Secretary Sonny Perdue Discusses Return to Prior Guidelines for SNAP Assistance…

The U.S. government limits the amount of time adults aged 18-49, who do not have dependents or a disability, can receive food stamps to three months in a 36-month period, unless they meet certain work requirements.  However, during tough economic times the Dept. of Agriculture has provided waivers to extend the limits.

With a strong economy and low unemployment the Trump administration has now finalized a rule tightening guidelines on when and where states can waive federal limits on how long certain residents can receive benefits. The changes will move more “able-bodied” adults into the workplace, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue explains:


Common sense spending reform is a key part of MAGAnomics. Under the America First economic program the economy expands, tax receipts increase, and the federal government has no need to provide supplemental benefits. The treasury takes in an extra dollar and has no need to spend a dollar, the savings are doubled.

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67 Responses to Secretary Sonny Perdue Discusses Return to Prior Guidelines for SNAP Assistance…

  1. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Give bad guy Bill Clinton credit for requiring ID to get welfare. There were thousands under false name.

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  2. Johnny says:

    That will cause greasy spots on all surronding surfaces because of the exploding heads of the liberal afflicted types, not to mention the leaches of society, that are taking advantage of the safety net program.

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  3. GB Bari says:

    It sounds GREAT!

    I cannot see Pelosi EVER agreeing to this.
    “Once you create an entitlement, you can never take it away.”

    However, I would never bet against PDJT…. 🙂

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    • That’s the beauty of Executive Branch control over regulatory rule-making. 😆

      Particularly reinstating previous rules.

      Bonus: ELIMINATES arguments for more H1-B Visas and Immigrants
      … until POTUS has
      • CERTIFIED Border Security
      • ENDED DACA
      • DEPORTED Illegals
      • IMPLEMENTED E-Verify
      • ESTABLISHED Biometric Voter ID
      • COMPLETED Comprehensive Immigration Reform
      • PASSED Merit-Based Immigration.

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      • stripmallgrackle says:

        Undoubtedly, a small battalion of elite forces, equipped with heavily armed briefcases, is deploying to the Ninth Circuit, as they engage the Orange Scourge to protect millions of voters who depend on the preamble to the Constitution, and precedent, for economic justice, free food and cable. Stare Decisis. It’s not just for Roe v. Wade anymore.

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  4. jrapdx says:

    Guaranteed Democrats aren’t going to like this. Given the goings on today in the House, won’t be surprised to find out trimming back food stamp expense isn’t listed as yet another faux impeachment offense.

    OTOH my guess is deplorables will think the return to former rules a darn good idea. One more fine reason to reelect President Trump. And Democrats are really not going to like it when that happens…

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  5. government shouldn’t be big enough to be feeding n’r do wells anyway.

    That’s my opinion and it won’t change. 3 months-one & done. Families can take care of their leeches.

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    • Sentient says:

      He said 3 months, but he also said 120 days – which is four months.

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    • mac says:

      I agree that families SHOULD take care of their leeches, but that usually doesn’t work for the long-term homeless. As one homeless advocate bluntly stated, “A lot of these people have a bad case of asshole personality. They have usually nuked their bridges to everyone they ever knew by the time they end up living under an overpass.”

      In a lot of the cases, the families have learned from bitter experience that they want nothing further to do with the wastrel. The feeling is often reciprocated in spades by the wastrel, who feels the family is too “controlling” with their “unreasonable” demands that said wastrel be clean, sober, and at least looking for a job.

      I have a lot of sympathy for the families at the end of their compassion. I have none for the wastrels. As far as I’m concerned, they can sink or swim on their own, sans government assistance. He who does not work should not eat.

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  6. WIVoter says:

    I’d be happy if we’d go back to the days when people on food stamps couldn’t buy lobster tails and prime rib. I’m sure those of us who are old enough remember the signs in the grocery stores that said whether a product could be bought with food stamps. This bothers me more than anything else with the whole SNAP program. Heck, can’t we call them food stamps again!

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    • yucki says:

      All that cheese…

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      • yep….rice, macaroni, and potatoes in bulk….no candy or krap……inexpensive cuts of pork and beef, whole chickens and turkey…………you don’t like it…..GET A JOB!

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        • Let’s not forget that MEATLESSNESS is now perfectly OK!.
          • Stick with the rice, macaroni and potatoes in bulk.
          • Toss in beans, corn, carrots and milk.
          • Add soybeans that China failed to buy.

