Details of House “Impeachment Inquiry” Resolution – Rules for Open HPSCI Hearing(s), Lawfare Staff Questioning, and Transfer to Nadler…

Slick moves by Pelosi and Schiff’s Lawfare team.  Today the contracted legal staff within House Intelligence Committee have produced a House “Impeachment Inquiry” resolution to be voted on tomorrow.  The resolution (full pdf below) contains the rules constructed by Shiff’s Lawfare staff, for public HPSCI hearings.

The House impeachment resolution blocks President Trump’s lawyers from participating in the House process until the hand-off to the Judiciary Committee for article assembly.

Within the House resolution is a process to transfer the evidence from the three investigative committee chairs: Schiff, Engel and Maloney, to Jerry Nadler at Judiciary. [The process within Judicary will be assembling the ‘articles of impeachment’.]

What Pelosi/Schiff et al have assembled is a format for a highly controlled public spectacle prior to a predetermined transfer of evidence to Jerry Nadler (Judicary).  With the intent to construct a pantomime for public absorption in mind, the rules are written for maximum narrative construction. [ex. Lawfare lawyers will question witnesses]

The rules within the resolution outline the guidance for at least one public hearing from the HPSCI prior to transfer to Judiciary.  The Oversight Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee and Intelligence Committee are assembling publicly under the House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) for that/those public hearing(s).

Key points from rules:

  • The Executive Branch will not be permitted to participate in the open HPSCI hearing.
  • President Trump lawyers will not be permitted to question witnesses in the open HPSCI hearing.
  • Ranking member of HPSCI (Nunes) may have subpoena power subject to pre-approval by Chairman Adam Schiff.  Requests must be made in writing.  Chair is not mandated to approve.
  • Ranking member of HPSCI (Nunes) may have ability to request witnesses subject to pre-approval by Chairman Adam Schiff. Requests must be made in writing. Chair is not mandated to approve.
  • Schiff (Chairman) and Nunes (Ranking member) will each have 90 minutes (aggregate) to question any witness brought before the committee.  All other committee members will have 5 minutes each, per witness. [Remember this is a member assembly of 3 committees]
  • The Chairman can allow contracted legal staff (Lawfare) to question witnesses, as part of his 90-minutes of available questioning.
  • The Chair is authorized, though not required, to make depositions public.
  • Upon completion of the hearing(s), the HPSCI chairman shall write a **report to the Judiciary (Nadler) with instructions of findings.  The chair may include dissent from the minority opinion therein.

[**Note: IMHO this report has already been written.  That was the purpose for the basement hearings.  All of this public testimony is for public consumption to support the premise of a constitutional impeachment proceedings.  It’s a farce.]

  • The resolution then provides a process for the HPSCI report to transfer all of the assembled tri-committee material to the House Judiciary Committee where Jerry Nadler will take over.

The next part of the resolution is the House approving of the transfer process, and setting up rules for the Judiciary Committee phase.  The Judiciary Committee (HJC) then shifts to official Impeachment Hearings, prior to articles of impeachment being assembled.

  • The HJC Ranking member (Doug Collins) shall have subpoena power subject to approval by the HJC Chair, Jerry Nadler.
  • The HJC ranking member shall have the ability to request witness testimony, subject to approval by the HJC Chair, Jerry Nadler.
  • The HJC will allow participation by President Trump’s counsel.

Within the rules, the existence of judicial enforcement authority -punishment for refusing to provide documents and witnesses by subpoena- is assumed.  Based on the construction of this resolution, and with Judge Howell’s court decision still standing, this presumption by the House appears structurally solid.

Here’s the full pdf of the rules:


“The resolution provides rules for the format of open hearings in the House Intelligence Committee, including staff-led questioning of witnesses, and it authorizes the public release of deposition transcripts.

“The evidence we have already collected paints the picture of a President who abused his power by using multiple levers of government to press a foreign country to interfere in the 2020 election. Following in the footsteps of previous impeachment inquiries, the next phase will move from closed depositions to open hearings where the American people will learn firsthand about the President’s misconduct.”  (LINK)

Lawfare lawyers Barry Berke and Norm Eisen, leading participants in the construction of the impeachment rules, October 29, 2019,  entering the SCIF with Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler

Note: Rep. Carolyn Maloney, has replaced Elijah Cummings as the Acting Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform.

