Scalise and Jordan React to House Resolution Rules for Impeachment – Schiff Instructs Witnesses Not to Answer Questions…

The Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Lawfare impeachment scheme was further evidenced today with Lawfare lawyers Barry Berke and Norm Eisen participating in the construction of one-sided and heavily scripted rules for an ongoing ‘impeachment inquiry’.

After Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise had their first opportunity to review the rules, they held a brief presser outlining some of the ongoing manipulation by Chairman Schiff.  Jordan notes that Schiff is instructing witnesses not to answer questions put forth by minority members of the inquisition.

Lawfare lawyers Barry Berke (left) and Norm Eisen (right) appear today in the basement of the House with Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler as they assist in constructing the impeachment rules.  Berke and Eisen will be part of the contracted staff team questioning witnesses in the upcoming ‘public’ hearings.

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206 Responses to Scalise and Jordan React to House Resolution Rules for Impeachment – Schiff Instructs Witnesses Not to Answer Questions…

  1. BL says:

    Don’t be surprised if the next rule change is… Our impeachment inquiry will remain within the HPSCI, after all testimony is done this will not go before the Senate for their participation the HPSCI will vote to impeach the President.
    It just has that feel about it, they have been calling all the shots and being allowed to get away with all of this BS…what else is left for them but that?
    Just my thoughts…my nightmare


  2. Anne says:

    In an earlier post you indicated Jim Jordan is a moron who doesn’t have a clue about what is going on. You forgot to mention that here.

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  3. spoogels says:

    Did you know Vindman was also meeting registered foreign agents of Ukraine, per FARA filings?

    US-based foreign agent bankrolled Ukraine President Zelensky’s DC lobbying in hopes of Ukrainian government job

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    • Lester Smith says:

      Trump needs to address the nation and ask a some very simple questions. If this was you what would you do. How would you feel if you could not face your accusers. How would you feel if you could not call witness. How would you feel if you were told what you can and can’t ask a witness and do on. Trump needs to bring the puplic in and then have republican congressmen and senators use these talking points over and over. Confront Nasty Nancy and Schift for brains make the media cover. Stop calling this a resolution it is an inquisition call it what it is over and over use inquisition and tribunal messaging messaging messaging. President sit on your ass and trust the rino senators really! We got your back message what isn’t getting done and how it affects Mr and Mrs America ask do you want an America that works for you or be pown of the greedy and corrupt. You and only you are the judge and jury of Americas future. With your strength and wisdom we can over come in justice.

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    • Lester Smith says:

      I’m ex air force and have worked many decorated honorable personnel but I have also worked with many decorated shitbags. Just because a person is decorated militarily don’t mean they cannot lie or mislead. What it means is that person was awarded for a moment in time not for a live time of heroism.

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  4. 1911pistolero says:

    Jordan and company need to start using the word “Tyrannical”. Often. That’s what it is.

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  5. Justin Green says:

    Jordan and Scalise need to start filing ethics complaints. Period. And why are there only two Republicans speaking out against this civil-war-worthy BS?

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  6. lizzie dw says:

    IMO, those two guys on the elevator look like they are smirking. The thing I am confused about is: if this is not an impeachment but an impeachment inquiry, do the subpoenas issued have any legal weight? If someone does not go to answer the secret questions can that person suffer any legal punishment? Is contempt of Congress a legal punishment? I mean like does it make a person pay a fine? I heard that in order to have “judicial authority”, that is in order for a congressional subpoena to carry any legal weight there has to be vote in the House in which enough people say yes to impeachment. Then the House members go to the justice department and get legal subpoenas, Is this what happens? Anyway, from what I read there has been no vote for or against an impeachment. So…..are these subpoenas “real subpoenas”? Also, I am not sure what happens to you if you do not answer a real subpoena. I think you go to jail. Can Congress send you to jail? IMO, all these shenanigans are so bogus as I am really happy that the Pres. is investigating the corruption in the Ukraine, In the meantime we have giant crop losses as the midwest was flooded out big time. We need to worry about that. Really.

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  7. Chilidog says:

    There has to be a money aspect to all of this. It can’t be cheap to have an endless supply of high priced lawyers to provide the legal basis and carry out a coup.

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  8. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    It’s easy to see the larger picture of what’s happening here. While the Republicans are busy chasing the nitty-gritty details of the Democrat’s impeachment process, and also chasing the so-called evidence the Democrats have assembled for claiming high crimes and misdemeanors — the Democrats are busily generating more and more process issue diversions and more and more phony evidence for claiming high crimes and misdemeanors.

    The Democrats clearly hold the initiative in fighting their lawfare-driven war of political attrition against the Republicans. The Democrats will continue to hold the initiative in this political war unless and until the top leadership of the Republican Party in the House and in the Senate stand up with one voice and call the Democrats out for what it is they are actually doing — criminalizing the lawful actions any duly elected president must take in managing the Executive Branch of government.

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  9. Joebkonobi says:

    I would like to know under what legal authority Scihiff can instruct a witness not to answer questions. How can we have a House majority party call a witness in and then direct them to not answer questions from the minority party and get away with it?

    We are watching our congress destroy our constitutional rule of law and they are getting away with it.

    Why is Schiff, with his known alliance with an arms dealer in a foreign country under investigation?

    Why isn’t Schiff and the faux whistleblower under investigation? Where is the fight for our constitutional law?

    IMO, if we, or our government, allow dems and law fare to redefine our rule of law we are allowing the foundation of our Liberty to be stolen.

    Where are the patriots? Graham should be immediately calling every witness called by Schiff to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Republicans should be excoriating and exposing them for the traitors and liars they are.

    I know President Trump knows the threat this entire sh*tshow creates for our Republic. I pray AG Barr understands and is quietly doing something about it. However my confidence level is not high at this point.

    At this point I am left to trust President Trump, and will, but he needs help!

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  10. Brian Baker says:

    These lawfare types are like the scribes and pharisees that Jesus condemned.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      Direct descendants…

      EPHESIANS 6/12..
      12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

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  11. mtk says:

    I believe the underlying issue for the House vote is being governed by what is occuring in the Senate. The House(Lawfare) needs just enough appearences of opening up the Impeachment proceedings to wiggle past the Senate declaring any Articles of Impeachment DOA if Pelosi does not open the Inquiry to the Minority.

    IMHO… both the House and Senate are playing a game of smoke and mirrors here.


  12. Bill says:

    Schiff and Pelosi have very successfully retaken the momentum from the President by extending the coup attempt. They have muted the “Squad” and have quickly disposed of the naked Democratic Congress lady…all of which will help Dems with voters and get those two problems out of the media.

    We need the FISA report to drop quickly…..also an indictment or two as soon as possible.


  13. Cocoon says:

    Sundance has revealed much here.
    My own thoughts are Pelosi and Congress wish to paint POTUS Trump as one who would use foreign countries to go after a political opponent before Barr/Durham bring charges for the same.
    Dems need to have these allegations in place before Durham brings charges.


  14. Robert W says:

    None of this crap is constitutional. None of this should even matter what the dems do on this false impeachment. The Supreme court would rule it unconstitutional. All of it is unconstitutional. why even cooperate with them at all. I mean laugh in their face toward their false subpoena, their false witnesses, their demands period. who cares its all bullshit.


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