Rank and Vile – FBI Director Christopher Wray Releases Pathetic Letter Following Highly Critical FISA Report…

FBI Director Christopher Wray releases a letter submitted to U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr after the IG Horowitz findings of wrongdoing within the FBI FISA process:

[VIA FBI] Dear Inspector General Horowitz:

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Report titled, “Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation” (Report).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) appreciates the OIG’s crucial independent oversight role and the thoroughness and professionalism your office brought to this work. The Report’s findings and recommendations represent constructive criticism that will make us stronger as an organization.

We also appreciate the Report’s recognition that the FBI cooperated fully with this review and provided broad and timely access to all information requested by the OIG, including highly classified and sensitive material involving national security.

The Report concludes that the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation and related investigations of certain individuals were opened in 2016 for an authorized purpose and with adequate factual predication.

The Report also details instances in which certain FBI personnel, at times during the 2016-2017 period reviewed by the OIG, did not comply with existing policies, neglected to exercise appropriate diligence, or otherwise failed to meet the standard of conduct that the FBI expects of its employees — and that our country expects of the FBI.

We are vested with significant authorities, and it is our obligation as public servants to ensure that these authorities are exercised with objectivity and integrity. Anything less falls short of the FBI’s duty to the American people.

Accordingly, the FBI accepts the Report’s findings and embraces the need for thoughtful, meaningful remedial action. I have ordered more than 40 corrective steps to address the Report’s recommendations.

Because our credibility and brand are central to fulfilling our mission, we are also making improvements beyond those recommended by the OIG. And where certain individuals have been referred by the OIG for review of their conduct, the FBI will not hesitate to take appropriate disciplinary action if warranted at the completion of the required procedures for disciplinary review.

Below is a summary of the actions we are taking, which we describe in more detail in the attachment to this letter.

First, we are modifying our processes under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), both for initial applications and renewals, to enhance accuracy and completeness. The FBI relies on FISA every day in national security investigations to prevent terrorists and foreign intelligence services from harming the United States. We are making concrete changes to ensure that our FISA protocols, verifications, layers of review, record-keeping requirements, and audits are more stringent and less susceptible to mistake or inaccuracy. These new processes will also ensure that the FISA Court and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are apprised of all information in the FBI’s holdings relevant to a determination of probable cause.

Second, we undertook an extensive review of investigative activity based out of FBI Headquarters. The FBI is a field-based law enforcement organization, and the vast majority of our investigations should continue to be worked by our field offices. Moving forward, in the very rare instance when FBI Headquarters runs a sensitive investigation, we are requiring prior approval by the FBI Deputy Director and consultation with the Assistant Director in Charge or Special Agent in Charge of the affected field offices.

Third, we are making significant changes to how the FBI manages its Confidential Human Source (CHS) Program. Many FBI investigations rely on human sources, but the investigative value derived from CHS-provided information rests in part on the CHS’s credibility, which demands rigorous assessment of the source. The modifications we are making to how the FBI collects, documents, and shares information about CHSs will strengthen our assessment of the information these sources are providing.

Fourth, I am establishing new protocols for the FBI’s participation in Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)-led counterintelligence transition briefings (i.e., strategic intelligence briefings) provided to presidential nominees. The FBI’s role in these briefings should be for national security purposes and not for investigative purposes. Continued participation by the FBI in these transition briefings is critical to ensuring continuity in the event of a change in administrations. The new FBI protocols about transition briefings will complement procedures already implemented by the FBI earlier this year to govern the separate category of defensive briefings. The FBI gives defensive briefings, which are based on specific threat information, in a wide variety of contexts and for myriad federal, state, and other public and private individuals and entities. The procedures we recently established for defensive briefings regarding malign foreign influence efforts have brought a new rigor and discipline to whether and how such briefings should proceed.

Fifth, I am mandating a specialized, semiannual training requirement for FBI personnel at all levels who handle FISA and CHS matters. This training will be experience-based, and it will cover specific lessons learned from this Report, along with other new and revised material. Earlier in my tenure as Director, I reinstated an annual ethics training program for all FBI employees, because I learned the training had been discontinued in prior years. While that training was not introduced in response to this Report, all current FBI employees involved in the 2016-2017 events reviewed by the OIG have since completed this additional training in ethics and professional responsibility.

