Afternoon Impeachment Session – Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison – 2:30pm Livestream…

This afternoon at 2:30pm ET, Kurt Volker, former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine and Timothy Morrison, special assistant to the president and senior director for Europe and Russia at the National Security Council will testify to the impeachment committee.

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654 Responses to Afternoon Impeachment Session – Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison – 2:30pm Livestream…

  1. trapper says:

    Just so we don’t forget, go to 52:00 of the video below. Quid, meet quo. By the House definition, Biden admits to paying a $1 billion bribe (releasing the $ that he unilaterally held up) to Ukraine to force them to fire their prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, the company whose board Hunter Biden was on. Or, if you prefer, the Ukraine bribed Biden with the firing of the Burisma prosecutor in exchange for the $1 billion loan guarantee Biden was holding up on his own singular personal authority. Quids and quos flying all over this video.

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  2. covfefe999 says:

    Vindman has been shredded today.

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    • romy911 says:

      Vindman is going to be very unhappy with Twitter.

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    • Justin Green says:

      Vindman is going to be having a bad case of the sads tonight. He did poorly and he knows it. He was nervous during his entire dishonest testimony. He made bad jokes. He lectured a civilian about addressing him by his rank. And he still testified to no Trump crimes, lol.

      A complete and utter failure, and now he has to face the consequences. You could even tell that Schiff was patiently frustrated with his performance.

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  3. Maquis says:

    Speier is quite the fabulist.

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  4. Patience says:

    “If it wasn’t for the whistleblower, we would have nothing” ~Jackie Speier

    Lady, You HAVE NOTHING

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  5. Katherine McCoun says:

    Speirer thanking Volker for revealing info and make HUGE claims that there is a “cover up” about the phone calls.

    Cover up? POTUS released the transcript and openly discussed it with Zelinsky!!!!! This woman is fishing with new labels and talking points!!!

    Why does Volker defend Biden so uniformly and strongly? Revealing Biden will reveal others to whom Volker is loyal…been with McCain for decades as an employee and then at his “institute” from 2012 – last month

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    • Maquis says:

      They are claiming their perfidy forced the subsequent openness, from the most transparent President in history.


      • Katherine McCoun says:

        what was their to be “open” about if it weren’t for their insinuations and conspiracy theories? They have cooked up all the issues that are present.

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        • Maquis says:

          Well, they’ve stepped in a lot of Schiff.

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        • Raptors2020 says:

          Speier is reading from the original script. Trump was supposed to refuse to release the transcript of the call. They would scream cover-up and impeach.

          They keep trying to re-play Watergate. Nixon’s secret tapes were the nexus of the whole Watergate scandal, not the break-in.

          The Special Prosecutor Cox was fired by Nixon: the infamous Saturday Night Massacre. Mueller was hired to be fired, to play the role of Cox. That’s why Mueller was a useless witness for them. He was promised there would be no heavy lifting, so to speak.

          Speier has been a good source of unintended leaks. She insisted at Christmas 2017 that Mueller was about to be fired, and she generated a huge news story. That was their dream, not their nightmare.

          Fringe characters always give the game away: blabbermouths like Evelyn Farkas. Little fish posing as big fish. That’s why large conspiracies always fail.


    • fred5678 says:

      A new job offer at McCain institute ??

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    • BobR says:

      Did Morrison just say that Vindman is a liar?

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  6. Troublemaker10 says:

    Rep Stewart:

    Welcome to “impeach-a-pelusa 2019”


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  7. mauiis says:

    The sound an opened can of Whoop Ass makes.

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  8. JohnCasper says:

    I think we may need to go back to a draft army.

    For those who might automatically say I am wrong, I have one word for you – Vindman!

    During WWII, even during Vietnam, he wouldn’t have made even a passable 2nd Lt., and yet today’s all-volunteer army has (already) made him a Lt. Colonel.

    I actually have more words too, including the names of some recent and current generals, but Vindman should be plenty enough for now to satisfy any at all reasonable person..