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276 Responses to Details of House “Impeachment Inquiry” Resolution – Rules for Open HPSCI Hearing(s), Lawfare Staff Questioning, and Transfer to Nadler…

  1. If Republicans get to call a witness, I’d call Ed Buck. Ask him if he’d heard about any impeachment planning during any of the many times Adam Schiff was at Ed’s house, before or after the young black male prostitutes were found dead there.

    Sure it’s a stunt. Not unlike one they’d pull. And it’s a way to get that story back in the news since the MSM dropped it like a hot potato.

    And they’d know we’re finally starting to play hardball.

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    • fanbeav says:

      Which is why Schiff has to approve all witnesses. They don’t want their dirty laundry exposed. Just President Trump’s.

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    • vikingmom says:

      GOP-e playing hardball…I would love to see that happen but frankly, I don’t see it in my lifetime! President Trump – yes…but then he actually wants to win, as opposed to the vast majority of the GOP, who seem very, very content to play the role of the Washington Generals against the Democrats as the Harlem Globetrotters!

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    • Ellis says:

      I’d call John Brennan, James Clapper, and Barack Onama himself and start asking serious questions.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      review Lawfare for FARA violations – spy on them and then indict…. role the indictment for FARA into a RICO case… showing a Global subversion of sovereignty in multiple countries…

      military Tribunal and allow representatives of other country’s military to attend. Purge these people publically – trial and execution.. and return EVERY SOCIALIST IDEAL TO THE STUPID YOUTH (ween them off the propaganda and save our youth) – paid for by the FOREIGN AID STOPPED. and return this country to Order.

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      You know the Biden video crowing about giving Ukraine 6 hours to get rid of Viktor Shokin.

      If you watch the whole thing, you will see Joe Biden explainging he is in regular contact with international leaders for advice and touches base with VP. Mike Pence to get the Trump administrations position.

      Then, out of the blue, he reveals his concern that the Trump administration is not paying enough attention to Ukraine and is not doing enough to check its slide back into corruption. He urges that the U.S. toughen up and push Ukraine to crack down on corruption.

      The argument could be made that President Trump was primed with this advice and wanting to insure the corruption probe was reinvigorated. Did this Biden comment color his phone call with President Zelensky?

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      • reliablydeplorable says:

        Ooh, I really like your line here. I hope the WH has this on their radar. Surely, they must. Right?


      • B Woodward says:

        Let the Republicans in the House call Biden and son as their first witnesses. But only after they have subpoenaed all of their records. And to preclude the use some of Hillary’s bleachbit, the FBI should do a 4 am raid. Isn’t that the FBI SOP?


  2. You are witnessing in real-time, corrupt Democrat Lawyers/Judges and Democrat Politician Lawyers attempting to bring our Republic to its knees…..Remember, virtually all of the exposed corrupt and criminal activity at the FBI/DOJ and other Bureaucracies has been willfully committed by Lawyers….Bill Barr do your Job!!! Enough of the talk…Action is needed now!!

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    • 13wasylyna says:

      And a DO-Nothing GOPe

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      • This is our fault too. We lost in 2018 because the population (us Trump supporters) sat idly by and did absolutely NOTHING while the media framed the president as a traitor. We lost 2018 and the House fell to the actual traitor party and now it’s been 2 more years of the same shit and we, the population of the country, sit here and whimper about it and don’t do anything. Our ancestors would not have allowed this. We get what we deserve, and to be honest, we deserve to lose this nation.

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        • Michael Kunz says:

          As an outsider looking in, shouln’t someone be asking Speaker Pelosi what has congress actually accomplised since she took up the gavel? Hell, she hasn’t even opened an official Impeachment committee, is this what the Speaker of congress get’s paid for, certainly hasn’t done one thing for America.

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        • Marilyn Hadley says:

          You are right. Maybe now people will realize the importance of standing and voting together to protect our great nation and president from the corruption existing in the swamp. Wake up stand up and put nancy on notice as well as every corrupt person in washington. Also pray for Gods intervention in this travesty. President Trump doesn t deserve this treatment.


      • Susan Bolle says:

        The Senate Judiciary….where are you? Hello?

