Trump Family Moves to Florida…

Tonight President Trump has announced via twitter that he and Melania Trump have moved their official legal residence from New York, NY, to Palm Beach, Florida:

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  1. Rynn69 says:

    Look, folks- let’s all just be honest. Liberals are hateful people. Intolerant, hateful people. It is becoming quite obvious now to any person who is paying attention. Media is an uncomfortable group of mean-spirited, unhinged bullies. It is difficult to watch. It is nothing to admire.

    Clear-thinking Americans are walking away from the Democrat party like Brandon, Candace, and other smart, decent people. Americans have learned that it is not just Democrats that have the franchise on hate. It is Republican “Never Trumpers”, Deep State employees, Hollywood, Big Tech CEOs, liberal media, and most left-leaning academics. Hateful is no way to be. These people have hated on and railroaded an innocent man for over 3 years.

    A man who is guilty of loving America. A man who won an election FAIR and SQUARE. He beat them. He exposed them. He wins He is uncorrupted. He is a strategic genius. He loves America and America loves him. HE IS EVERYTHING THEY ARE NOT. And they know it.

    Liberals are very difficult to be around. There is a seething hatred underneath that you feel will pop out any minute. You have to walk on eggshells with a liberal. And you know what? You probably just end up avoiding them. For lack of a better word – they are “toxic.”

    I am so glad PDJT, Melania, Barron and the family are moving away from the once great NYC. It will be nice to be around happy people. Safety, cleanliness, and prosperity. Once again, PDJT is winning bigly.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      That’s basically how I feel too, Rynn.

      This is the best, most positive thing they can do for their own peace of mind and a healthy/positive life.

      Best way to happiness is to remove yourself from Dem toxicity, as much as is humanly possible for your circumstances.

      Trump family can do it. So it’s smart to do it.

      There is a world of difference between living around (too many) hateful Leftists and living around sane people who are just happy/grateful to be alive.

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      • moe ham head says:

        how true i just put my house on the market in taxachusetts and im heading to north carolina
        i cant wait to vote in a state where my vote will matter and happy to take my tax paying azz to a more friendly state

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        • Joshua2415 says:

          Just remember that state politicians in NC are every bit as corrupt as state politicians in Massachusetts. The accent is different, but the evil is the same. Don’t let your new, dramatically lower property taxes lull you into a false sense of security… or charity. If you give the bastards an inch, they will bite off your arm. Keep that in mind when it’s time to vote.
          Oh, and welcome to God’s country Moe : )

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          • Dixie says:

            Ditto Joshua!….but maybe with more people like Moe moving to our state, WE WILL OVERCOME!

            Welcome to North Carolina moe ham head. Check out the coast….we don’t worry too much about the so called climate change and rising tides. 🙂

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        • aumechanic says:

          as a native NC, just let me say if I had my way u wouldn’t vote in a state election for at least 10 years, yall have already took a toll on this state, so I cant stop ya but at least remember why u left and think twice before u decide to come down here and raise our taxes to force gender studies on kindergardners. with love.

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          • Paprika says:

            Now, now, aumechanic–I understand your sentiment about the hoards of liberals that have moved in, but that wasn’t a very warm welcome for a Treeper to our wonderful state! I reckon a fellow Treeper is “good folk” and the family and I delightedly extend a warm and encouraging “Howdy new neighbor, Moe! Welcome to the neighborhood! Pull up a rocker and have a sweet tea! Looking forward to making your acquaintance!”

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        • aumechanic says:

          as a native NC, just let me say if I had my way u wouldn’t vote in a state election for at least 10 years, yall have already took a toll on this state, so I cant stop ya but at least remember why u left and think twice before u decide to come down here and raise our taxes to force gender studies on kindergardners. with love.


        • DR75130 says:

          I live in NC where Richard Burr and Thom Tillis are our Senators. Richard Burr is currently Chairman of the corrupt Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and probably a deep stater. Thom Tillis is no fan of Trump, only supporting the MAGA agenda when pushed into a corner

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        • beaujest says:

          “Captain Oldsmobile “, Red Ed Markey, Sacamanure, Barney Frank,Mike Dukakis,Katherine Clark,Willy Weld and a cast of thousands should make everyone leave !