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          • AmrHollywood says:

            Been living off of peanut butter, apple sauce, brown sugar, cocoa, bananas, a lot of rice and beans and whole chickens; 60 years old, got a really bad back and COPD from being a welder for years. I worked at Intel as a semiconductor technologist, all these type jobs now are off-shored or green-carded. Last 2 years, I paid 200k in Fed tax and cashed in my 401k to pay off my mortgage. Thank You fellow patriots for keeping me alive with SNAP, honestly would not make it without them. Been through the nervous breakdown, etc. and it was a waste of emotions. Waiting for 62 to get SS and start paying bills again, it’s tough.

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            • 🤔 I’m betting you don’t qualify as able-bodied.
              Hang in there!

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              • AmrHollywood says:

                Would be a nightmare if I had to go on commodities like the old days; I could not live off of cheese, milk, pasta, pork, soy, anything artificial, lactose and gluten intolerant; I am not eligible for Obamacare and there is a waiting list for stress test and other tests that I do not want; I am scared of these free doctors. I went totally bankrupt before I even applied for SNAP; impossible runaround to get on disability so: I pray a lot, shop 1 trip a month on SNAP and get help from my 90 year old mother for electric bill. It is a disgrace, injustice and criminal what is happening in Our Nation. These stories are sick, I have no idea how or would want to game the system. I could have worked for quite a few more years but there must be some kind of hidden discrimination in effect as well.


                • Would using your skill set to up-skill workers or teach apprenticeships be an option?

                  Community College Instruction?

                  Training in Opportunity Zones?

                  We have massive shortfalls of skilled workers that will only be growing …


                • Beenthere2 says:

                  They game the system by receiving their salary off the books, —- plain and simple.


            • Aeyrie says:

              Yes, it is tough for some. Been there myself, and with no family. There seems to be a common idea that everyone needing assistance is a “ne’er do well” who uses their SNAP benefits to live high on prime rib and lobster. NOT TRUE. SNAP benefits are quite modest. Almost all actually do need it. Have a heart, people. There, but for the grace of God…

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            • Elle says:

              The fact that we don’t want people to abuse SNAP, immigration, FISA, opioids, etc. doesn’t mean that we are against those things. We are against the abuse. Not abusing it? Happy it is there to help.

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    Does this apply to “refugees”, “asylees” and all the other imported people who never paid in a dime?

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  8. P.F. Chang says:

    SSDI needs an overhaul.

    Not being able to speak English should not entitle you to a lifetime of welfare.

    You are not a “refugee” if you are not seeking refuge. There are “refugees” here with businesses and houses back in their home country.

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  9. Mom4Trump2020 says:

    I live in a small town and work in a grocery store. Today, I watched several very, very able bodied young men, under thirty, buy junk with food stamps. I could see how healthy they were, can’t help but miss that when they’re jumping, running around, high fiving each other. Anyways, the young men always buy the energy drinks and a bag of chips or cookies, several times a day. It’s funny just how often they come into the store in one day. Now, the Russians, lots of those on the outskirts of this town, buy the shrimp (this store doesn’t sell lobster), steaks, and high end products. I’ve often wondered why the Russians have so much more food stamps than others. Anyone know why that is? One other thing, there’s jobs here, more so now under President Trump.

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    • tucker7518 says:

      I see students from the local high schools buying pizzas and expensive dinners, and paying for them with their own EBT cards at the local pizza joint.

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    • nimrodman says:

      I would guess that the Russians either run stores where they buy the food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar from people looking to convert them to fast cash for booze or drugs.

      Or – they buy them for 60 or 70 cents on the dollar from Arabs and Pakistanis who buy them for 50 cents on the dollar.

      That kinda thing

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    • Beenthere says:

      I’ll one up you. —— Over in NYC the Haitians use their food stamps to buy in bulk and then send the food to Haiti.

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  10. H.M.P.D. says:

    Now if they could cut off all these Obama Phones that Mr. Crooked Slim gets our tax $$$ for…it would save US Big Bucks! Considering these welfare peeps each have multiple Obama phones we pay for! Or at the very least go back to the time when the “Free Phone” was suppose to be for a Landline! And it’s WAY beyond time to cut off ILLEGALS from receiving ANY WELFARE…period! To say they don’t get it…is flat out bullshit! I see it everyday! They all use fake ID’s to get every benefit there is! Hell….we even have Illegals working in the welfare dept. signing their Hombres up for these benefits. Same at the DMV’s! In NV a few years ago…they went as far as stealing the machine that prints out CDL’s! So E-Verify only works half of the time at best. When these illegals use a Real American Citizens identity…there’s no way an employer or anyone else can determine it’s authenticity. Which is why Voter ID isn’t good enough! They have ways around everything….they’ve been gaming our system for decades! We need a thumb print or something in a database…or at least use the same system the Military Bases use in order for a person to get cleared to enter a Base or Commissary. It’s time to crack down on all this damn fraud WE PAY FOR!!!

