Rudy Giuliani Responds to Media Claims by Lev Parnas…

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani says he was ‘misled’ by Lev Parnas who Giuliani identifies as an egregious liar.  During the interview on Fox News and Laura Ingraham Rudy Giuliani says Mr. Parnas motive to tell false statements is identical to the reason for Michael Cohen to lie; he is trying to get a plea deal with New York prosecutors.

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92 Responses to Rudy Giuliani Responds to Media Claims by Lev Parnas…

  1. freepetta says:

    Rudy release it all. The Bidens need to be indicted. Stealing American taxpayers money meant for aid. Disgusting!

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      New book out any day on how the Progressives milk the system by the same guy who wrote Clinton Ca$h.

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      • Slitzy says:

        Yes, I heard him, I think his name is Peter Schweitzer (sp?). Hannity radio interview. WOWZER! Biden is DIRTY.

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        • Bill Durham says:

          Rudy prolly has financial and banking records. Solomon is prolly sitting on the same stuff. That’s a roadmap for Barr and Durham. They simply have to obtain the info in the correct manner. Barr is no Bondo. They are trying to get him to recuse so he and Durham are out of the way and a friendly can bury the evidence. Parnas evidence is good, but parnas is bad. There is a plot within the plot. Get the evidence contaminated so Barr has to recuse and can’t use it. Lev was a hail Mary. It won’t work. Hunter did not make millions. It appears He made hundreds of millions. It all got laundered back to his daddy. This will blow up like avanetti. MSM will cover for a while. But the flood gates are open. Nyt non endorsement of sleepy Joe was a tell.

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          • Treeper 46 says:

            Hopefully all true.


          • Despicable Me says:

            Thought the same when hearing NYT co-endorsements of Warren and Klobuchar.


          • Stan says:

            Connect the dots – Barr set up Lev Parnas by having his henchman in the SDNY indict, frame and coerce him to make false statements. The Barr recusal construct is the same tactic used by Sessions to enable the coup plotters.

            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Barr was involved with manufacturing the Impeachment hoax, by tipping off the Coup plotters that Lisa Page outed “Charlie” Ciaramella; as exposed in the Sroyzk / Page texts.

            What has Barr done since May? Nothing! Notice how he always defers by stating Durham is doing the Russian collusion hoax investigation; details of which we’ve known for THREE YEARS – since “the Memo” and Grassley / Graham criminal referal for Steele?

            It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain, the Horowitz report on Barry’s spying was delayed a YEAR to await the timing to manufacture the Impeachment hoax.

            Once again – we’re told Barr and Durham are “investigating”; whereas Lev Parnas was indicted by Barr’s SDNY within a WEEK after Rudy started appearing on TV describing the documentary evidence provided by Ukrainian officials.

            Do your own research – Durham is a Holder crony and appointed by him as U.S. attorney. Durham is doing NOTHING – just like Huber’s Clinton Foundation investigation – which was swept under the rug during the Impeachment diversion

            It doesn’t take EIGHT MONTHS to indict and I’ve read there have been NO grand juries called by Durham.

            The REAL question is – why hasn’t Trump gone on OFFENSE the past THREE YEARS? One has to start wondering if he’s part of the criminal cover.


      • freepetta says:

        Yes Peter Schweizer is amazing.

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    • Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

      If you want indictments, then you don’t want potential GJ material and therefore potential trial evidence released prior to any trial. (GJ info is not released except to the extent it is used as evidence at trial. This keeps “bad guys” from knowing what govt knows until evidence is required to be turned over to them prior to/at trial and protects innocent from damage to family, reputation, career.)

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      • You are describing a fairy land, of clockwork justice (as written by humans, yet — what a fantasy). The real world — the workings of Washington, of The Swamp(TM) in this case — simply doesn’t work as you imagine. There is ALWAYS public leaking of “where things are going”, if only by public catfights between opposing forces. The public should already be well aware that there are not just “conspiracy theories” on the Right; the details of the ongoing coup d’etat should already be out there, on the lips of every congressional representative, in open interviews on every talking head show, daily. The Left should already be openly on the defensive, and in vain, trying to excuse what was and is plainly inexcusable. Instead, they (with the support of half of the electorate) are wallowing in cult denial, and attacking ever more insanely, and posturing ever more smugly. As it is, there is no “there” there, no intimation that the “good guys” are getting ready to prosecute the bad guys.