        • Mellie says:

          May I ask what area of NC?


        • cplogics says:

          If you are a MAGA Republican (and I believe you are or you would not be on this site), then move to Charlotte/Mecklenburg Cty where the left has essentially ruined our public schools, made our streets unsafe, hate and decry the fact that President Trump will get his second nod in their fair city and just this past week were circulating rumors that the city might cancel the convention. Charlotte has become a sanctuary city thanks to our primarily black city government (mayor, police chief, sheriff, city manager) and a host of others who are still on the plantation drinking kool aid by the gallon. We need your vote to kick these bastards to the curb once and for all. Charlotte was always this way, but the influx our people fleeing the north and bringing their politics with them has changed the demographics exponentially.

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        • Jimmy Jack says:

          It will be a welcome change for sure but I have to agree with others here – don’t be lulled into complacency in NC. It is also full of libs thanks largely to so many prestigious universities there and to the fact that it is one of the first states targeted for takeover by George Soros. Look up Soros Blueprint for NC. The Charlotte city council takeover kicked it off.

          We have a place there in the mountains and are lucky to have Mark Meadows as our representative. OTOH my lob sister left NYC for Raleigh.

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        • sDee says:

          “”heading to north carolina””

          Welcome to NC Moe. Please hit the ground fighting – we need you!

          Be aware that NC has been targeted to become a blue state much like Colorado was but here, though federal/UN urbanization and the influx of multinational corporations, universities and the associated high wage liberals and activist immigrants. Charlotte and Raleigh especially. This is most pronounced now in the Triangle (Wake, Durham, Orange counties) but is quickly moving into nearby counties like Chatham.

          Regional governance groups are strong and need to be stopped.

          I hope you move to a rural county – outside city limits.

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    • Ploni says:

      Yes, yes and yes.

      I also moved relocated ran away.

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    • I absolutely refuse to ever go back into that City again! I used to love Broadway, loved the Deli’s and “Little Italy”, real Italian food, the bakery’s, real Chinese food, NYC at Christmas and walking the boulevard and seeing the displays in the stores…But, never, ever again will I step foot into that city and spend even a”Plugged nickel” there, and I just discovered the Rockettes even have a Christmas special in Connecticut, so guess what….

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    • Parker Longbaugh says:

      Can you imagine the savings?

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    • MfM says:

      I prefer to use the term leftist instead of liberal. The left is working on taking over the Democrat party. People will say it’s just semantics, but not all Democrats or liberals are leftists. The seething hated and toxicity are very good indicators of what I and others have started calling leftists.

      The walk away movement shows that Democrats can see the light. But many of them would still consider themselves liberal.

      I agree changing their home State to Florida is a great move.

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      • nobodyspecial1958 says:

        If you are a democrat you are part of the problem. To be a democrat you have to have some level of diminished capacity, not necessarily intellect, but some misconstrued idea of concern, empathy, or feeling such as a save the whales, polar bears etc., or you feel that Christianity is trying to tell everyone how to live, or you get your largess from some gov co funding. I often say show me a Christian Democrat and I’ll show you a hypocrite. But really, to be a democrat you have to be a hypocrite anyway.

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        • Jimmy Jack says:

          It’s it just the Democrats. It’s the faux conservatives as well as Never Trumpers, Rinos etc. DEMs just express their hatred of the US more openly. The latter smile and virtue signal while doing the same thing.

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        • Super Elite says:

          Spot on, nobodyspecial. You are hitting on all cylinders there.


      • lydia00 says:

        I miss real liberals. We never agreed on the size of government but they valued Free speech as much as I do. And they were always ready for a rousing debate. They have become an endangered species.

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    • cbjoasurf says:

      “You have to walk on eggshells with a liberal. ” Nah, It’s more fun to throw a few “TRUTHS” at them and watch ’em go NUTS!

      It’s a new pastime for me until they see the light (get red-pilled).

