Third National Poll Outlining 33/34 Percent Black and Minority Voter Support for President Trump…

There was a considerable buzz when the Rasmussen poll showed 34 percent support for President Trump amid black ‘likely voters’…. but the political media dismissed it.  Then came a more recent Emerson University poll showing 34.5% support from black voters.  With two polls showing a very similar result it was less likely to be an outlier…. But again, the political media dismissed them both.

However, a third poll, this time from NPR/PBS and Marist, confirms the prior two almost identically.  The latest Marist Poll shows 33% non-white support for President Trump:

(Poll Link – pdf)

To be clear these are just polls; however, quite remarkably the Marist poll was 1,224 voters with a 26 percent minority (black and Hispanic) share of the poll – so that’s a significant poll of minority voters.  If President Trump holds anywhere near this level of minority approval going into next years November election there is functionally and statistically  no-way for any Democrat presidential candidate to win in 2020.



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165 Responses to Third National Poll Outlining 33/34 Percent Black and Minority Voter Support for President Trump…

  1. DebbieSemms says:

    33% of the minority vote and the poll still has him losing by 10%. None can be trusted.

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    • Mrs. E says:

      All three of these polls are leftist polls; they are known for lots of manipulation. The real percentage may be 44-54% of the black vote will go for the president. Will be very interesting to see the actual numbers post election next November!

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  2. davidberetta says:

    This is funny yet bizarre.

    ANYBODY who can minimally think, who has a job and collects zero welfare should automatically be a Trump supporter.

    These Trump haters (in my opinion), could only consist of welfare recipients, illegal aliens, the media, random idiot radicals and selfish DC employees. Where else are ignorant citizens pooling from?

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  3. Not to detract from President Trump’s outreach & enhanced economic opportunity afforded to Black Americans one iota, but I think there is another component in play here, namely the massive let down of the 0bama years.

    I think it’s hard to grasp the elation among Blacks on the “historic” election of Mr. Hope & Change and the corresponding let down after eight years of him taking the Black Vote for granted in favor of his radical agenda which hurt all Americans regardless of color.

    PDJT came along at an opportune time for a “reset” on the issue of politics & race and . . . . . as he said to Black Folks in his campaign during the final days of 0bama’s stagnant & oppressive regulatory economy – “what have you got to lose?”

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  4. Democrats held Blacks in physical bondage until Republicans liberated them.

    Democrats kept Blacks as subservient citizens until Republicans lead the way for equal rights.

    Democrats then forced Blacks into economic bondage as captives to government handouts.
    (LBJ – on signing the “Great Society / War on Poverty” legislation famously said – “I’ll have them N_ _ _ _ _ s voting democrat for the next 200 years” )

    Democrats then kept blacks in emotional bondage and began smearing Republicans who dared to advocate for economic responsibility in the form of cutting out-of-control “entitlement” benefits as racist.

    If these poll numbers really do reflect another change in the Democrat / Black dynamic, what are they (democrats) going to do now?

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  5. dreamguardian007 says:

    I was initially a Ben Carson supporter, and I recall his campaign’s research showing Dems could lose at most 18% to 19% of Black vote and still have a chance to win.

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  6. The Devilbat says:

    Those polls were quite possibly taken solely from black and hispanic registered democrats.

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  7. Brant says:

    I would like to see comparable polls with all these couple dozen data point (minus impeachment questions) for Bush, Romney, Mc****.


  8. glissmeister says:

    The poll needs different superior categories of respondent:

    “Do you work in government, a non-profit corporation, foundation or government school or university?”

    “Are you self-employed?”

    “Do you work for a for-profit corporation?”

    “Are you unemployed?”

    This would tell us something new, something more.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Polls are crap, always HAVE been, since declaring Dewey the winner.
      The press uses them, because without the announcer “calling the race” at the horsetrack, the race isn’t NEARLY as exciting.

      Covering political campaigns is almost as exciting as watching paint dry; the Candidate made six stops today, gave the same canned campaign speech he has given for the last 3 weeks (that the reporter can resight in his sleep).

      “Gaffs” and Polls make news, out of what is otherwise pretty boring.

      This was true, even back in the day.
      That said, other than trying to focus on ‘likely’voters, pollsters don’t do much to evaluate how MOTIVATED the respondents are.

      Despite Pelosi and Dems efforts, I really don’t know how motivated their ‘base’is going to be.

      But a lot of the #walkaway videos I saw were made by blacks, and they seemed extremely motivated.

      I don’t think its going to be close, no around 50/50, in 2020. The Dems want to impeach, not just because they can’t beat him at the ballot box. They don’t want it exposed to the world, just how low their support is.

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  9. rightmover says:

    Functionally, there IS no way a Democrat will win in 2020 unless there is massive and carefully and meticulously plotted levels of voter fraud.