        The politicians — ALL of them — are literally DARING the people to step up and force them to do right, not do politics as usual. And that in itself shows they are incompetent, and misdirecting of we who they are supposed to be working for. They are courting destruction, and they know by now, deep down, that they all deserve it — which means they will act ever more stupidly, ever more deserving of mass failure.

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        • But maybe Rudy Giuliani is finally in a position to break through. Except if it’s only about Ukraine, that is only an adjunct line of the present evil; the coup d’etat against the will of we the people in 2016 is the main line. President Trump has taken the reins of power from them, and set off on a brighter road that doesn’t include their sacred prerogatives of wealth beyond imagining and power beyond reasoning. The Insane Left cult needs to be ripped out of the hearts of that half of the electorate that believes in it unquestioningly, as if it were the moral high ground, the “right” thing to do.



        • As a man thinkth says:

          Harry…totally agree with your assessment of the politics….Lawfare has turned justice into years of politically correct gamesmanship and appeals until you land the right judge….Justice is expensive game played by the connected elite where only Lawfare makes millions


      • freepetta says:

        Rudy will do the right thing. I want to burn them any way possible.
        Nobody is talking about grand jury info. There has been no grand jury yet.

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        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Reply to Harry Duffman:

          Once enough people see and figure out the scam
          on Ukraine, then they’ll start noticing the same
          patterns. On other Eastern Europe countries, on
          Peurto Rico. On Haiti. Then we will see people
          regard our leadership like Romania did awhile back.

          Thieves are conniving, but they are also lazy. Once
          they figure out a scam, they repeat it again and again
          and again until they are caught. These thieves are
          a little different, because they aren’t mobsters buying
          off politicians. They’re the reverse. So they keep the
          same patterns, and put all their energy into the cover

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  2. Cobra227 says:

    Rudys podcast. Must watch tv!
    And by the way, I don’t know which is worse in that clip, Parnas’ hair or Laura’s rudeness

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      The hair on that 1980’s Elvis Costello impersonator who was interviewing Parnas ain’t so great, either.

      Rudy is great, but Laura is frustrating as usual. The longer I live, the more I appreciate the intelligence, integrity, and loyalty of my cat.

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    • JustaVerb says:

      Everybody has their own podcast these days. Bongino blusters around and repeats a lot but he motors thru a lot of material and most of the time provides another nugget tying things together. Byron York is good at interviewing in depth on a single topic. Klavan’s opening condensement is funnier political commentary than anything on cable.
      It used to be that people would cut the cord out of principle. Now people cut the cord due to irrelevance.

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      • Pale rider says:

        I cannot remember any time in my life when this much information on criminals and lawlessness was exposed and nothing ever came of it. Not that it didn’t happen but I have never experienced it.
        And it may be that information is more readily available and I’m sure corruption has been growing for decades, it had to have been to be where we are.
        It’s a different era, when information is quickly dispatched and the old ways of lying are seen as that.
        Does anyone remember the Blagojevich trial? Scratching my head why he went to jail but Hillary, Hunter, Comey, Brennan, half the FBI, still walk free? When does a threat become a threat in the eyes of our law enforcement? These people played both sides so is it an individual or exposure? What brings on the prosecution?
        Trump is after the ‘business as usual’ crowd so they want him gone, I see that, but still nobody gets arrested for crimes against our nation, crimes in general.
        If we were dealing with a crime syndicate of hierarchy that would fit closer than our judicial system of laws. An individual was only dispatched if he was stealing or of no use anymore, otherwise he or she would be valuable and useful.
        The constitution is not followed, sanctuary cities, gun rights being infringed upon, that should fall under federal? But, as a criminal organization our government writes laws and enforcement becomes optional only on areas that keep the money flowing in its rightful direction.
        I will also add the Virginia situation had us all on the edge of our seats, why? We were in the right, our constitution says we are.
        Because these rules and enforcement are not by the constitution anymore, and for law enforcement to turn on the civilians is a question in our minds. They are enforcing power and control not laws written to protect us.
        And while I ramble on. When our country is trillions in debt but money flows to individuals like Hunter Biden or Hillary on and on who makes them kings and queens? That money is not real it’s debt, printed on a promise of repayment. Money that is laundered through our government. No more substantial than as if a banker (which they do) clicked his keyboard and made them rich.
        I assume we are the witnesses on this judgement of our nation going on. In repentance we can be healed but ignorance is not an option anymore.