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    • GP says:

      Yes-I’d say action is needed now. If this Republic does not respond NOW-as in drop everything and descend on DC, rather than watching the next brick in the wall be placed…well, I don’t want to hear it when it’s too late. And for God’s sake, please stop with the threats and organize something.

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  3. Sentient says:

    Pelosi thinks this farce will move public opinion to favor impeachment. It won’t. Any polls showing movement will be media polls trying to move opinion. Might as well get it over to the senate and see what Weird Willard and Sassehole do with it, whether they’ll kill the Republican Party or not.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Look at how many folks believe Kavanaugh is a would-be rapist.

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      • vikingmom says:

        Not nearly as many as thought so BEFORE the televised hearing, which is why the Ds were so desperate to not allow that to happen!

        And this “impeachment” drama is the same scenario. They can selectively leak, they can have their allies in the MSM breathlessly announce “another senior official” is expressing “concerns” to the committee…but if they actually have to allow open hearings and give the President’s lawyers the ability to question witnesses, the whole charade will crash and burn and they know it!

        And they are running out of time and that is why they are panicking! I don’t think anyone who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 is LESS inclined to support him because of their efforts and I suspect there are a fair number of voters who supported Hillary or went 3rd Party who are now firmly in the President’s corner. All they are doing now is playing to their base, who will believe anything they hear from Rachel Maddow or Chris Cuomo…but they do not have a candidate that can beat Donald Trump and they know it – and SO DO WE!!

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      • stripmallgrackle says:

        Live by the Rule of Personal Destruction. Treat your adversary as inhuman, deserving zero respect or compassion. Identify the target, immobilize them, make your attack personal, and polarize public opinion about them; demonize them until they are deemed evil.

        The age of Alinsky was inaugurated on January 21, 1993. Like all political movements, it has a finite lifespan.

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      • amjean says:

        Only the stupid ones.


      • ms doodlebug says:

        The same number of folks who mistakenly thought he would not be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice?


    • PInky1920 says:

      That would not just kill the Republican Party, it would kill the republic, which is exactly what they want.

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    • GP says:

      Hi Sentient-NP couldn’t care less about public opinion. Do people not see that they are dead set on removing Trump? And there are plenty of RINOs that want POTUS gone too.

      Do people think this is just somehow magically going away?


  4. jx says:

    Sec 2. For the purpose of continuing the investigation described in the first section of this resolution, the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is authorized to conduct proceedings…

    Sec 4. The House authorizes the Committee on the Judiciary to conduct proceedings relating to the impeachment inquiry referenced in the first section of this resolution…

    Sec 1. Resolved, That the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Committees on Financial Services, Foreign Affairs, the Judiciary, Oversight and Reform, and Ways and Means, are directed to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing House of Representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its Constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America.

    Where is the authorization for these Committees to conduct investigations described in Section 1?

    There is no authorization for the Committees on Financial Services, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Reform, and Ways and Means to conduct an investigation. Yet Section 3 of this Resolution authorizes these Committees to transfer investigative materials to the Committee on the Judiciary.

    There is no authorization for the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to conduct an investigation, yet this Resolution authorizes the Committee to “conduct proceedings” to facilitate an existing unauthorized investigation.

    There is no authorization for the Committee on the Judiciary to conduct an investigation, yet this Resolution authorizes the Committee to “conduct proceedings relating to” an existing unauthorized investigation.

    This Resolution authorizes proceedings for an existing investigation which has never been authorized.

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  5. Tl Howard says:

    What we have is a Constitutional crisis. The Supremes have to step in or this will occur over and over.
    Nan could have written the rules so that only she got to vote on impeachment.
    There IS something such as the Spirit of the Law and equal representation.

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  6. Paul says:

    Trump is ignoring the house and letting them grab enough rope to hang themselves when the time is right. Another red ball is about to be thrown to the puppies, they will chase it, Trump is elsewhere doing important work for the American people

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    • oldmanhack says:

      Bingo!! Everyone relax Trump will not only stay in office, but he will gain another term. Have you not noticed that all of Trump’s enemies end up losing sooner or later. For His own purpose, God appears to be on Trump’s side. Trump is certainly and imperfect man, aren’t we all, but those are the one’s God uses. Not the self righteous.

