Iranian Protests Against Regime Cast a Stark Contrast…

Protests against the regime of Ayatollah Khamenei erupted today in Tehran following the government admission of shooting down Ukraine Airline Flight 752. In scenes that look familiar to the 2010 ‘green movement’, thousands of Iranian protestors, many young women, have gathered to express their opposition to the dictatorial government.

Stunningly, it has been reported that the U.K. Ambassador in Tehran was arrested for filming the protests.

(Via Daily Mail) Iranians have gathered in the streets of Tehran to demand the resignation of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei after the regime admitted it had mistakenly shot down a civilian passenger plane.

Angry crowds gathered on Saturday night in at least four locations in Tehran, chanting ‘death to liars’ and calling for the country’s supreme leader to step down over the tragic military blunder, video from the scene shows.

What began as mournful vigils for Iranian lives lost on the flight soon turned to outrage and protest against the regime, and riot police quickly cracked down, firing tear gas into the crowd.

‘Death to the Islamic Republic’ protesters chanted, as the regime’s security forces allegedly used ambulances to sneak heavily armed paramilitary police into the middle of crowds to disperse the demonstration. (read more)


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287 Responses to Iranian Protests Against Regime Cast a Stark Contrast…

  1. keeler says:

    I remain concerned for the individuals who took video of the incident, as well as those who photographed the debris fields.

    Whether they realized it or not, they were documenting evidence and sharing it with the entire world, evidence their government was actively trying to suppress. This evidence forced the Iranian government to admit culpability to something it clearly intended to deny for a long time, possibly forever.

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  2. Reserved55 says:

    Iraq kills Soleimani soldier

    “Local media reported that al-Saedi was ‘assassinated’ by unknown gunmen, but no further details about the shooters were immediately available.

    Al-Saedi was the commander of the Karbala Brigades, a unit within the Iran-backed Shiite PMF umbrella group.”

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    • Robert Smith says:

      If the Iraqis want to be free of Iran then they need to dig in an oust them.

      I am also sure the Sunnis want the country back especially if it is going to be Iranian Shiites as the puppet masters.

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      • jrapdx says:

        No question about that. However even in Iraq’s Shiite regions the people have been protesting “meddling” by Iran. With the shakeup going on after termination of Soleimani the Iraqis might have a clear shot at evicting Iran from their country.

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      • orangeokie says:

        George Bush II and Barrack Hussein both let down the Iranian people when they tried to overthrow the mullahs. Ronaldus Magnus will not let them down if they will rise up. I think they know this.

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  3. Reserved55 says:

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  4. BobBoxBody says:

    Trump knew this was brewing under the surface. It’s clear he’s been building up to this from the start. The economic sanctions, the regime’s hardliners getting killed off in Syria, now Solemani getting bumped off, and now the outrage over the plane being shot down.

    This happened twice under the last two administrations, and they did nothing. I don’t think this will be the case with Trump. And if this regime can be overthrown….then when it comes to Iranian oil that’s just another twist of the vice that Trump has clamped onto Beijing’s balls.

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  5. Reserved55 says:

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  6. When the evil Mullah regime finally starts to collapse, it will happen quickly. To Iranians, the regime is brutal, unrelenting, inescapable, and all-pervasive, but it’s also brittle.

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  7. MaineCoon says:

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    • Big miscalculation by the Iranian regime! The UK might be currently moving toward Brexit, but the UK Foreign service elites are still considered respectable members of the transnationalist order. Whereas the “oppressed” “disenfranchised” “developing world” freedom fighters are allowed to bomb, murder, arrest, etc. non-elite non-minority westerners (deplorables, petty bourgeoisie, brexiters, flyover country soldiers, etc.), they absolutely are not allowed to inconvenience, let alone touch, any of the “better sort of people”!

      Of course, these transnationalist elites won’t seek to punish Iran directly, but this action will make some of those elites get an icky feeling about Iran. Yeah, of course it’s absurd that they didn’t have an icky feeling about this disgusting, despicable regime before now – but you know how these elites roll. This sort of thing will finally make them feel icky.

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      • thetigerleg says:

        You mean all those transnationalists, like Jihad Kerryani, who think you can negotiate with a regime whose avowed foreign policy is wiping Israel off the map and death to America. How does that work? Here’s a look back at the JCPOA negotiations.