Finally, we will review the performance and conduct of certain FBI employees who were referenced in the Report’s recommendations — including managers, supervisors, and senior officials at the time. The FBI will take appropriate disciplinary action where warranted. Notably, many of the employees described in the report are no longer employed at the FBI.  (read more)


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198 Responses to Rank and Vile – FBI Director Christopher Wray Releases Pathetic Letter Following Highly Critical FISA Report…

  1. rjones99 says:

    He missed the action item re annual training on how to identify illegal, criminal, FBI-led conspiracies to remove presidents some in the government don’t like. Apart from that minor oversight, great cap.

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  2. Paul B. says:

    Trump’s achilles heel has been his appointees, especially early-on, when he was just learning the ropes. He seems to be improving. Now, the clean-up.

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  3. Bird Watcher says:

    Wray is more full of fecal matter than my septic tank. Is he going to start recording 302’s? That would be a concrete step forward. His investigators can still take notes, but everything should be recorded, and the witness should also be allowed to record at the same time so recordings are not altered.

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    As soon as I saw he was confirmed so quickly with little to no pushback I knew he was dirty. Another deep state SCUMBAG and cover up artist.

    Expose every one of them and hold them all accountable President Trump.

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  5. Jimmy Jack says:

    For those suggesting he’s incompetent – he’s not incompetent, he’s COMPLICIT.

    These deep staters benefit from the long standing belief that government in an incompetent bloated bureaucracy. It’s plenty competent and efficient with corruption.

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    • ale81inn says:

      They are all complicit. FBI needs to be dissolved. Washington needs to burn

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    • Betty says:

      Yeah, today at that hearing the democrats were almost laughable when they so reverently asked themselves if all the other major agencies believed that President Trump should not hold up American tax-payer money going to Ukraine, to which they answered “Yes, every major agency felt that the aid to our Ukraine allies should not be held up and who, as we speak, are the facing Russian aggression and are the ‘tip of the spear’.

      But they seemed to for get that yesterday we learned that every “major agency” has action in the Ukraine Congressional Appropriations laundry bis.

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    • Observer says:

      Anyone that is confirmed by the senate, in my opinion, works for the deep state ultimately.

      Congress is the problem in this country. Its completely hijacked by anti-Americans on the left and anti-Americans on the right who only pretend to be pro-America.

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  6. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Too late, Wray, The snakes are out of the cages. Are they hiding in your home?
    Wray = Traitor

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  7. John Post says:

    My impression of the FBI:

    Disband them as an organization and make sure NONE of them EVER work in any organizations (of any kind) that have ANY thing to do with the law!

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  8. dimbulbz says:

    None of this gasbags comments reflect the severity of the situation. The FBI literally brought the United States to its knees and is continuing to press its advantage by denying that anything of consequence has happened. This isnt some poor judgement thing, like forgetting to water the plants in the entry way. These people instigated a coup against the people of the United States. The fact that this clown doesnt get that, tells me he needs to be fired immediately. He talks as though the consequences for the “lack of training” was that someone stubbed their toe. Not that the entire nation is now at each others throat. They are complicit in sedition.

    “Well, lets just send them to a class…” – what a joke.

    These people think we are imbeciles. God help us if we dont get rid of them. We deserve an FBI that will alter statements and act as though they have God and Honor on their side. It makes me sick to my stomach that That organization thinks it represents the rule of law in this country. They do not stand between us and lawlessness. They are the lawlessness, and are protecting those who mean to destroy truth. They are the very definition of lawlessness.

    I’d tell Wray to not bother with any training. Its just a waste of tax dollars. These people already think they can do whatever they want. You cant train the corrupt how to be honest. They have no honor, and the fact that they are not deeply ashamed of their leadership tells me these “Rank and file” agents are every bit cut from the same cloth as the scumbags who lead them. I have quit jobs where I have found that my bosses are not worth following. What do we need the FBI for? Do they actually do the country any good at all? If they just make up whatever they want to and ignore any thing that stands in their way, I’ll take my chances with the criminals, who I can shoot. The FBI will make damn sure I am prosecuted for defending myself.

    If you’re an honest FBI agent who is disgusted by this sham, Stand up, be a man, or a woman,and denounce this. If you keep your head down, we know for certain what you are. You value a
    paycheck over your honor. I left my cushy Government job 20+ years ago,because I recognized I was a lackey in a corrupt organization. Life is too short to sell your reputation for that.