      If not they might have a nervous breakdown in which case I’ll feel bad for a few minutes.

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    • VERY WELL Said… Rynn69


    • Dixie says:

      All encompassing fantastic statement.


    • Christian says:

      He is showing the way, many others will left.


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      The truth of your statement, the depth of the reality of your statement, is truly sad to me but you are 100% right. I feel exactly as you described around libs and do what I can to avoid them for this reason.

      NYC will always be the greatest city on earth to me. But I have to agree, it has changed for the worst and is getting worse daily, quickly. I don’t see another Giuliani on the horizon to turn it around this time either.

      What is happening in those media hub cities is happening in all big cities right now but it’s not as obvious. Yet.

      God help us save our cities and our country. We are becoming divided beyond repair. I think Gohmert is right. We are being pushed to the brink.

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      • Mr e-man says:

        The big cities utilize group think and ostracism. People go along to get along until they become what they have been thinking. If you don’t go along, the hateful liberals treat you poorly.

        In DC, you don’t get invited to the elite cocktail parties, you aren’t selected for the big job or promotion, and in fact, you are targeted for indictments and criminal offenses for any misstep you might make. Trump sign in the yard? Expect vandalism. Support Trump in the streets? Expect Antifa thugs to come along and assault you.

        And leftists have no self realization of the hate they exhibit toward anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

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    • Gunner says:

      Agree with everything you said, except the part about ‘walking on eggshells’ around liberals. I don’t start anything, but if they engage me, then oh boy — stand the hell by. My patience meter with these people pegged a long time ago!

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    • Mrs. E says:



    • lee says:

      well said. the only thing I could add is that it is pretty much impossible to use logic on the evil that is so ingrained in Liberals. Too much of their ego is invested in a worldview where a God is not acknowledged. Way it is. They are like alcoholics who have to hit bottom first. Only then might they consider giving up their kool-aid. Fundamentally they are spiritually insane and liberalism is but one of their symptoms.


  2. jeff montanye says:

    if trump wants a true welcome he may have to try farther north or inland. the coastal southeast florida counties are notoriously democratic (e.g. wasserman-schultz, brenda snipes, etc.) but even more notoriously corrupt.

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    • Akindole says:

      Mostly true. Certainly for the S.E.
      Look for the large airports. And, to complement the airports, large welfare service centers, non-service economies, and co-dependent people.

      VSGPOTUS will stay in Palm Beach Co., though, regardless.

      Redish – Daytona Beach International Airport, DAB
      Solid Blue – Executive Airport, FXE
      Solid Blue – Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, FLL
      Red – Ft. Walton Beach Airport, VPS
      Solid Blue – Jacksonville International Airport, JAX
      Who knows – Melbourne International Airport, MLB
      RINO RED – Naples Airport APF, Naples, FL
      Solid Blue – Orlando Executive Airport, ORL
      Solid Blue – Palm Beach International Airport, PBI
      ROCK SOLID MAGA RED – Pensacola Regional Airport, PNS
      Blueish Purple – Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, SRQ
      ROCK SOLID MAGA RED – Southwest Florida International Airport, RSW
      Who knows – Space Center Exect. Airport, TIX
      Purple – St Lucie County Airport, FPR
      Redish – St Petersburg International Airport, PIE
      Purple – Tampa International Airport, TPA

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      • lisabrqwc says:

        Agree for the most part… very sad what’s happening to Sarasota. Been here since 1984 and thought I’d retire here, but snowbirds from NY, Canada, etc. come to visit and spend the winter. Next thing you know they’ve moved here permanently bringing their lousy politics with them.

        Oh, and St. Pete? Not reddish at all — it’s a sanctuary city now dontcha know.

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  3. CNN_sucks says:

    Rudy Guiliani prosecuted the mafia in NY. Unfortunately, city hall became the mafia. Wakeup NY. Vote MAGA.

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  4. Lady K says:

    From a Floridian … Welcome to Florida Mr. President, Melania and family! Blessed to have you here!

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  5. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    So what does that mean for Trump Tower?


  6. Mike in a Truck says:

    As a former New Yorker- Mr. President,what took you so long?

