Sidney Powell Responds to Prosecution “Mistake”…

Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, appears on Fox Late Night to discuss the stunning letter from the DOJ that for the past two years they have attributed the wrong notes to the wrong FBI agent.   What a mess.

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221 Responses to Sidney Powell Responds to Prosecution “Mistake”…

  1. Curt says:

    The FBI is beyond dirty………….. Christopher Wray is just another useless swamp rat. And so it goes. Is there no end to this malfeasance and sedition from OUR own government intelligence agencies? Washington DC is filthy with leftist operatives and a conspiring press. Americans who understand all this are beyond appalled. The election of Donald Trump has brought all this to light and it’s worse than even he knew………… sickening.

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  2. Joemama says:

    Thank you so much Sidney. You are my hero! You, general Flynn and both of your families (& the other supporting counsel) are in my prayers.

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