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    • drdeb says:

      I agree re: Laura’s rudeness. Yes Ruby is a “handful” to corral however Laura needs to learn how to be polite while she also moves the conversation in the way she needs it to move. That is a skill one learns in teaching or in leading organizational meetings. She embarrassed me for herself.

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  3. Newhere says:

    Rudy may be a legendary prosecutor and mayor. He may be the guy you want barnstorming the globe to hunt down corruption.

    But he’s not made for primetime as an interviewee. He meanders, makes side points, sometimes says odd things that have to get unpacked or corrected. I always sigh when he goes on the shows….

    Call him as a witness, and then don’t cut him off. But he’s not good at squeezing his points into rapid-fire format.

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  4. pucecatt says:

    I like Rudy but he’s part of the mess that the President is in right now , regardless of no wrongdoing by our President, it kinda pisses me off when Rudy starts spouting off incoherently. Although he was tame tonight for the most part .


  5. citizen817 says:

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    • dallasdan says:

      What is stopping the disclosures? Produce the evidence.

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      • tageweb says:

        Timing is holding back disclosures. AFTER the Impeachment “trial” in the Senate. It appears that Rudi’s information had MUCH to do with Pelosi/Dems rushing of the House’s Impeachment charade. Think about it: If what Rudi is saying about extensive and multiple- year theft by the Dems (and I believe it to be true), what would you do if you were the Dirty Dems? To release this info and expose these crooks before the Senate trial is over would be: 1. Characterized by the press as political obstruction of the trial, and, 2. Buried in the news cycle covering the trial. Now, exposure after the Not Guilty trial verdict, well, Gee, maybe “the beginning of the end” for these thieving crooks?

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        • Republicanvet91 says:

          I agree. The whistle blower filed his rumor roughly the same time as when Rudy’s visit to Ukraine was being reported.
          It was also a similar or shortly after time frame when Lev Parnas became known, with a quick indictment against him. Anything to smear what Rudy might expose.
          The media has been trying to smear Rudy since, particularly saying he is unhinged or incoherent.
          Rudy has been saying just enough to let the left know what he has. I think they are worried about how much he has, particularly anything related to CrowdStrike.

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      • J says:

        Grand Jurys perhaps?

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      • Paula S Daly says:

        Rudy said in many interviews he doesn’t trust the insiders who would handle the case at the DOJ. Plus there may be a conflict of interest handing them off to Barr?

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      • Pale rider says:

        He has stated several times WHY, congress and law enforcement will not take the evidence. MSM isn’t going after anyone except Trump. Rudy is not in power and that’s the question I have, why? Give him a position of power and let the man do the job.


        • Republicanvet91 says:

          I disagree. Rudy in his current position is under the hold of nobody and is accountable only to his employer.
          He has no need to be in a position where he can be accused of forgetting to take a US Government Skilcraft out of his pocket before he goes home for the night.


  6. Julian says:

    If Rudy hasn’t spoken about any of this to AG Barr, maybe Billy’s never heard about any of this!

    No wonder he’s not doing any investigations of this stuff – nobody’s told the poor sap!

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    • Rhi says:

      More likely Rudy knows Barr is bondo man. Barr knows where he is and knows what he’s been saying. The lack of interest in what Rudy has found by Barr says it all. Unless Durham has collected Rudy’s info and bondo is playing hands off.

      Rudy knew re Ukraine the State Department was corrupt, the FIB was corrupt and could not trust the DOJ swamp rats either. Who’s he gonna call? Miss Lindsey? Burr? Houston we have a problem.

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    • theasdgamer says:

      Maybe Rudy is investigating Barr as well.


  7. donna kovacevic says:

    Barr does not want to hear, see anything. Rudy God Bless you.

