A Seditious Conspiracy – Lt. Col. Vindman, CIA “Whistleblower” Source #1, Shaped False Summary of April Trump-Zelensky Phone Call…

Amid increased calls from House Republicans to force the testimony of the CIA “whistleblower”, today the Washington Post, the primary outlet for CIA misinformation and public relations, began shaping the “whistle-blower” as a hero.

Because the overall effort involves multiple parts of the deep state apparatus, to see through the construction it is important to note which media outlet holds equity for agency talking points within the coup.  The Washington Post is primary PR for the CIA and IC writ large. The New York Times is primary PR for the FBI; and CNN is primary PR for the State Dept.  This pattern has been consistent throughout.

Over time it has become clear the first confidential human source for the CIA Ukraine dossier, written by CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella and also known as the “Whistleblower report”, is Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman a Ukraine expert inside the National Security Council on assignment from the Dept of Defense intelligence unit.

Within his deposition the ideology of Lt. Col Vindman is clear. Vindman’s mission focus was/is to shape U.S. policy toward Ukraine (and by extension NATO) regardless of the actual policy view of President Trump.  Within his deposition Vindman admitted to giving countermanding instructions to his Ukraine counterpart two weeks after understanding opposite policy objectives from his commander-in-chief.

During his deposition Lt Col Vindman also admitted -with considerable angst and attempts to deflect from his legal advisors provided by the Dept. of Defense- that he was intentionally usurping the chain of command in an effort to follow his own ideological agenda; and perhaps that of his DoD leadership.

By itself that level of admitted and direct insubordination should be alarming for many reasons; not the least of which is his lineage within the U.S. Military.  Indeed Vindman’s intent and purpose explains why he appeared for his deposition in full military uniform.

When we consider that Lt. Col. Vindman was carrying out what he believed to be his role; and when you overlay his military purpose; and when we accept Vindman was assisting CIA agent Eric Ciaramella in constructing his dossier to remove President Trump; and when we stand back and look at the aggregate interests involved; and when we consider there was ZERO push-back from the ranks of military leadership, specifically the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and when you accept Vindman was simply allowed to return to his post inside the White House – where he remains today; well, the alarming aspect increases in direct proportion to the definition of the word: “coup”.

I would encourage all readers to think long and hard those factual data-points.

CIA Agent Eric Ciaramella never delivered his dossier briefing to the upward chain-of-command within the CIA.  Instead Ciaramella subverted the formal process and transmitted his hearsay complaint, derived from material provided by Vindman, directly to principal officials who could assist in the removal of the President.  Again, often we get caught in the weeds, but think long-and-hard about this impeachment process as it is being discovered.

Yesterday President Trump released the call transcript from an April 21st conversation with Ukraine President Zelensky.  Reporters noted there was a disconnect between the call transcript and a separate summary of the call sent to reporters in April.

[…]  In response to questions from reporters, the White House said in a Friday statement that “the NSC’s Ukraine expert” prepared the April summary.

“The president continues to push for transparency in light of these baseless accusations and has taken the unprecedented steps to release the transcripts of both phone calls with President Zelensky so that every American can see he did nothing wrong. It is standard operating procedure for the National Security Council to provide readouts of the president’s phone calls with foreign leaders,” deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley said. “This one was prepared by the NSC’s Ukraine expert,” he added. (link)

That “NSC Ukraine expert” was Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

For emphasis let me repeat a current fact that is being entirely overlooked.  Despite his admitted usurpation of President Trump policy, Vindman was sent back to his post in the NSC with the full support of the United States Department of Defense.

The onus of action to remove Vindman from the NSC does not just lay simply at the feet of the White House and National Security advisor Robert O’Brien; and upon whose action the removal of Vindman could be positioned as political; the necessary, albeit difficult or perhaps challenging, obligation to remove Lt. Col Vindman also resides purposefully with the Dept. of Defense.

The Pentagon could easily withdraw Vindman from his position at the National Security Council; yet, it does not…. and it has not.   WHY?

There is a code within the military whereby you never put your leadership into a position of compromise; ie. “never compromise your leadership”.  In this example, President Trump cannot remove Vindman from the White House NSC advisory group due to political ramifications and appearances… The Joint Chiefs certainly recognize this issue; it is the very type of compromise they are trained to remove.  Yet they do nothing to remove the compromise.  They do nothing to assist.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was the majority (#1) source for the material CIA operative Eric Ciaramella used in a collaborative effort to remove President Trump from office.  Let me make this implication crystal clear:

The United States Military is collaborating with the CIA to remove a U.S. President from office.

Do you see the issue now?

The Pentagon has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to countermand this implication/reality.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff have done nothing, absolutely nothing, to diminish the appearance of, nor deconstruct the agenda toward, the removal of President Trump.

Mr. President, do I have your attention?

On Tuesday, Nov. 19th, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is scheduled to appear in an intentionally shortened morning congressional session along with his ally Jennifer Williams, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence.

In the afternoon, Kurt D. Volker, the former United States special envoy to Ukraine, and Timothy Morrison, a Europe and Russia expert for the National Security Council will appear.

The timing, construct and purposeful design of Vindman’s appearance next week is being intentionally buried within the totality of the narrative that surrounds the impeachment effort.  Perhaps, just perhaps, someone reading this will start to put the purposefully obfuscated pieces of the coup puzzle together and act quickly….


