“Name Redacted” – President Trump Tweets Picture of Hero From Baghdadi Raid…

Moments ago President Trump honored a very handsome hero from the raid on the ISIS compound of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with a picture:

The hero’s name is redacted, but he sure is handsome. A key member of the Special Forces operation in Syria that took out the Islamic State leader on Saturday was a Belgian Malinois who chased al-Baghdadi down a tunnel to his death.  Doggo was slightly wounded but is recovering.  Hopefully he gets a Purple Heart and lots of treats.


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294 Responses to “Name Redacted” – President Trump Tweets Picture of Hero From Baghdadi Raid…

  1. Barbara Hollander says:

    God Bless our troops, both canine and human. God Bless our President. And God Bless the USA>


  2. Tom Hansen says:

    I saw a report that the dog is a she and its name interestingly is Conan.

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  3. Herbert Kroll says:

    Final verdict: The dog is a 5 year old male, trained in the Netherlands, in a town called ‘Best’. https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/512297576/hond-die-is-leider-opspoorde-getraind-in-nederland

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  4. CNN Uncovers Evidence Hero Dog Sniffed Dozens Of Butts Back In College
    October 28th, 2019

    U.S.—Everyone praised the classified “Hero Dog” for taking down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Everyone, that is, except CNN, who quickly searched through the dog’s internet history and college yearbooks. Sure enough, CNN found a picture of the Hero Dog partying at obedience school. In the picture, the dog is seen sniffing a butt without consent.

    “Oh yeah, good old [redacted]? He was nuts!” said one German Shepherd who attended Old Yaler Obedience School with the hero dog, according to a CNN report. “He was always sniffing any butt he could find. Cats, dogs, humans, you name it. He didn’t have a preference. He identified as pansniffual.”

    Troubling reports from classmates indicate that the dog sniffed all these butts without consent. The dog wrote cryptic things in his college yearbook, apparently referring to different butt-sniffing maneuvers such as the Surprise Sniffarooski and the Canine’s Triangle.

    The dog has issued a statement: “I like butts. I’ve always liked butts. I still like butts, but I never sniff butts to the point of excess. Who’s a good boy? I am.”

    Democrats immediately called for the dog to be court-martialed and for the death of Baghdadi to be overturned.

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  5. nimrodman says:

    Is it just me? Or does anyone else see a resemblance to John Ratcliffe?

    It’s the dark eyes, I think


  6. T2020 says:

    To add a little levity, the Babylon Bee is a
    Satirical website that is like The Onion. This piece they did on the “hero dog” shows how unhinged the Left is. Again, It’s SATIRE, but well placed and funny:



  7. yy4u says:

    “So please, Mr. President, and everyone else who wishes to insult some low life somewhere, do not use the word “dog” to describe him or her. Dogs are noble creatures even if they do chase cats and squirrels. Nor should any other animal find itself in the same sentence with the likes of al-Baghdadi. Cats, snakes, rats, vultures, even algae are more noble than the Post’s dearly departed “austere religious scholar”. Even insects have a purpose on earth. There is no purpose for the Hitlers, bin Ladens, Stalins and al-Baghdadis. Unless, of course, it is to remind humans that evil does, in fact, exist.

    So, Mr. President, please remember when another fragment of fecal matter like al-Baghdadi dies, do not compare him to the noble dog. Dogs deserve better. Instead compare his mode of dying to the likes of the last throes of the American media, most specifically a newspaper that would lie about a monster who murdered and brutalized so many in order to disparage a president they are determined to destroy. “

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