        Jihad: We really need you to move a little on your bellicose intentions. How about you just erase Tel Aviv and America gets really, really sick instead of dying.

        Mullahs: No! We won’t accept less than 40% of Israel wiped from the map and America still dies.

        Jihad: Well, we’re doing pretty good job of killing ourself, but we can’t do that. Ha, ha, just a little joke. How about if we just flatline but get resuscitated?

        Mullahs: No! You would have to still have a chance of dying. Say, fifty/fifty.

        Jihad: It would have to be seventy-five/twenty-five.

        Mullahs: Okay, 75% chance you die.

        Jihad: Done. Wait? What?!?!?

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        • Exactly. The mullahs are biting the hand that feed them when they mess with a British transnationalist elite. It won’t have any immediate ramifications, but it will make the traitorous “elites” think differently about the Iranian regime.


    • California Joe says:

      I’m sure they are really concerned about that!


  8. I Hear You Now says:

    retweeted by @RealSaavedra of the Daily Wire

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  9. Reserved55 says:

    Fake Jake Moonwalking

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  10. Zorro says:

    We should join in marches of solidarity with the Iranian protestors. They are fighting the totalitarian Mullahs, we are fighting the totalitarian Democommunists. A common fight against totalitarians.

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  11. Bogeyfree says:

    In all honesty Americans should take the Iranians lead and march on DC in protest of our massively corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and Congress.

    Someone should tell AG Barr this is what happens when truth and justice for all is not upheld!

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  12. pristach says:

    How will the Sunday shows spin this?

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    • Bill_M says:

      Easy. “In a blatant attempt to interfere with the government of Iran, Trump tweeted an anti-Islamic tweet encouraging disaffected Iran wreckers to protest against their lawful government. This is an embarrassment to all loyal americans and shows Trump must be impeached because Orange Man Bad.”

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  13. Chip Doctor says:

    The Iranian people must know this is their moment. I pray that they will stand strong.

    The Mullahs are especially dangerous right now…..first to the Iranian people as they must prove that they are still in control without the murderous Salami. Second to the US and Israel. If they think they are going down, they might try to usher in the end times by sowing total chaos and burning everything down.

    We need to pray for the Iranian people as well as for PT and the USA.

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    • JUST SENT HIM E-MAIL- Bogeyfree

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    • suzbo says:

      Iran leaders are in the process of exterminating those in the military who they believe gave away the evil murder’s location and pose a threat to themselves and they have removed the ability of the peasants to fight back against the military. Sound familiar? The people have tried numerous times to take down this evil regime but without equipment there is little that can be done. Rocks are no equal to paramilitary equipment. Fight forever for the 2nd Amendment.

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    • Jan says:

      What are the proxies doing today? They claim to have 70,000 missiles aimed at Israel.

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  14. MaineCoon says:

    We’ll see….

    FTA: Some confusion remained as to what Mr Prystaiko meant by “access”. He later suggested that Ukraine’s team of investigators were yet to be given access to the data contained in the black boxes. Ukraine is pushing to get the flight recorders analysed in their country, he said.

    Tehran has said it will process the information from the black box within Iran, inviting Boeing and Ukrainian officials to participate in the investigation. Concerns have been raised, however, about whether Iran has the capacity to process the information.


  15. I Hear You Now says:

    retweeted by Sundance

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    • George Connolly says:

      Why haven’t the Mullahs taken down the internet yet?


      • I Hear You Now says:

        Maybe the Mullahs are taking heed of what President Trump tweeted earlier today:

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      • another face in the crowd says:

        President Trump cutoff the true head of the Iranian beast, only the figure head remains. This would be an opening for the people to retake their country. If only so many of their fellow Iranian patriots had not been killed and weakened under the watch of obama…

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      • Miya says:


        The world has eyes on them after the plane crash. People will start to question whether it was an accident if the mullahs follow up missile strikes on civilians with a brutal crackdown on civilians.

        This is the people’s moment. Hope they carpe the damn diem.

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    • I Hear You Now says:

      Sundance, my apologies … I did not see that you’d posted this in your blog above (although I looked; but not carefully enough).


