Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik Lead Press Conference Following Sondland Testimony…

Representatives Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik lead a press conference at the conclusion of Ambassador Sondlan’s testimony.

The first session of todays House impeachment inquiry concluded with representatives saying the witnesses had served only to highlight fundamental problems in the case against President Trump.

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108 Responses to Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik Lead Press Conference Following Sondland Testimony…

  1. Joanne says:

    I don’t know what we would do without Jordan and Nunez

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  2. I’m in a restaurant and can’t listen. Any pearls of wisdom come out of this video?


  3. spren says:

    I’ve never seen anything like this farcical charade in my entire life. I went on BB to see their updates and every thread I went on were under siege by trolls. Someone put out the word to send the hordes to try and save the day. It’s all over for them but they think they just need to double down with their nonsense. It’s truly a disgusting thing to behold. How long will they persist?

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    • Like Stefanik, a tiger. I donated to her.

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      • Carrie says:

        Elise is on 🔥. Manu smackdown!

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      • Apollo says:

        I did too. We need to show her some grassroots support for the work she is doing here!!

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        • BebeTarget / abdb61 says:

          Yes, Apollo, and for the work she did when Comey testified. Barely a mention in the MSM (it was here, of course) how her methodic and gentle, prodding questions revealed he was a liar. He fell into her trap. It looks as if the Republicans have awakened and are fighting back, It’s a good feeling,

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      • Sentient says:

        Thanks for donating to her! Reportedly her demonrat opponent from 2018 – Tedra Cobb- has already raised a million dollars, ever since Stefanik became more visible in this impeachment farce.

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      • chuckyschmucky says:

        I also donated. She’s under heavy attack by unhinged Leftists precisely BECAUSE she was so articulate, intelligent, effective and fearless. Not to mention attractive. All traits leftists simply cannot abide in Republicans.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      They have nothing now. They never had anything.

      They will go on to the bitter end.

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    • spren, I still think when Shifty looses this impeachment farce we should be able to charge the Democrat Party for all the expenses rather than having the taxpayers foot the bill? After all it is only democrats supporting impeachment with no support from republicans. In most states the loosing side usually has to pay the legal fees of the winning side. I say we should bill the Democrat Party.

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    • Skippy says:

      I don’t know what we would do without Representative Jim Jordan who has an incredible mind. Donate to them both with equal zeal!

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        • The FBI?


          That turd just won’t flush, will it? We would stand a better chance of learning something if Tom Selleck interviewed him.

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          • 100% ljp14! Magnum gets ’em every time.


            • My Mom was 93 when she passed 13 yrs ago, but I KNOW she crushed on Magnum PI.

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              • I’m a dude, straight one too, but I can relate to your mom. Funny story: in my junior year at Florida State I arranged my Spring semester schedule so that I could be home to watch Magnum PI reruns (1992ish). I think it came on at 3:00. My Fall schedule had allowed me to watch it every day. The local station was playing it sequentially and getting near the end, which I had never seen, so I was on seat’s edge to watch the series finale next semester.

                Understand, setting up your college schedule back then meant searching through something that resembled a phone book, with all available times, days, and teachers, for every class the school offered, to figure out what you needed for your major and when it was available. You would write each course number down that you hoped for on a sheet of paper, and then start calling the registration number (on a land line, along with all the thousands of other students-over and over and over) until you got through, and hope and pray none of the classes you selected were full. It took hours sitting on the edge of my bed next to the phone, listening to busy signal after busy signal after busy signal just to see if my first schedule was available. If even one of the classes I had picked was full,
                I pretty much had to start all over to fit everything in to my availability. A total pain in the butt. Not sure how they do it now, but I gotta think the internet has made it easier.

                Anyways, I did it. I finally got the schedule I wanted. Maybe it meant I ended up with meteorology, or sports history, or children’s literature as one of my electives, but who cares, I was gonna be home in time to watch the final season of Magnum PI. Happy Day!!