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    • Patience says:

      How about upping the requirements for admittance.
      >General Flynn has a job to do

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    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      Agreed. He is wussification personified. Soft and Priggish came to mind. Lots of words came to mind…

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      • JohnCasper says:

        He will give his boot a dapper strap
        And will look so much smarter when his garter has some snap!
        He will wear a nightcap for a nap
        And be bewitching with some stitching on his cap!
        He will drape his cape
        And puff his cuff
        Embroider his lapels!
        And be the king of the coupsters in pastels!

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    • TrumpPatriot says:

      I agree. I grew up with the draft. The armed services made men of boys and gave those from rural areas training that opened job opportunities post service. The Korean and Vietnam “wars” were unfortunate as our brave young men were sacrificed when there was no threat to our country.

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    • sDee says:

      Perhaps a better place to start is that we. the people, require Congress to declare war and stop our government’s endless undeclared preemptive wars.


  9. bulwarker says:

    Forget there is a Democrat primary going on? Yeah? That’s because the media want’s everyone to forget about the terrible candidates by having impeachment dominate the news. It should be interesting to see what makes the headlines on Thursday, the debate or the this nonsense.

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  10. Reserved55 says:

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  11. Before the Schiff Show is done, it’ll resurrect the Warsaw Pact, making the Trump-Selensky phone call a geopolitical footnote by comparison. Earlier this week Ukrainian kingmaker and oligarch Kolomoysky voiced the unspeakable: a potential pivot back east!

    “We’ll go to Russia. Russian tanks will be stationed near Krakow and Warsaw. Your NATO will be soiling its pants and buying Pampers…You all won’t take us. There’s no use in wasting time on empty talk. Whereas Russia would love to bring us into a new Warsaw Pact.”

    The next day, Ukr’s FM hinted at withdrawal from the Minsk Accords, a real thumb in the eye of the West: “It is possible if we see that there is no end in sight to this process. It is a very unpopular statement and our Western partners probably won’t like it,”

    TDS-Impeachment Chapter is reconstructing the Soviet Empire. Crimea was just the appetizer. Is Putin running Schiff? Gorbachev is considering a Bay of Pigs force to get his old job back.

    Dear America, it’s not all you and your internal hissy-fits. The world watches and reacts too.…/473355-ukraine-moscow-alliance-kolomo…/


  12. Troublemaker10 says:

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  13. need24give says:

    We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard.

    I, for one, trust the plan.


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    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      Seriously, I would like to “trust the plan”, but I can only trust God’s plan for humanity and that is redemption through the blood of the Lamb. I hear you tho. Praying for POTUS and Q team.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Well, you and your rusty-trusty-planners keep on sitting on yer thumbs while watching yer trusty plan rust.
      The rest of us have work to do.
      Our Lord helps those who help themselves.
      You rusty-trusty-planners would have buried that talent in the ground, no doubt.

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  14. William Murphy says:

    Go to toresay.c–
    Find article on Schiff.
    Pix of Schiff with arrested pedo, Dr. Hensel and Ed Buck, gay murderer.
    check it out before they take it down. Take some screen shots
    Nice pic of younger Schiff with his arm around young boy. so cuuttte!

    Can’t make it up.
    This explains a lot. No wonder his eyes bulge out.

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  15. JohnCasper says:

    This “impeachment Inquiry” should immediately be changed to an inquiry as to whether or not we need to go back to a draft army. Although, in a sense, it already has been to some significant degree.


  16. Reserved55 says:

    Remember Volker was (stepped down) on The McCain Institute and neck deep in Ukrainian corruption along with his pals Songbird McStain and Biden.


  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    Calling Mayor Giuliani a “problem”….a problem for whom? the deep state? The state dept and fed gov agencies desires/preferences/policy that they *think* they set?

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  18. joeknuckles says:

    Why would we give Ukraine anything if there is even the remote chance they will go back to Russia? It’s just like giving aid to Russia directly.

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  19. mauiis says:

    “I’ll get to that.”

    This woman’s on it hard.


  20. Patience says:

    Stefanik is taking Schiff to the wood shed

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  21. Jason Ross says:

    From Reuters:

    Kurt Volker, U.S. President Donald Trump’s former envoy to Ukraine, says during a meeting with Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani, he ‘rejected the conspiracy theory that Vice President Biden would have been influenced in his duties as vice president by money paid to his son.”

    Kinda tells you all you need to know about where Volkers allegiance lies…. yet the media will insist none of these ‘beacons of right’ are Never-Trumpers.