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  7. Tl Howard says:

    GOP needs a really good Constitutional team of lawyers RIGHT NOW.

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    • swissik says:

      It is sickening. By what authority can Schifft demand to approve witnesses called by the Republicans? Surely something can be done about that. Unbelievable this charade and all we the people can do is talk, talk, talk.

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      • Cetera says:

        You talk like you don’t realize that the only thing that matters in a post-Christian, multicultural society is the exercise of power. There is no law that means anything. There is no vote that means anything.

        In any non-homogenous society (read: multicultural) politics simply becomes a power-play. In a post-Christian society, that power play becomes the absolute expression of “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

        Our country has steadily chopped down all the trees of law that would shelter us, and we have invited in the hordes that would see us destroyed. Now the winds of change and of power will blow, and there will be nothing to stop them or slow them down.

        In the Bible, when God punishes Israel for their breach of his Covenant and their lack of faithfulness, he always does so with an invasion, and the invasion always starts out small. Yet the Hebrews always lose, and are destroyed and driven out of their land until the remnant returns to the straight and narrow and follows the Covenant again.

        There is no solution. There is “nothing to be done about that.” It is too late. The nation must convert back to Christianity, true Christianity, and it must become a whole nation again, recognizing who is a member of the nation and who is not. Until that happens, all is for naught.

        We are going to take our medicine as administered by God, and hopefully we’ll learn our lesson. We may get a better country out of it, or maybe a worse one, but the old U.S.A, the one you grew up in, is over and gone and shall never return.

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        • WhiteBoard says:

          there is a possible plan… to end this false reality based on propaganda and poltical correctness making us Trump Voters hide (Thus reinforcing the MOBS idea that they are the majority)

          my guess – WE NEED TO START PUBLICALLY Telling everyone we are Trump Supporters and that we have QUIETLY watched people PUBLICALLY undermine this country; and we will VOTE and we know who you are , and you ARE NOT the majority (disgrace)

          unless u can suggest a better way……

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      • Tom Servo says:

        The authority of being a House Chairman backed by the Speaker of the House. Inside the House, they can do anything they want – no Courts have jurisdiction there. Now whether anybody respects what they do or pays attention to it outside the House, now that is the question.


    • 13wasylyna says:

      It would if it wanted to win but GOPe is on the side of the Uniparty. GOPe is in as much jeopardy as the Dems if Trump drains the swamp

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    • Michael Kunz says:

      GOP needs a dose of backbone transplants, is this the sort of crap George Washington and cohorts went to war for?


  8. Reserved55 says:

    This girl should be Maloney’s vice chair.

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  9. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    If Wm Barr would declare the Russian Hoax what it is, a hoax, then it should throw the thing out because any accusation of collusion would be based on a hoax. Of course there’s the whistleblower to deal with…..


  10. burnett044 says:

    I watched about as much of this UNI-Party comedy as I can take…

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  11. Rose says:

    Wow civilian lawyers not elected by the electorate have access to fake witnesses but the accused is not allowed to participate in his own show trial. This cannot be legal, at best they are violating Presidents civil right to due process.

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    • Justin Green says:

      Well, this isn’t a trial. It isn’t even impeachment. It’s a series of hearings that have no ramifications other than creating tingly feelings up journalists’ legs and pacifying the TDS base.

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    • glissmeister says:

      It’s sedition.

      And the Democrat “rules” obviate the election of those representing millions of Americans. The “rules” suspend democratic process; they betray the institutional duty of the House.

      The legislatures do not exist and were not created to represent political parties. These corporations and their executives need to be held to account. The coup against the Constitution is a bipartisan coup to that extent.

      A seditious cabal of corporate agents of the Democrat Party have gotten themselves elected under false pretense and have usurped the House to disenfranchise the American People in support of a seditious racketeering of the said political party corporate entities and their financial and lawyer stakeholders.

      They act in bad faith toward the Constitution and due process. They act in bad faith and have engaged in an apparent plot against the American voter to enrich the party’s corporate agents, financiers and colluding institutional stakeholders.

      Sedition. They do it to enrich themselves, to preserve the bounty of personal enrichment and special rights they demand for themselves but grant no other lest they bow to them and do as their dictates demand.

      The House has taken no proper action. Such actions have been hijacked by political entity; a syndicate corporate entity, their elected agents, saboteurs and co-conspirators.