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    • H.M.P.D. says:

      Also….EVERY Welfare Recipient should be subject to drug testing on a regular basis! The cost of drug tests would be a spit in the bucket compared to the money that would be saved by kicking these cradle to grave leeches off welfare!

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    • meow4me2 says:

      Yes, get rid of obamaphones! I had to think long and hard before I could bring myself to pay $250 per month to get the family cell phones. And that doesn’t include what I paid for the phones – that was roughly $200 per month until I had paid them off! It angers me to no end how I had to make room in my budget for cell phones, but Obama just handed them out like candy to get votes. As far as I’m concerned, you want nice stuff in your life? Well, that’s a perfect incentive to get off your butt and work for it!

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  11. hokkoda says:

    Liberal Hack Judge issues nationwide injunction in 3…2…1…

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    • tucker7518 says:

      I see students from the local high schools buying pizzas and expensive dinners, and paying for them with their own EBT cards at the local pizza joint.

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      • hokkoda says:

        Oh yeah, I was an assistant grocery store manager in my late teens and early 20’s. We called it “check day” back then before EBT cards. The reliefers would get their monthly checks and head to the store to load up. We were required by law to evaluate whether this or that item was allowed. For example, back then, they could buy milk and eggs but not soda or makeup for example…nothing that triggered the sales tax was allowed.

        If they’re buying pizza and prepared meals on an EBT, that’s illegal. I’m sure people do it, but it is illegal. I used to keep a shopping cart behind me at the register, and as I scanned the items, if it was not allowed, I’d toss it in the basket.


  12. davidberetta says:

    Another “program” that does little to benefit those CITIZENS who are in need and allows Non-Citizens to FULLY exploit. Welfare NEEDS to be eliminated entirely and rebuilt entirely for US Citizenry exclusively. Illegal Aliens and those who want a “cut” are the only benefactors. You and I are forced to pay for this crap!

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  13. TreeClimber says:

    None of which addresses the real issue of fraud. Oh no, let’s ignore the single, childless person making $17 an hour and bragging about getting a thousand dollars a month in food stamps, and punish the family of four making, after taxes and other removals by the company, approximately $10 an hour and receiving less than four hundred in food stamps a month.

    Let’s ensure neither parent can stay home with the children, to love and care for and teach them – no, let’s make sure both parents have to work and send the children off to be indoctrinated at “school.” Because obviously we can’t have stable families and homeschoolers.

    For the record? That “dependents” part only includes children up to age six. Homeschooling your seven-year-old and being there for them doesn’t count.

    Kick the illegals off and clean up the fraud, and the budget for food stamps wouldn’t even be noticeable anymore.

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    • I don’t know if they still have the old WIC program or not.

      Years ago there was a program called Woman’s Infants and Children’s program my neighbors very young daughter and her two little children were on it.

      It was a program that paid for only certain products like milk, cereals, juices and a few other things for mothers, young children and babies.

      The products that could be bought were limited and specific and all healthy.

      I agree, why do I see so many young kids in the stores buying junk food now days with an EBT swipe card.

      People buying pizza and expensive cheap and junky food and fast food places.

      Or buying expensive steaks and lobster in the market.

      Something is very wrong.


  14. Hell. The lawsuit is probably already filed to get ANOTHER nationwide injunction against evil orange man.

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  15. Vince says:

    Buying lobster on welfare is certainly irritating, but we need to keep our eyes on the biggest welfare dependents, large companies like Walmart and JP Morgan. Where do people go when they get their SNAP money? Walmart. Who processes those transaction? J.P. Morgan. Who is going to lose the most money when SNAP contracts? It’ll be the millionaire rent-seeking class.

    Walmart Could Lose $12.7 Billion in Sales Over Next Decadeif Food Stamps Are Slashed

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    • tucker7518 says:

      Walmart would definitely lose money.

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    • TreeClimber says:

      It won’t matter. Food stamps or not, people still have to eat, and Walmart is still about the cheapest place, in general. In fact it may nudge their revenue up for those accustomed to shopping at Publix or Bi-Lo who now find it beyond their means.