                Fast forward to first day of Spring semester: get home from class, grab a hamms light, snuggle into the couch, turn on the tv, and…

                Golden Girls.

                They changed the time slot.

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      • I have donated to Jordan, Elise, and Mark Meadows(my congressman),

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    • Republicanvet91 says:

      Imagine working on a computer all day and glancing at headline news on Yahoo or MSN. It’s amazing to see their headlines attacking Jordan, Nunes, Stefanik, Trump or anyone that might help him. A few headlines further and their buddies are praising Schiffhead, pumping up how great Vindman is, etc.
      Even AP has joined in…not to say they were not biased before, but not this blatant.
      It’s like a bunch of mean high school girls ripping on anyone outside their clique. None of them care about the facts or what it is doing to this country, they just want a sick burn on anyone associated with PT, regardless of whether their “burn” is a blatant lie or not.

      …its such a relief to come here in the evening and read honest reporting.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Why would anyone who is familiar with CTH ever bother to go to Left-wing propagandist fake news sites like MSN or Yahoo?? Even “just for headlines” – it’s their headlines that are the MOST disingenuous and fraudulent. Often the stories below the hyperbolic headlines have some truth buried many paragraphs down from the top.

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        • 1stgoblyn says:

          To know what the enemy is doing? If you don’t know what they are doing how can you know how to fight them?

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          • GB Bari says:

            Yes, that could be a logical reason. But I have a different view that was formed the last few years that I was reading both MSM and alternative media and making comparisons..

            IMO, approximately 98% of what appears in the MSM is noise, smoke, chaff, and bluster – pretty much all propaganda favoring the Leftwing perspective..

            On those infrequent occasions when the Fake News Media actually have something truly substantive, the story is invariably also picked up by the alternative media. In fact, the alternative media usually has the REAL news ahead of the Fake news media (which far too often completely avoids addressing the real news).

            All I have found out that I can count on from the MSM is that they lie, distort, exaggerate and treat conservatives like scum while treating progressives and anyone who supports progressives as sinless saints. The MSM eventually became far too out of balance to be worth my time reading any of their putrid bile. When there is a legitimately factual story in the MSM that is noted in the alternative media, I read it. Doesn’t happen frequently,

            IMHO. I understand, YMMV.


  4. The next investigation that will happen into Barisma will probably be from Ukraine’s own prosecutors and law enforcement officials.

    And there’s absolutely nothing that any of these Americans can do about it. 😱 Folks, “they’re completely screwed now, and they know it.”

    There’s no POTUS covering these people’s backsides anymore. They can’t say, “call him.”

    Trump’s prosecutors bearing down on them from the American side. Zelenskyy’s prosecutors bearing down on them from the other side of the Pond.

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  5. ristvan says:

    Tough travel day followed by cleanup of Chicagoland townhome we have not been to in almost two years. Boy, did furnace filter need changing!
    Could not watch any of the Volker stuff, so this brief Jordan/Stefanik clip is a welcome catch up.

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      Ristvan, you, like many who post on this webpage I look forward to “catching” up with daily. Everyones words, thoughts and analysis on this site I take seriously and appreciate. Although I personally “know” none of you, I strangely feel as though we are friends. During this approaching holiday seasoning going forward I would like to thank you all for making my days better, more informed, and filled with a bound of community. This impeachment inquiry is beyond frustrating. PDJT can hire, fire, make policy decisions, hold monies, send his lawyer wherever… BUT having all of you has made me realize that none of us are really alone ever – So to summarize THANK YOU all and you are all a welcome catch up 😉 .

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      • roddrepub says:

        I don’t comment often, but I do support what you just said. We’re like a family. I appreciate you all!!

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      • ristvan says:

        LBE, thanks. I know from here that you had five kids, now one age 10 in heaven.
        I hadnonly two, but will be visiting son and granddaughter here in Chiland, then daughter plus two grandsons in Colorado for Thanksgiving. So we are neighbors in a virtual sense.