      How can fiat self-serving “rules” promulgated and operated in bad faith without due process make a formal organ of our government something it is not? Each representative is proxy for American Citizens. Are we really so easily silenced and marginalized by syndicates and their elected agents?

      What we have here is politics conducted as an ongoing criminal enterprise and overt, desperate Sedition in defense of same.


  12. I give up on this House scam. Its not worth the aggravation to read TCTH commentary on what the Dems are doing in the House.

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    • LKAinLA says:

      I am beyond frustrated with the entire story H&H. I am very frustrated with everything via twitter including vote for Sean Spicer on Dancing with stars. Wasn’t he the man who left the administration to be popular? Then the next tweet is about impeachment. I take this serious and want to help but am not an important person, but feel good people who are important, who can help, are just blowing their chance to do so. Pelosi and the msm need to be shut down. This has become entertainment for the angry left. Sad part is they are getting away with burning the rule of law.

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    • Are you kidding?? TCTH commentary is what keeps me sane! Seriously, y’all are AWESOME!! Smart, knowledgeable, funny, we’ve got it all!

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    • swissik says:

      Exactly my feeling. Nice to know that I am not the only one here.


    • dwpender says:

      The House Democrats could, if they have the votes, simply write up articles of impeachment (the functional equivalent of an indictment) and vote to impeach. They don’t need to hold any hearings or call any witnesses at all.

      Proving their case in the Senate would, of course, be a horse of a different color.

      I’m avoiding getting too distracted by whatever day-to-day circus may be going on in the House (although Sundance’s commentary is excellent). My focus is on Barr/Durham and, to a lesser extent, Horowitz.

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      • TPW says:

        Well Because Barr and Durham have taken so long anything they come out with will look like retribution and a look squirrel that MSM will have a field day with. Of course it will not matter if Barr really means business and hands out indictments with facts in hand. And it would have to include Barry or he is not conducting a serious investigation. This really does depend on Barr and if I were PT I would put incredible pressure on him. If he is part of the coup cut him lose now. And make a public appeal to the citizens to save their republic.


        • Mike Fletcher says:

          Too much significance is placed on MSM’s field days. They would have reacted to indictments in the exact same dishonest way 2 years ago as they would now. Fearing it is a mistake.


  13. icanhasbailout says:

    Anyone else noticed that the media managed to doxx the dog in the Al-Baghdadi raid, but still haven’t been able to ID the “whistleblower” given months and only a handful of realistic suspects?

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  14. benifranlkin says:

    Mark Levin on local radio now (1210 WPHT) reading and dissecting the Resolution and today’s witness etc etc and is killing it!


  15. Reserved55 says:

    The irony is over the top.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Trump is tricking them into massively funding Ukraine, but not to their secret companies within it.. That money will be the real payment for ending corruption..

      see how quid pro quo is done reversely? =]

      why did Rep Meadows say the NSC Vindlear guy (whatever his name is) was in contact with the Former President of Ukraine? (porchenko)

      Dont we love how Flynn mapped out the spy network via Adam Lovinger? Follow the money?

      These people are NOTHING ORIGINAL.

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  16. mtg50 says:

    This is not a step forward.The Democrats are running on a treadmill hoping to conjure up enough white noise to drown out the coming thunder of Horowitz, Durham and Barr.

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  17. dwpender says:

    If House Democrats impeach the President, neither Roberts alone nor the full Supreme Court will tell the Senate it cannot hold a trial.

    If the Senate refuses to hold a trial and/or renders a judgment of acquittal on the impeachment articles alone, neither Roberts alone nor the full Supreme Court will order the Senate to hold a trial.

    If there IS a trial, neither Roberts nor the full Supreme Court will order judgment of acquittal as a matter of law at the close of the House’s case, or at the close of all the evidence.

    If the Senate votes to acquit (fails to get a 2/3 vote to convict), neither Roberts nor the full Supreme Court will rule for the House as a matter of law and order the President removed.

    If the Senate votes by 2/3 to remove, neither Roberts nor the full Supreme Court will overrule the Senate’s decision.


    • Nowut Ameen says:

      Correct. But you left out the part about the left staging riots if the Senate acquits, not to mention those which will precede and accompany the Senate’s actions.