  16. MaineCoon says:

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  17. Reserved55 says:

    How Fake Jake and his Fake News Alphabets, Iran Lobby and Useful Leftist Idiots Framed Flight 572 To Protect Iranian Terrorists

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  18. MaineCoon says:

    This is a really nice follow-up video to the lady’s video Sundance posted (which has had 5M+ views). She had some very kind words for President Trump. 1.40 vid

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    • hawkins6 says:

      Maine: Thanks for posting the follow up video. What an impressive woman.

      I understand her perplexity at the U.S. MSM’s fawning coverage of Soleimani and their deliberate decision to omit any mention of what the Iranian people are saying. Lara Logan recently mentioned this same fact.

      A majority of Americans are aware of fake news but I’m not sure as many realize how deeply corrupt the MS media has become. In many ways it rivals Pravda and even the Iranian state media for its utter lack of credibility and reliability.

      The corrupt poster boy for mega lies and deception in the USA is Adam Schiff and he spews vicious lies and deceit every day he is in the House of Reps or being interviewed by the MSM. The Dem party backers and their DS gov’t stooges etc. are the MSM’s main sources for news so unreliable news should not be a surprise.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        All you say is so true. I like it when they interview people waiting in line for PDJT’s rallies and they talk about the dishonest media. I doubt they have the level of knowledge we treepers have unless they listen to Rush or Hannity, but whatever level they have, it’s the same conclusion as ours. Cable news stations are dinosaurs gasping for their last breath.

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  19. MaineCoon says:

    This is a really nice follow-up video to the lady’s video Sundance posted (which has had 5M+ views). She had some very kind words for President Trump. 1.40 vid (Troubling initially posting this. Hope it doesn’t post 2x).

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  20. Nightmare for the ayatollah

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  21. joeknuckles says:


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  22. MaineCoon says:

    Iran is standing with President Trump.

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  23. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Iran and Iraq citizens can live together in peace, if they get rid of sharia compliant ‘holy men’ in their own countries whether they identify as Sunni or Shiite.

    Islam is the problem. It is the perfect system for tyrants using the cloak of being clerics to rule over people. It’s like Communism except it claims to have a god. No wonder, “for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

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  24. Folks..

    When this whole “event” went down, I researched the Missal System that the Iranians got..

    Do you know, along with Radar/Flight tracking Tech.. This Weapons system has Cameras Mounted on it & IR capability to visually ID/ verify WHAT you are shooting at?
    NO WAY did some kid made a *Mistake*.. Not knowing what He was shooting at.

    Iran (I think) hit the Wrong aircraft..
    I read a report from a (Foreign?) News agency, that there was, A PILOT flying ABOVE the doomed jet saw the “explosion & flames” following the aircraft strike..
    (don’t make me dig for the link.. please, just take My word, that is what I read..)..

    The way these Weapon system(s) work, is they take out the Closest threat First , which woulda been the Civilian craft..
    See video below on the system..

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  25. TreeClimber says:

    “Mostly young women”?? Is anyone else going to say “honor killings coming” or is that unpleasant observation left to me?


  26. John Good says:

    After viewing this Rebel News video a couple days ago, I was so disgusted about what has happened to Canada, under the “Socialist-Twit Liberals, I posted the link here on The Last Refuge.

    Now I see that The Washington Sentinel has picked up on it!

    From the article, “Canada used to be a Great Country but it’s “diversity-seeking” has all but destroyed their Country”!

    Time for a Northern Wall also!

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    • John Good says:

      Should read “diversity-seeking leader”!
      Would be nice to have an edit feature.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Right after the Ukrainian plane was shot down, Trudeau said he was going to re-establish an embassy in Tehran and re-establish diplomacy..
      Wonder what Sparkle Sox would give Iran should they kill another couple thousand Canadians?

      Remember Saudi Arabia cut off diplomatic relations with Canada due to Foreign Minister Freeland’s meddlling in Saudi affairs?

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    • Saw that too. Scary for Canucks, but no surpise.
      Ask Mark Steyn.


  27. TreeperInTraining says:

    I rarely make predictions because I’m not bright and the world is a crazy place. That said…last time I did was about a week before the presidential election.

    So…here it goes:

    So….the Iranians are protesting en masse against their lying government, their military leader was taken out…and here come the sanctions. It’s a three way hit that might just work.

    Fair peace talks and diplomacy with Iran for the first time in 30 years. I believe we will see it happen in weeks, if not days.

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  28. jeans2nd says:

    .Keep the faith, Iranians. More help is on the way.