        My big problem is significant other’s anxiety disorder. We prepped in FLL but had a stressful start since preordered cab was 30 minutes late, requiring four angry calls and an almost missed plane. We did get finally here to cniland thru the two years of junk mail on the entry floor, but then she fell comply apart. Too much stress. I am slowly getting her back under anxiety control again today with big drug interventions.

        Life is sometimes not what you plan, rather what God just gives you to handle.

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      • littlequilterkitty says:

        lotbusyexec, you spoke for many of us. Thank you and thank you to ristvan for his informative insights. I’m thankful for all of the Treepers!

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      • GB Bari says:

        Dittos x 10


  6. Don McAro says:

    Schiff Helped Sonland with his opening statement, It was a planned event, I even say to my wife when we were watching that Schiff would be asking for a break and then hit the media.
    And sure as hell I was right.

    Remember folks, I say this all the time, With out a lick of evidence Schiff KNEW and Believed Jussie was Lynched…..

    thats all you need to know

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    • Mr e-man says:

      Schiff forgot to take the break and someone off camera said something and he went Oh yeah, we will take a quick break. I thought it was Sondland giving him the signal. So I thought Sondland signaled he needed to go to the bathroom before Nunes 45 minutes.

      Sondland can not be trusted. Who goes and changes their testimony so it appears what the Dems are looking for happened, when in reality it was just Sondlands thought that it must have happened? I would not insinuate anything in court that wasn’t factual and his opinion there was a quid pro quo had no factual basis to it.

      Just give the answer you know, not what you conjecture. Even if you just say it seemed like there could be a q pro q, but you have no evidence to assert that.

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    • His 4 lawyers are all lefties according to Tucker.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      I missed a lot of the testimonies yesterday so when I couldn’t sleep tonight I came here to get briefed on the best parts. I did catch some bits and pieces tho and one of those was the bestest cross from Jim Jordan when he asked why he, Sondland, couldn’t put the one sentence in his 23-page opening statement confirming there was no quid quo pro. You betcha he had help with writing his opening statement; probably the Lawfare lawyers wrote it for him.

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    • Sassy says:

      For sure, especially using the phrase quid pro quo. The lawyer, too.


  7. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Elise should have said “I’d like to say hi to George Conway”, then gave him the one finger wave.

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  8. Michael Kunz says:

    GOP have put together a great team for this shambles. Let’s hope they get full support from the rest of the GOP, including the many Senate Rino’s.

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  9. Scot says:

    They are trying to get President Trump to obstruct justice or perjure himself. They think they might have something in his written answers for the Mueller investigation. President Trump has done nothing wrong and they know it, but if they can catch him in a lie, they will try and take him down. This hearing scam is just a method of getting someone to do something stupid that they can use against them. Vindman should get investigated for leaking and padding his resume.

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  10. Don McAro says:

    The only way I can explain this Schiff show today is as follows….
    1986 – the mets against the red sox.
    Red sox are up with 3 strikes left.
    Schiff (the red sox) has the champaign delivered to the dug out and starts popping the corks and drinking his face off….

    All of a sudden, theres a hit, No big deal, then another hit, then another hit..
    Then the ball is hit right though Schiffs glove at 1st base…

    And just like that its over….

    thats what you witnessed today

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    • sickconservative says:

      As a Met’s fan that was just a fantastic series, they had already named the MVP from the Red Sox’s before it fall started.


  11. vikingmom says:

    Was their presser covered on ANY station other than Fox? How much longer can the MSM pretend to be impartial when they steadfastly refuse to air anything that would exonerate the President? And when will the rest of the country wake up to how badly they have been lied to??