    • Carly says:

      What you are saying is that this Republic isn’t airtight and that Pelosi and her fleet of lawyers are as brilliant as they are evil. If they break the rule of law and get away with it, and getting away with it is the key part, then they break the country. That’s what they want. They might lost that gamble, but they’ll win other ways if they bring us all right to the ugly precipice and scare us into never trusting our government again, dividing us further, driving our heads back in the sands, driving us to never vote in an outsider again. If they can agitate for violence as many on the left have, they win again.
      This is a stress test of our Republic’s fortitude, for certain. Barring a return to the rule of law … something about watering trees of liberty comes to mind.


  18. “What Governs the Conduct of the Senate Trial?”

    “Regardless of how it begins or ends, the trial itself is governed by standing Senate rules, last modified in 1986. They are largely based on precedents set in the Andrew Johnson trial. The basic idea is that articles of impeachment are presented to the Senate by House impeachment managers, and are then disputed by counsel for the president, with senators observing but not becoming directly involved (other than by written questions submitted to one or both of the parties).

    Witnesses are called and cross-examined according to protocols and timelines adopted by the Senate just before the trial begins on a majority vote.”

    Say again: “Witnesses are called and cross-examined”
    It would be a National Trial of every politician / deep state operative associated with the conspiracy to rig / overturn the 2016 election.

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    • “”Everything will be relevant in the Senate trial, and everyone, no exceptions, should be subpoenaed and interrogated under oath. That means Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Comey, Peter Strzok, and the entire gang behind the coup.

      That includes Strzok, his girlfriend Lisa Page, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and whatever Deep State apparatchiks lied to the FISA judge to enable a spying operation on the Trump campaign and transition team — a crime without precedent and one that massively outweighs anything that could credibly be alleged against President Trump.”

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  19. Reserved55 says:

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  20. butch cassidy says:

    After reading all the comments I keep thinking to myself, we have seen this play before. It all appears doom and gloom and then surprise, something happens for the good guys. The last 3 years have been a roller coaster ride and President Trump is still standing tall and showing zero signs of worry. I’ll wait and let this play out, just like the prior situations and trust that our President has this handled. May God bless our country and our president.

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    • Reserved55 says:



    • Raffaella says:

      I think that is the wrong attitude. Be proactive. Start calling democrats in your area (if you don’t have any dems, call dems in other areas). Threaten them that you would campaign against them if they participate.


      • butch cassidy says:

        I’m not going to waste my time calling democrats. I prefer to wait a couple of days and see where this ends up. No sense in overacting because this play has been going on for 3 years and it always turns out much different than how it started. It’s already moving and it’s only been a couple of hours.I like to relax and enjoy the show because we’re winning. Have a great day.


  21. cboldt says:

    The flip side of that is it puts the House on record as endorsing a fishing expedition.
    They have to pretend that there is no basis in criminal law to ask Ukraine to clear up the Biden thing.
    And they are professionals at the willful ignorance thing.

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  22. Skidroe says:

    We need a 10 million person march on DC.

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  23. The American Patriot says:

    This won’t be successful

    People are going to jail and be removed from their posts…… force!


  24. mugzey302 says:

    Lawsuit time. The House has overstepped.

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  25. clulessgrandpa says:

    First witnesses to call are Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

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  26. maggiemoowho says:

    The Democrats doing the same thing to President Trump that BLM does to white cops, it’s the Crump method of corrupt justice. Make up a fake crime, release “ebidence” (♦️ebidence is fake evidence) to the public knowing that the real evidence won’t come out for months or until the trial. Use those months to get all their lies out with the help of the fake news media. Get the SEIU/Soros to fund the riots and marches.

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  27. upstate909 says:

    Writing my Rep Congressman tonight…something along the lines of:

    ‘This resolution is based on the fact that an initial vote was take to begin these proceedings in the first place. Demand a record of the initial vote that started it all.’

    Am I understanding this correctly…..any input would be appreciated.


    • jx says:

      The Resolution directs Cmtes to continue unauthorized investigations.

      The Resolution authorizes Cmtes to “conduct proceedings” relating to unauthorized investigations.


    • Redzone says:

      upstate, you’re close. We have fake Pelosi announcement. Then, fake vote Thursday, I believe. Then, more bogus hearings. Then, a potentially real vote for Articles of Impeachment.