Beyond the debate about the optics of the “coup“, within the testimony of Lt. Col Vindman, the witness readily admits to understanding the officially established policy of the President of The United States (an agreement between President Trump and President Zelenskyy), and stunningly admits that two weeks later he was giving countermanding instructions to his Ukrainian counterpart to ignore President Trump’s policies.

The coup against President Donald Trump went from soft, to hard. Consider…

The testimony from Lt. Col. Vindman is available here. [SCRIBD pdf below]

Borrowing from Roscoe B Davis, here are some highlights:

Representative John Ratcliffe begins deconstructing Lt. Col Vindman, while his arrogant attorneys begin trying to interfere with the questioning.

This next section is very interesting, and very important.

Congressman John Ratcliffe begins questioning Vindman from the perspective of an Article 92 violation {READ IT}, coupled with an Article 88 violation {READ IT}. President Trump, is Lt. Col Vindman’s superior. President Trump sets the foreign policy.

Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. [Article 88, UCMJ]

Two weeks after President Trump has established an agreement with Ukraine President Zelenskyy, and established the policy direction therein, Lt. Col. Vindman is now giving contrary instructions to the Ukranian government. Vindman’s lawyer recognizes where the questioning is going and goes absolutely bananas:

Here’s the Full Transcript:


A reminder from the CIA “whistleblower” attorney. January 30th, 2017, ten days after President Trump’s inauguration: the “coup has started”

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519 Responses to A Seditious Conspiracy – Lt. Col. Vindman, CIA “Whistleblower” Source #1, Shaped False Summary of April Trump-Zelensky Phone Call…

  1. xlr8tr says:

    The comments here are mostly very well thought out and reasoned. The folks that can follow Sundances analyses, digest, and come to a logical understanding are too smart to be left after a successful coup. Most of you commenting here, should the coup succeed, are the new targets for the overlords. Don’t fool yourself into believing the won’t come for you, because they will. Harden up patriots and be prepared. You don’t have enough ammo.

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    • FofBW says:

      That is a given.


    • Not even two thousand rounds?


    • Les Standard says:

      Thats been clear for some time…

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    • Green Bucket says:

      We know the time is coming near. It’s very scary indeed, especially now that it’s clear it’s not just the Deep State government alphabet agencies (FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, IRS +++), Congress, Senate, all media, and the COC, but now we know the military is part of it too. This is America, it’s unbelievable.

      I always knew the government was big, bloated and had a dark side, but I never imagined this kind of evil could prosper in the USA. They won’t win, patriots will NOT let them!!

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    • CM-TX says:

      😬 No worries they already came for me once- starting in March 2017. I’ll be happy to share some of their methods, cyber tools, & other nefarious practices– as well as having documented as much evidence as I could. None of which should EVER be used on any American Citizens!

      Survival tip: Sleep deprivation is an easy means to tap into your weaknesses- it makes you vulnerable & easily manipulated. Consider they’re the counter ego of Freddy Krueger in agenda– turn off ph/pc & 😴!

      I’m pretty sure I did a good job of pissing whoever off, as we’d played an ongoing game of me half asleep, being guided into changing my security settings– so to leave me exposed. Only to have an oh shizit realization during, & change them right back! 😁 Definite good cop/bad cop kinda vibe was at play.

      I’m fairly sure a few whitehats do exist– one even claimed to “be surrounded by Libtards”, perhaps taking pity on my plight. I also know how to do security things I shouldn’t know how to do– But as I was repeatedly shown, it kinda stuck.

      Granted, I was somewhat cooperative initially, as whoever came at me pretending to be someone I knew (who might’ve realistically had the access/capability). But they later admitted that one of the AgenCIes paid them to play that role. Which also included the use of stolen valor.🤨

      Things got really crowded at points, & there were definitive instances of people making known their presence– outside of cyberland. There also seemed to be a concerted effort to draw me away from my home, while being told to “leave the box behind” [cellphone]. 🤔 Yeah, thanks but no thanks… I’m not too keen on walking right into a TRAP!

      They made a lot of assumptions about me– & unfortunately for them, I don’t fit the typical mold/M.O. It was also said that I outwitted a few somebody’s, & someone found this very funny.

      I’m still not sure if the overall objective was to goad me into painting myself (digitally) as a super-secret Russian Spy/Bot. Or to push me to a breaking point- that I might off myself (some very nasty folks!). Or maybe they just wanted to haul me away to some FEMA camp… 😳or worse. (😂)

      I’ve been on CTH since at least 2012– trust there’s a story to tell. It just takes time to organize it all into what could only seem at points, like a bad Twilight Zone Adventure.

      But there’s a lesson for them in whatever that was– Do NOT UNDERESTIMATE my stubbornness & skepticism/cynicism. And NEVER, EVER threaten MY children– I haven’t forgotten, I’ll NEVER forgive, & someday/somehow– I Will FIND you!😠


  2. Gadsden says:

    I’m a career military NCO, I’ve been extremely concerned with this guy since his involvement was announced. Aside from his insubordination, his background is shady. A naturalized citizen from Ukraine AND his twin brother both wind up on the NSC? Shady. Also, the whistleblower (leaker) and Vindman admit to discussing the contents of the call with multiple people. My understanding is that the contents of the call were initially classified as Top Secret…who authorized them to discuss the call with anyone, let alone people that were not in their work group with a need to know? If no one, then why are they not under investigation? I had to have an anal exam for my last clearance investigation and I’m sure as hell not leaking POTUS’ calls and I’m not a naturalized citizen from a former Soviet bloc country.

