President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing White House – Video…

Chopper pressers are the best pressers.  Earlier this evening President Trump stopped to deliver remarks and answer questions from the press pool as he departed the White House for Mississippi.  [Video Below, Transcript will follow]

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56 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing White House – Video…

  1. California Joe says:

    Absolutely great performance by President Trump! In fact, the news media buzzards didn’t seem as hostile to him as they have been!

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      This man has single-handedly reinvigorated the U.S. economy, no thanks to the Ryan Republicans in the House and the Democrats.

      The “Tax cuts and Jobs Act” of 2018 was one notable exception, but all other benefits have flowed from the Executive pen and from his agencies following his direction.

      The Democrats are in “impreachment” mode because of it and I noticed that Nancy Pelosi on Comedy Central pulled back any Articles of Impeachment.


    • fhb says:

      our guy and his team Especially the RNC need to use biden laughing when asked by judy wooddruff about his crime bill why so many african american jailed because of it? some one tell them thanks


  2. Paul says:

    “Mr. President, how do you like being put on trial and not able to defend yourself?”
    Answer; “How would any of you like that setup?”

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    • fhb says:

      to Mr. Bongino…brennans use of the term corpus of intelligence is codespeak for Charlie aka eric ciaramarella kind of like Rawhide was for Mr. Reagan. They all have been communicating openly with phrases in the public domain. Also, remember the previous potus said that the Incoming POTUS did not n=know how many people he needed to fully fill the gov’t? that was the go-ahead and put people in place(s) to fill vacancies , which was to actually gather information spy , report to others and / or setup situations in which to trap or pressure our President. thanks

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    • yy4u says:

      I’d add — “Mr. President, have you stopped kicking your dog?”
      POTUS: “I don’t have a dog.”
      Press: “But if you had a dog, would you stop kicking it?”

      I watched my grandfather feed the chickens when I was a kid. He’d go out there and strew corn or whatever the things eat and there’d be flapping and sqawking and squawking and flapping. The WH press corps reminds me of my grandfather’s chickens. Except maybe the chickens were a little smarter and better behaved.


  3. Samuel Delaney says:

    Trump is the most effective president we’ve had in my 55 years of life.
    I was not always a Trump supporter. At first I thought his announcement that he was running for president was a joke.
    Once i started listening to his speeches, they caught my interest, and then Trump attracted my support.
    Trump started fighting against RINO Republicans, the mainstream media, political correctness, unfair Chinese trade practices, unfettered immigration, and endless wars.
    It wasn’t until Hillary Clinton nomination was a foregone conclusion that my support for Trump was galvanized – a Hillary Clinton presidency, especially after 8 years of Barack Obama’s failed and corrupt presidency, would have been devastating to the USA.
    Donald Trump is a fighter, he’s smart, has “dragon” energy (thanks kanya west), and he loves our country and all of its people.

    Trump 2020!

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    • ATheoK says:

      Donald Trump’s entry into the 2016 Presidential race was a stunning bold move.

      Against the other pathetic low-key limp candidates, Candidate Trump stood out like a strong candidate. Especially when answering the same stupid lousy questions from the cold fish msm reporters; candidate Trump responded candidly, authoritatively, with great clarity.

      What became more and more amazing; Candidate Trump responded to old questions with the same exact answers he used before.
      Compare and contrast that with “she who destined to be president” HRC, who told a new lie at every stop. Or compare that to the current field of disgusting socialist democrat candidates who also change their answers depending upon the audiences.

      By candidate Trump’s third month, I was solidly on board and donated from my fixed income.
      It did not take long to realize that anyone with common sense did not answer questions honestly, as even school pollsters and alleged neutral pollsters argued ridiculously at any support for Candidate Trump.

      It was with great pleasure,I napped the first few hours, but woke in time to watch the nation vote for president Trump. I muted the TV to prevent hearing newscasters trying to spin results into HRC positives.

      Re-elect President Trump! MAGA & KAG in 2020!

