Pam Bondi Says She Might Be Joining White House…

Oh noes… Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi appeared on Fox News to discuss the likelihood of her joining the White House team in some capacity.


A mechanic is changing the car oil; you walk up to him and hand him a pair of snorkeling fins to complete the job; that look on his face is the same as mine.

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325 Responses to Pam Bondi Says She Might Be Joining White House…

  1. Buffy says, with a little pout: “That would be WRONG!”


    • not2worryluv says:

      President Trump better make darn sure Pam Bondi is thoroughly vetted.
      She was not well liked at all by Conservatives here in Florida.
      She is very self-absorbed, self-promoting and a political wannabe.
      Don’t be taken in with her allegiance to President Trump.
      The more I Leave a Reply, the more I believe Pam Bondi should not be joining the White House staff in any position.

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      • Somebody says:

        If I recall correctly she was late to the Trump train, wasn’t she initially a Rubio gal?

        Politics aside, she is indeed self-absorbed, self-promoting, and a political wannabe. I have no idea in what capacity she would join the WH. As an advisor? POTUS could do better. In a legal capacity, POTUS could definitely do better. About the only position I could see would be in communications since she loves cameras, but circle back to her being a self-promoter, don’t trust her as far as I can throw Nadler.

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  2. hawkins6 says:

    Some here have presented legitimate concerns about Ms. Bondi’s past A/G record while a few are likely Dem provocateurs making deliberately crude and sexist comments to disparage Pam, CTH and Pam’s Floridian supporters.

    However, I agree with those that are not impressed with Pam’s on air commentary. PT must hire the best and most skilled at countering the Dem’s persistent political warfare and Pam doesn’t seem to be the best person available to counter the Impeachment hoax.

    What happened to Trey Gowdy? His level of support for POTUS was uncertain, but not his ability as a skilled lawyer or possible consigliere. The unreliable MSM claimed Trey left FNC and was being considered for a WH legal position but either Mulvaney or Cipollone scuttled the arrangement. Something odd is slowing the appointment of a skilled consigliere at this crucial time and Pam is not the solution. PT must act soon.

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  3. cplogics says:

    Please tell me this if “fake news”. She is the the poster child for fake news. Doesn’t this administration have any clue what her conduct was in the Trayvon Martin case?

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    The snorkeling fins might be a better choice for the White House job. imo
    Probably the mechanic would be the best choice.

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  5. Lot of pundits that do not have a clue on this one. Ashley Moody is Florida AG, not Pam Bondi. She currently works with a Trump communications consultant so the need for Florida Ethics approval is also BS. She organized and was lead AG on the suit to overturn Obamacare that Roberts sold us out on. She was the first Florida elected official to endorse Trump. She, Ivanka, Kushner and POTUS are very close. She had his back on Trump University and took a lot of heat for shutting down that witch hunt .
    It is fair to question her ability or what she can bring to the communication team but one thing is certain, she will bring loyalty and we have not seen much of that in this White House.

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  6. GREENMIRROR says:

    Bringing the swamp right through the front door before dropping the hammer…what a guy!


  7. ATheoK says:

    Pam Bondi…
    • Smells like a bad idea.
    • Sounds like a con job.
    • Looks like bait.
    • Feels like a trap.

    It especially looks like phase three or is it four if deep state’s latest attempt to ensnare the President or certain members of his team.

    An indiscreet meeting, torn clothes, scream of rape. Sobs to the gullible press.

    president trump’s Administration needs to carefully check every person they hire, including exactly who they’ve talked too and where they’ve been.

    Not all trojan fillies will be females.


  8. Moe Grimm says:

    PDT hasn’t made enough lousy appointments yet? He needs this one too? I’ve never trusted this plastic woman whose expertise is catching whatever political wind blows her way, e.g. Rubio when he was, well, blowing. Every time she appears she comes across as “all in support” for Trump, but Zero action except for excessively worn out generalizations. She should stay where the hell she and this time be ready for all the electoral fraud coming shortly her way. She was a complete BUST against the corrupt Broward Cty. ex “elections supervisor” Brenda Snipes who Bondi, despite a mountain of exculp evidence, was/is too incompetent to indict. I love this President, but he is plumb OUT the luxury of one (1) more lousy appointment of which he’s made several. I can’t believe he didn’t learn at least some NYC street instincts. This really is War. He needs a Bondi headache too?

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  9. California Joe says:

    The Florida Attorney General Office is about as worthless government agency as The Bureau of Funny Walks. It’s a movie marquee without any substance. No law enforcement authority! No criminal investigators! No arrest authority! Nobody carries a firearm! At best they send out threatening letters to fraudsters who ignore them! I have dealt with so many Floridians ripped off by fraud over the past 30 years and all they ever got from the Florida AG is a form letter response. Call the 800 number and you get a call center in Tallahassee and some Black girl taking down information that will go nowhere because they have no investigators! It’s a placebo for consumers that have lost thousands of dollars to all kinds of fraud, identity theft, timeshare scams and telemarketing. Pam Bondi is the wizard behind the curtain and Florida taxpayers get the same treatment as Dorothy!

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  10. railer says:

    Trump put Nikki Haley in a do-nothing job at the UN, where her Bushist neocon/neolib/globalist foolishness wouldn’t be a problem. She could preen and strut, just like she wanted, and the cameras and Swamp could swoon over all her non-accomplishments there. And when she decided to leave, Trump sat next to her and petted her like a purring cat, all content and proud. She’s too stupid to realize that Trump used her in a face role and nothing more.

    Bondi might be the same. Horses for courses. You get what you want, by using what your hires CAN do that YOU want, and not what THEY want to do.

    Bolton was similar. His base neocon craziness had to be curtailed, and was. But his hiring mollified the Swamp neocon monolith, and it allowed Trump to put forward a strong front, which he wanted in the South China Sea, Middle East, Venezuela, etc. Bolton gave our rivals pause, and Trump always seeks leverage where he can find it. Job done, he was fired.

    You do have to remember that Trump knows he has to work with a White House full of Swamp creatures. He has no choice. Given that, and that he’s a genius, you have to analyze how he uses those Swamp creatures to achieve his ends, and that will be a complex process, not amenable to easy media narrative and tropes on ABC.

    The only thing that you can count on is that Trump hiring Bondi would be acting out a well considered strategy, which may not be apparent if you’re viewing it through a simple model. Trump has been using the tools available. It’s his job. It’s what he does.


  11. Southrider says:

    Brought to us by the same brain trust that produced Lt Gov Carrol?


  12. S.Bishop says:

    Assuming we can not achieve all the ends we would desire, and we had to settle for only one of two stark choices which would be preferred:

    1. Incarceration of most of the participants in the attempted coup (up to, but excluding Obama), but the Democratic Party is allowed to survive, or,
    2. There are no incarcerations (because it would destabilize the country), but the Democratic Party brand is fully undressed in public and destroyed by a steady and ongoing string of hearings and trials that buries the Left so deep in their own corruption that the remnants of the Party suffocate .


  13. Michael D Ancell says:

    What would Joe DiGenova do? He obviously has had the President’s back for a while. If Trey is out till January then the President should bring on Joe. Experience Matters….


  14. auntiefran413 says:

    I believe that PDJT reads The Last Refuge (and if he doesn’t he gets reports on their content). I not only believe that, but hope and pray that it’s true! We need Pam Biondi in the White House less than the people in Florida need her in Florida!


  15. Jimmy Jack says:

    My gut instinct on this is that Pam Bondi is no good and will be another problem. likely beyond a simple embarrassing hiring decison.


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