    • Tl Howard says:

      It’s always about fear, fear and $$$$.


    • Dan says:

      Volker’s declaration is interesting. He rejected idea that Biden “would be influenced by ….money paid to his son” but said nothing about the idea that Biden would use his position to see that money was paid to his son. They are both corrupt actions. Either scenario could plausibly explain Hunter’s BS job.

      Volker addressed the first scenario and it is the line the Dem’s are using to deflect the references to the Biden video and Hunter’s payoffs. The scenario they don’t want you to look at is the one where Biden’s is giving the orders and making the threats. And taking the skim like a mafia boss. That can most possibly be documented by the Ukranians.

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  22. Garavaglia says:

    As stated above..although it is very uncomfortable..we may be witnessing a transformation of Washington for the better..through transparency. God bless DJT!

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  23. Patience says:

    Swalwell just f@rted
    >by mouth

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  24. individualright says:

    Swallwell is swinging and missing bigly.


  25. Maquis says:

    Farewell putting words in Morrison’s mouth.


  26. jeans2nd says:

    Swallwell praises Volker for being truthful, then says he doesn’t believe Volker’s explanation for a particular event.

    Do these Socialists ever listen to themselves?

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Yep – he totally said that despite Morrison’s testimony he believes that Morrison “really” thinks something else. What a smug jerk…very smug and arrogant for someone who just made a total fool of himself on national tv just yesterday

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  27. Katherine McCoun says:

    Swalwell now listing Russia and Turkey as corrupt countries that President Trump has dealing and meetings with as if President Trump is only supposed to meet with non corrupt countries?

    Was obama wrong to deal with China, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran…???


    Hurd, despite my dislike of him on some issues (border & immigration) has been reasonable and with the GOP during the hearings and is doing so just now.

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  28. topavalley says:

    Swalwell, guess what, Ukraine is a corrupt country, not just Russia and Turkey.
    From this impeachment circus, many in USA government and agencies are also corrupt.

    Ask Schiff about Resolution 660 and his constantly changing rules and “magic minutes”.

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  29. mauiis says:

    Swalwell went full-on Gestapo interrogator .

    Castro’s delivery isn’t far behind.

    “Putting Trump aside…”

    This is some genuine Star Chamber sh!t.

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  30. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Nice article by Prof Jacobson with regard to how Rep. Stefanik boxes in the witness’ to hit her own points and prevent the witness from going off with their own talking points:

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  31. fred5678 says:

    Castro is outraged that NSC staffers’/ talking points are not used by POTUS.

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  32. Maquis says:

    Damn, Volker, Ukraine IS the “appropriate channel” for investigating a corrupt act by an American IN Ukraine involving Ukrainian government officials that we cannot exactly subpoena ourselves! Dork.

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  33. Katherine McCoun says:

    They keep saying that President Trump asked Ukraine to investigate a US citizen and how they think it is 100% inappropriate for the Ukraine to investigate a US citizen. That is fake news.

    From the transcript as found at the link below:
    President Trump speaking: “… The other thing, There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son,. that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so ifyou·can look into it… It sounds horrible to me.”

    This is not President Trump asking Ukraine to investigate a US citizen but to help the US with our investigations. Sounds the same at first glance but it isn’t the same. Ukraine and the US have an agreement for just this purpose and President Trump was simply asking the Ukraine to cooperate and fulfill this treaty, right?

    Dems continue to spin this as President Trump only wanting to dig up dirt/asking a foreign gov to investigate a “political rival” v. helping with an investigation of a past corruption by a US official and into Burisma. Very different.

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  34. Reserved55 says:

    Flipping channels found a soccer match on Grand Cayman. Search images for Hell Grand Cayman, you’ll find out where the dims hang.


  35. patti says:

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  36. Patience says:

    Heck is crying?

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  37. covfefe999 says:

    Rep Heck is such an embarrassment.

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  38. hawkins6 says:

    Steve Castor the Republican Counsel is a good lawyer and an affable fellow but he seemed to provide Vindman with a pleasant walk in the park interlude after Nunes’s more focused questioning in the morning. Vindman deserved much harsher questioning given what he has done.

