independent because he is an egomaniac who refuses to let people drink soda


        • Sammy Hains says:

          Yes, of course Bloomberg is a liar.
          But for the duration of the Democrat nomination process, Bloomberg is in a bind.

          Where his lies come in, I think, is his pledged support for the Democrat nominee, and any promise he’s made not to run as an independent.

          The media and GOP was obsessed with Donald Trump running as an independent in 2016. But I’m not sure if anyone has even asked Bloomberg about it.

          I can almost guarantee that Bloomberg will run as an independent if Sanders is the nominee. Pretty sure the Democrat bosses know it, too, which is a big part of why they’re trying so hard to sabotage Bernie. They want Bloomberg’s money.


  17. Super Elite Covfefe999 Loves Her President! says:

    What a ridiculous margin of error indicating a crap poll. +/- 6.9% haha I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite that bad before. Did they poll 10 people? 🙂


  18. Publius2016 says:

    Boot Edge Edge is being researched right now…another reason Iowa results were delayed…nothing brings attention than being a “front runner” for the biggest most important position in the world!

    Crazy Bernie presidency was just an idea but there are so many videos of the Mayor of Burlington waiting to drop too…


  19. starfcker says:

    A commenter by the name of the Hardscrabble Farmer often posts about the subject of Physiognomy on the Burning Platform blog. Physiognomy is what you can tell about people just by looking at their appearance. Look at Mayor Pete. Does his appearance say trustworthy, or compassionate? Or does it say weasel, ruthless climber, obedient nut job. “I was only doing what I was told to do.” Outfits like McKinsey find these people when they’re very young. Once identified as a sociopath and therefore useful to the global oligarchy, they start creating a career path for them. Obama was a perfect example. You can find YouTube videos of him speaking as a college student, and he had the same rousing delivery that does now with the teleprompter.

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  20. Chuck says:

    This whole thing is like All Star Wrestling or the old WWF.


  21. Frbrdskmi says:

    I believe this is my last time visiting CTH. The rules for comments seem to be to be quite ridiculous. I can read comments whether they are in large blocks or broken up into paragraphs. Those you chastise sometimes have quite insightful and knowledgeable information to share. As a blog for receiving truthful information instead of lies and mis quotes, I would think Sundance and Ad Mins would not be so strict about those who wish to share information or insight.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Maybe it’s me but I’ve rarely had a comment tossed and often they were mean to be deleted (pointing something I thought might be too incendiary). I try not to be too long in my posts and break them up into coherent pieces. For every post I’ve submitted I’ve probably not posted two because I could not find facts to back up an assertion. When I’m criticized I either reply and explain if I think the criticism is wrong or apologize if I’m wrong. As for insults I merely ignore them.


    • HardDrinkinLincoln says:

      Think of it as a courtesy to others who read and contribute.

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    • sundance says:

      The rules are based on over a decade of polite internet manners. There was a time when most comment sites held firm to a set of standards and guidelines that are based on best practices and standards of comments.

      If you don’t like the CTH rules, your participation is not required.

      But I can guarantee you, those rules are not going to change…. And, fyi, you are a guest here.

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    • Super Elite Covfefe999 Loves Her President! says:

      Don’t leave, Frbrdskmi. If you need to, just take a short break, but do come back. This is the best site on the ‘net for poitical info and discussion. I understand your frustration.


    • NC Mom says:

      Really? Sundance owns this site and therefore gets to “call the dance”….pun intended.
      Reminds me of my presidency of a huge exclusive condo HOA. Like The Treehouse we were the best in town! Same rules for fifteen years and all prospective buyers had to read and sign them, initialing every page PRIOR to closing. Yet every other year or so some fool would demand a meeting to change some part of what made us so desirable and life so lovely in our community. Frbrd etc… move to a different site and make yourself happy.


      • Frbrdskmi says:

        You’re so right Sundance does own it, but my right is not to click on this sight. I directed a lot of friends and family here to get the truth. Your comment is another reason I won’t return. I’ve also noticed any comment outside “acceptable” by most bloggers here, you tend to get this response. I truly thought we were all here for the same reason. I hardly if ever comment, and this is the reason why I didn’t.


        • Elle says:

          Oh admit it. You’ll be back with sunglasses and a big ol hat. It’s addicting and you’ll need a fix. 😎
          You are right, we are all working for the same goal!


      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Every garden needs occasional weeding.


    • Brickman45 says:

      I’ve never had one of mine thrown out. However, I do immediately scroll past long winded squares. Make it reader friendly. I’m only putting effort in reading SD.

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    • Hide the Decline says:

      I find that if someone can’t be bothered to do basic formatting of their comment then their comment almost certainly isn’t worth reading, it’s just standard internet drivel.


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Then go start your own website and make up the rules however you see fit.

      There happen to be quite a few of us who very, very much appreciate Sundance, the CTH, and their hard working, very fair staff. There is no place else like the Treehouse, so as the old saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!”


    • Dutchman says:

      Try reading the comments on a (dumb) smartphone, which is the only or main way many of us access CTH.

      Breaking it up, like this and as described in the guidelines makescit much easier to read.

      I often post fairly long comments, but try to remember to space them out. Like many things, once you get used to it, it becomes easy, and then almost automatic.

      And if someone invites you into their house, explains the House rules, and you decide you don’t want to play by the rules, well then you can always
      “Take the opportunity to leave”.

      A day, week or month, come back, and follow the guidelines, or not.


  22. 7% is 33% of 2nd place’s total and they call it a “slim lead”… Only in narrative engineering land.