    • WIVoter says:

      Thanks for reminding me about the large companies like Walmart and JP Morgan getting so much money from food stamps. There is so much wrong with the SNAP program, including the use of food stamps at fast food places, that it needs to be radically changed. Fat chance of that happening.


  16. ltravisjr says:

    SD has explained how the multinationals usurp free trade by controlling markets globally and then setting prices per nation, and establishing high prices for the middle class here by diminishing supply through EBS programs. Or something like that anyway, lol. I am wondering if this reform is tied into the trade reset then? If so it would be nice if SD could provide another primer on how it fits together. I know at one time he said when it all works itself out domestic customer food process would drop to a fraction of what they are now. That would really help my family. Grocery costs are nearly breaking us.


  17. Magabear says:

    But how will a Bernie Sanders voter have enough cash now to buy doobies if he has to use his allowance his mommy gives him on the munchies he needs after smoking the doobies? It’s just not fair! 😉😀

    I expect an Obama judge to rule this executive decision unconstitutional. Really, it might happen.


  18. burginthorn says:



  19. gvillewill says:

    If you are able bodied and cannot seem to feed yourself and we the one’s who pull the cart have to feed you, then we should be able to require you to show up one day a week, put on the orange vest, go out and pick up trash all day(verified) and then and only then will we reload your card for another week.

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  20. TPW says:

    This does not jive with Sundance explanation of how food prices are set and the fact that food is truly (healthy) not affordable to many working class families. Hence the government has been supplementing these people who work for (big companies like walmart…McDonalds as example) through food stamps. I believe healthy food should be affordable for all working class families and we should not be subsidizing Big Agriculture so that food is made affordable for the rest of the world by raising Americans food prices. Let those in congress do a little test by taking the average pay for lower income and going to their local walmart to feed a family of 4 healthy food on that monthly income. No it should not be the tax payer’s responsibility to subsidize big Agriculture profits.


  21. Ironclaw says:

    Bravo. We should NOT be giving people who won’t work to support themselves a damn thing.


  22. This is a looong post, My apologies, though what I’m gonna type is the #Truth & everyone knows it..
    Took Me about 6 hours to compose, while taking care of DAD..
    To all the replies above, I agree with your opinions..
    It really Chaps My arse to see a Family, dragging around a few Hungry mouth’s to feed, While wearing a shirt with the Mexican Flag or a Guatemala (Or other Central American country) logo on it..
    OR Mooslims,
    Or folks from Somalia..
    Anyhoo,,, dragging around several head of youngins, that look like they, actually need to LOSE Weight, buying things as stated above, Or Processed Junk food, piled up high in one or TWO Shopping carts..
    And Not one dern onion, or Veggie.. Or Tater’s.. between the two of them..
    OR those from M.E. Countries that buy up Numerous canned good(s) &
    Cases of Soft drinks, after buying those,, with SNAP benefits that they paid .50 on the Dollar for….
    THEN, Reselling those goods in their convenience Store! You know the ones, in poor Neighborhoods, that are known as the “Local Corner Store”.. Where you buy Scratch-off Lottery Tix, Beer & cigs, While Minimally stocked with canned goods, but lotsa Sodas etc packed to the ceiling(s) .. that you can buy with EBT. (SNAP)

    These are the ones that commit a majority of Fraud ..

    Just buying those SNAP benefits for .50 on the dollar, Get “reimbursed”, sending the Profits BACK to their Home Countries, funding Jihadis, ISIS & the like.. And the “Cycle” continues Monthly when those residents in those poor “Hoods” need cash for beer/booze/drugs/cigs or what-have-you..

    Meanwhile knowing several Families, BOTH Parents, working long hours, usually one or two Kids, just BARLEY over the income limit/cut-off line, or Just under it,, getting only say,, a 100.00 per month in SNAP Benefits.. While struggling with the weekly/monthly food bill..
    Race doesn’t Matter, White or Black..
    SideBar, HEY, Don’t knock on that .Gov Cheese they used to hand out! that stuff was BETTER than Velveeta!!! 😉
    Same with the Un-Salted butter..