    • GP says:

      Hi Upstage-Geezus-don’t you get it by now that your Rep doesn’t care what you think? I am stunned that people still think weiting letters and making phone calls has any impact. I suppose it helps people FEEL better, but it accomplishes nothing. This is serious stuff going on. I’m willing to help organjze a march and protest line. Any ideas?


  28. DoggyDaddy says:

    In a 1789 letter to Madison, Jefferson wrote, “The tyranny of the Legislature is really the danger most to be feared.”

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  29. JG3 says:

    Flood airways with nonstop interviews with people in California telling Pelosi, Schiff, and Swalwell what they think about them spending their time on “fake impeachment” instead of home, helping their state that is BURNING!!!

    Repubs should be asking, every time they are in front of a mic/camera, “People of CA, why aren’t Pelosi, Schiff, and Swalwell home? Wouldn’t one think they should be home, helping their state/people? Instead of being here, taking a “Fake-Vote” on a “Fake Impeachment” of a president that has/will do more for Californians than they ever will! It’s as if they are taking you for granted or don’t care. Don’t you think?

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  30. Julia Adams says:

    Barry Berke and Norm Eisen are the two guys determined to remove Trump from office any which way they can. And, Republicans act as though they are powerless.

    So, now it’s a race to see who gets the finish line first: Berle and Eisen or Durham and Barr.

    An inability to play aggressive offense is yet another reason why Republicans always lose.

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  31. cbjoasurf says:

    This will end up in the Supreme Court and the release of “Grand Jury” material will be DENIED! In the meantime:

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  32. WhiteBoard says:




  33. Raffaella says:


    Bombard them with phone calls between now and Thursday.

    I just called Katie Porter in Orange County. I told them that my entire family voted for her (we did not) and will be campaigning against her if she votes for this sham resolution on Thursday.

    Keep the heat on Dems.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Risa says:

    Yeah. You go first. Get back to us on how well it goes.

    So tired of anonymous posters threatening a hot civil war, pardon me if I think most like you are Leftists here trying to entrap others.


  35. toocoolus says:

    Our President is thee Master of dealing and negotiating…he has not let American people down; not one single time! I trust that he has a plan as he always does. His ultimate goals (as I see them): (1) take down the fake media; (2) destroy the crooked Democrat politicians; (3) lay bare face the identity of the RINOs; and (4) make sure that those who spied on him and other Americans (going back to 2012) are criminally punished…all while he goes about his daily business of changing the global economy, stopping the illegal immigration, strengthening the US economy, and making America Great Again!

    Liked by 2 people

  36. For Eyes says:

    This is a time for Kevin McCarthy to review just who is on those key committees involved.

    We need A Team members only. No rookies.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. JWC says:

    I see this as a Cohen redux. Underwhelming. 90 minutes is a bit much when there is nothing there. Sorta like “how many angels on the head of a pin.”
    Trump has them surrounded…will enjoy watching this play out.


  38. Coldanger says:

    WHERE IS THE U.S.SENATE? Senator Graham, time for you and your colleagues to act before the Dims bulldoze our government and a standard of government that has stood strong for over 200 years. Please act to save the future for our children and grandchildren!


  39. Tiffthis says:

    Donated to Trump today and lit up Pelosis insta page- spreading truth as a pretend democrat. It’s funny, since I stared engaging with dems on Pelosi’s page- so many more people “like” and agree with what I say than refute it. And the ones that do refute have literally no clue what’s going on- some people on Nancy’s page thinks she’s Secretary of State (not even lying)


  40. K R says:

    Is there a gramerical error on line 18 of page 4 the line reads as “refer to the committee for decision the question” I think the word decision should be deciding. This same error is repeated on line 15 on page 7. The Dems are making careless errors in their eagerness to impeach Trump. Let’s pray they continue to screw up. They op for “fair and effluent” instead of due process and constitutional rights.


  41. steph_gray says:

    In the Constitution this lynching, aka railroading, aka fishing expedition, aka attempt to pin a crime on a person who has committed none, has a name well known in Western law:

    Bill of Attainder.

    AND the Constitution expressly forbids it.

