Rank and Vile – FBI Director Christopher Wray Releases Pathetic Letter Following Highly Critical FISA Report…

FBI Director Christopher Wray releases a letter submitted to U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr after the IG Horowitz findings of wrongdoing within the FBI FISA process:

[VIA FBI] Dear Inspector General Horowitz:

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Report titled, “Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation” (Report).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) appreciates the OIG’s crucial independent oversight role and the thoroughness and professionalism your office brought to this work. The Report’s findings and recommendations represent constructive criticism that will make us stronger as an organization.

We also appreciate the Report’s recognition that the FBI cooperated fully with this review and provided broad and timely access to all information requested by the OIG, including highly classified and sensitive material involving national security.

The Report concludes that the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation and related investigations of certain individuals were opened in 2016 for an authorized purpose and with adequate factual predication.

The Report also details instances in which certain FBI personnel, at times during the 2016-2017 period reviewed by the OIG, did not comply with existing policies, neglected to exercise appropriate diligence, or otherwise failed to meet the standard of conduct that the FBI expects of its employees — and that our country expects of the FBI.

We are vested with significant authorities, and it is our obligation as public servants to ensure that these authorities are exercised with objectivity and integrity. Anything less falls short of the FBI’s duty to the American people.

Accordingly, the FBI accepts the Report’s findings and embraces the need for thoughtful, meaningful remedial action. I have ordered more than 40 corrective steps to address the Report’s recommendations.

Because our credibility and brand are central to fulfilling our mission, we are also making improvements beyond those recommended by the OIG. And where certain individuals have been referred by the OIG for review of their conduct, the FBI will not hesitate to take appropriate disciplinary action if warranted at the completion of the required procedures for disciplinary review.

Below is a summary of the actions we are taking, which we describe in more detail in the attachment to this letter.

First, we are modifying our processes under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), both for initial applications and renewals, to enhance accuracy and completeness. The FBI relies on FISA every day in national security investigations to prevent terrorists and foreign intelligence services from harming the United States. We are making concrete changes to ensure that our FISA protocols, verifications, layers of review, record-keeping requirements, and audits are more stringent and less susceptible to mistake or inaccuracy. These new processes will also ensure that the FISA Court and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are apprised of all information in the FBI’s holdings relevant to a determination of probable cause.

Second, we undertook an extensive review of investigative activity based out of FBI Headquarters. The FBI is a field-based law enforcement organization, and the vast majority of our investigations should continue to be worked by our field offices. Moving forward, in the very rare instance when FBI Headquarters runs a sensitive investigation, we are requiring prior approval by the FBI Deputy Director and consultation with the Assistant Director in Charge or Special Agent in Charge of the affected field offices.

Third, we are making significant changes to how the FBI manages its Confidential Human Source (CHS) Program. Many FBI investigations rely on human sources, but the investigative value derived from CHS-provided information rests in part on the CHS’s credibility, which demands rigorous assessment of the source. The modifications we are making to how the FBI collects, documents, and shares information about CHSs will strengthen our assessment of the information these sources are providing.

Fourth, I am establishing new protocols for the FBI’s participation in Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)-led counterintelligence transition briefings (i.e., strategic intelligence briefings) provided to presidential nominees. The FBI’s role in these briefings should be for national security purposes and not for investigative purposes. Continued participation by the FBI in these transition briefings is critical to ensuring continuity in the event of a change in administrations. The new FBI protocols about transition briefings will complement procedures already implemented by the FBI earlier this year to govern the separate category of defensive briefings. The FBI gives defensive briefings, which are based on specific threat information, in a wide variety of contexts and for myriad federal, state, and other public and private individuals and entities. The procedures we recently established for defensive briefings regarding malign foreign influence efforts have brought a new rigor and discipline to whether and how such briefings should proceed.

Fifth, I am mandating a specialized, semiannual training requirement for FBI personnel at all levels who handle FISA and CHS matters. This training will be experience-based, and it will cover specific lessons learned from this Report, along with other new and revised material. Earlier in my tenure as Director, I reinstated an annual ethics training program for all FBI employees, because I learned the training had been discontinued in prior years. While that training was not introduced in response to this Report, all current FBI employees involved in the 2016-2017 events reviewed by the OIG have since completed this additional training in ethics and professional responsibility.

Finally, we will review the performance and conduct of certain FBI employees who were referenced in the Report’s recommendations — including managers, supervisors, and senior officials at the time. The FBI will take appropriate disciplinary action where warranted. Notably, many of the employees described in the report are no longer employed at the FBI.  (read more)


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198 Responses to Rank and Vile – FBI Director Christopher Wray Releases Pathetic Letter Following Highly Critical FISA Report…

  1. Rynn69 says:

    So, Trump isn’t this stupid. So WTH is going on? Are we just going to idly sit by and let them stall another year until 2020 and fight with our hands tied behind our back like inept dolts? Really, I would like to know what other Treepers think. This is not adding up.