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  9. Tiffthis says:

    Now no one can say the president lied when he said he was spied on 💯

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  10. lieutenantm says:

    Mister President, FIRE THIS MAN! and/or prosecute him.

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  11. AnotherView says:

    Dear Mr. President: All I want for Christmas is to see Wray fired.

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  12. freepetta says:


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  13. Rick says:

    He should have added more sensitivity training, that worked so well last time.

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  14. Michael Hennessy says:

    Looks like he’s gonna order another mandatory sensitivity and hurt feelings refresher for all of his upstanding agents and their superiors.

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  15. asailorman01 says:

    Sixth. I hereby resign as director of the FBI as of January 1, 2020.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      Wray said, “I have ordered more than 40 corrective steps to address the Report’s recommendations.”

      Over forty corrective steps to fix the only five areas he mentions? A lot of people should resign, be fired, or sent to Gitmo for ‘training’ since that’s apparently the best they can do.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      7. I will report to San Quentin in two weeks to spend the rest of my life.


  16. rustybritches says:

    Please Fire Mr Wray and please fire the IG his report is disgusting and not correct
    Please fire them all and clean out the FBI Heck they cant even figure out how many people was at that shooting that took part just because only one man had a gun and did the shooting what about the others who took pictures of the shooting and the rest of those people came up missing
    Time to clean out the whole mess in Washington and be done with Obama’s mess

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  17. Jesse says:

    What would you do if you ran the FBI?

    I’d find the problems and eliminate them. Bias has no place in policing.

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  18. Sharon says:

    Mr. Wray, are you aware that all of your regulatory changes and paying close attention (at long last – – – – supposedly) isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit as long as liars and prevaricators continue to flourish in positions of authority that include no responsibility?


    Take your words, Mr. Wray, put ’em where the sun don’t shine. And then we’ll take you snipe-hunting somewhere in the north country where the temp is hovering around zero ’bout now.


  19. John-Y128 says:

    “The FBI relies on FISA every day in national security investigations to prevent terrorists, foreign intelligence services and the occasional rogue republican president from harming the United States.” /s I now fully understanding Rev. Wrights thinking about this nation!

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  20. nimrodman says:

    the FBI accepts the Report’s findings and embraces the need for thoughtful, meaningful remedial action

    “they promise not to do it again and we’ll schedule them for ethics training”

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  21. hokkoda says:

    I was chuckling as I read the first few “remedial actions”, and I accidentally blew some boogers on my laptop display when I read the word “training”. hahahahahahahahahaha! Oh my goodness! He actually wrote that ON PURPOSE! hahahahahaha!

    If there’s silver lining to this report, he does not exonerate anybody. Nothing is swept under the rug, so to speak, in the sense that he doesn’t come out and say “no bias” like that crap 2018 report. The report is what it is, and he offers no defense of the guilty. Baby steps.

    This letter is a kitten mewing diminutively in the face of a barking rabid dog. It’s a good start because the letter recognizes that there is no acceptable accuse for these misdeeds, and that worse, much worse, is coming.


  22. Vince says:

    Wray promised from the last report to institute changes. Have any of those changes been adopted?

    Should the head of the corrupt agency be allowed to pick which remedies the agency should adopt?

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  23. NJF says:

    Fire him & go 10 levels below him.

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  24. Buzzsaw says:

    Somebody tell Whoreowitz that Crossfire Hurricane was not an investigation into acts already undertaken, but rather a sting operation to frame POTUS of acts he HADN’T undertaken.

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  25. I do not trust wray never have been,

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    • Super Elite says:

      I will always remember Wray smirking when the Russians where indicted for hacking the 2016 election — that was the announcement he announced while President Trump was meeting with Vlad Putin. SMIRKING SMIRKING SMIRKING Wray was hahahahahahaing through the whole media event for the announcement. SMIRKING SMIRKING SMIRKING


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Three words:

      King and Spalding.

      Experience has shown that
      those three words on your
      resume should be considered
      as a liability by anyone paying


  26. bearescat says:

    Eleanor Roosevelt called the FBI “The American Gestapo.”

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  27. Appalled says:

    Trying to come up with a concrete response that ordinary citizens can take (in addition to prayers, of course). I feel like my emails to my US legislators don’t get much traction because I don’t give big bucks. What if we started a White House petition to have all 302’s recorded? That is something PDJT could do by executive order.

