Rudy Has the Democrats Going Bananas Again – A Trip to Ukraine Triggers DNC Media Reaction….

Rudy Giuliani went to the Ukraine with an investigative journalist team from One America News Network and boy howdy are the democrats going bananas all over again.

In this interview Margaret Brennan sits with jaw agape as she questions Mark Meadows about the latest information that Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine. WATCH:


The DNC media is really worried about anyone going to Ukraine.  The over-reactions indicate something very politically damaging to them must emanate from Ukraine.

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182 Responses to Rudy Has the Democrats Going Bananas Again – A Trip to Ukraine Triggers DNC Media Reaction….

  1. dad29 says:

    Notice that L’il Maggie’s chair on the set is pumped about 5-6″ higher than the guest’s chair?
    Maggie is BOSS!! in her own mind.

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  2. Pokey says:

    The largely unreported rumor is that Pelosi and John Kerry are also involved with schemes to get money for close relatives in exchange for taxpayer bankrolled foreign aid to Ukraine. All of this is supposed to have happened in those heady days when Hillary was a shoo in for the continuance of the Democrat/Marxist/Globalist Administrative State after the departure of our first President to arrive via the great State of Kenya, Boobily Boobily!
    That was funny right there. I don’t care who you are, that was funny right there. 🙂
    The plot may sicken, yet again. 😦

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