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  10. MelH says:

    I urge you again to go to and type “kanye” into the search engine. His latest album is
    “Christ is King”. His choir is termed “The Best in the World” and it truly is stunning how a famous Rap Artist, Kanye West, became a well-educated biliionaire and suddenly realized he had been incredibly gifted by God so that God could use him to gather Blacks to lift themselves out of poverty and become wealthy citizens in service to God. Kanye stages “Sunday Church” similar to, but very different from, traditional church, moving by air, at his own expense, his choir of over 100 voices, to parts of the country he thinks need God the most., a different State every Sunday. Watch on You Tube the “Sunday Church in Chicago”. Kanye is the Real Deal, and he loves our President almost as much as he loves Our Lord.WATCH the polls on Black voters climb over the next year, while the Democrats will be wondering who is lying to prod those polls, because Democrats would not be bothered to look into the Kanye Movement for Christ.

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  11. J.Thomas says:

    I love this news.

    Black issues are conservative issues. Justice reform, charter schools/school choice, jobs, immigration enforcement, protecting faith practice, tax reduction, business interests, restricting abortion…there are so many issues that cross over into conservatism for black Americans.

    The only way Dems win any votes is by convincing people that we all hate each other, and that the other is out to get us. Divide and conquer.

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  12. joan p calhoun says:

    Do you know what this means? This means that finally one man has United black and white into brothers and sisters in this country. One man. His name is Donald Trump.

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  13. PMadison says:

    Even if one assumes polling is bogus, there’s still something to be learned.

    To me, Trump has not changed his message or method for the 4 years I’ve been following him. And yet, it’s evident some minorities are just recently getting the message. If I were on Trump’s campaign I’d find a representative sample, get them all in a room, and find out what has changed for them.

    Once I found that out, I’d blanket the airwaves with that message.

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  14. Alex Pazzo says:

    Freedom is colorblind

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  15. Marc says:

    Don’t forget that what matters isn’t approval but how black voters will actually vote. Many conservatives seem to assume that just because black voters admit they support the president that it also means they’ll vote for him versus a black Democrat candidate. This isn’t so. Ask those same respondents if they’d vote for Donald Trump or Michelle Obama and then tell me what his real support is.

    All that matters is who you can get to pull the lever/mark the box/tap the screen/etc. for PDJT. Larry Sweikert(sp?) on twitter said that it’s prudent to divide those black approval numbers in half just for the reason I stated. Still, if that means president Trump get 16-18% of the black vote, it’s over for the Dems in 2020.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      I agree, Marc. Many were disappointed in the ‘Messiah’ and the fact that while he was in office he did little to nothing for the black community, he was cool and looked like them. He hung out with celebrities and ‘gave it to the man (think “the police acted stupidly”). All that was what counted. He was, after all, the first black president (even tho he was half white he rejected his mother’s race). They may be appreciative of the unemployment numbers and the lucrative job market, but a lot still credit Soetoro with those accomplishments and do not give our VSPGPDJT credit. If a black candidate should win the nomination, even tho they confess to liking President Trump, they will vote for skin color.

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  16. Tazok says:

    31% independent women is devastating :(.


  17. Scott Allan Cole says:

    I’ve made this comment before… if his support among black voters is this high, then why is Trump still polling below 50% overall? Whatever support he has gained among black voters, he has lost elsewhere. So, I don’t agree with the argument that it is impossible for him to lose with black support this high. He’s got to figure out a way to appeal to more moderate voters. With that said, the Democrat field is so weak, it still may not matter. With any single one of these candidates, the enthusiasm will be low. Trump is clearly ahead in that regard. Still, no reason to be over confident.


  18. 1911pistolero says:

    If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a million times. If DJT loses it will be do to voter fraud. And I’m not seeing anything done about that. Libtards are not honorable people. They have NO problem cheating.


  19. OldSaltUSNR says:

    “If President Trump holds anywhere near this level of minority approval going into next years November election there is functionally and statistically no-way for any Democrat presidential candidate to win in 2020.”

    Yep, that’s a fun statistic. That’s potentially devastating to the Democrat’s “#RESIST” hope of occupying the White House anytime before 2025.

    Hmmm, however, if Trump has any sort of coattails, the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Democrat’s Senate and House cloakrooms, will be of “judgment day” proportions. Can you imagine if in January 2021, AOC takes her rightful place as the new head of the Democrat House members, as their MINORITY leader, of perhaps a 100 member rump coalition of a rabble of Marxist, Muslim, anarchists, and other assorted grafters? What will the new 60 seat majority, with a majority of true GOP conservatives in the Senate, impact the influence of RINO’s, much less Democrat’s? I would suspect the few “blue dogs” like Manchin would cross the isle as new Republicans, just to retain some semblance of relevancy.

    The new Republican majority, LED by popular BLACK leaders like John James, could force the Democrat’s into the way of the Whigs. The Democrat’s don’t yet have enough Muslim’s nor foreign immigrants to meld into a new majority, to replace the VOTING black American’s leaving their party.

    I earnestly welcome my friends, my brothers and sisters “of color” (I hate that progressive phrase). They are no more hyphenated-Americans, but RED BLOODED AMERICAN patriots, a heritage that was stolen from them by the 1870’s reconstruction Democrats. (Disclosure: My own wife and kids are not white, nor will my kids accept any “hyphenation” minimizing of their national identify. They are “American’s”, through and through, born and bred, into America’s great traditions.)


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