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  3. Lulu says:

    He should have already been executed – we have an admitted traitor working in the Whitehouse. He is not just a danger to our national security and rule of law he is a physical danger to the president.

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  4. Jim Raclawski says:

    these external DOD assignments may not have a direct reporting chain that places this cat in the direct cross hairs of Art 32/UCMJ jackpot… his direct report is some deepstater on the USC… probably gets consistent 5.0 fitness reports…. no doubt is a “water-walker” and may not suffer for his perfidity and treachery, as we see it from our seats in the grandstands…
    down there on the field…. he’s fully engaged in doing the work of the deepstate/admin state… probably instrumental in the furtherance for the Dept of State’s CIVIL SOCIETY 2.0 program objectives in Ukraine… probably end up with a…. Legion of Merit

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      exactly !!!! this is a Military /Civilian UPPER LEVEL cooperation with Global Generals to implement an plan (we have no clue what its goal is exactly)..

      the world has become to sophisticated to simply overthrow it with CIA and Military. you have to use tech subversion – Like saying something is trending on Twitter so we must talk about it (and its generated by a bot farm – and CHARLOTSEVILLE was done by Ukrainian Nazis – that fat emo kid could not go in reverse 5 blocks at 50 mph and not wreck).

      Trump knows if he stops the fake voting – he can win – and he has to keep us ready to not be TRICKED into thinking he should be removed

      his only defence against STATECRAFT civilsociety2.0 is TRANSPARENCY and an INFORMED PUBLIC (via last refuge and allies)

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  5. A2 says:

    NSC Robert O’Brien said on Face the Nation, it was posted here a week ago that Vindman was to be sent back to DOD. He spun it in the context of slimming the NSC that had become unwieldy. So a housecleaning is taking place.

    Best that Pompeo, Joint Chiefs and the President let nature take its course. 😂 whilst the circus is in town.

    Chinese have a saying for this: 八仙過海, 各顯神通

    Reported here: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/national-sec-adviser-top-impeachment-probe-witness-to-be-removed-from-wh-council

    Transscript here for the interview on 10 November.


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  6. Fannie says:

    In the case of Eddie Gallagher it was clearly an attempt by the military to ruin a good officer and set an example for others. The government swatted his house and had his kids standing in the street at gunpoint in their underwear.

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  7. WeThePeople2016 says:

    There is a reason why President Trump was/is keeping these traitors like Vindman in their positions. They just can’t help themselves, but one by one, they are exposing the Swamp. POTUS is drawing them to the surface and they don’t like the spotlight on them, hence the reason for the Washington Post glorifying article today, IMHO. They used to be so good at staying below the surface, but pulling the puppet strings on the D.C. Swamp. In their hatred for We The People and that we voted for President Trump, they have become increasingly careless in their efforts to take him out. One by one, these Swamp creatures are being exposed, and they just can’t help themselves.

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  8. Will says:

    Who in the chain of command at the Pentagon wold be responsible to recall Vindman under Article 92 and Article 88 violations? Who is responsible in the chain of command?

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    • A2 says:

      Considering his secondment in 2008 to politico-military affairs officer focused on Russia for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then Vindman served on the Joint Staff at the Pentagon from September 2015 to July 2018.

      That would be Gen. Dunford who is stepping down and replaced by Gen Milley in about a month.

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    • Merkin Muffley says:

      This is what frightens me. How far into the military does this coup go?

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  9. cantcforest says:

    Oathkeepers! Wake up!

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  10. 1riot1ranger says:

    I frankly don’t expect military action, but these branches all telegraph each other. Especially the military-you are talking probably 20 Senators that will follow the military’s lead no matter what. This is deeply concerning.


  11. jusflipthescript says:

    Coniving Bee-atches!🤬😡


  12. Boots says:

    How The Coup Might Have Been Handled in 1862 Montana


    Sometimes on the American frontier settlers had to take the law into their own hands because the federal government had no meaningful presence there yet and the territorial government had not been created. This was not the case in Virginia City and Nevada, Montana. The citizens of these mining towns did not lack government law enforcers. What they lacked was honest and effective law enforcers. They had a duly elected sheriff and legally appointed deputy sheriffs to enforce law and order, but, unfortunately, the sheriff was the leader of the road agents and his deputies were his partners in crime.

    Highway robberies and murders by road agents and other criminals were common in Montana in the 1860s. Honest citizens lived in fear. The jury system used by the government courts was ineffective.

    “No matter what may be the proof, if the criminal is well liked in the community, ‘Not Guilty’ is almost certain to be the verdict of the jury, despite the efforts of the judge and prosecutor. If the offender is a moneyed man, as well as a popular citizen, the trial is only a farce—grave and prolonged, it is true, but capable of only one termination—a verdict of acquittal.” (13)

    “The chances of a just verdict being rendered is almost a nullity. Prejudices, or selfish fear of consequences, and not reason, rules the illiterate, the lawless, and the uncivilized. These latter are in large numbers in such places, and if they do right it is by mistake.” (75)

    Five men in Virginia City and one man in Nevada, Montana simultaneously began organizing a Vigilance Committee. Within two days they united their efforts.

