Rep Mark Meadows Discusses Latest Impeachment Schemes…

Representative Mark Meadows appears on Fox News to discuss the latest schemes and developments from the basement of the Capitol building.  Mr. Meadows explains how Adam Schiff continues manipulating the process to create a media narrative.


Andy Biggs appeared to discuss events (below):


Louie Gohmert and Buddy Carter weigh in:


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93 Responses to Rep Mark Meadows Discusses Latest Impeachment Schemes…

  1. MAGADJT says:

    This is how our elected representatives should have been fighting since the beginning. So glad to see some backbone. Sad there aren’t more GOP members participating. However, take time to reach out to some of these folks with an email or phone call and let them know we love what they’re doing. Ask your like minded friends and family to do the same. Give them a script by email they can read over the phone or copy/paste into an email to make it easier for them.

    These members are going to be bombarded with coordinated trolling to try and shake their resolve. The least we can do is counter that so they see a good portion of the country is with them.

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  2. sDee says:

    ’bout time

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  3. Michael Kunz says:

    Like the Lou Dobbs comment about grabbing Turtle by the nape of his neck! Good on’ya Lou.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Another Lou fan here!

      And another Louis to be a fan of – Louis G. and Buddy Walker were both excellent in this interview.

      (I almost spilled my tea when Rep Gohmert said “testiphony.” That was one of the truest Freudian slips ever…)

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      • Mike in a Truck says:

        Evil is afoot. Thousands of Witches ( occultist pussies) are scheming to put a binding hex on PDJT and all us Deplorables. It will backfire on them. God put PDJT here at this time and place. Go against the will of God and see what happens.

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    • Rhi says:

      And Lou got Andy Biggs to say the ‘C’ word- coup. The media whores with their left wing talking points and phony polls have no clue about the gravity of the situation living in their media swamp bubbles.

      Removal of a duly elected President is not a joke not a game. Deadly serious consequences are coming to a head.

      Thy will be done oh Lord.

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    • Sol Benedict says:

      hey! you the Michael Kunz I know? 🙂


  4. littleanniefannie says:

    Keep your collective feet on the throats of these radicals. Act like our survival depends on it because it does!

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  5. The sessions aren’t classified so Schiff can leak it.

    Amb. Hill works at Atlantic council where Burisma and Soros fund his paychecks. Another Coup-Plotter,

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Not true. Schiff has authority to add a non-disclosure level of classification on all materials covered by the committee and release materials as he sees fit under House Rules. Also, materials presented by the witnesses may actually be “National Security” level classified, while Schiff’s is a form of congressional level of non-disclosure.

      This is another reason the Republicans do not want to go on a leak binge. It would be interesting if in one of his selective leaks, Schiff discloses materials under national security level of classification, along with the congressional snippets he authorizes himself to release.

      Since Pelosi controls the rules and ethics committee, some very stiff penalties, if not out right expulsion could be attempted by Pelosi on a selective basis.

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  6. meadowlarkspring says:

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  7. California Joe says:

    Was it really necessary for President Trump to make that phone call and request personally???? There wasn’t anybody else who could have done this!

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    • thedoc00 says:

      It doesn’t matter how the call would have been made, we would still end up at the same place we are today. The same Whistleblower implicates somebody who says the President ordered a phone call … and the whole scene plays out as it has so far.

      At least this way, the President has a level of control and knowledge of the content of attacks launched against him. he is dealing with 1st hand, while the democrats still hide behind the cone of silence with 4th level hearsay.

      Note that McConnell and his merry band of idiots do not even seem to have taken care to schedule joint sessions with Representative McCarthy of House and Senate Republicans for a debrief from the folks who are actually in the room. You can bet on the fact Schiff is showing videos to the entire democrat Caucus to coordinate stories.

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    • JL says:

      Why even ask that question?

      There was nothing improper about the phone call.