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  7. shirley49 says:

    Cannot even imagine how much money they are going to lose with this and the Ice rink closing down. That is why NY has to tax the he!! out of their Citizens. Many have moved out that could afford to. Rush Limbaugh was one who also moved to Florida.

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  8. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Did debbie wasserman schultz just snap a twig?

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  9. OurThe Best President Best wish for you and family,
    GOD Bless you and America,

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  10. Pyrthroes says:

    Under Rat sleazebags, “politics” in New York State, not just Manhattan, has devolved to witless demagogues’ classic Three Imperatives: Divide-and-rule, or ruin; something-for-nothing; us-against- them. Since 5th Century BC Cleon of Athens, Sulla’s 1st Century BC disruption of the Roman Republic, these tenets have driven every sorry, collectivist/Statist “New Deal” rump whatever.

    Abjuring any innovative, entrepreneurial risk/reward whatever, banning productive incentives, these Grand Theft “share the wealth” Tytler Calumny regimes promise The Moon-and-Sixpence yet celebrate extermination of “class enemies” as grand mal despots desecrate everything they touch.

    Socialism Kills: Its mouthy true-believers will be the first to go.

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    • StanH says:

      As these blue hives devolve they will definitely turn on one another. This is what self-loathing parasitic hordes always do, kill the host. Our great President Trump and his family escaping this dystopian future is smart.

      God bless you President Trump and First Lady Melanie…good move.

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  11. beach lover says:

    Can you imagine what it must be like for Barron? To be hated because of politics through no power of your own. His life would be in danger in NY.

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  12. Alison Wilson says:

    Wish he would he move here to NH! He could buy Romney’s place (was on the market forever) in Wolfeboro and Baron could attend Brewster Academy just down the road. The locals would soon put the traveling media in their place.


  13. Johnny Dollar says:

    No matter how many good reasons there are for him and his family to leave NYC, it’s still going to hurt.

    You just cannot live in a place that long and not accumulate a deep seated emotional love and attachment to it.

    I pray it’s not the case; but, I suspect it’ll hurt for a long time.

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    • Guyski says:

      It won’t be that bad. After 2024 President Trump will be a ‘snowbird’. The Trumps will just have to keep track of their days and not spend more than 183 days in New York every year. 😁

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  14. Good for him. Cuomo said he didnt want Republicans in the state anyways. People have already started to flee these nuisance states; NY, MD, NJ, IL, CA, etc. I feel bad for those pockets of conservatives that live there.

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    • We the people know says:

      “People have already started to flee these nuisance states; NY, MD, NJ, IL, CA, etc. I feel bad for those pockets of conservatives that live there.”

      Pardon me, but you should feel sorry for folks in the Red states who are being invaded by fleeing liberals, who don’t leave their ideologies behind. Seems to me that making NY, MD, NJ, IL, CA , etc. unlivable is a deliberate, diabolic tactic to spread a fatal ideology, an exploding tumor, a metastasis, a forced migration if you will. Deliberate, or not, it’s happening.

      Metastasis is a pathogenic agent’s spread from an initial or primary site to a different or secondary site within the host’s body; the term is typically used when referring to metastasis by a cancerous tumor. The newly pathological sites, then, are metastases. It is generally distinguished from cancer invasion, which is the direct extension and penetration by cancer cells into neighboring tissues.

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      • daylight58 says:

        “Pardon me, but you should feel sorry for folks in the Red states who are being invaded by fleeing liberals, who don’t leave their ideologies behind.”

        Sadly, that’s happening here in Alaska, too. When I’d moved here a few years ago, it’d been with every intention of making this my last move. But, at 61, and only a couple of more years left before I am retiring from a 35 year professional career, “Alaska” isn’t going to be the final home for this Ms. Daylight.

        The economics of home-buying are one reason, but, the ongoing influx of progressives drawn by the natural beauty here is a constant source of annoyance.

