Jason and Jerry’s Big Adventure….

In 2016 the creative leftists behind the Clinton campaign developed a campaign conspiracy theory that Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump were conspiring to stop Hillary from ascending to her birthright, the presidency.

In 2017 a sketchy fellow within the U.S. Department of Justice, Rod Rosenstein, fueled the Cinton conspiracy by appointing a panel of Hillary sycophants to investigate the collusion.

In the most embarrassing episode in U.S. government history, more than twenty lawyers, fifty FBI agents, and a host of administrative enablers were assigned to the case.  A muttering semi-cogent former FBI official in the twilight of his cognitive capabilities was brought-in to give credibility. Leftist media proclaimed the assembly: a dream team.

Spending tens-of-millions of taxpayer funds, for two years the crew dispatched themselves across the globe to track down the trail of Vladimir and Donald’s grand plan for planetary conquest.  As customary, the leftist media never paused to look at the abject stupidity of it…. and so it continued.

At the end of the multi-year, multi-continent endeavor, the crew reassembled in Washington DC to debrief their findings and write a report about their jaw-dropping discoveries.  Unfortunately for the transfixed media the million-man-hour probe found nothing.  Their final report showed: no collusion, no conspiracy.

However, not to be denied the justice authority apportioned by the aforementioned Mr. Rosenstein, the hundred-person-strong investigative crew also said their target had tried too hard not to be found guilty of a conspiracy that never existed.

Ah-ha!  There’s the angle: Donald Trump was guilty of defending himself, and accused of  the most heinous political crime: “obstructing an officially-authorized false narrative while under construction”, impeach!

Now we fast-forward to late 2019 where the international chase for the horse thief and attempted hanging therein is under review.  The most recent discoveries include not only was there never a horse theft, in reality there was never a horse….

Alas two pathetic members of the remaining resistance just cannot accept all of that officially recognized and empowered investigative global effort by the biggest nation on the planet was a wild goose-chase spurred by the Clinton machine.  Yes, thirty years after the end of World War II, on some isolated island in the middle of the Pacific, there was unit of the Imperial Japanese army that never knew the war was over.

While a vertically and horizontally challenged member of congress named Jerry Nadler appeals for the details of the Mueller grand jury inquisition, a rather caffeinated fellow named Jason Leopold charges from his bunker at Buzzfeed to mount his final assault against General Douglas MacArthur….


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198 Responses to Jason and Jerry’s Big Adventure….

  1. Magabear says:

    USA Today top of the fold headline in bold print “Impeachment Probe Will Proceed” or some crapola like that. No doubt that the demonrats planned their impeachment that’s not impeachment vote just in time to get the weekend headlines like that. Very Stalinesque of them.

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  2. law4lifeblog says:

    This is crap from Buzzfeed….candidate Trump’s allegedly problematic comments about Cruz’ father came not after the RNC convention, but at the time of the Indiana primary in early May 2016.

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  3. iwasthere says:

    Anybody that cites the “16 US intelligence agency concludes Russian’s hack the DNC server” is an abject liar or willfully ignorant.

    So breathless to get the 302’s, LOL, when you just know 99% are going to say: “I don’t know”, “I have no idea”, “I don’t understand the question” etc. Because they are investigating something that NEVER HAPPENED.

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  4. redthunder238 says:

    Funny, I just watched The Outlaw Josey Wales last night.

    …..I think I’ll try to tell him the war is over…..

    IMO one of the better final scenes in history.

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  5. Pokey says:

    I can’t imagine our political system getting even more messed up and then every day it happens again. All I know is we have to beat these bastards badly next year, or else this stuff will get much worse for everyone except the members of the Globalist Politburo.

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  6. LULU says:

    Buzzfeed’s intrepid Jason assembled a crew (probably the entire crew) from Buzzfeed to produce this blockbuster.

    The best part of all is when Jason inserts this plea to readers:

    [We want your help! If you see something in these memos, you can email reporter Jason Leopold at jason.leopold@buzzfeed.com or reach us securely at tips.buzzfeed.com.]

    That tells us that indolent Jason and his lazy, incompetent (or possibly disinterested?) crew have not read the 500 pages of memos that came their way, nor do they intend to. No. That is up to their readers who are then to send a tip on “something” they may find in the memos. So that Jason & Co can then do what?

    I thought this was pathetically funny…


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