  12. Shyster says:

    Sonland is an absolute scumbag and showed his true colors today. A 23 page opening statement claiming everyone was in the loop that there would be no aide without a statement and Biden investigation AND DIDNT ONCE MENTION IN HIS STATEMENT THAT POTUS TOLD HIM THAT, HE POTUS, WANTED NO QUID PRO QOA! Only a lying, scheming anti POTUS deep state POS would pull such bullsh%t designed to grab headlines and hurt POTUS when he knew all along he was assuming the wrongdoing without factual support. This SOB needs to be fired and prosecuted for perjury. He knew exactly what his open statement devoid of the truth would result in and needs to be legally crushed for it.

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    • sunnyflower5 says:

      Such a memorable phone call with the President of the United States to forget to include with his 45 minute opening statement.
      How many times has Sondland have a phone call with President Trump?
      How could he forget to include such important – vital -information in his opening statement?


    • Den says:

      My thoughts exactly as I watched the smirk on his face when he exposed.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      Sondland assumed that becoming a donor ambassador would be a nice little gig, a crowning accomplishment to tout in his old age. I doubt he realized that he would end up getting mixed up in a no-quarter barroom brawl for all the marbles in the world. IMO he cooperated with Schiff thinking Bug-Eyes had the winning hand but once he got through his scripted testimony matters went into a decay orbit into the sun.
      If you play with the big boys, be prepared to take a licking.


    • chuckyschmucky says:

      Yeah, truly incredible. 23 pages and he couldn’t find room for the ONLY facts that matter.

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    • wilski says:

      Unless it was THE PLAN for a narrative setup, between PDJT and AMB.
      To jerk Shifty-Schiff around. Coincides with Ukraine indictments.


  13. mtk says:

    Nearly 230 years ago, our first President had this to say…


    Never more true words spoken…

    Foreign entanglements…

    I always thought that meant(I am harkening back all the way to grade school cherry tree idealism), our leaders should seek foreign policies that place our Consituitional Values at an Isolationist scope.(Then as time goes by political wisdom of experience boardens ones horizon)

    Such that as time passes(now nearly forty years since I’ve become an adult) the meaning of George Washington’s foreign entanglements views have new meaning and STRIKE at the root of what is going on in this Country.

    The ideological Rhetoric at this point has entered into ‘chicken and egg’ argument land of which came first.

    Just read the wiki, it is eye opening on what Washington’s and contemporary peers meant by fractions and foreign entanglements.

    The revelancy to today’s Constitutional crux is off the scales.

    We are all familiar with the ‘deep state’ identity. Some would argue the deep state has been in control since Eisenhower/Kennedy. It matters not in pinning when the deep state gained control, what matters is, “If they been in control for that long, what makes you think they are about to give up the ghost, and actually the question is, “How would they go about droping the pretenses that we as a Nation are a Constitutional Democracy?”

    Hmmm… Things starting to make sense.

    Again read the wiki, particularly about political fractions and how foreign entanglements advance the State over the PEOPLE.

    Read the historical analysis on George Washington’s foreign entanglements views and then try to argue one way or the other, “Never more true words have ever been spoken”

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    • mtk says:

      “How would they go about droping the pretenses that we as a Nation are a Constitutional Democracy?”

      For the purists…

      What I should have wrote is …

      “How would they go about droping the pretenses that we as a Nation are a Constitutional Republic?”

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      A democratic Constitutional Republic


  14. Tseg says:

    Oh no, another politician with a bashed eye. Let’s see if Jordon starts to get squirrely.


    • steph_gray says:

      He explained that. No, he did not get the Harry Reid treatment. 🙄

      Jordan is for me at the same level of trust as VSGPDJT himself. I see a future MAGA president for us there.

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  15. JohnCasper says:

    If Sondland gets to presume, then can the rest of us presume … … too about him? Such as he has been doing unnatural things with farm animal ?

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  16. Austin Holdout says:

    Best two-word response to press question “Don’t you have a problem with Rudy Guiliani running around doing the work of the State Dept?”: Sidney Blumenthal.

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  17. sarasotosfan says:

    World Channel on PBS will be covering this spectacle. Last night they had a Lawfare associate at their discussion table.