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  8. Lev Parmas = Julie Swetnick
    Eric Ciaramella = Chris Steele
    Adam Schiff = Andrew Weismann
    Michael Atkinson ICIG = Michael Atkinson DOJ NSD
    MSM = Michael Avenatti


    • Zydeco says:

      Austere Lt. Col. Vindman = Blowsy Two Door Ford

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Sadly, while the vast majority of the Army officers and those in all of US Armed Forces remain strictly apolitical, LTC Vindman’s conduct with the house last month has damaged the reputation of our military. Unconscionable and disappointing.


  9. ABN says:

    I think that both Giuliani and Ingraham did very well in this interview. He answered clearly and unequivocally and she moved the conversation along appropriately. Lots of info in a short time.

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    • Cobra227 says:

      …it’s just “the way” she tries moves it along that makes me want to smack her sometimes.
      Oh, I’m sorry, was that not nice? I’ll put myself in the corner 😉

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      • Marc says:

        To Laura, it’s all a game. She has no stake in the matter since she’s a multi-millionaire living in some gated community. She just thinks in the realm of what’s good ratings and what’s not.

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      • ABN says:

        I agree she is often irritating and ruins good interviews, but in this case she did good. If you have been following RG’s Ukraine story, she moved the topic along very well.

        Also, I have read several comments critical of RG in general. I do not see that at all. Again and again, he is very effective in making his point while also alluding to other information he has. He does that in this interview and in almost all others, even with bad interviewers.

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      • vicarioushikermom says:

        It looked ot me like she was hearing her producer’s instructions in her ear and responding to those in trying, at times to cut Rudi off or move him along to another subject.


  10. T2020 says:

    Dan Bongino did a great show on debunking the whole Parnas situation.

    Here’s an article he discussed:

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  11. Perot Conservative says:

    Alan Dershowitz calls it composing?


  12. theasdgamer says:

    I don’t understand how people can have any problems with President Trump, as chief law enforcement officer of the United States, organizing an investigation of the Hunter Biden Burisma affair. It seems obvious to me that if someone thinks that this is inappropriate simply because Joe Biden is a democratic candidate for president, then they are necessarily affirming that the President should cover up corruption. Now THAT is an impeachable offense.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Apparently Democrats have no problem with Americans being bilked out of their hard-earned $Billions of tax dollars, as long as it goes to enrich corrupt Democrats.

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    • BitterC says:

      The Trump White House is lacking in the messaging game. The Dems are masters & with their partners in the media consistently set the narrative it’s all the more a challenge.

      It doesn’t help that Trump’s knee jerk reaction to these things is to deny, deny, deny. Just hope this Parnas thing doesn’t bite em in the rear when they could have admitted to just what they WERE doing with him. I have complete faith Rudy kept it legal

      I thought it was a mistake to deny Flynn discussed sanctions with Kislyak. OF COURSE Kislyak brought them up. It’s a YUGE deal to Russia.


    • It’s really very easy: just look at what Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff have done in Ukraine! For instance, Obama didn’t supply lethal aid so that Pelosi could partner with a gun-runner and supply them illegally … for a nice cut of the action, of course. And that’s comparatively minor.

      The thing that’s actually got all their panties tied in a knot is that they don’t have a President who will “give them six hours to shut down any investigation.” In fact, the Ukranians elected a President who promised to fight corruption, then gave him a government to work with which was similarly focused. These Americans know full well that their own names will soon come bubbling up to the top of the cauldron.

      Their strategy – hopeless though it will turn out to be – is to impeach Trump and Pence so that Madame Presidente Pelosi can step in and “start making everything ‘right’ again.” Yes, this is a genuine “palace coup.”

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      • GB Bari says:

        For instance, Obama didn’t supply lethal aid so that Pelosi could partner with a gun-runner and supply them illegally … for a nice cut of the action, of course.

        Mike, that’s a pretty serious allegation. Please cite your sources that support such specific charges against Pelosi. More people need to be able to look that up to know that it’s true.


  13. BitterC says:

    At about 8:00….denying speaking one word with Barr about this….not even a word of congratulations about how he’s handling it?