    “Merchants, miners, mechanics and professional men, alike, joined in the movement, until, within an incredibly short space of time, the road agents and their friends were in a state of constant and well-grounded fear, lest any remarks they might make confidentially to an acquaintance might be addressed to one who was a member of the much-dreaded Committee.” (121)

    The Vigilance Committee comprised nearly every good man in the territory. They pledged to render impartial justice to all. They took time from their work, their leisure, and their families to spend days tracking down dangerous criminals through the snow in the frigid climate of Montana.
    “The volunteers formed a motley group; but there were men enough among them of unquestioned courage, whom no difficulty could deter and no danger affright. They carried, generally, a pair of revolvers, a rifle or shotgun, blankets and some rope. Spirits were forbidden to be used.” (125)

    Dimsdale regarded government courts as part of the ideal way to control crime, but like John Locke, he and the other good citizens of Virginia City believed that the people have the right to take control when the government fails.

    “Peace and justice we must have, and it is what the citizens will have in this community; through the courts, if possible; but peace and justice are rights, and courts are only means to an end, admittedly the very best and most dependable means; and if they fail, the people, the republic that created them, can do their work for them.” (268)

    Dimsdale proposed this test for determining when it is necessary to establish a Vigilance Committee:

    “The question of the propriety of establishing a Vigilance Committee depends upon the answers which ought to be given to the following questions: Is it lawful for citizens to slay robbers or murderers, when they catch them; or ought they to wait for policemen where there are none, or put them in penitentiaries not yet erected?” (16)

    Dimsdale agrees with the answer arrived at by the vigilantes:

    “Under these circumstances, it becomes an absolute necessity that good, law-abiding, and order-sustaining men should unite for mutual protection, and for the salvation of the community.” (15)
    Dimsdale defends the practice of hanging the criminals arrested and convicted by the vigilantes:
    “… nothing but severe and summary punishment would be of any avail to prevent crime, in a place where life and gold were so much exposed.” (225)

    The vigilantes did not attempt to capture and punish every known criminal. Their goal was not retributive justice. Instead they wanted to break up the criminal gangs and make the territory safe. Their strategy was to go after the leaders and the most dangerous criminals and to arrest them, try them, and, if found guilty, to hang them (1) to prevent the criminal from continuing his life of crime, and (2) to set an example to deter other criminals.

    At the execution of John Dolan in 1864, the executive officer of the Vigilance Committee “addressed the crowd, stating that the execution of criminals such as Dolan was a matter of public necessity, in a mining country, and that the safety of the community from lawlessness and outrage was the only reason that dictated it.” (224)

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  13. CM-TX says:

    Very sad to read this. I was hoping it was just a rogue faction within our military ranks.

    Granted that’d require ignoring what Nobama did by forcing the retirement/reassignment of over 1000 high officers/ those in commanding positions. I want to say it was over 80-some Generals (but I’ve no idea if that’s a realistic #).

    He was also said to have utilized a litmus test… their willingness to do the unmentionable against American Citizens. Based on the high numbers– a lot chose honorably… & then were punished for it.

    Meanwhile, Nobama also was responsible for changing the rules of engagement, to the point it was to our side’s detriment. Eg., Only allowed to fire on vacant buildings — fire only when fired upon by enemies — embarrassing our navy in forced surrender to Iran — over 80% of US aerial missions made to return without firing on targets — AF made to drop flyers, forewarning the Isis drivers of Oil tankers.

    Not to forget he was also arming select Police Departments with mil grade vehicles & weapons. Further the excuse for was a policy that any Veterans returning from ME active-duty, should be considered as potential enemy combatants.

    We also know our mil was “infiltrated”– as reported by FNN/Baire back in Aug 2017. Courtesy of the program that was allowing foreigners to enlist in exchange for citizenship. Many had gone AWOL after training – & they had no idea where to find them!

    Mattis (shortly before his exit) also admitted in a [audio posted on here] in-flight Presser, the Courts were forcing the training of green-card holders at the Pentagon. Supposedly, he objected to the policy. But then it was also Mattis who strong-armed/guilted PDJT into signing that huge funding bill during live Presser, angering many. Set off warning bells for me re. him, at the time.

    Still, I’d like to believe most of our enlisted take their Oaths seriously, & remain loyal Patriots. There’s something wrong with anyone who witnessed the atrocities done to our mil under Nobama, that wasn’t/isn’t still disgusted by it.

    So, much depends on how much of the damage caused has since been repaired, & whether those enlisted under Nobama’s watch were properly re-vetted. Otherwise, a worst case scenario is certainly in the realm of possibilities. (IMHO).

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    • B Woodward says:

      I was just wondering how much this is related to usurper Obama removing the generals that were not loyal to him.


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      • Judith says:

        What about all those “former” Generals who signed a document to endorse Donald Trump for President in the fall of 2016? I recall there were a LOT of them. Where are they now?

        And I recall that ICE, plus the largest police union in the nation also endorsed.. you guessed it.. Donald Trump for President.

        At that time, Obama was already flooding local police departments with military-grade equipment, inviting EU’s army into the US to “train” our LEO’s (like Macron and the yellow vesters?) AND Obama even floated the idea of martial law..

        When he realized what he was up against, however, he blinked. Obama was forced to stand down while we, the people, held our first *free* presidential election in many decades. Still, something strange went on long into election night, whereby key precincts with results already in, weren’t *called* until the wee hours.

        And those commie newscasters and pundits who, for the first time ever, had no prearranged scripts to follow, just sat there mute. Or cried in frustration. They just weren’t prepared for a free election to take place.