    We haz friends..


  29. burnett044 says:

    Islam and peace /freedom do not mix oil and water.

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  30. Linda K. says:

    I wonder if Gina Haspel is a white hat, if it is possible for CIA to be white hat? I heard it was her recommendation to get the soul maniac.

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  31. God help the protesters- Iran is out of control and it’s government needs to be reformed.

    If such a thing is even possible I have no idea… but it’s worth praying about.


  32. MVW says:

    “Truth from an Iranian” Was the key video to counter the MSM, Iranian propaganda.

    General Salami’s death (intentional misspelling to disrespect Khomeini’s Demon General) is the signal that the 80 yr old Ayatollah is finished, Ayatollah’s protector is gone. The arch’s keystone is removed. There is none that commanded fear like that brutal Demon General and fear is 95% of control.

    But the Ayatollah won’t believe it and will brutally try to act like nothing has changed. By Trump keeping his hands off, America can’t be the scapegoat for the collapse.

    Trump is a genius, the Ayatollah is finished, quicksand. No need to bomb the nuke plants.

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  33. rcogburn says:

    IRCG Aerospace Force Commander gave a press conference today to explain the shoot down. No wonder they’re out in the streets. At best, it paints a picture of total ineptitude and confusion.

    -Air defense operators were told several times US cruise missiles were in-bound.
    -The missile operator says they made repeated requests to clear the airspace of civilian flights. Requests were denied. Won’t say who denied or how it happened, but says fault lies with military.
    -Operator mis-identified 737 as a cruise missile.
    -Operator tried to get approval, but his communication system was down.
    -Operator had 10 seconds, made the decision to fire the missile on his own.
    -IRCG could not tell the investigation team it was their missile because the team was “quarantined.”

    “For several times, these systems including the one involved in the incident were notified by the integrated network that cruise missiles have been fired at the country. For a couple of times, they receive reports that ‘the cruise missiles are coming, be prepared’.

    …this operator…says… “we requested for several times that the country’s airspace be cleared of [civilian] flights.’ At the Alert Level 3, this is normal; such requests are made; well our dear brothers didn’t follow up the issue for certain considerations.

    …this air defence unit realizes that there is a target …at a distance of 19 kilometres. …Given the information sent to this operator – that it is a wartime situation and a cruise missile has been fired – this poor guy identifies it as a cruise missile.

    he was obliged to contact, get approval. This is where this operator makes the mistake; but at that moment, his communication system was apparently disrupted – whether because of jamming systems or the high traffic. For that reason, he fails to contact [his commanders]. He had 10 seconds to decide; he could hit or not hit [the target]. Under such circumstances, he decides to make that bad decision; he engages, the missile is fired, and the plane is hit at this place.

    …when I was informed of the incident on Wednesday morning, I immediately reported it to the country’s officials. …Upon arrival in Tehran, I found that the General Staff of the Armed Forces has formed an investigation team, and has totally quarantined the team and all those involved in the issue. So we weren’t allowed to say anything to anyone. …It took a few days to publicize the news, but that wasn’t because anyone wanted to hide the truth; rather, this is the normal procedure…

    …the Aviation Organization categorically rejected the possibility of a missile hitting the plane; they acted based on what they knew. I must say they were not guilty and have nothing to do with this. All the blame is on us; they’re innocent. The plane was also on its track, it made no mistake. It did the right thing, as did the Aviation Organization. Everyone did the right thing. Only one of our forces made a mistake. Since he is under our command, we are responsible for that. We must be accountable.

    These are after all the price of the mischief, tensions, and measures of the US in the region… Because there were numerous planes flying over the region; warplanes, some bombers they had brought into the region. ….a great disaster has happened due to a hasty decision made by an individual.

    [Asked about the authority that refused to grant no-fly zone permission] ….I believe under war conditions the relevant authorities must have done that [establish no-fly zone] but it didn’t happen anyway…the Aviation Organization…weren’t asked to [restrict the flights]. …whatever mistake and error made and any problem must be blamed on the Armed Forces. …at that night I was commanding and controlling our missile attacks in the country’s West; …in this sector, other brothers were in charge, and they must have controlled it…


    • chiefworm says:

      Hey cogburn, I call full BS on the IRGC explanation. The simple fact is that cruise missiles don’t fly at 9000 feet. Period. Terrain following at max of about 100 feet. They clear mountain tops at 10’s of feet. Let me add a small caveat, they are regularly launched at high altitude but will be on the deck when breaching hostile borders.


