Doug Collins: “A Dark Cloud Has Fallen on the House”…

Representative Doug Collins appears on Fox News with pumpkin-head for a Halloween interview about today’s impeachment inquiry vote.

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166 Responses to Doug Collins: “A Dark Cloud Has Fallen on the House”…

  1. willthesuevi says:

    You know why Brett Baier wears a tie, don’t you?

    Well, it keeps the foreskin from rolling up over his mouth.

    I used to like the guy, but these days he needs to move on down the road like that chick in the pic.


    • LULU says:

      My impression of Baier is not as graphic as will’s, but Baier lost me the night of the debate before the 2016 election when he showed his true color. Blue. To use a tired cliche, his guests on his panel show were already “troubling” me as they never seemed to move off of #NeverTrump – from Steve Hayes to Jonah Goldberg to Chuck whateverhisname is to A.B. Stoddard and on to Charles Krauthammer. Hardly “fair and balanced”. I believe Bret believes he artfully covers his bias. He doesn’t.

      “pumpkin head”…snicker. He has porked up, hasn’t he…

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    • Somewhere in Dixie says:

      He needs to move to See BS.

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  2. J.Thomas says:

    I don’t know if you all were aware at the time, but the Obama Administration put in effect new rules of the game in the law enforcement/intelligence administrative rules that have begun to turn all of the weapons of government at YOU.

    They are expecting you to rise up against them and have put the training, policies and procedures in place to administratively rationalize unleashing violence on you to crush you.

    There are people out there just waiting for the opportunity to turn the full violence of the government on you while you are unorganized.

    The only way to combat this at this point is massive peaceful demonstrations, even those that evoke violence from the government.

    The demonstrations need to be smart and well-run.

    Shut down K-Street and Shut down DC. All protests need to make house congressional work logistically impossible.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      “All protests need to make house congressional work logistically impossible.”

      Hmmmmm, pretty sure San Fran Nan and the rest of the leftist cabal have already done that.

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      • J.Thomas says:


        These are the rules to the game.

        Americans need to literally fill the streets and shut down business. No permits requested for protests. Everyone bring camping gear and find a corner. It’s time to change the game.

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    • Boots says:

      Drawing Fire, A Military Doctrine
      By the soldier presenting himself or themselves as targets, the enemy will advance to meet same. Once in the open, the advancing enemy can be neutralized by dedicated neutralizers from 1,000 yards. Once the first one’s hit, the rest will retreat enmasse.

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  3. J.Thomas says:

    We are now the Tianamen Square protesters, people. It’s time to wake up to that reality. The worm has turned and we weren’t aware.


  4. Boots says:

    When Collins said the inquiry was behind closed doors Bair said “There *have* been republicans in there….they asked questions….”, with emphasis on have.

    Jom Jordan was one of those Repubs and he said (in a vid posted on this site by SD) him and the Repub he was with weren’t allowed to ask questions.

    So Bair’s running interference for D’s and broadcasting misdirection to the American people.

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  5. Bill Taylor says:

    baier is 100% deep state supporter

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  6. CrshTstDmy says:

    It seems that most if not all abuse of our legal system in recent years (drowning in seditious motives) is born of the Lawfare Group. My ‘fantasy’ is that the indicators of this are solid enough to be picked up by John Durham who righteously phones Fox News just before Raiding ALL Lawfare group Lawers homes & offices, confiscating their files, phone records & computers, etc, etc. Discovering solid indisputable evidence of Treason! All the bad actors are arrested, prosecuted to the full and maximum extent of the law. Aka the truth awakens yawns and defends itself 🙂

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    • glissmeister says:

      Sure looks like they’ve been conspiring to foment insurrection and sedition. How much Chinese/Soros money has drifted their way? How much of their sedition against POTUS and the Executive Branch involves protecting foreign government interests and payola against the onslaught of the Trump Administration “America 1st” policy changes?

      How much of the “law” being practiced by Lawfare is intended to sabotage American foreign policy under Trump? How much of the apparent sedition and sabotage of Trump Administration policy agendas is to protect and defend Democrat graft?

      The Lawfare conspirators do not appear to be some innocent intellectual exercise. Lawfare seems to have a peculiar seditious and pernicious intent, particularly the intent to innovate perversions of House policy in support of bad faith lawyering, gross dishonesty, unconscionable misrepresentations and malignant corruption of due process.

      There is an appearance to many that the Lawfare conspirators are acting with the full cooperation and resources of their employers, which raises important questions about the employers as prospective co-defendants in the unfolding apparent conspiracy to commit sedition that seems to become more visible with each passing day. Let the Lawfare employers also be held to account for their employees actions and employer inactions concerning employees engaged in Lawfare, particularly during work hours using employer equipment, networks and comms; resources, titles, station and influences.

      Don’t forget the conspiring foundations and their officers too.


  7. markone1blog says:

    Your video must have been effective. It seems to have been taken down.


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