Bernie Screwed Again – CNN/Des Moines Register Refuse To Publish Final Poll Showing Bernie Sanders Leading Iowa…

It’s somewhat of a tradition for The Des Moines Register to publish the final poll of the campaign season on the Sunday before the Iowa caucuses.  Except this year, they refuse to publish the results citing a “polling problem“.

The CNN/DMR cover story is that one pollster may have pronounced Buttigieg name incorrectly.  However, everyone knows the real reason…. Bernie has a big lead.

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The two affiliated media outlets, CNN and DMR, individually ran political operations against Bernie in the last month.  The motive of this stunt follows the pattern.

CNN manufactured the “a woman can’t win the presidency” claim in an effort to elevate Elizabeth warren; this published hit was then leveraged in the Iowa debate.  Similarly, coming in for the assist, the Des Moines Register then endorsed Elizabeth Warren.

The last New York Times poll [SEE HERE] highlights why CNN and DMR tanked the results.  To publish a result similar to this; and in my opinion would have been even greater than this; would have been a big boost to Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders is going to crush the field on Monday.  The results above are on the low-side of what will happen.   Buttigieg doesn’t have anywhere near that level of support and the Biden and Warren support is purely a media creation.

Those who hold the reigns of power within the DNC Club also control the media.  Unfortunately for them it’s all far too obvious anymore… Everyone can see through this ridiculous manipulative effort.

Voters are far more aware of the schemes and manipulation today; oddly, in part, because voters have watched the fraud perpetrated upon President Donald Trump for three years.  President Trump supporters watch this stuff and say: yep, been there – done that, got the T-shirt.

It’s all way too predictable now… And that includes Bloomberg.

On the positive side, all of this manipulative effort won’t make a dent.  Arguably, it will even help make Bernie’s support bigger.    Team Bernie Sanders is going to win, but this is going to be ugly as heck to watch…


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294 Responses to Bernie Screwed Again – CNN/Des Moines Register Refuse To Publish Final Poll Showing Bernie Sanders Leading Iowa…

  1. Curt says:

    Everyone knows the Democrats screwed Bernie. I hear complaints and various pundits expressing that opinion. The one person who hasn’t complained about it is Bernie. The same thing in 2016. The man has shown himself to be a willing political football and DNC lackey. This balless old commie has shown that he is NOT a fighter. He’s proven he’s not a leader. Besides that he’s very possibly ready for another heart attack.

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