        I’ve insulated it as best as I can for the time being – moving out of Anchorage (where my job is located) and into the MatSu Borough just outside Wasilla. But, the blue toilet swirl is encompassing more and more of the state (hello? Can you say “Lisa Murkowski’s base of support?”). So, when the day comes to hang-up the shingle, my $$, my pets, and my personal property are going to head south down the AlCan (whether literally or figuratively, and whether behind my Dodge RAM or in a moving van), pick up my Goldwing touring bike stored in SayWA?, and heading east – and not stopping until I reach the Appalachians.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Definiately not disagreeing with your overall assessment. But Illinois actually has pockets of libtards, not conservatives. Look at the 2016 election map showing county results. The entire state is redl but for a few pockets of lblue. Unfortunately those blue pockets are crammed full of libtards and Dem plantation slaves. In 2016 Hillary got 55.83% of the vote to Trump’s 38.76%. Trump was a risky vote for many people because he didn’t have a political track record, but in 2020 he won’t be risky, and his popularity among hispanics has increased. I suspect his percentage for the entire state will be higher in 2020. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he actually won the state? 🙂

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  15. Doug Amos says:

    As a former New Yorker, there are many kind beautiful people there. They love tradition and being American. The problem is the media and an influx of nomads; shallow, mindless people trying to be accepted but haunted by the fact that they are nobodies and losers; exactly the kind of prey the left is looking for.

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  16. scrap1ron says:

    A pox on Fredo’s brother and all the New York City leftist scumbags.

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  17. covfefe999 says:

    As others have mentioned, it could be to remove himself from SDNY territory. I suspect he’ll still maintain the apartment at the top of Trump Tower, it just won’t be his primary residence any more. I wonder what will happen to the Trump business, will they move the HQ out of NYC too?

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I was also thinking Melania might be sick of NYC. I’m sure she had a lot of “friends” there whose true colors were revealed after her husband became a Presidential canddiate. Remember the clothing designers who refused to design clothes for her? Or Anna Wintour who has refused to put her on the cover as she would any Dem First Lady? I’m sure a lot happened behind the scenes that we average citizens aren’t even aware of. What a mess. I hope they’re all much happier in Florida.

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  18. StanH says:

    Great move President Trump.

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  19. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    My extended family are all leaving New York.
    A state that cheers killing babies after they are born is not a place we want our children and grandchildren to live.
    Sad but for my family alone, that’s 9 hard working households leaving the state.

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  20. not2worryluv says:

    Welcome Mr. President, First Lady and Barron to Florida.
    We love and respect you as many, many Floridians do.
    NYC loss is our gain!

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  21. not2worryluv says:

    Welcome Mr. President, First Lady and Barron to Florida.
    We love and respect you as many, many Floridians do.
    NYC loss is our gain!


  22. teeheeman says:

    Bravo PDJT and fam! Should add another lock down on winning FLA in 2020.


  23. MLK says:

    This has to be the least surprising news imaginable. Trump became a resident of D.C. for tax purposes when he became president. He wasn’t going to make himself subject again to NY/NYC for tax purposes post-presidency even without the harassment from state and city authorities.

    He, of course, needed to publicly announce this move before the end of this year for obvious reasons. His timing on the day of this vote by the House was perfect — and not really because it receives diminished attention. It signals to those seeking to destroy him that he isn’t folding his hand (and letting the 2016 malefactors off the hook).

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  24. MfM says:

    That likely means that the DJT Presidential Library will be in Florida! That is a great move.

    Since he was elected Trump has spent lots of weekends in Florida. This is a wonderful change. It gives more opportunity when leftists are screaming about the Prez going to MaL again, I can just say he’s not allowed to visit his legal residence?

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  25. webgirlpdx says:

    Yes! I’ve wondered where the Trump Libary was going to be. What a great place, in Florida.

    Oh….and it will be a Big Beautiful Library!

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  26. TradeBait says:

    Sometimes you just have to step back and let stupid people destroy themselves and their environment before things can get better. NYC is a cesspool of graft, corruption, falsehoods, boastful pride, sin, and abuse of all things. It’s the drag queen of America – fake as a $3 bill and is pretentious trash. Yet, there are good people there who do not participate in their sickening activities and “culture”. If we are honest, we know where all of this leads and have seen nations and cultures destroyed by those same vices since time began.

