CNN, Including James Clapper, React to Durham “Review” Shifting to “Criminal Investigation”…

The reaction from CNN to news that U.S. Attorney John Durham is now conducting a criminal investigation is actually quite funny when contrast against their positions in 2017 and 2018.  Jeffrey Toobin doesn’t have any idea about the background of Joseph Mifsud, and his narration is a jumbled mess of dissonance: “clearly no evidence” he proclaims.

When Weissman and Mueller were traveling the world to investigate Trump-Russia it was an example of prudent and thorough investigative approaches.  However, Durham and Barr doing the same thing is an example of the most horrific investigation imaginable.  When Mueller sent a subpoena it held a seriousness that could not be ignored; however, if Durham sends a subpoena, everyone can just shrug-it-off and “take the fifth”.

Accordingly, Weissmann & Mueller opened investigations, the targets were automatically guilty and should be alarmed.  However, when Durham & Barr open investigations, it means nothing to the targets and not even the possibility of guilt.  Meanwhile, former ODNI James Clapper’s muttering responses are, well, also quite humorous. WATCH

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185 Responses to CNN, Including James Clapper, React to Durham “Review” Shifting to “Criminal Investigation”…

  1. beefrank says:

    This is what it looks like when the real walls are closing in.

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    • Mrs. E says:

      I had to laugh. It is all just a theory; it is a fantasy; but if you are subpoeaned, you can always plead the fifth! Why plead if it is all a fantasy and theoretical? LOL. Clapper is getting muddled and making mistakes too. Yes, these are real LAWS closing in on the lawless. Finally.

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      • California Joe says:

        If you are subpoenaed to testify before the federal grand jury it’s a given that prosecutors already know the answers to the questions you’ll be asked! Pleading the 5th, in most cases, especially one with a paper trail like this, won’t help you very much!

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      • Spooky says:

        Prosecutors have ways of dealing with the 5th Amendment issue. People don’t realize that your ability to “take the 5th” is more constrained in a grand jury proceeding than it is at trial. Also prosecutors can offer immunity for testimony which basically compels testimony since it eliminates the risk of self incrimination. Finally, Jeffrey Toobin is a complete legal douchebag and a disgrace to an already disgraceful profession.


    • Contrarymary says:

      Whenever clapper speaks, I’m in awe that anybody would believe him. If you were his wife and you asked him if he was cheating on you, would you believe this lying fraud? He shrugs his shoulders, looks down, obfuscates, wiggles in his seat and blathers on. Nope, lying cheat. You’d have to really, really want to believe him as Tobin and cooper obviously do.


      • ms doodlebug says:

        Since he doesn’t think ‘they’ did anything wrong, why did Clapper immediately presume he would be one of the people being investigated?


  2. Being of Scandinavian descent I am quite fair, and I normally don’t comment on people’s looks, but I have got to ask … Is Anderson Cooper an albino?

    Not convinced that Toobin was ignorant so much as playing ignorant. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much.”

    Sick to death of this massive game of Projection: Conspire to fabricate the appearance of crimes of the right, and find ways to refuse to let them defend themselves, then pretend that any investigation into said REAL Conspiracy is just a right-wing theory.

    So the one that really happened doesn’t exist and the one that didn’t happen is real if you just talk about it 24/7 on the lying airwaves.

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  3. john says:

    Ace reporter Too-benign: “Misfud. Misfud. Missfood. Misfuud. How do you say his name?” Good to know he’s up to speed on all the players.

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    • madeline says:

      Not know that name made him seem not dialed into this investigation AT ALL. Shouldn’t Clappers attorney tell him to stop talking???

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    • Mrs.E says:

      He is probably mispronouncing the name purposely because Mifsud is telling the truth.


      • snellvillebob says:

        Mifsud has also gone into hiding again. He is in for a pretty tough life staying one step away from the CIA. They do not suffer turncoats very well.

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        • Mike says:

          You mean people that do not go through with their planned conspiracy to overthrow the US Gov’t. The CIA, ODNI, FBI, DOS an the old DOJ are the turncoats. they plotted to bring down the Constitution. They should suffer a Traitors fate for that.

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          • American Heritage says:

            Either they do, or our country doesn’t mean very much — officials may betray it at will, according to their personal political designs.


    • Electra says:

      It made me think of when Mueller said he never heard of Fusion GPS. I’m still not sure if he was faking it, or if he really was that clueless.


      • rebelinme2 says:

        I think we will find that Mueller is as much a player as the rest in this. Mueller being the dotty old man is as good as Hillary acting like she doesn’t know about computers. I think Mueller didn’t write the report, but that he is complicit and aware of the many extortions of Ukraine as his friends are all involved. And he did get a cushy job after the Mueller report.

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    • chuckyschmucky says:

      That’s his not-so-subtle way of relegating Mifsud to “conspiracy” Kookville. As if only rightwing conspiracy wackos would know who this irrelevant, fringe player is.


  4. dottygal says:

    What a bunch of idiots…they haven’t been following what’s going on with Barr and Durham, et al.

