Polish Chef Used 5 Foot Narwhal Tusk to Help Bring Down London Bridge Terrorist…

There is a lot of background information surfacing about the London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan and the attack he carried out yesterday in the U.K.   However, one of the epic heroes who took down the terrorist is worth a highlight.

A Polish chef named Lukasz was working at Fishmongers Hall near the scene when he saw the terrorist attacking.  Lukasz grabbed a 5 foot narwhal whale tusk from the wall and used it as a makeshift lance while another bystander used a fire extinguisher to confront and ultimately take down the attacker.

A twenty-first century Polish chef using a narwhal tusk as a lance to stop a jihadist. Could you find a modern act of bravery more legendary and connected to the history of the tenth century Polish people?   I think not.  Simply, epic.

According to The Daily Mail “Lukasz is thought to have suffered from cuts but is not critically injured.” (READ)


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284 Responses to Polish Chef Used 5 Foot Narwhal Tusk to Help Bring Down London Bridge Terrorist…

  1. Laurie Walker says:

    I can’t think of anything in history that compares to what’s happening in the West.

    I can understand if an invading force or a dominent presence or even an embassy presence is in your own country/culture is so hated that people would want to destroy it, but people are voluntarily moving to the West, and then hating on it, when they could just live without it. Especially muslims, who have fifty seven countries they could move to and live a nice muslim lifestyle, but choose to live lives full of hatred and death.

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    • swal106 says:

      What is more disgusting to me Laurie is, our ancestral country taking away the rights of their own fellow countrymen to own a firearm, making this kind of thing possible to happen to them and ones having to resort to this just to take down this HATING GOON. APPALLING.

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    • Cv says:

      The milk from the teat of western civilization is intoxicating to barbaric Muslim pigs. They love the internet, western conveniences, cheap plentiful food, and other technologies their repressive society could never fathom, much less invent. Like black mold, hookworms, cockroaches, and countless other disgusting living organisms we share this earth with, they only exist to colonize and destroy what is good and beautiful. They care not that the machete they raise to the golden cow will starve them of the very milk they crave.


  2. jello333 says:

    Love the guy with the tusk, and the one with the fire extinguisher… heroes of the first order. But that dude who comes running in from the right, grabbing the terrorist, barehanded… that’s another level even beyond the others. Adrenaline had to have been off the scale in all 3 guys, but especially him. But yeah, as for the narwhal guy… EPIC, and has a “poetic justice” feel to it.

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  3. Jerry Cox says:

    Time for Khan and the Liberals in London to outlaw Tusks of all types for personal protection, it’s obviously Islamophobic to have one. Democrats in the US calling for comprehensive and sensible Tusk control, it’s for the Children dontchaknow…

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  4. Tonye says:

    The Poles great people. Lots of guys. However, the other two guys are pretty good too… white males…. what’s wrong with us? Let me sit down, spread my legs, light up a cigar and man explain why we do those things, instead of waiting for 911 to show up….

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  5. Frank says:

    God bless those brave men who stood up to the knife-swinging maniac before he could butcher even more people. But you might recall the guy who stood up to jihadi s**tbags near London Bridge a couple of years ago – they called him the Lion of London Bridge. He got stabbed a good few times, very serious wounds, but he fought off the idiots and gave his fellow Londoners a chance to escape and get the cops over there to help. The filthy pig bastards who run the UK forced that hero to go through “de-radicalisation training” – a freaking re-education camp! – so that he wouldn’t develop hard feelings for the murderous jihadi cockroaches who tried to stab him to death. God help those men who stopped another muslim idiot on the bridge. I hope the flaccid soyboy government over there doesn’t force those heroes to also undergo “re-education.”

    And lastly, thank God Almighty I live in the USA, where I can arm myself against the muzzie trash and not have to face a government brainwashing camp as punishment for doing the right thing.


    • Joemama says:

      Not yet. They are starting to enforce SJW groupthink training at large corporations. You attend under penalty of losing your job.


  6. Summer says:

    Polish! That explains a lot, thank you very much. I was wondering how the native Britts miraculously managed to regrow their atrophied gonads. 🤔


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