    Handling what? The rumor and innuendo OR the look into UkraineGate? Of course Larau didn’t ask


  14. MR52 says:

    Was watching some George Webb stuff. Not sure how good his stuff really is or if it is garbage but he seems to link even more Ukraine type stuff with Iran, too. Anyone know anything about George Webb? Does he have any creditably or is he a nut case?


  15. beach lover says:

    The Dims have succeeded in throwing smokescreens since the election of Donald J Trump. They have thrown everything at him to divert attention from the crimes they themselves have been doing for years. The unmaskings, the IRS stuff, the dirty deals in congress (listen to Sweitzer’s new info), all would be exposed. We all here know this, but I doubt many across the country see it because the Dems and Media have kept it all in the background by using the FBI and the Justice Dept to keep the focus on some lame thing that they say Trump did.

    First we had to wait for the Clinton IG report.. then the Mueller report, then the second IG report… all a smokescreen. Now, they finally got their chance to impeach, and botched it because just like all the rest of the charades.. they GOT NOTHNG.

    Rudy is on the right track here. When are the members of the so called media going to start investigating any of this? You can count them on one hand. Im not talking Sean, Laura, or talk show hosts. They only report what someone tells them of course.

    Something has to give.


    • Zorro says:

      The media is a arm of the Democommunist Party. That is not going to change. The only message that can be delivered to the general public is an indictment and conviction of someone like Comey. Even with that there will be a significant percent denying the facts and spinning it as persecution.


  16. Deborah Fehr says:

    Trying to listen to those two is painful. Rudy wont stop talking and she wont stop interrupting.


    • There aren’t that many “truly great lawyers” in this world. But, Rudy-G is one of them. Loudmouth New Yorker though he may be. 😇

      If you’re in a courtroom and he walks in, you’re gonna feel one of two things: “Hallelujah!” Or … “oh shit.”

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  17. Zy says:

    Parnas stormiest want Barr recusal and a special prosecutor. Do they want Herr Mueller or Weissmann?


  18. Bogeyfree says:

    Simple question……

    How can you have an impeachment trial of the President of the United States that centers around Ukraine coupled with the Biden video evidence, coupled with the Rudy Ukraine evidence that he turned over to Pompeo, coupled with 6B in US aid missing from Ukraine, coupled with the President of Ukraine indicating corruption and money laundering has occurred between our two countries, coupled with a treaty of cooperation to jointly investigate corruption between our two countries and yet……

    AG Barr said in his interview in Dec that he has not even begun to look into Ukraine?

    There are over 113,000 employees within the DOJ and they can’t find anyone to take this case and this investigation on??

    I think Sidney was just being nice by her recent comments.


    • Trumpelstiltsken says:

      Did Barr limit his “has not even begun to look into Ukraine” to himself? Did he rule out the possibility of others within the DOJ already looking into it?


  19. Zippy says:

    Meanwhile, there is ZERO attention being paid to the indictment and prosecution of the SpyGate perps. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 100% by this totally unjustified impeachment.


  20. Bogeyfree says:

    I know we have impeachment going on but IMO Hannity should pivot from his current path and get Solomon, Sara Carter and Peter Schweizer to begin non stop hammering of “the milking of the American taxpayer and the rerouting of our money back into the pockets of American Government officials in DC.

    Nothing ticks off Americans more than finding out they have been snookered and swindled by elected officials who have been stealing their hard earn money for years.

    Many have suspected it now is the time to go full bore and show the American people the evidence and how it has been done.

    Start hammering away at the evidence of this money laundering and how it has been going on for the past 10 years and who has benefitted and my guess is the American people will be outraged and demand……

    Immediate and comprehensive investigations where following the money is paramount

    If proven guilty, serious jail time

    Term limits for Congress

    Downsizing of Dept of State

    Reworking our spying rules on Americans

    And much more

    Bottom line, this is where the repetitive narrative style of Hannity coupled with the investigative reporting from Carter, Solomon and Schweizer would actually be a good thing as this, the swindling of Americans needs non stop air play to ensure all Americans become boiling hot aware as they see what has really been going on in DC.

    Hannity’s rating would quadruple as this is near and dear to all Americans.