  23. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    Suppose Michael Bloomberg decides he wants to spend five billion dollars supporting Democrats in the 2020 election cycle without violating campaign finance laws. How can he go about doing that?

    Does Bloomberg have to appear on the Democrat’s 2020 ticket, either for president or for vice president, in order to spend unlimited amounts of his own money on the race? Or could he instead pass the cash through dark money channels without ever having to appear on the ticket?

    Could he build a massive, well-funded campaign organization of his own before the convention and then turn it over to the DNC gratis once a 2020 ticket is chosen — even if he himself isn’t on the ticket?


  24. FPCHmom says:

    This is why none of the WH people are invited to the Sunday shows. The entire media complex is helping the DNC push Mayor Pete ahead of Bernie for the NH win.


  25. RLTW says:

    Rivers of blood have been shed so that anyone can freely share a thought.

    It’s called America.

    Share your thoughts. Ilhan Omar. Lindsey Graham. Whoever.

    FYI Sundance. You are the guest here.


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      When has Sundance (or anyone else at CTH) denied anyone the opportunity to express their views or share their thoughts with others?

      Your comment, “FYI Sundance. You are the guest here.” (referring to America, I guess?) is not only snide, but also unwarranted and uncalled for. If you have any honor or decency, you will apologize to both Sundance and the CTH.

      And before you go there, I have already bled for America more than once, and would do so again tomorrow if called upon.


  26. Magabear says:

    So Fox, who had a Mayor McPetey townhall recently are having him on swamp gaurdian Chris Wallace’ show tomorrow too. Fox is clearly all in on trying to keep Sanders from winning these primaries. The fake news succeeded in rigging Iowa, so now it’s on to New Hampshire!


    • donna kovacevic says:

      Sunday’s church service is 10 am to 12. We leave at 9.20, meet with church members in the adjacent hall, see if everyone is doing well that takes 30 minutes, then church service commences. How wonderful to miss all these shows, which I would never watch regardless. God Bless PDJT.


  27. Theckman says:

    I still believe Hillary is going to weasel her way in.
    Recently said she would like to be president but no campaign, deal with the grueling campaign trail.
    Hillary knows her arrogant attitude sometimes almost disdain when dealing with “average people” is an issue. Hillary has been on a campaign to stay relative and more open. It’s not working, however, when you look at the playing field she knows she has a chance.
    I dread having to see her all of the time, however, Trunp has experience now and knows a lot more of how and what the democratic stench will do in order to derail him.
    Bring her on and people in large masses will show up only if she has some rapper or other musician that drank the dem kook aid
    These entertainers obviously are not educated and are so far removed from what’s really going on in this country.
    I have boycotted the industry. Let them feel it in their wages and watch the shallow, self centered clan will turn on the democrats.


  28. Theckman says:

    MSM, entertainment industry, and colleges have lost so much credibility.
    Trump has done this and now that the genie is out of the bottle it’s too late for the above.
    Colleges will lose the respect and more importantly parents and young adults will start abandoning the schools that have become so radicalized.
    The debate last night was so predictable and my big takeaway was these candidates might as well have been talking like the race was 20 years ago.
    None had anything new to add to cities in ruins, the breadown of family in the lower socioeconomic population. The reason is simple: the government may have contributed to 80 percent that do not have 2 parents residing in these homes, but, they certainly can’t sove it.
    This is a breakdown in it becoming a social norm. Families in this group have become extinct.
    Democrats have no real solutions so it’s just old rhetoric that anyone watching can see is just rambling.
    Reagen warned about the importance of family and the left made fun of him.
    The breakdown in traditional family is a large reason why multiple serious issues arise. This demographic has been helped more by Trump then the last several presidents and the democrats know it!!!!!
    Jobs, CJ reform, and starting the narrative about all the cities that have literally been ruined.
    It’s a huge start.
    The democrats have been exposed and that’s why they can’t stand Trump.
    These career politicians know they’ve failed the American people and that many, many are catching on to this.
    The party is over for them.
    The majority sold out or sought to serve for all the wrong reasons.


  29. Sandbar says:

    My take is that Bloomberg is buying the VP slot on the ticket. He, his money, and the club eliminate Bernie, they then usher in the Hildabeast to save the party Bloomberg runs as VP.allowing him to spend unlimited amounts in the general election.
    BTW, before he was mayor of NYC, didn’t he play that little guy on Fantasy Island?


  30. Rynn69 says:

    All of this just validates the STUPIDITY OF THE DEMOCRAT VOTER. Wake up if you still vote Democrat. You are giving away your rights, your vote, your freedom, your Republic. Wake up.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. jeffsn4 says:

    About Pete not being the nominee…what’s the current theory? Bloomberg?


    • Publius2016 says:

      The current thought is that the Dimms have created a primary that precludes anyone from gaining a majority of delegates. Mathematically, you need to run to table for a month.

      Crazy Bernie can’t unite the Dimms while Pocahontas runs and Biden or Klubachar can’t because they don’t have the appeal.

      Rules say without majority, Superdelegates vote round 2: Basically what happened in Iowa will be the Dimm Convention.

      However, I have proposed that the real strategy is the Electoral College 2020 Steal Plan with Bloomberg Romney Ryan Kasich Obama etc

      now, it would be Crazy Bernie running Green Party too.

      Here Uniparty Deep State Think Tank Black Ops try to hold 45 under 50% in states and then they try to circumvent the US Constitution and have “Electors” change their votes forcing a Congressional compromise candidate. 45 won 306 to 225 in 2016 but when you look it up, reports show 304 to 227!


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