    There are sycophantic promotions in the military but hopefully most promotions for those leading combat troops in the field are based on merit and wise intrepid leadership. It seems obvious to me which category pompous Vindman is in.


  39. Maquis says:

    Heck loves to emote. Yuk.

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  40. fred5678 says:

    Anyone got a tissue??

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  41. Catherine says:

    Oh, dear God, will these people never shut up? NCIS is scheduled for 8 p.m., and I’m not about to watch another minute of the impeachment inquiry being run by the psychopath Adam Schiff.

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  42. Patience says:

    I could just kiss Jim Jordon !

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  43. islandpalmtrees says:

    One little question: When is someone going to ask the Director of the CIA – what the hell is going on with all of her agents testifying in the basement of the White House?

    I suppose we can still say the name of the CIA Director, Gina Haspel. And her employees – Eric Ciaramella, Kurt Volker, Alexander Vindman and Peter Strzok.

    How many agents does the CIA have in the Impeachment coup. I am still counting. Someone is still out in the field doing work, right?

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  44. mauiis says:



  45. Katherine McCoun says:

    One thing that concerns me (yes, I used the word concern so I know I am now open to being accused of being a concern troll) is that if we firmly est. it is ok for a POTUS to ask foreign gov to help investigate a US citizen, even if it is a US citizen who is running for POTUS and is/can be seen as an opponent of the POTUS who is asking.

    Conservatives are arguing for this.

    When we discuss Obama investigating candidate Trump and using/asking foreign countries for assistance, will we be cornered to arguing that it is actually ok to do so?

    On the other hand, will the Dems now be boxed into the corner arguing that it is Not ok?

    And, yes, this concern is alleviated by 100% focusing on the genesis of the rumor/smear/allegations v. the investigation itself. Then the procedures and the “by the book” do Not matter and that is where the Biggest corruption, actually traitorous behavior lies and then makes all of the rest, all of the supposed, down stream investigation by people who Knew it was fake and being used as a political tool are then fake and treasonous. The genesis, the origin of the Russian Collusion Delusion is Absolutely the Key, the focus by necessity!

    Anyway, just food for thought and what I am mulling over.

    If we don’t get to the very heart of how the allegations started that we ought not focus on the process, the down stream investigation.


    • Justin Green says:

      Let’s assume that the charge against Biden is murdering someone in the Ukraine. And the Ukraine has video of Biden murdering someone. Nobody would be protecting Biden and he’d be arrested.

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      • LouisianaTeaRose says:


        Running as a candidate against The Orange One is instantaneous inoculation rendering one immune to prosecution.

        Go and extort/bribe/hustle no more.


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    • dawg says:

      “……POTUS to ask foreign gov to help investigate a US citizen….”

      Thats not what President Trump did. Thats the Dem spin of what President Trump did.

      President Trump, if anything, just wanted to be sure that the notoriously corrupt Ukraine was actually trying to root out corruption, wherever that may be, before just handing out millions in aid.

      Thats actually required by law. Its illegal to give aid to other countries WITHOUT doing that.

      The Obama administration, on the other hand, did PRECISELY “that” by asking Ukraine, the UK, Italy and Australia to assist in “investigating”, spying on, and framing US citizen and candidate Donald J Trump.

      Apples and oranges.

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  46. pucecatt says:

    This Vindman dude should be thrown in the clink ..

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  47. Brutalus says:

    Excuse me if someone already beat me to it
    “Here Swallwell sat
    Broken hearted
    Tried to Schiff
    But only farted”

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  48. Patience says:

    Dear Lord….
    Mow Welch want to discuss, “why we’re here”


  49. TarsTarkas says:

    It will be interesting to read the transcripts from today’s hearings and the previous ones to see what channel the Democrats and NeverTrumpers are watching.

    Earlier there were lots of claims of confirmation of Trump’s corruption.

    Now it’s just calling testimony ‘contentions’ and ‘Volker makes big correction’.

    Translation: They realize that impeachment wasn’t advanced and Schiff & Lawfare have hurt their cause.

    Hope some people made some screenshots of some of the web articles before they went down the memory hole.


  50. covfefe999 says:

    I think I’ve eaten all 3 meals of the day during this hearing! Dang. It’s been like 10 hours now I think.

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