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    • Daniel says:

      I’m sorry you couldn’t see what was wrong with our government to begin with. His announcement speech, while provocative, was specifically n true and accurate if your mind is not already muddied with political correctness preventing you from speaking, and thus thinking clearly.

      I was on board with Trump from the first moment not only because of his announcement, but because he actually has a long history in political commentary and voicing his views of what he would do.

      I’m sorry you ever thought it was a joke. But now I hope you are fully awake about the filthy, self-serving system or government has become. Far from being a joke. Trump is deadly, life-risking, serious. They would murder him today if they thought they could get away with it. Not a joke and he started 20+ years ago what he would do and why he was hesitant to do it. He knew the stakes back then [JFK] as he does now.

      We need to back him with our last ounce of energy because righting our country is now possible. And if we are successful, we Trump supporters will be the new “Greatest generation.”

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      • Kent says:

        like…pray the ‘youngsters’ will grow up and listen…that they will realize that it will soon be their turn to steer this nation… the right direction…

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      • Davey says:

        You can find Trump interviews with Oprah from 25+ yrs ago. In those interviews he said what he would do as President. THAT message hasn’t changed, and he is doing now what he said he would do 25+ yrs ago.

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    • progpoker says:

      I could have written that post! LOL!!
      You summed up my transition to Trump supporter perfectly. I’m 58, btw!!

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      A very clear, thoughtful, fact-based post, Samuel… Thanks.

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      A fighter indeed:

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    • YY4U says:

      A presidency by ANYONE but Donald Trump after eight years of Obama, eight years of Bush, eight years of Clinton and four years of Bush I would have been the end of the USA. Carson and Cruz might have wanted to do the right thing but in the end, they would have had to rely on their donors. Only Trump couldn’t be bought (as my husband said when he supported him from day 1). I got on the Trump train later — Right after the Fox Republican debate when I watched Fox’s Baeir, Wallace and Kelly try to take him out for Jeb! Trump unmasked no one. They unmasked themselves!


  4. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Even though our guy got a bit long winded on around the second/third question, he once again easily proved that he knows what’s going on in his administration.

    Also true to his form, he always makes his points twice.

    I wasn’t able to follow him at the end when he was talking about some transcript or letter that came out today hence the stock market being up. Or did I misunderstand him?

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  5. Kent says:

    …why does the deep state cover for hellery? did the soviets actually win?

    “Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson on Thursday formally sought “all email communications” between Hillary Clinton and former President Obama, saying the Justice Department was blocking their release — even though they could shed light on whether the former secretary of state discussed sensitive matters on her unsecured personal email system while she was overseas.
    Johnson’s letter came as House Democrats approved procedures for their impeachment inquiry against President Trump, warning he may have endangered U.S. national security by allegedly withholding aid to Ukraine for political reasons. Earlier this month, a State Department report into Clinton’s use of a private email server for government business found dozens of people at fault and hundreds of security violations.
    In a letter to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Johnson, R-Wis., said summer 2016 communications from FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok to FBI Director James Comey’s Chief of Staff James Rybicki hinted at the existence of the Clinton-Obama messages that were relevant to the issues raised by her private server.”

    credit fox news….

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    • The ONLY reason Johnson wants the emails is to DESPERATELY identify the EVIDENCE against the UniParty that they’ll have to defend against!

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    • cthulhu says:

      One of the truly pathetic elements to the whole “private server” fiasco is that, with some knowledge and some discipline, they could have passed entirely secure messages using entirely insecure servers.

      Technology is readily available to encrypt data with two keys — one public and one private. If I want to send you a message, I look up your public key and encrypt the data with that. Only the person with the private key can unencrypt it. If I want to get fancy, I can encrypt the data with my private key first. Then, when you received the data, you could unencrypt it with your private key, (resulting in a cryptic mess), then look up my public key and unencrypt that mess into clear data. You would not only have the information free from prying eyes, but be certain it could only have come from me.

      You just have to keep track of what steps are done to what data and follow a process.

