December 8th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1053

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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392 Responses to December 8th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1053

  1. A2 says:

    This was my Sunday.

    In Pictures: 800,000 Hongkongers attend pro-democracy march, say organisers

    Hong Kong saw yet another massive street protest on Sunday, which ended peacefully despite heightened tensions between demonstrators and police in Central.


    • Robert Smith says:


      What effect did Congress and Trump passing the bill have on the communists?


      • A2 says:

        Furious. In one word.

        It has them lashing out at everyone and anyone who even suggests they are in the wrong. From the President, to all members of Congress both sides of the aisle, by name, with vitriol.

        Even the USChamber of Commerce President in Hong Kong was refused entry to Macau for an annual meeting.


        • jeans2nd says:

          Good. The Chamber of Commerce had best become accustomed to such treatment, as we have no intention of changing.
          If possible, please give the Hong Kong Patriots our love, and tell them they will always have our total support.
          Thanks for the update.


          • A2 says:

            Will do. And right back atcha.

            PS. The irony is that the COC has been kowtowing to the PRC (excluding the many individual members who do not).


            • jrapdx says:

              No one tuning in to CTH is a bit surprised to find out COC has been kissing up to PRC. We’ve known for a long time the COC is thoroughly committed to globalism, so what else would we expect of the national COC organization?


  2. Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

    Sundance’s article that mentioned the McCabe/Page texts caused me to look at them again. What do you think this one means?

    McCabe to Page on Nov 19 2016: DAG inquired about our plan re that FISA target if he mobilizes, given the physical access he has

    The traitors had secured the first FISA warrant against Carter Page on Oct 21 2016, so this was just one month into that warrant and also 10 days after the 2016 election. I’m sure McCabe was talking about Carter Page. What does it mean “if he mobilizes”? Carter Page had resigned from the Trump campaign in Sep 2016 but he kept contact with the people working for Trump which then allowed the FBI to surveil the communications of the Trump team and even Trump himself. (This is why I think he was a plant.) And what physical access is McCabe talking about?

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  3. DesertRain says:

    According to reports in late 2016, then Sec of Defense Ash Carter and DNI Clapper called for Obama to fire NSA Admiral Mike Rogers.

    Current reporting includes then CIA Brennan and most often excludes Ash Carter. That’s a mistake.

    Halper would have been a known entity to NSA.


  4. 2Alpha says:

    Well, it was an ‘HISTORIC DAY’!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  5. Perot Conservative says:

    Now writer SHARYL ATTKISSON is pulling punches with her milquetoast critique? Ugh!

    The Hill: Will the Horowitz report split the baby?

    My reply

    Now Attkisson is pulling punches?

    One or two missed procedures are an accident. Hundreds of missed procedures, ignored or buried evidence, back channel communications, destroyed evidence, prosecutions passed on – is the biggest Conspiracy & soft Coup in our nation’s history.

    Problem is not what we don’t know, but that we know so much. Black & white. Evidence. Hundreds of documents, texts, emails, fraudulent FISA applications, corrupt State Dept, FBI, DOJ & CIA officials.


    • Robert Smith says:

      Isn’t this part reasonable at least prior to the reading the report:

      “…As we now know, Page had never even met or communicated with Donald Trump at the time the FBI claimed he was the secret nexus between Trump and Russian President Putin. There is no justification for a year’s worth of FBI wiretaps obtained by falsely claiming there was good evidence of Page acting as a Russian agent, or imminently about to become one. This FBI’s wiretapping of Page could have allowed agents to secretly collect private communications of hundreds if not thousands of people who contacted Page, and those who were connected to those people — even if they’d never met Page, including Trump himself.

      No matter what we learn Monday from Horowitz’s report, the FBI’s action was, at the least, a very serious lapse in judgment and oversight that justifies a major look back at the agency’s wiretapping of other U.S. citizens over the years. At worst, it was a blatant act to spy on a political rival. ..”


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