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  28. NC Nana says:

    My biggest concern about the FBI and their current status is that there were/are no whistleblowers. Congressman Mark Meadows says the IG report has these takeaways:

    1) FBI heavily abused the FISA process. Presented false info and withheld exculpatory info from the court.

    2) FBI used ‘defensive briefings’ to investigate Trump campaign officials

    3) FBI relied on knowingly dubious sources for anti-Trump information

    **** My thoughts****

    Christopher Wray continues to brag about his brand. I would like to suggest this slogan to go along with that brand.

    If the Dems can’t steal the election at the ballot box we’ll let the FBI do it.

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  29. plane of the ecliptic says:

    The FBI has been corrupt since its birth. Just one word Hoover. Sadly, we all have ignored it (myself included). The CIA since the 1950s. Just one example, giving Agents psychedelic drugs without their permission or knowledge. One jumping out a Hotel window to his death due to it. Just one old historical sample. Everyone has looked the other way for decades and decades.

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  30. Magabear says:

    The problem is, who “authorized” the purpose of the investigation? A Comey or McCabe could authorize whatever they wanted to, but it doesn’t make it justifiable.

    Training won’t help when you have politically motivated cretins like Strozk and Page in the agency.

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  31. GB Bari says:

    Cant think of much else to add to the array of comments above but,
    – Wray needs to be replaced with a Director more interested in restoring credibility to the FBI by
    – Ridding the FBI of EVERYONE who participated in Crossfire Hurricane as well as
    – Creating severe penalties (written in “The Book”) including termination and complete loss of pension for anyone who “lacks candor” in any investigation or fails to include all available exculpatory evidence on FISA warrant applications.

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  32. visage13 says:

    He had an interview all lined up with ABC. Pathetic, who recommended this hire to President Trump? Awful, just awful.

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  33. TomA says:

    Months ago I predicted that the FBI, a de facto criminal enterprise that promoted and implemented an attempted coup against a duly elected president, would, upon being caught in these criminal acts, attempt to avoid prosecution and accountability by expressing faux outrage and “promising” to implement token rule changes aimed at persuading a gullible public that they are not in fact a criminal enterprise pretending to be the nation’s highest law enforcement institution. Mr. Wray has lived too long within the make-believe fantasyland of DC if he really believes he can head-fake his way out of culpability in these ongoing crimes against the country, the Constitution, and the rule of law (RIP). Up yours Mr. Wray and the horse you rode in on.

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  34. john another says:

    How is it possible for Horowitz to find no bias without establishing predicate?
    Without predicate for the four FISA warrants they are proof of not just bias
    (which is not what the public is interested in), but criminal. Is there any
    evidence at all that these were ‘errors’? Errors tend to run in multiple directions
    while every single one of these ‘errors’ run against Trump and Constitutionalist and
    for the persons under investigations. Gee, no criminal referals from an IG, where
    have we seen this before? Like any good HR person the IG is just there to protect
    image of their boss.

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    • john another says:

      But Horowitz is not helping the image of Wray, the FBI or the DOJ.
      As Nunes said . if dirty cops (and lawyers) don’t go to jail half the voters in this
      country will not trust these ‘institutions’ for generations.


  35. Vic Damron says:

    We are at a point in the game where I have to wonder, if there were any “good” FBI agents would we have all these “bad” FBI agents? Corruption seems to be a prerequisite to government employment, like Goldman Sachs.

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  36. Boots says:

    American patriots respond:


  37. Boots says:

    Rebuilding the FBI, Step 1:

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  38. Hell, a three legged dog with two peckers in a whorehouse has more credibility than this bozo.

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  39. neev1031 says:

    What an a-hole! He is only weakening the institution under the pretext of ‘standing up for his people’. If he truly cared for the FBI, he would have been brutally honest – the only thing that gets change started.

    Consider: Comey, McCabe, Preistap, Rybicki, Yates, Baker, Strzok, Ohr, Rosenstein, Mueller … An organization learns from its leaders – what would the rank & file have learnt about honesty, honor & service from these bozos?

    So many lives ruined by the FBI & DOJ. Who will trust the FBI after this? How many of our best & brightest will even consider a career in the FBI? How many parents will counsel against employment at these departments?

    What about the price this nation paid? What makes my blood boil is the price PDJT has paid.