        Did all those Generals and military brass, all those LEOs and ICE border patrol patriots, suddenly drop off the face of the earth? I wonder. Because this election isn’t over, and the American people have been denied our God-given right to the *peaceful* transition of power, as guaranteed by our Constitution!

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  14. a says:

    How could the Post be doing that when Schiff is telling us nobody knows the identity of the whistleblower. Shouldn’t we be adopting the abbreviation A.I.W. for Adam’s Imaginary Whistleblower?

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  15. Muthaucker says:

    Military Organization 101

    Big Picture: Every military service has echelons of “Command”. Being in “Command” and/or having Command of a military unit comes with awesome legal and moral responsibilities. The Commanding Officer (CO) of a military unit is totally responsible for executing his units mission. Every Commanding Officer also reports to another Commanding Officer at the next echelon. For the Army, think Company, Brigade, Battalion, Regiment, Division, Corps as the echelons of Command.

    DoD: The Dept of Defense is an administrative layer of control above the services (Army, Navy etc). DoD has no operational control of any military unit. Operational control of a military unit is always exercised through JCS and it’s parent services echelons of Command.

    Little Picture: LtCol Vindman is operationally “detached” from his parent service (Army). He is assigned to the NSC, for duty, for a period of time. While attached to the NSC he is under the operational control of the NSC and is within the NSC “chain-of-command”. Keep in mind the NSC is not a military unit and has no Commanding Officer (CO). So Vindman also reports to an Army Officer, for administrative purposes (Army OER, training, transfers etc) in command, at some echelon of the Army. I am not familiar with the NSC so don’t know which unit Vindman is assigned to administratively.

    In order to remove Vindman from his current NSC assignment, also known as “relief for cause”, Vindman must do something that causes his CO to lose faith in his ability to perform his assigned duties. Clearly, he is at least guilty of misconduct. But the Military Justice system grinds just as slow as the civilian one.

    Vindman is going to face the music for his actions. Just not anytime soon.

    Another inside baseball observation…Vindman is a twenty one year O-5. You typically promote to O-6 at twenty years. He probably failed to select for O-6, is retirement eligible, and is being forcibly retired at the end of his NSC tour. He does not really have anything to lose.

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    • Whitehouse Clown says:

      Vindman is not a ring knocker. He lacks command potential. Hell, he lacks command experience. Passed over for O6. You don’t send your best to the NSC.

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  16. xlr8tr says:

    This post about the JCS really caught me by surprise. I really wanted to believe DOD was mostly solid, but SDs thinking is right on. They should know what thier duty is. I’m kinda freaked out, and puts the O years in a better perspective wrt homeland security. Looks like he ended up building his “domestic army”


  17. dwpender says:

    Somebody ask Vindman on Monday if he relayed his concerns and disgust with the July 25 call to a guy named “Eric.”

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  18. Merkin Muffley says:

    This leads to an interesting question: Who in the Joint Chiefs and in military command had guilty knowledge of this coup and did nothing? These people have betrayed their country. America will never be safe until these traitors have been weeded out. We need names.

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  19. Betty says:

    U.S. Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he says: “It is the honor of a lifetime to continue to serve alongside of you to ensure this experiment in liberty is passed to the next generation.”

    For more Joint Staff news, visit: http://www.jcs.mil.
    Connect with the Joint Staff on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr.


  20. Les Standard says:

    No wonder his name is verboten


  21. Boots says:

    Vigilante Justice, Right or Wrong? What Happens When There Is No Law?


    According to Dimsdale’s reporting, the Vigilance Committee was an unmitigated success amounting to a triumph of good over evil.

    “Less than three years ago, this home of well-ordered industry, progress and social order, was a den of cutthroats and murderers. Who has effected the change? The Vigilantes; and there is nothing on their record for which an apology is either necessary or expedient.” (268)
    Being arrested by vigilantes was not equivalent to being found guilty and hanged. If the evidence was inconclusive, they released their prisoners—even when they were almost certain that their prisoners were morally culpable.

    “The Vigilantes rigidly abstained, in all cases, from inflicting the penalty due to crime, without entirely satisfactory evidence of guilt.” (165)

    “The truth is, that the Vigilance Committee simply punished with death men unfit to live in any community, and that death was, usually, almost instantaneous, and only momentarily painful.” (154)
    Public reaction to vigilante justice was favorable. Upon hearing of the hanging of Jem Kelly an old miner said, “Served him right; he ought to have gone up long ago; I don’t believe in whipping and banishing; if a fellow ain’t fit to live here, he ain’t fit to live nowhere, by thunder—that’s so, you bet your life.” (215)

    The law-abiding public had no fear of being unjustly punished by the vigilantes:

    “There is not now—and there never has been—one upright citizen in Montana, who has a particle of fear of being hanged by the Vigilance Committee.” (250)

    Even criminals who were hanged by the vigilantes agreed that what the vigilantes did was just. The last words of Erastus Yager, known simply as “Red,” just before he was hanged were, “Good-by boys; God bless you. You are on a good undertaking.” (135) Aleck Carter after being arrested and hearing the names of others hanged by the vigilantes said, “All right; not an innocent man hung yet.” (179)

    When Bob Zachary was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death, he dictated a letter to his mother, “in which he warned his brothers and sisters to avoid drinking whisky, card playing, and bad company, which, he said, had brought him to the gallows.” When he was about to be hanged he prayed to God “to forgive the Vigilantes for what they were doing, for it was a pretty good way to clear the country roads of road agents.” (185)