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  5. Laurie Walker says:

    I think it’s interesting that Toobin associates Mifsud with the CIA, but Clapper (in theory) ties him to the FBI.


  6. chuckyschmucky says:

    Why would the Clapper presume he’s one of the targets of Durham’s criminal investigation? If he did nothing wrong, then why would he assume he’s a target?

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  7. Electra says:

    I find it to be a delicious irony that Mr. Durham will probably now be using the NSA database to find the communications between Brennan/Clapper/Comey and the British Intel, Italian Intel, Ukrainian Intel, Latvian Intel, Australian Intel, Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper, Susan Rice, Stephany Powers, Natalia Veselnitskaya, Mark Warner, etc., etc., etc…Mwah, ha, ha. Hoisted on your own petard, Mr. Clapper!

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Crooked Clinton requested inclusion of the Macedonian content farmers in that search


    • chuckyschmucky says:

      CAN he use it? Isn’t that database only for national security uses, not criminal purposes?

      Granted, under the Obama Administration, it wasn’t used for national security OR criminal purposes, but for political spying purposes, but Durham and Barr are not going to risk having cases tossed due to inadmissible or tainted evidence. Plus, unlike the Obama thugs, Barr and Durham are honorable, honest and follow the law.


      • Electra says:

        Good question. I know that the FBI did have access to it for their legitimate purposes. The National Security division of the DOJ or the National Security Branch of the FBI would certainly have been able to use it when investigating foreign actors (like Ukraine or MI5 or various informants), and I assume that, armed with a warrant, they could also unmask US persons, although there may have been recent rules changes. I’m not sure.


  8. rebelinme2 says:

    I find these jokers condescending of Americans not unlike Hillary and the congressional democrats. The faces of Hillary, Pelosi… could be superimposed over these clowns and no one would know the difference…


  9. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    They will find out what it’s like to be hounded day in and day out. The difference is that President Trump, Papadopoulos, General Flynn et al were innocent. These besterds are as guilty as he!!! I will say it again. May they never have another night of peaceful sleep again. EVER….


  10. Cyber says:

    Notice how Clapper mentioned the FBI started the investigation into Trump. Trying to distance himself.


  11. ltcusar says:

    It’s possible Mueller was a total cipher- has no idea what was going on- a figurehead only. Hence never heard of Fusion GPS. Furthermore, none of the criminals involved thought for a minute thrrr was actual Trump Russia Collusion. All their efforts were directed at creating it and entrapping Trump. Biggest scandal in American political history.


  12. ltcusar says:

    It’s possible Mueller was a total cipher- has no idea what was going on- a figurehead only. Hence never heard of Fusion GPS. Furthermore, none of the criminals involved thought for a minute thrrr was actual Trump Russia Collusion. All their efforts were directed at creating it and entrapping Trump. Biggest scandal in American political history.


  13. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Wonder what CNN’s reaction to this news will be. After all McCabe is contracted with them. Though come to think of it, he’s been awfully quiet as if late.

    McCabe has agreed to dismissal of his case v FBI without prejudice and dismissal against the DOJ with prejudice. A little horse trading going on behind the scenes maybe?


  14. jeans2nd says:

    The CN&N cretins never consider that AG Barr would investigate to allay the suspicions of half the country, and perhaps enable some trust again in DOJ/FBI.

    And one is tempted to believe that is the case.
    Except for the attitude, behavior, and actions of Clapper.
    Clapper is genuinely stunned, firstly for not knowing about this – Clapper feels he should have been leaked the info – and secondly, how to cya and coordinate a message with others similarly surprised and chagrined by these events without having been pre-briefed.


  15. randal kingery says:

    They stole our time and our presidents time and now we deserve the right to take their time.
    Maximum time for what has been done by those involved, from top intelligence to the lowly fake news.


  16. Chieftain says:

    CNN guy talks about Trump “obsession” because of Durham’s criminal investigation.
    That is rich.
    Jeff Zucker’s Veritas confirmed obsession is known to all. These sycophants are deranged.
    The the way liar Clapper looks worried.


  17. Just asking says:

    Why didnt Toobin or Cooper just ask Clapper if Mifsud was a government plant?


  18. jeans2nd says:

    One loose thread (of many…) which no one’s addressed and is bothersome – the postulate that CIA/FBI are throwing each other under the bus.

    Peter Strzok was FBI on loan to CIA. Peter Strzok also helped write both the JAR and ICA.
    Bruce Ohr was DOJ conduit to FBI for Fusion GPS goings-on, likely to Peter Strzock and possibly others.

    Unless Peter Strzock told no one in FBI of the goings-on at CIA, which is most unlikely, all three agencies – CIA, DNI, and FBI/DOJ – had to know everything.
    Clapper, being part of the JAR and ICA, had to know at least a rudimentary piece of the conspiracy.

    Hope that makes sense. Some are saying FBI has plausible deniability, claiming that CIA originally lied to FBI, but that seems impossible, with Strzock being both FBI/CIA during much of this time.

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  19. johnnyreb says:

    I guess they forgot Tipp O’neil saying ‘ it’s not the nature of the evidence, it’s the seriousness of the charge”.


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