    So bring us PDT and family where we can protect and lift them up. Main Street calls for all those who are oppressed and seeking safety and prosperity. Just remember, the Lord is in the center of all things good. So do not come and bring demonic practices with you. Leave those in Sodom and Gomorrah and do not look back.

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  27. lydia00 says:

    I live in a red State but a blue urban district. I can’t wait to move out of it in several years. A big challenge are all the well heeled leftists moving to red areas. I read an article not long ago about California state gov retirees moving to lower tax states. And they retire at 55 with a large taxpayer-funded pension. I find that totally disgusting. The very people who ruined California, retire with huge pensions then move to another state where they will vote left wing. Bureaucrats are parasites.

    The only way to combat this is to cut all government from local to Federal in more than half. We wouldn’t miss them a bit. It will be the only way to save this country. Remember, the bigger the government the smaller the citizen.

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  28. Queenouniverse says:

    My brother-in-law and his family relocated here to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay from Albany,NY approximately three years ago. When they got their first state and local tax bills, they called and wanted to know if this really all they needed to pay! Yes. They report they are so very happy they moved, got conceal carry permits, have an American flag flying on the front porch and their money and children are safe. Bye bye NY!

    My mother in law has joined us in the adjoining jurisdiction as is happy as well.

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  29. TwoLaine says:

    Besides the ridic taxes, and the fact that it is a Fugitive state, I also wouldn’t want to subject my high $$$ neighbors and commercial tenants to the zoo that will be the TRUMP family Secret Security measures on a daily basis. They are extremely high value targets, and would be more restricted on movement than ever. I think a family compound such as Mar-a-lago would be a blessing.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      You’re right, TwoLaine. When he says “Family” do you think Eric, Ivanka and Don are thinking along these lines also? Trump business interests can operate anywhere. Nice Sunny Florida would fit them all nicely.

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    • Esperanza says:

      I think it’s because after a while you think what’s the point? And I think even rich people are starting to feel the decline. It’s all very well having a fabulous apartment, but if you can’t leave it….

      I have two well to do acquaintances who live in beautiful apartments near the Eiffel Tower, even they are beginning to feel the environment as unpleasant. One also takes the metro sometimes as driving has become impossible in the city. They travel a lot and at some point you have got to wonder why you’re coming back…

      Trump will be retired after he leaves the WH. He longer needs the megalopolis.

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  30. Jimmy Jack says:

    Sundance, do you have any insight into why he’s doing this? I am shocked beyond words. And as a NYer and former neighborhood resident with Trump tremendously saddened. He was King of New York for ages. Always has a smile and a hello.

    I wonder if this is a tax move because of the new millionaires tax in NY and a political statement. A safety issue. A result of being targeted by SDNY. Spy apparatus used on his building tainting it. Disappointment and anger in being treated poorly there by locals and protestors. A way to protect residents from protestors outside his building. Melania’s decision. Or is he headed south like so many others at retirement age.

    I am blown away. So many questions. I look forward to everyone’s insight. NY’s loss is Florida’s gain.

    NY suddenly seems as lost to me as CA.

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  31. willthesuevi says:

    I hope he moves his entire business and holdings out of New York.

    Why would President Trump or his family want to give that state one more dime than is absolutely necessary. Including charitable donations.

    After the tax benefits the Trump organization will wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

    Keep chasing out business you New York socialist bastards, you deserve everything you get.

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  32. Jimmy Jack says:

    I don’t want to see one word of liberals gloating. They will see this as a win. I expect to see lots of “he knows he’s going to lose and is choosing his retirement location for 2020” comments.


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  33. J Gottfred says:

    I’d move his corporations too. Now Hilliary? She can stay in Chappaqua, NY.


  34. Good move, Mr. President. Florida is a great state. See you at the next Tigers vs Gators game.

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  35. DeWalt says:

    Welcome Mr. President


  36. Mick B says:

    Their loss, our gain. Welcome Home, Mr. President.