    Yet, not a single word of apology or even acknowledgement of consequences from FBI actions.

    ‘Integrity’ should be struck from their motto – they do not deserve it anymore.

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  40. So, let me see if I understand the new procedures. First, any investigation run out of FBI headquarters must be rare. Well, they already are rare. Second, they must be approved by the FBI Director. You mean like, say, Comey? What a douchebag. If I was director, any personnel that had anything to do with this investigation would be fired on the spot, unless they were a documented whistleblower. And since we know there were none of those, this means they all get fired. Second, they and their family members would be subjected to a thorough investigation to determine if maybe there was an unexplained financial windfall. Any crime uncovered, and I don’t care if it’s just for jaywalking, would be prosecuted fully. No plea deals, unless they gave up a really, really big fish.

    Now, let me pour another drink and think up what should be done next.

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    • Papoose says:

      The douche bag was under orders from John Brennan. The same communist who was caught red-handed sanitizing federal records during the 2008 election known as Passportgate. Hence, his reward, being appointed Director of the CIA.

      The creep responsible for hiding all POTUS 44 records and bona fides…to this very day. President Trump knows and that’s the Swamp’s actual problem with him.

      The CIA and Department of State are the perpetrators. We were usurped.

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      • I think I’m beginning to see the value in revealing the corruption slowly and then gradually increasing the sunlight. It literally would be too much for most people to digest all at once.. hell, even myself at times, and I’ve been pretty jaded over the years.

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  41. Papoose says:

    Dereliction of Duty offered as an excuse for the failed Coup d’etat just doesn’t cut it.

    Who and Why and When was Operation Hurricane Crossfire named? By whom and on what day?

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  42. DeWalt says:

    Basically, we broke all the rules so we’ll create some new ones. There that will fix it.

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  43. Eric says:

    Still no FBI or DOJ whistleblowers. They are corrupt scum.

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  44. veritas libertas says:

    Wray throws like a girl.

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  45. Moving forward, in the very rare instance when FBI Headquarters runs a sensitive investigation, we are requiring prior approval by the FBI Deputy Director …

    With a scumbag like McCabe in the position of Deputy Director, where’s the stop-gap in that measure? McCabe not only approved, he participated in the coup against Trump.

    I got news for you Wray: the performance of the FBI in this debacle is exactly what I always expect it to be — rotten to core. I expect the worst and you never fail to succeed.

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  46. bluenova1971 says:

    Wuck Fray

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  47. X XYZ says:

    “Because our credibility and brand are central to fulfilling our mission..”

    Wow! ‘Our BRAND”? “Our mission”? WTF???

    What “brand” is that? A line of women’s wear? What “mission” is that? A twisted religion?

    Nah, it’s bureau-speak – the lingo of administration.

    Just let us keep our phony, baloney jobs… and WE PROMISE WE WILL NEVER, EVER DO IT AGAIN. Solemn promise. As valuable as an oath of office.

    So what’s ANY oath worth? The price of vulnerability.

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  48. Carrie says:

    Chew on this Wray

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  49. Retired IG says:

    ,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l,l Not kidding you but all of that is what my 7 month rescue kitten typed after listening to my brainwaves, and audible gunts , groans ard curses ALL DAY!. Wray, perhaps the best I can say about him in this moment in our history is that he surely isn’t a Hoover, Mueller, or Comey. Other than not needing the job for money, can’t figure out what the hell he has done for the FBI other than write memos subsequent to IG reports that are full of sweetness and promise that his agents will do better. He’s such a YAWN. And most likely has NO CLUE how FURIOUS many agents that follow the code of conduct regarding their work are now going to be as subjects of Wrays remedial training because a bunch of rogue agents decided to circumvent the system to fulfill a political agenda. My office mates and I had to go through a whole week of mandatory sexual harassment training after two “people” gave someone a “doll gift” of the blow up kind.
    Talk about fury among the “rank and file.” Offer up some STICK Wray. So tired of you writing your limp DUCK and wrist memos

    Liked by 1 person

    • dimbulbz says:

      Ha! We sponsor rescued kittens and have 8 at our house at the moment… Wild times, but What a joy! and yeah, lots of bad keyboard strokes. And as far as “mandatory” training – yes, even though I work out of my home, I still have to take yearly mandatory Sexual harassment training. I never actually see anyone else from my company.


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