  18. Doppler says:

    Those two make an effective tag team

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  19. RobInPA says:

    They’re quite the ‘Dynamic Duo’!

    Both are equally effective at delivering quick jabs, hard-hitting body blows and the good-nite Irene knock-out upper cut or hook to the jaw!

    I also think that they make for a cute couple too!


  20. JD ^2 says:

    ambassador: “Mr President, what do you want from Ukraine??”
    President Trump: ” I don’t want shit from Ukraine”
    We are suffering the Schiff Show…

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  21. mtk says:

    The MSN will pray on the mismash of names…
    Here is a name to remember …Yurii Lutsenko.


    Read it and all links…
    John reporting is notoriously investigative, he does tell you what to think.

    After reading his latest… Here is my observation…
    Enter Rudy…
    The separation of DNC talking points from on one hand about Yurii Lutsenko is corrupt and Rudy should not have been talking to, and forgetting the fact Rudy himself says, “He knew right off the bat Yurii Lutsenko was corrupt is counter posed by the MSM using Yurii Lutsenko to delegate Rudy activities in his Ukrainian contacts as political high crimes and misdemeanors. That it is the very same Yurii Lutsenko, that VP Biden pushed forward as pure as the driven snow, yet to make the DNC(we resist we much) point Yurii Lutsenko is now corrupt to undermine PDJT, raises many convoluted concerns.

    The retreat of Rudy from the spot light, under fear of investigation should be very worrying to the Adam Schiff’s of the DNC.

    Their goose is cooked, if push ever comes to shove against Rudy. He will lay them out.
    IMHO… Nothing will ever move forward on the Rudy front until after the Election because the ‘deep state needs rail roading coverage to rail road him.

    I hope and pray, he hammers them before the election.
    Go Rudy, you are America’s mayor. Deep Six the Deep State. We need you!!!!

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    • mtk says:

      John reporting is notoriously investigative, he does NOT tell you what to think.

      He just lays it out


      • mtk says:

        Rudy Giuliani… You got to do it. The Nation needs you now more ever. You, cracked this can worms open, you can not back down now, you got to fight. If you fail, your just the first of many to be offered up on the altar of the subversion of the Consutuition.

        Which is to say calling BS on corruption.

        Hint… The genesis lays at the feet on polirical action committee packs…
        Everything that has brought the Nation to this point, lays at feet of the fact that can be traced to capital that has flown into OUR political discourse, i.e. untraceable capital. Capital that is used as lobbyists bread n butter.

        Rudy… You must fight it, or your name is mud in my book. Well, not mud but, “Not up to the challenge worthly of me sticking my neck out further. Got the point!!!

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  22. Les Standard says:

    Thats he whom I can’t name

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  23. individualright says:

    Who were the deep state idiots at the DOD who willingly signed off on releasing aid to Ukraine just 2 days after they elected a new president. I thought that was a very key point that didn’t get the attention it deserved. DoD confirmed Ukraine met its non-corruption compliance at the same time a new administration took over the country. How can that be? I would love the Rs to unpack that.

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  24. Stefanik is becoming a rising star too.

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  25. Cathy M. says:

    Mark Levin
    “ . . endless hearsay witnesses who witnessed nothing, and on and on.”

    “We’ve been using the word “witness” quite loosely. Opinion testimony and hearsay testimony, which is mostly what we’ve been hearing, are not witness testimony.”

    (Witnesses typically have witnessed something)


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  26. railer says:

    Great presser. Thanks.

    Jordan and Stefanik are brilliant.

    I’m interested in seeing how Nancy extricates herself from this boat anchor. She thought she was mollifying the hyenas with this stunt, not realizing that the hyenas can never be mollified and she’ll eventually have to face them. They’re going to tear apart a carcass. It’s what they do. Trump realized this even as he was making that phone call, so he’s in the clear.

    Poor Nancy.


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