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  37. Boknows says:

    President Trump has done more for this country then any president in modern history.

    The Democraps and Fakestream media have isolated themselves in bizarre lies.

    The President staying focused on winning for the American people is driving them beyond their own insanity.

    Not that I should portend to advise him on anything, but my hope is he doubles down on appearances with the examples of what he is doing for people and regions of our country.

    Impeachment. Im-schmeach-ment. the only way they win is if he shows it bothers him or his progress in winning for America.

    His response to any question should be a question in return.

    ‘Impeachment for what’?’

    Make them answer. Whether they say the phone call or not, continue by saying the transcript has been released since September 25th for all to read. The Ukraine president has gone on record indicating he felt no pressure, so the question that needs answered by the Democrats is with these facts known for 6 weeks, when will they stop chasing their own tail based on lies and hearsay.

    Then just keep doing what he’s been doing and that’s get on with the people business and Keeping America Great!

    ‘The best revenge is massive success.’
    Frank Sinatra

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  38. Haveaspine says:

    Florida’s gain, New York’s loss. Good decision POTUS.


  39. InAz says:

    Before the President made his announcement of moving to Florida, I sent him an email thanking him and his family. I told him millions love him and are grateful for his service to the USA and all that he has done for the forgotten citizens.
    I told him I and my family would walk through fire, on glass etc for him as would countless others. I thanked him for his ability to get people to show their true selves and show how much they hate the USA, the country that gave these Commie lib SOBs so much.

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  40. Life Coach says:

    Could this move be an evasive maneuver? Does moving to Florida make it more difficult for SDNY Preet Bahara & activist judges to harasses the Trumps via the legal system and/or force his tax returns?

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    • Alfred Brown says:

      That is what I was thinking too.
      Move himself, and his family, and move all his business organization as well.
      All his children are still there, but Preet will need to explain his reason for investigating any of them. Then again 4th Amendment requirement of Prior Restraint has not stopped any of their other investigations yet, has it.


  41. ShibaDad says:

    And all the jobs creating building, maintaining and functioning, as well.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. Alfred Brown says:

    I hope not just their mail and their vote are moving, but the Trump business, corporation, and any trust business move out of NY as well. Then he will be beyond the reach of the NY NY and SDNY prosecutors.
    As much as I want strict constructionists on the SCOTUS, Trump really should consider someone that has NEVER been a prosecutor, and would devote his/her seat on the SCOTUS to stomping out proprietorial abuse in the US justice system and all the states. Above a certain level, there are two justice systems, One for the left and one for the right. Below that level there is only one system; You are innocent until proven BROKE. And the prosecutor will drive you to that point as fast as possible if you do not bend over and take the deal they offer, immediately. We need three things:
    1) Stomp out prosecutor abuse, 2) Reorganize the courts (Break up the 9th, the 5th, the DC courts, and reorganize and fill with new originalist, non-prosecutor judges, and 3) root out all holdovers (GHWB, Clinton, GWB, Obama) in the IC, DOJ, FBI, DOS, DOD, and every other Authorized department, and Close all Non-Authorized Departments.
    If we have to, and can’t fire them, yank their security clearances, and then send them en mass to their new work assignment on an abandoned airbase somewhere out west, where they can sit in a hanger 8hrs a day with no phone, electronics, internet, or a job assignment.
    Just sit.
    Better to have empty seats than a saboteurs.
    And has anyone made Turtleface explain why he still blocks Trumps interim appointments?


  43. Kaco says:

    Very sad, an end to an era. Everyone always identified Pres Trump with NYC but the libs and their vindictiveness have ruined his childhood city and main business there. I wonder if he will sell Trump Tower. Well, God bless you and your family, President Trump.


  44. MfM says:

    Kelly Ann answering questions about this ‘move’ by Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Abster says:

    Gosh, those tweets made me very sad. To think so many in NY and NY government treat President Trump with so much hate and intolerance is unimaginable. The President and his family have given so much of themselves, their time and money. What an absolute disgrace. I am happy their primary residence will now be Florida. It’s a great state and wonderful place to call home.


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