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      • neal s says:

        It is more difficult to send messages to multiple recipients with that method. Each recipient needs their own key pair and an individually encrypted message for them only. Also no person could be sure that what they got matched what the others had gotten. (all recipients would be given the result of a secure hash on the final unencrypted message) But I am sure there are some technical solutions to that as well as not forcing the users to go through extra steps but instead making the encryptioning and decryptioning automatic.

        But the real reason for not doing that, is because then the hildebeast would have had no plausible deniability for blind copies of all emails going to one or more third parties.

        I wonder if the hildebeast still has that private server somewhere. If so, then at some future time, she could be raided, and if any of the classified messages are still stored there in any form, she could be freshly charged for violating certain laws relating to this.

        While I would like to see her be nailed for that, I suppose one or more murders that she is responsible for would do quite nicely. No statute of limitations on murder.


  6. GB Bari says:

    After a sound whipping by their Superior, the yelping hyenas lick their wounds and sulk off to try again another day.

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  7. Reading the caption above the President’s picture, my eyes deceived me and I read “cess pool” instead of “press pool”! How appropriate. God bless the President, our guardian at the gates!

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  8. Kent says:

    ….30 year olds…forty year olds…fifty year olds….realize that now is the time to save your nation….boomers had our time and we didn’t do so well but the cause isn’t lost…

    Save your nation…save your kids and your grandkids from a leftist future

    Please…think….study history…and have faith….

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  9. LOVE me some VSGPDJT………..

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  10. Eric Ciamarella: Brennan’s Butt-Boy at the CIA, Biden’s Bag-Man in Ukraine, Rice’s Side-Dish at NSA, then McMaster’s Slave at the same. Adam Schiff’s House Weasel-Blower…and now we find out he was working with the disgraced Mueller-lovers Strzok and Page to overthrow the President.

    What’s next? Are we going to find out he’s Hillary’s Pool Boy, too?

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  11. luke says:

    Good Lord, maybe it’s the drinks I had earlier talking but I almost hemorrhaged at the sides listening to that. Yes chopper pressers are AOK.

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  12. luke says:

    Good Lord, maybe it’s the drinks I had earlier talking but I almost hemorrhaged at the sides listening to that. Yes chopper pressers are AOK.

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  13. 1riot1ranger says:

    This “Charlie” in the Strozk and Page texts, talking about sending him in like he is doing undercover work, is looking to be Ciaramella, pronounced something like “Char – a – mella” No wonder he is getting cold feet.

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  14. jus wundrin says:

    ‘Court ruling could throw impeachment timeline into disarray’

    “The decision in question came in the chambers of Richard Leon, a judge in D.C. federal district court, in a case known as Kupperman v. House of Representatives. That case will now be decided, at the earliest, after Dec. 10 when the judge has scheduled oral arguments, potentially depriving Democrats of the opportunity to have key witnesses testify in public before the holiday season begins — and impeachment fatigue potentially sets in.”

    I read about this the other day when Kuppeman asked the judge for a hearing to determin if he had to follow the subpoena issued by Schiffty.

    Nanzis not going to like this.

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  15. fangdog says:

    Trump is slowly educating the public’s personal implications should the stock crash as a result of “no Trump”. Which of course would be the case.

    Most people know nothing about the stock market, but have their retirement vested in the stock market under some form of management. Once they begin to realize a stock market crash affects them directly, the severity of a “no Trump” becomes a real live personal concern. This also goes for government employees in some shape, manner or form.

    I have given up trying to reason with democrats. I just ask them, “Do you think your retirement funds will go up or down without Trump”?

    Any answer other than “down” I then say you better check it out because whether you know it or not, you are putting yourself in real unsecure danger not supporting Trump. It has nothing to do whether you like Trump or not, but everything to do with how much you like you.

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  16. littlequilterkitty says:

    It’s refreshing to see how relaxed President Trump is regarding impeachment. He know’s the Democrat-Communist have NOTHING on him! Besides, President T knows how many rabbits he has up those big ole’ jacket sleeves of his!

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  17. Mike in a Truck says:

    The scurvy rats in the MSM better get some battery operated heated clothes cause the days of a nice warm press room appear over. I hope POTUS makes them wait out there for hours.


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