  21. Bendix says:

    A point I want to make about Rudy. There is a form of criminal investigation known as the Falcone Method, named after an Italian judge who was murdered by the mafia.
    Rudy would have known this method inside and out, and he indicted 11 major crime figures way back in the 1980s.
    So he’s been at this stuff a long time, following convoluted money trails to various figures not the original ones under investigation.
    He was working money laundering investigations as the term started coming into common legal use.
    So, when the president had Rudy going overseas and seeing what was what, the people involved in these schemes knew who they were dealing with, an expert, perhaps THE expert.

    He may sound off point in these interviews, but look at that smile, and that relaxed manner. That’s frightening.

    I don’t recommend reading this whole thing, I certainly didn’t. It’s a little background on what I’m talking about, but just skimming it you can see what I’m talking about, Rudy is swimming in very familia water here.

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  22. Shyster says:

    Ingram: Is what Lev specifically said true?
    Rudy: No it’s false but I can’t tell you why?


  23. Dutchman says:

    Its just possible Parnas and his lawyers are trying to follow the Cohen strategy, in order to navigate him out of the legal mess he is in,…if so I doubt it will work, twice.
    Like the Trojan horse, I expect the ‘Cohen manuever’, as brilliant as it was, only works once.

    The Cohen manuever (my analyses);
    Cohen saw what Mueller Weismann did to Manafort, and accepted he couldn’t expect a pardon.

    So, he hires a Dem lawyer, Lanny Davis, to sell the con. He negotiates the following;
    I will plead guilty to the (legitimate) charges. And, in exchange for leaving my wife alone (she had signed the loan papers, too) and a lenient sentence on these charges, I will do the following;
    I will plead guilty to a seventh charge (which is NOT a crime) of Campaign finance violation), AND I will testify that DJT committed this not-a-crime, as well.

    In fact, I will come to Congress, and TESTIFY that DJT instructed me to commit this non-crime.

    The prosecutors jumped at it, and importantly COHEN HELD UP HIS PART OF THE PLEA BARGAIN. That is, he testified as promised, in his guilty plea and in Congress.

    But, he also told so many blatant lies, in his testimony to Congress, that he disctedited himself as a witness.

    All he risked was a perjury charge, for lieing to Congress. But, prosecutors COULD NOT withdraw the plea agreement.

    It was actually a brilliant way to finigle himself out of a very sticky wicket, and shows the kind of thinking that explains why DJT had him on retainer, as a ‘fixer’.

    Anyway, I include this here cause I am wondering if Parnas is trying the,same thing, given the obvious documented and easily disprovable lies he is telling.


    • Shyster says:

      Typically in plea agreements, the deal is null and void if the recipient “lies” about anything other than the agreed testimony or dirt.


      • Dutchman says:

        Ah, but look at what actually HAPPENED. The Prosecutors did NOT withdraw from the plea agreement, and put Cohen on trial.
        Thats the beauty of his strategem;
        His was a prosecution to establish a political narrative, NOT to prosecute wrongdoing.

        After he blatantly discredited himself, and House Democrats, they just wanted to get Cohen off the front page as quickly as possible.
        Withdrawing and prosecuting would have been counter-productive, so they took their lumps.
        He hoist them with their own petard.
        Brilliant move, and while I have no admiration for Cohen, I respect the,way he navigated his way through.
        Brilliant manuever.


  24. gnadfly says:

    I like Rudy and think he’s an asset to President Trump. But keep him away from the cameras until this is over. Unless he has information that the Trump team wants to be used in the trial keep him away. He muddles too much.


  25. 6x47 says:

    Darn shame we don’t have a Republican president or an Attorney General to rein in that renegade SDNY office.


  26. L. E. Joiner says:

    Rudy seems to be saying he hasn’t talked to General Barr about any of these money-laundering and kickback schemes. So the first question is: Why not? You have evidence of serious crimes by public officials, and you do not go to the Attorney General? There’s something wrong here. Either Rudy’s blowing smoke, or he doesn’t trust Barr, or. . . Someone has got to ask the two of them. Anyone know Solomon? Mollie Hemingway?


  27. Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

    Laura Ingraham is disgusting. Worst interviewer EVER.


  28. shipley130 says:

    I am beginning to wonder if Obama did in 2012 what he did in 2016, spying on his political opponents using law enforcement and spy agencies.


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