    I ALSO agree on the “types” of Groceries that should be *available* too those on SNAP Benefits.. If your getting tax-payer funded “freebies” for your Family & Kids, it Should be Healthy..
    Break-out or obtain a Old recipe book and Learn too COOK & Bake (learn to code A’la Old school) ;)..
    Grocery List should be..
    Small Jar “perk” Coffee
    Beans (dried)
    LARD or Shortening, (Not cooking “oil”)
    Bag chicken 5 or 10 pound bag Leg quarters
    Raisins and/or Nuts
    Baking powder/baking Soda
    Hamburger Meat
    TWO “Hams or Turkeys” per year, (seasonal)
    Pork Chops
    Baloney/Hot Dogs/sliced “chopped ham”
    Sliced/or block cheese
    Sour Cream
    Milk & Juice (Apple/orange/Pine Apple)
    Fruits (apples/oranges/pine apples) NONE of that expensive exotic stuff.
    Fresh Veggies (the Basics) Not that “organic/exotic stuff”
    Eggs & Butter Milk
    Canned veggies (Store brand(s))
    “Certain” *canned Meats” Tuna for example.. *Store brands Only* Unless a “Named Brand is Lower priced) same example in ALL the above foods mention on MY list, (It encourages “competition” & Lower prices) 😉
    Store brand ONLY, steak Sauce/Ketchup/Mustard/BBQ sauce(s) etc…(see note above)
    ONE “Roast” per month, Chuck or Pot or Pork Roast..
    Bacon or Sausage
    Liver puddin
    Beef liver/Chicken Livers/Gizzards
    Pork Ribs, OR Beef, (If it’s cheaper than pork)..
    Tea Bags
    Corn Meal
    Eggs noodles or Spaghetti Noodles
    Store brand Pasta Sauces..
    THAT about covers it, Feel free to add.. Lets “Make a list & send this too Sonny Perdue, Maybe WE the CTH can do a letter writing campaign, Make a change here..On *HOW* OUR Tax Dollars are Spent on “Freebies”
    Final thing, GARDEN SEEDS/veggie PLANTS,, (did you know you can buy these Items with SNAP Benefits?)

    Full disclosure
    I’ve posted this before here..
    I DO receive SNAP benefits.
    A Whole whopping, 64.00 per MONTH for the Misses & I..
    The ONLY Luxury Item I purchase, (spring Summer & Fall), Is about a pound of fresh Shrimp, once or twice per month, (bait shrimp, heads on), Usually Damaged meaning,, NOT really marketable, for about 2.00 & 4.00 per pound.. Using these I catch FISH, using one or two Shrimp, then there after, using those fish for Live BAIT, or “cut-bait* for bigger species of Fish, AKA King Mackerel/Cobia/Shark, etc..
    THEN using those fish, I KEEP for eating, using their bodies/heads for CRAB BAIT, or “Deep Holing” with a cast net for Shrimp, or catching crabs or using a Minner trap, catch Minners fior Trout/Flounder fishing etc.. Nothing goes to waste ..
    So buying that one pound of Shrimp,, I (MAY) catch 30~40 pounds of fish or a few pounds Shrimp or a mess O’ blue crabs..
    AND buy some Garden seeds/Mater plants etc for fresh veggies. With SNAP benefits..
    I KNOW & ALSO realize not everyone has “access” to the Ocean/Sound(s) like I do, (even When I lived in the City of Wilmington, Proper).. Or have a Lil Garden plot, (even a 3′ X 3′ or 4′ X 4′ piece of ground can grow ALOT of Veggies if done right..)..

    It does take WORK, Or just having fun, (like fishing, I enjoy Gardening)..

    AND–> some Days I might not catch anything! Called Fishing & NOT catching, though It works for most guys (and Gals).. Though the benefits CAN be amazing & Healthy! Again, I know that this cannot be done by everyone..
    As a sidebar, I agree, that, EVEN if you are *disabled*, There are things you can do to “receive” your SNAP Benefits.
    Pick-up roadside trash.
    volunteer at a Food bank
    Data Entry
    Answering phone call(s)
    Filing paperwork..
    washing vacuuming .Gov owned vehicles,,
    The Possibilities are endless

    You know, a few, (No; ALOT),, of funny & Startling, thing(s) I read VERY EARLY this morning on My *Community/City* DramaBook page..

    Folks were commenting on the “Local” News article on this very Subject..
    It Was the amount of SINGLE White Ladies commenting/Lamenting on the possible Loss of their SNAP benefits.. In the near future..
    MOST with young children(s), some STILL in College, some graduating from Colleges across the Nation,,
    Moving too Wilmywood, with NO Job opportunities, NO Future, in mind.. Though HEY! I’ll “network” AND it’s Da BEACH!
    (Life is a Beach they say!) 😉

    While, Almost EVERY ONE of them with a Useless piece of paper AKA liberal arts or,, something… “Degree” along with a staggering amount(s) of Student Loan debt still owed..
    Most, if not ALL were, or ARE, working in the Service Industries here in town, AKA Star-buck(s), Port City Java, restraunts, etc etc, or a “Gig Economy Job”, or a “seasonal” tourist Job.. AKA “Job on the Beach”..