  34. rigst4 says:

    Well, I’ve said it in the past about Hong Kong protesters and I’ll say it again about Iran. While the protesters feel unable to defend themselves in the face of heavily armed police forces, there is this old Russian invention that works way better than the fanciest of bullets do…it’s called the Molotov Cocktail. An occasional bullet fired at police forces wearing heavy body armor? No biggie. But there is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing that demoralizes those “elite police forces” like seeing their fellow elite police officers running down the street on fire. Time for the people of Iran to remove all mullahs and hang them in the public square. And then they need to move to the entire officer corps of the military.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      From what I have been able to find out the first use of what became known as Molotov Cocktails were actually against Russians. The Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War used an early version against Soviet Tanks. The Finns were the ones who coined the name (along with Molotov’s breadbaskets (i.e. bombs dropped from planes).

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  35. burnett044 says:

    what is the one thing all these countries now in riots and protest against their government have in common??
    answer:…they have all been disarmed.
    hope America learns from that……..listen well Virginia.

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  36. DeWalt says:

    This is definitely giving Putin indigestion.

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  37. Sherri Young says:

    Who is this Steven Simon who wrote this op-ed in the NYT? As someone pointed out, it could have been a heads-up ahead of the Suleimani strike. Just way too specific, especially regarding a man who was not supposed to be traveling outside of Iran.

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  38. Jason Ross says:

    It’s funny, you can read the BBC article on this topic and know exactly who is protesting and what their long-standing grievances are, but you read CNN’s coverage and it’s utterly nuanced to the point it doesn’t make sense.

    “ Their anger was fueled in large part by the nation’s armed forces claim that it targeted the passenger plane unintentionally. It attributed the crash to radar activity and fear of US action.”

    U.S. bad, I guess ???

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  39. Vegas Guy says:

    This whole incident is part of the grand scheme of the left. Not that difficult to fighre out how they can use it as a double edge sword against Trump…..

    Intel community collects “credible intel” on potential upcoming incidents…The brief Trump & his imbedded “Hawks” convince him that he must act swiftly. OK, reasonable right?

    Now comes the potential chaff to Trump. The Dems go into an uproar that they were not informed prior to the act. By all accounts that we have heard, it almost sounds as though the Intel community either refuses to or has somewhat less intel than what the Administration initially released. Again this puts the Dems into a tailspin, with even a few RINO’s exposing themselves along the way. All negative talking points going into 2020 & plenty of dirt to fuel the fire as it were.

    Now how to make this a win – win for the Dems….? Easy….IF Trump did not act when he did & as he did, some “imminent” act would most certainly have raised its’ ugly head shortly. You can rest assured that some Intel community “whistleblower” would have gone running to Schit for brains & disclosed that there was “Very credible” intel of this pending act & Trump was fully briefed & urged by his “trusted” advisors” & gues what?…He declined to act when he had the opportunity….

    See how that works…..

    FWIW but I am pretty sure I am on the money on that scenario.


  40. Willy Nilly says:

    I love the Daily Mail because they do real reporting, but dig this sentence from their article and picture, if you will, the Keystone Korps: “… when it was shot down by hapless Iranian Revolutionary Guard air defense forces shortly after taking off …”.


  41. Sherri Young says:


  42. Say what you will about the Bush/Cheney Iraq adventure, but Iran was almost this close to the brink when 0-bama took office and literally set back our efforts to rid the region of this Islamic supremacist theocratic menace by a decade through his feckless appeasement and capitulation to evil.


  43. Cocoon says:

    If the Regime is toppled, maybe Iranians can provide US citizens with information concerning payments Obama team sent to Iran.
    Total amount wired, any conditions, how amount was determined. The frozen assets by US are nowhere near reported amount paid?
    Also, how much cash, conditions, determination of amount, legality and if there was a receipt?
    Yes, I am asking Iran to provide information which the “most transparent Administration in history” never has.
    BTW, how’s that Obama book coming along? Will this deal be revealed? Will lack of support for Iranian protestors be explained?


  44. Herbert Kroll says:

    ‘For a fistful of Dollars’: orchestrated protests at the UK embassy in Tehran:


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