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    • Boots says:

      I think only a hot war and the removal thereby of the coup participants, as well as the supporting cast of SES and other bureaucrats, is the only thing that can stop this, reverse it, mitigate the damage, and restore the Republic. The ultimate price of prison or death must be paid by those who did this. Nothing else will deter future coup efforts. If the courts won’t see to that, these factors give The People of the Constitution the legal and moral authority to not only wage war, but convene grand juries, arrest, try, and sentence to execution:

      First, the Declaration of Independence instructs it’s the duty and right of The People to throw off a tyrannical government of dictatorial overseers.

      Second, the Federalist papers and other similar records and documents of the founding of America support a hot war as last resort.

      Third, the Second Amendment was intended for just such a purpose.

      Fourth, the natural, innate, God given right and desire to live as free men, not subjects of a dictatorship, imprisoned by a God hating system that punishes with fines, restrictive laws, prison, and even death, those who hold conservative values and refuse to bow the knee to the false god of communism.

      Fifth, the founders needed no permission or government approval to wage war, hold trials, imprison, hang, or pardon those who sought to subjugate them. Neither do The People of the Constitution need any permission or approval from any man.

      Tim McVeigh understood this is war. It’s terrible and unconscionable that innocents were killed by his response to the FBI and BATF murder of 80 other innocents at Waco, but he understood that without striking back in a stunning show of force, without shooting back, the FBI and BATF murderers, including West Point sniper Lon Horiuchi – heartily and heavily defended by now-attorney general William Barr (FU Barr) – then the government would continue to murder, plunder, pillage, and rape at will.

      And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing to Trump for 3 years, and conservatives earnestly ever since the CIA installed their Muslim puppet Obama.

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  2. 35 separate claims in Carter Page FISAs that had no documentation . . . I’m not a lawyer, but I thought judges could issue arrest warrants or disbar or somehow throw the book at lawyers who lie to them. Why are the FISA judges so quiet?


  3. moe ham head says:

    so just like i predicted nothing will come of this
    i think i will get a job at the physic network im getting pretty good at this


  4. Merkin Muffley says:

    The report on human sources came out 3 weeks ago and this hack never said “boo” about it. Wray has a history of inaction and he needs to be fired.

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  5. CM-TX says:

    Going to re-post this over here for the Hair-Helmet’s benefit… just in case he’s looking around for ANY praise. (Praise it’s not!) You had ☝️ job!!

    Re. Chapter ii, page 19:

    Here’s why it was allowed to happen…

    {NOTE: I’m still having “what the sh!t?!” Fits, to some of these lax arse policies/ NO standards for investigations I keep reading!}


    🙄 Predicate ==>> “Preliminary INVESTIGATION can be opened on the basis of ANY ‘ALLEGATION -OR- information’ indicative of POSSIBLE criminal activity, or threats to the National Security.”
    *(EMPHASIS mine)*

    To that I say, “That’s IT??”
    So if we ALL call up to report that Schiff & a bunch of Congress Crooks are LIARS, & conspiring to orchestrate a COUP against the President. Are they going to open an investigation? (No!) Despite plenty of probable cause = physical/circumstantial evidence saying it is decidedly so! 🤨

    If you don’t see the problem with this low bar– you haven’t been paying attention.

    Consider the many reports of VALID calls/contact made to FIB that go IGNORED, only to end in tragedies that might’ve been prevented/lessened.
    Or the “lone” terrorist that we always learn of AFTER-THE-FACT, was already on their radar.

    Specific Case in point: concerned family/citizens made several calls to FIB concerning a certain HS student in Broward Co, FL …… that did exactly what was warned about.

    Wray’s GOT to GO.. & if PDJT had only listed to Gohmert on Hannity (c.Oct 16ish) – he warned him to “SACK Wray immediately!”

    FTR: Gohmert knows their dirty. He watched them decades ago ransack a (suspiciously dead guy’s) Congressional Office– w/o any cause or warrant. [He mentions it in a committee hearing re. the Awan Scandal, b/c it STILL bothers him!]


  6. zekness says:

    there was never a wray of hope…

    he’s done…he did his “job”…

    now trump must act right now and fire him and humiliate and shame him.

    full stop

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  7. Edward Daigle says:

    No bias says Horowitz–what planet is he on? Wray needs to be fired immediately he has been delaying documents since he took over, Trump needs fire him immediately.


  8. crasey says:

    Instead of firing him replace the leadership team around him. If he doesn’t get with the program or your chosen acting replacement is in place. Now is not a good time for a confirmation fight with the Senate. Go around them.


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