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    • PDJT WANTED TO EXPOSE the Dems…that is what this is about. By exposing the dems now it puts on the table the “impeachment” process. Pelosi/Schiff just got monkey-hammered by PDJT due to fact that the report(s) are coming out. There has been a lot of “nerverousness” on both sides of the aisle…

      Also take NOTE…The senate repubs are standing around while “Rome Burns” type of situation…The picture of the upper-class Frenchman/woman are just standing there. Our Republic is at risk by the dems and do nothing repubs!!!!

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    • Carly says:

      Cali Joe, so the President should skip phone calls for appearances’ sake? Or as they say in the media “optics”? You’ve fallen for the Democrat’s trap that binds the President’s governance and activities. The Democrat party (of the MSM as its proxy) does not rule this country, okay? The House does not run the Office of the President, okay? Pelosi is not greater than the Office of President, okay?
      Don’t fall for the trap. If you have out of willfull blindness (have you?), then refrain from trolling Patriot blogs.

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    • GB Bari says:


      Asking that question exposes one’s complete lack of understanding of both the scope power and authority vested in the Office of the President by the Constitution, and the hands-on, always-engaged, proactive style of management that has always defined Donald J. Trump.

      President Trump was completely and entirely within his authority and responsibilities, as well as exercising proper protocol, to make that call OR ANY call to a leader of a foreign country.

      You’re implying that you believe the President should have delegated that call to a subordinate. To delegate that call to ANY subordinate would have implied a lower level of importance or significance of the topics which would have been a serious error in judgement.

      President Trump doesn’t make mistakes like that.

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    • Pale rider says:

      Joe, think about it from his prospective not in fear. He has a duty to do and he did it very well and does it very well. Probably the most diplomatic president ever. Then imagine if someone else made that call for him. Shiff lied when Trump did it, someone else would be destroyed for the presidents head.
      The issue is crime, not calls, not Russians, not pee pee pictures. The criminals in the government have it all over them like the plague and Trump is taking them out and burning the bodies, as should be. Just so happens this plague is destroying us and our nation and our President is in a fight for his life and our country, willingly. Fault him on that.
      My respect for this man grows every word and deed these Marxists globalists pigs throw at him because it’s ‘us’ he is defending, my boys and my family.


    • sallie says:

      Let’s analyze ALL of Obama’s calls to see how he stacked up.


    • Redzone says:

      I read where Rick Perry was very instrumental in having the President make the call to Ukraine.


  8. old deplorable owl says:


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  9. Make Lou Dobbs the speaker of the House when the Republicans retake the majority. That’s my opinion.

    First and foremost though, hopefully our side is finally treating this as the war it is. And it is war. This is also what happens when there are no consequences for the last several years of outright lawbreaking and corruption.

    Also, as long as it’s done from the floor of either the House or Senate, a Senator or congressman can legally disclose whatever information they want to. They cannot be expelled or prosecuted at all. If they knew it, they could disclose the nuclear launch codes. So enough of this crap that they keep saying they are not allowed to disclose yadayadayada. Just tell the reporter to hold on while they go to the floor, reveal the testimony, and then come back and discuss what is in the congressional record. Just like Doug Collins did.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I personally think Lou Dobbs is most effective calling balls and strikes from where he sits.

      I think he would be legally and procedurally muzzled to a frustrating degree once he became a part of the government he’s spent so many years critiquing.

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      • Pale rider says:

        GB, I think you just answered lots of ‘why’ questions about people leaving the Trump circle.

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        • GB Bari says:

          I honestly don’t think too many members of this Administration left in order to help President Trump from the outside.
          That reason may apply to a very few, but it doesn’t explain why many of those same people then become critics of the President.
          I think they leave for one of three reasons:
          1. Taking lucrative offers to join an anti Trump organization and criticize the President by presenting themselves as a first hand witness to his alleged mismanagement
          2. they were simply fired for incompetence or leaking.
          3. they were already qualified to earn far more income in private enterprise and decided that was more important and less stressful than being bullied by the Left when serving the President and the Country.