    Just before Bill Hunter was hanged “he shook hands with each of the company, and said that he did not blame them for what they were about to do.” (192) Just before he was hanged, James Brady wrote a letter to his daughter which included these words, “I have been arrested, and sentenced to be hanged by the Vigilance Committee. In one short hour I shall have gone to eternity. It is my own fault.” (213) At his hanging in front of five thousand people Brady addressed the crowd and said he hoped his execution would be a warning to others. (214)

    After his trial and conviction for murder, John Keene got up and said, “All I wanted was a fair and just trial; I think I have got it, and death is my doom; but I want time to settle up my business; I am not trying to get away.” (239)

    The vigilantes arrested, tried, and convicted men who were responsible for murdering 102 people. Under the laws and procedures enforced in the governmental courts these criminals probably would have been set free and protected from molestation.

    After they executed Bill Hunter on February 3, 1864, there was no longer any openly organized gang of robbers in the territory. (194) The execution of R. C. Rawley, a road agent who fled the territory when the vigilantes organized but made the mistake of returning to Bannack in September 1864, prevented the criminal community from reorganizing.

    “The effect of the execution was magical. Not another step was taken to organize crime in Bannack, and it has remained in comparative peace and perfect security ever since.” (229)

    The Vigilance Committee quickly rid Virginia City, Bannack, and the surrounding country of criminal gangs. Some of the criminals fled to Helena to resume their activities. The citizens of Helena followed the example of Virginia City and organized their own Vigilance Committee. After the initial war against criminals in the vicinity of Helena:

    “Very little action was necessary on the part of the Vigilance Committee to prevent any combination of the enemies of law and order from exerting a prejudicial influence on the peace and good order of the capital; in fact the organization gradually ceased to exercise its functions, and although in existence, its name more than its active exertions sufficed to preserve tranquility.” (253)


    If you are the type of person who judges actions by their results, it is hard to deny that the vigilantes of Montana greatly improved conditions for their fellow citizens. This is the way Dimsdale saw it:

    ” ‘All’s well that ends well,’ says the proverb. Peace, order and prosperity are the result of the conduct of the Vigilantes…” (267)


  22. Slowkid says:

    Spent some of the best years of my life. As a soldier in the United States Army. Surrounded by some of the smartest bravest toughest people I have ever met. This is truly breaking my heart.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Pale rider says:

      I don’t believe all is lost but the left would have you believe that. You will see a change soon. These guys have skated so far and it will be their downfall we just need to stand we are not forsaken.

      Liked by 3 people

  23. bluebongo says:

    ***Not A News Flash!!*****

    The military has been involved in the coup since the T-1 FISA warrants were approved!!

    Who do you think runs counter-terrorism operations???



    • jeans2nd says:

      Well hello to you too.
      The FBI runs counter-terrorism operations as well, in conjunction with DOJ NSD.
      In fact, the FBI regularly partners with the military in CTO

      Start here, enrich your knowledge, expand your mind –
      “Protecting the United States from terrorist attacks is the FBI’s number one priority. The Bureau works closely with its partners to neutralize terrorist cells and operatives here in the United States, to help dismantle extremist networks worldwide, and to cut off financing and other forms of support provided to foreign terrorist organizations”

      Liked by 1 person

      • bluebongo says:

        Served doing that for 12 years, nice try though.


      • Patrick Healy says:

        Correct me if I am wrong, but did not a certain Fbi boss tell every one of his “men” they had to transfer to hq after 10 years service.
        Many of the best ones refused and retired leaving only ‘yes men’ in place.
        Now if I could only remember that head honchos name ……. it sounded like Mooler or something…. can someone help me out please?


  24. Zimbalistjunior says:

    SD, alert. Wapo new article on WB story. They are trying to get the details down so everyone is on same page.
    Some good stuff there.
    Looking forward to your analysis

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Eaglemom says:

    Hey Sundance, you need to read Morrison’s deposition too.
    Timothy Morrison testified that Fiona Hill said she had questions about Lt. Col. Vindman’s judgment and that some people suspected him of being a leaker.


  26. Right to reply says:

    My greatest concern is a grassy knoll part two! God keep our POTUS safe!

    Liked by 2 people

  27. RLTW says:

    Chubby little LTC Vindman puts on his dress blues and commits treason for all the world to see.

    Of course the Joint Chiefs back him. They are all war criminals and they have been outed by JSOC Operators.

    “Post UNCR Conviction and Sentencing Based Operations” ring a bell? Authored by AWG.

    Write another op-Ed Admiral McCraven. Calling for the overthrow of the President of the United States.

    The JSOC Operators are not with you. We are with President Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Whitehouse Clown says:

    A coup involves at least three levels of conspiracy. At the bottom is the sacrificial goat, the dumbass true believer. The Dem’s Gavrilo Princip is Vindman. The modern Blackhand conspiratorial society is the liberal media. Brennen, Comey, et al are the puppet masters. You have to cut off the head to destroy the entire body.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Truth seeker says:

    You need to give Obama credit. Throughout his administration he fired many Generals, Colonels and commanders, replacing patriots with leftist sycophants. The results of that are now playing out in real time.

    Scary times folks.