    I always use duckduckgo here for searching but I recommend that every treeper who sees this uses Google to search for this (just did) – and every treeper who is on Twitter (I am not) tweets a hashtag for it.

    It might give the deep state pause to see sudden and numerous searches for this pop up everywhere. Just something easy to do while trying to think of other approaches…

    And of course educate everyone you know on what it means!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Tiffthis says:

      Interesting. I just read about it on Wikipedia


    • ms doodlebug says:

      How does this apply? The House is not passing legislation to find PDJT guilty of a crime without a trial. They are creating a list of crimes they want people, voters in particular, to believe he may have committed. Their allegations then go to the Senate for a trial to be conducted. He is only found guilty of their allegations if the ‘Senate’ finds him guilty.

      The Pelosi Punks know that’s not going to happen. That makes their impeachment chatter nothing more than a Democrat propaganda/disinformation campaign intended to sway the 2020 election in their favor.


      • Jack is Back says:

        @doodlebug re Bill of Attainder, “…how does this apply…?”

        am not a lawyer type, but this does sound like a “punishment without a trial”. And preventing Republican/Minority presence in these soviet-style “private” proceedings – well, does this not seem like an evisceration of due process to you?

        These and so many other acts, all done by dhimmicrats, are shredding our Constitution. Where are the buckets of Tar? The sacks of Feathers? These treasonous dhimmi – because that’s exactly what they are, for they are assaulting our Constitution – should be caked in tar’n’feathers, and force-marched down Pennsylvania Ave in front of the People.

        The commie-inspired left/democrats have trampled upon the prayer box, are now in the process of trampling upon the ballot box… can the People’s recourse to the bullet box be far behind?

        Of special disgust to me, is the lack of fight on the Republican side. What is Graham doing? He has enormous power as Chair of the Senate Judiciary – why is he not using it? He’s done nothing he promised, no investigations, no subpoenas… I’m afraid his emotion at the Kavanaugh hearings were but a facade on his part.


        • ms doodlebug says:

          Democrats know the Senate is not going to impeach PDJT. All they can do is make noise to smear PDJT and influence gullible and uninformed voters to vote for whatever pos democrats nominate. That’s how they roll. It didn’t work in 2016 and it isn’t going to work in 2020.

          It will go to the Senate for trial ‘if’ they can get the votes for it to go that far. At that time, Republicans can call witnesses, cross-examine Democrat witnesses, present a defense of PDJT with all the rights and protections of an accused.

          And DJT will be elected again.


  42. ” It’s the darkest night ever compared to the brightest clearest day ever between this one and the other two.”

    It is. Neither Nixon nor Clinton were being directed by God as President Trump is. One with God is a majority.


  43. WSB says:

    Is it time for a million-militia seige of Capitol Hill?


  44. G. Alistar says:

    Dear Donny and the others who liked your comment. This action by Schiff, the Lawfare lawyers financed by China and the democrats will NEVER be influenced by something as petty as an unconstitutional or illegal crime. In fact, doubtful that any of the Obama appointee judges would give a flying flip about the US Constitution. Their mantra, “the ends justify the means.” Where have we heard that before.


  45. dallasdan says:

    “IMHO this report has already been written. That was the purpose for the basement hearings. All of this public testimony is for public consumption to support the premise of a constitutional impeachment proceedings. It’s a farce.”

    I agree, completely. Slowly, deliberately, and inexorably, the House will deliver an impeached President to a trial by the Senate. JMO


  46. Leaving says:

    With all due respect, please re-research the Clinton investigation. It wasn’t about women (although he did that stuff), the real story is Whitewater.


  47. Rynn69 says:

    I say impeach him and see what happens. I dare you.

    Either way, the Republican party – by providing virtually zero opposition in the Senate with L. Graham not even calling Mueller or ANYONE – has allowed this violation of everything America stands for to continue. Those two Lawfare attorneys look like real slimy POS.


  48. Bromdale says:

    Yes, that was something to see. The best part was, Corey seemed to enjoy the sparring. The lawyer, though, perhaps not so much.


  49. Nowut Ameen says:

    To me, it is striking and somewhat alarming that the Dems are behaving as though they have already won the 2020 election. Should that happen, everything will be tossed in the dustbin and forgotten. They do not foresee a future election returning power to any portion of Trump’s base in sufficient numbers to matter.


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