    Almost everyone of them, complained about being “discriminated” against, (because of having “Kids”, Kids keeping them from being at work, “on-time”), or just being a Woman, Jobs not paying, Decent “Living Wages”, LACK of Decent good paying Jobs, AND of course more Discrimination,Liberal talking points Ad- infinitum..
    Discriminated because they are WHITE Women with KIDS, (If they were AKA Brown/Black, everything would be OK..) They wouldn’t have problems with housing, SNAP/WIC, Plus ALL those “Brown Folks have Networked all the good Jobs!

    All the While, Wailing on the crazy “rent prices” in our area(s), food prices (the list goes on & on)..
    Almost EVERY.. SINGLE… ONE… was straight-up advocating 100% Socialism..

    wanting .Gov mandated, Rent controls, food price & utilities/ price of fuel, controls & Child care price caps etc etc.. Even wanting the School buses to run on THEIR Schedule!

    (I agree rents are crazy high,, though WE just had & still are in Florence & Dorian Hurricane recovery AND this is the BEACH & Port City).. We are experiencing what the “Market” will bear..
    And hardly a single one of these so-called College Edgemucated “Ladies” could hardly complete a coherent sentence , that made sense, grammar & spelling not with-standing. I mean, I know I’m BAD, but Jeeze Louise! you would think they were from 3rd world countries & English was their 3rd/4th or 5th language trying to master..

    YET AGAIN, Immediately below this News story, there were TWO MORE that followed..

    One was referencing Off-shore drilling for Natural Gas..
    NOT Crude Oil and Would NOT involve Fracking for those reserves, there are YUGE reserves of NG off the Cape Fear Coast,,

    Wilmington, being a Port City would experience Tremendous Port expansion(s) & overhauls & deepening of the river Channel.. Meanwhile bringing much needed 100’s if not Thousands of JOBS~JOBS~JOBS!

    Along with associated industries & service industries. Also, bring enhanced opportunities for Sport & Charter Fishing & Scuba Diving! JOBS & MORE JOBS!

    Well,, I’ll be damned,, there they are, the EXACT same folks, (Discriminated White Women) Every single one and them some, the “Liberal Elite” of Wilmywood commenting..
    OH NOES! We cannot have CRUDE OIL spoiling our beach(s), killing Marine wildlife etc etc..
    Save the Whales! Save the Kemp Ridley Turtles! They Will ALL DIE!
    NO MATTER HOW MANY great paying Jobs & opportunities “drilling” for Natural Gas would possibly bring!
    Remember the Companies are drilling for NG, NOT Crude Oil!

    The Following News Story..
    Incomplete,, with ZERO FACTS, cited resources, or references..
    We have News about George Zimmerman Suing Trayvon Martin’s Family..
    The Murderer that walked away “Scott Free” Killing a Un-armed Black teenager that was walking back from getting “Skittles & a Sprite”, Ambushed shot & Murdered that “sweet Lil boy”..
    By the Racist GZ… Whom “stalked” the un-armed teenaged BOY..
    (Complete with the “innocent” Trayvon” Picture)

    So Yes, you guessed it, PLUS; the Usual “suspects” piled-on in the comments, painting GZ as Racist monster & murderer.. The SAME discriminated WHITE women Whom said they were NOT being treated “fairly” by the *system* because THEY were NOT *People of Color*, Had Children’s, and were,, WELP Women! Lord Forbid..

    Had the Gall to call ME racist when I typed-out some “facts” involved in the case, referencing the CTH as My source…

    NOW,, I’m a Fascist & Racist person posting, conspiracy theories manufactured from a (well known), Racist & fanatical fascism website, that we all are…. this Website & Blog & those “racists & fascist ” it contains..

    Same White women, calling out people of color, that those folks were being treated better than they were because of.. the Color of their skin & taking their Jobs, getting better & cheaper housing, all the usual Liberal Talking points & BUZZ & dog whistle (Weasel) words & their so-called “Facts”..

    Bless their Hearts,, Hypocrites’ they’ll die, being known as, The Old Cat Ladies of Wilmywood..
    I almost did it, in frustration reading that ..
    Oh never mind..
    Rant over..
    I digress..

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