    Liked by 5 people

  30. Lucille says:

    The corruption is so immense and completely beyond what I expected when voting on November 8, 2016. That the coup was already in the minds of these evil people on election day…that their contingency plans had already been dictated, and indications are that members of our military were and remain a part of it, is not merely within the realm of possibility…it has already passed through that phase into a near surety. The “insurance policy” is working out in full force for a worldwide viewing audience. It really is a fight for our nation, our Constitution, and our way of life.

    God keep our President safe and defeat the enemy trying to surround us.

    “When my enemies advanced to devour me alive,
    They tripped and fell flat on their faces into the soil.”
    – Psalm 27:2

    Liked by 4 people

  31. 1riot1ranger says:

    Maybe Bolivia was a warmup.


  32. Jim in TN says:

    One of the disturbing aspects of Wednesday’s testimony is the deification of the ‘inter-agency’ process, and its elevation to policy making.

    The interagency process is not staffed by the highest political appointees, nor is it staffed by the highest non-political government employees. These are mid level functionaries! Vindman isn’t even a full colonel yet.

    The cabinet is where policy is laid out by the duly elected President and coordinated between agencies. The duly elected Congress insists on routine updates to review said policies.

    Nobody has anointed mid level functionaries to create and control policy. And nobody reviews their policy decisions. They are appointed to help the agencies achieve their goals by working together.

    This is a usurpation of power from everybody. From their government bosses, from their political bosses, from Congress, from the President, from our Constitution, and from We The People.

    It is not unusual for this level of military officer to lead coups in third world countries. We are lucky Vindman is IC and doesn’t have a personally loyal force serving under him. But the fact that his superiors are not crushing his bad example is very disturbing.

    The American military has always been better than that.

    Liked by 7 people

  33. czarowniczy says:

    And one wonders how much of the WaPo’s pique at Trump might be the result of Amazon (nexus Bezos) losing a $10-billion-plus cloud DoD IT contract to Microsoft?

    Oh goodness, not that Bezos could be that small, heaven forbid, but $10-billion here, $10-billion there, it starts to add up after a while.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. Raptors2020 says:

    Every old gangster knows who really killed JFK, and where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. And rather than fearing perjury charges, these bureauucrats seem to be lying to inflate their role in the downfall of Donald Trump. Hoping for book deals, or just a place in history?

    Every bureaucrat knows, you have to be at the big meeting, or you’re nobody. And being excluded from eavesdropping on Trump’s phone calls must really hurt. Every bureaucrat is in charge, but no bureaucrat is responsible: the eternal fundamental absurdity of these people.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. PCS says:

    1. Obama administration fires all ambassadors on day 1.
    2. Obama administration purges all upper echelon military officers not sympathetic with the globalist/socialist world views of his administration.
    3. Obama administration gets 100 percent of appointed positions filled and embeds thousands more. Almost all are still in place.
    4. Intelligence apparatus and BigTech, Inc. commingled assets and operations to define friend or foe, leverage assets, turn foes into non-competitors, source funds, run massive multibillion dollar gifts, etc.
    5. Fully weaponize DOJ and FBI against citizens not enthusiastically supporting the fundamental transformation sufficiently enough.



    Liked by 2 people

    • Deception Stinks says:

      6,7,8, +++++ PCS • Obama said in an interview that the Muslim call to prayer was “the most beautiful sound in the world” while appointing Muslim Brotherhood into his administration influencing critical policies:

      Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

      Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser

      Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference

      Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current Executive Director

      Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia (i.e. Islamic law) czar – Islamic Society of North America (a known Muslim Brotherhood front group)

      Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnership

      Liked by 1 person

  36. JohnCasper says:

    Back during Vietnam when I heard someone say, “F###” the Army!”, I would say, “F### you!” Now, with Vindman and some of these generals running around, I kind of feel like saying, “Right on!” instead

    Liked by 4 people

  37. jus wundrin says:

    Did vindman violate the UCMJ? Absolutely.

    Is the military also behind the coup to get the President?

    As a veteran, Im going to reserve judgement until more evidence is provided. I saw some odd things at the unit level where command relieved someone right out of the service without brig time. I also remember a situation where an E6 and E7 violated the UCMJ, and the judgement by the CO was to remove the E7 from the service without his pension, while the E6 was transferred to another unit and promoted.

    The term kangaroo court was often used to describe court-martials.


  38. Most troops clearly support the President. There are certainly many seditious Deep State officers, since Gaylord and Granny had years to stuff the bureaucracy. They’re just scummy Uni-Party hacks with uniforms. There are no doubt patriots, too. It’s a mixed bag.

    If they arrested Vindman now, it would be a firestorm they don’t want. Since this is following the Weissman Track, we know that Democrats are trying to manufacture something they can call obstruction of justice.

    Yes, its backwards and upside-down, but that’s what happens when an Islamo-Commie sets out to “fundamentally transform” your country.

    Liked by 6 people

  39. Caius Lowell says:

    Pro-tip: The day-to-day people in the military are awesome, but the flag-level officers tend to be just as political as the politicians.

    Liked by 5 people

  40. hawkins6 says:

    “Mr. President, do I have your attention?” (SD)

    Somebody on the official PT campaign will likely read this sundance article eventualy and could forward it via e-mail to the WH etc. Whether it would be passed on to the top is uncertain. I wonder if this subject has come up in a discussion between POTUS and Defense Secretary Asper.

    “His position of command and authority over the U.S. military is second only to that of the president” so it should have been a subject of discussion by now whether anyone in the WH read sundance’s article or not.


