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Whoops – CBS Major Garrett Notes Highly Effective Trump Minority Policies “Any President Would Want to Claim”…

Oh dear, CBS’s Major Garrett is going to be in trouble now.  During a panel discussion Garrett pointed out President Trump’s accomplishments on behalf of minority communities is a legacy any President “would want to claim”: . Promises made, promises … Continue reading

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Sunday Talks: Ivanka Trump -vs- Margaret Brennan…

Ivanka Trump appears on Face the Nation to discuss the ongoing initiatives around paid family leave.  Ms. Brennan exhibits serious envy as she attempts to position Ms. Trump on the defensive.  However, Ivanka Trump is deeply informed on the nuances, … Continue reading

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U.S. Military Strikes Iranian Militia in Iraq and Northern Syria – Secretary Pompeo and Esper Briefing…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Miley traveled to Mar-a-Lago today to brief President Trump on issues around the middle-east.  The three leaders also held a press briefing this evening … Continue reading

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Rep John Lewis, Congressman Who Led Partisan Boycott of Trump Inauguration, Diagnosed With Stage-4 Pancreatic Cancer….

Georgia Democrat Congressman John Lewis, 79, the leader of the 2017 Democrat agenda to boycott the inauguration of President Donald Trump,  announces he has been diagnosed with stage-4 pancreatic cancer. “I have been in some kind of fight – for … Continue reading

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Sunday Talks: NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien -vs- Jonathan Karl…

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien appeared on ABC This Week with Jonathan Karl to discuss the ongoing issues with North Korea.  Karl attempted the oft familiar approach of pitting O’Brien against former advisor John Bolton, by highlighting Bolton’s always customary … Continue reading

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Sunday Talks: Senator Ted Cruz Breaks-down Likely Impeachment Process…

Senator Ted Cruz appears on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to break down the likely procedural process for an impeachment trial in the upper chamber. Senator Cruz walks through the likely scenario based on current Senate rules of impeachment. … Continue reading

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Parents Beware – California Public Schools Will Implement Already Proven Failed Program to Stop Schools from Suspending Students With Bad Behavior….

California public schools are on the cusp of initiating a new state-wide law that will ban schools from suspending students for antisocial, disruptive behavior. The absolutely worst part of this initiative is that California doesn’t need to wait to find … Continue reading

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