  41. sundance says:

    Liked by 12 people

    • hawkins6 says:

      I was surprised that the $10 billion “diverted” Jedi contract to Microsoft hasn’t been mentioned much on the non business news sites as far as I’ve seen. I saw the original announcement and then it was crickets.

      Oh well, Amazon is making money on the P Trump related best selling books that are being released every day and ordered via Amazon. POTUS has created a sales boom in the hardcover book business and I’m glad some intrepid Trump supporters are also cashing in. I will refrain from posting my favorites list…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sundance, that justs warms the COCKLES OF MY HEART!!!!!!!!

      Tango Yankee for posting that little tid-bit!!!


  42. joshashland says:

    Transcript dropped today . I read the Jennifer one first It was about as interesting as the hearsay. Going to dig into Tim’s after a sipper
    Tim Morrison: https://bit.ly/2OpjLAu
    Jennifer Williams: https://bit.ly/2rQZBaR

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Sherri Young says:

    Dan Bongino interviewed President Trump yesterday after Devin Nunes read the transcript of the April call. The first five minutes are ads. The part about the calls starts at 9:50. Then at 16:10, PDJT makes sure to mention a letter with suggestions for the July (I think) call that Vindman sent in to the White House counsel. President Trump specifically says the someone should try to get that letter.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. maggiemoowho says:

    I know this Richard Engle guy is crazy, but I would love to know which “Generals” he is talking about and who he talked to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • maggiemoowho says:

      Sounds like some Generals were planning a Coup if (candidate) Trump won.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Linda K. says:

        It is a four year term. Why is a coup necessary? What is up with these people?

        Liked by 1 person

        • maggiemoowho says:

          Trillions of dollars, it all boils down to money.

          Liked by 1 person

        • 1stgoblyn says:

          Because while he is in office he has the ability to expose all their corruption and derail their gravy trains. They can’t let that happen, so they have done everything they can think of and then some first, to prevent his win (think the dozen women who cried sexual assault) and then to oust him or get him to resign. They are going after his tax returns (which IRS has already audited, every year for the past twenty+), his associates, his family and his friends. Stormy, Stormy, Stormy, Russia, Russia, Russia, Quid Pro Quo which becomes Extortion then Bribery and now Witness Intimidation. THEY. WILL. NOT. QUIT. There are trillions at stake.


  45. Craig Furlong says:

    Those of us who are all in for PDJT, to see him succeed for our Country, we feel his pain through the heavy burden he now carries daily. And at some of his rallies I know we see tears in the eyes…

    And then we have the RIGHTEOUS and the WICKED.

    Therefore, we need to INCREASE MOMENTUM against the democrats…NOW, AND AT EVERY TURN! Hear the Clarion Call!

    In warfare, when combatants are generally EVEN IN FORCES, the best way to victory is easier obtained via BETTER OVERALL DEFENSE (eg, Grant wore Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia down, slowly but surely with trench warfare).

    However, when COMBATANT FORCES ARE UNEVEN (eg, Republicans vs “missing-in-action Democrats”), what is needed now is called…NO QUARTER (metaphorically).

    NO QUARTER. Don’t give the enemy an inch. Go after these marxists/socialists/liars until their backs are to the wall. The dems are in disarray, and momentum is now turning to the President.
    I know he won’t give them any quarter, that’s for sure.
    And now is the time for REAL “PATRIOTIC” WARFARE.

    Not a call to take people’s lives, or even to hurt others in any way. NO! Thsi is a call to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

    Now is the time for OFFENSE; take it to the enemy in every way.
    This struggle will one day end and we shall rejoice in the Lord!
    Believe in God the Father and His Only Son Jesus Christ, and in the Rule of Law as found in our US Constitution.

    God bless you, and God bless the USA.

    Liked by 2 people

  46. Blue Moon says:

    I am beginning to think that everyone who works in the US government is CIA. I think that is the pre-requisite (along with being a demrat) to land a forever job in our government. I have a family member that works for VA and she is VERY very sure that her job is there for a lifetime. She told me while laughing out that “what are they going to do to me-fire me?” She told me they cannot touch her, ever. Now she is trying to get her husband to quit his job and join her in a cushy job in our federal government. He is considering it. She wins…………………………….

    Liked by 2 people

  47. bullnuke says:

    It should be obvious to all as to why General Flynn was taken out. The NSC couldn’t afford to have him in President Trump’s inner circle.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Sherri Young says:

      Apparently he had an audit planned for the intelligence community. He had Adam Lovinger detailed over to the White House to work with him on it.


  48. Sentient says:

    So is the inclusion of Pompeo’s photo – alongside Ciaramella and Vindman – meant to imply that Pompeo is part of the coup?

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Raised on Reagan says:

    How our Founding Fathers dealt with the US’s first conspiracy.

    “Mere days before the Declaration of Independence was signed in July 1776, 20,000 spectators gathered in a field where Manhattan’s modern-day Chinatown lies. All together, soldiers and citizens alike, they amassed the largest crowd to watch a public execution in the colonies at the time. Two days earlier Thomas Hickey, a member of the elite guard responsible for protecting George Washington, was convicted of mutiny and sedition, and on the morning of June 28, 1776, was hanged for his crimes.”

    Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/plot-kill-george-washington-180970729/#pCZAK3TF3RZA52xS.99

    Liked by 1 person

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