  10. This all seemed too staged to me and lacked any real passion IMO. Biggs just sat there like a stooge when Lou told him they threw the election. Then Biggs says something like they are back to fight now. I am calling BS on this. Real patriots like Jim Jordan or Devin Nunes don’t take days off.

    It reminded me of how the Republican Party promised year after year to get rid of Obamacare and never did. Fake! Then there is the Carter and Ghomert clip. They seemed to put on a song and dance for Trish. Carter even used the fake Clinton thumb pointer. Just be honest and use your real finger for goodness sake. They came across as out of touch and only singing and dancing for the cameras.

    If this was real, they would not have waited a week. Cummings or no Cummings. No pun intended.

    And what gives with Cummings. No grandstanding funeral, memorial or anything else? Usually these things are like the Oscars for politicians and I didn’t see any coverage.

    Not trolling just a late night rant.

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  11. armie says:

    The mantra “Schiff’s secret meetings” needs to be front and center. He’s a decidedly unlikeable individual to the American public, and every opportunity needs to be taken to portray him as the sleezy, dishonest, amoral, and hate-filled person he is. The parallel here is the mileage the Dems got from their “A bunch of old men are impeaching him for his sex life” mantra in the WJC impeachment. . That’s still widely believed to this day. In this case, the characterization has the advantage of being accurate.

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  12. beach lover says:

    As long as they can find or get poll numbers showing a majority of the American Public thinks there should be an impeachment, this charade will continue.

    How they are getting these polls to show this, is remarkable. Although, with the help of the slimy MSM and only one sided information coming out, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

    Hopefully, what happened yesterday, the people start to understand how corrupt this truly is, the polls will turn. Once, that happens, Schiff will wrap it up. They only wanted to dirty up the President, I bet because they know the real schiff is about to hit the fan.


    • wightmanfarm says:

      Right, …in two weeks …It’s been “two weeks” for four months now.

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    • dom elp says:

      The poles don’t ask if you are a citizen of usa and with 22million+ extra polsters willing to open theboarders, well can you trust a pole now.


    • GB Bari says:

      How they are getting these polls to show this, is remarkable.

      Not remarkable at all. Polls can be and are tailored to produce a desired outcome.
      Polls are used to create news favorable to ones bias and point of view.

      That’s not to say all polls are dishonest or inaccurate as a measure of the population within the poll topic’s impact. But there is substantial and overwhelming evidence that the majority of polls where results favor the DemonRAT Media narratives, are skewed by design, and not reliable.

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    • TJ says:

      Push Polling

      “Hello independent campus student taking grievance studies, Trump is a racist, which is grounds for impeachment, do you agree?”

      “101% of independent university students think President Trump should be impeached right before an election, so he doesn’t win in a landslide.” – DNC Media Branch – CNN Division


  13. Tparty says:

    Some background info on the latest witness in the star chamber…

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  14. RJ says:

    Recall the “Miss America Pageant” in order to compare that show with what we saw today as 30 plus republicans descended those stairs in the Capital building: Who does it better?

    Who should we crown Mr. Republican leader of Congress? It’s a tight race, with so many “natural talents” in that group…

    Boring, poorly run, gimmick driven and without substance. Why can’t these clowns ask themselves how a guy like Adam Schiff stays alive and well doing what he does?

    Schiff has never had it so good! Does he look like a pansy who is worried and wants to retreat to obsurity…no–he is thrilled with his behaviors and loves all the attention. And who supports him to the hilt? Nancy and her girls…

    This is a female versus male fight playing out on many levels, but when rendered it becomes a classic conflict. You have a New York bred Alpha Male coming from the construction industry (oh, I know…real estate development…where things get built…construction worker genes!) competing with a feminist group led by Hillary, Nancy and others who live to control males as most feminists secretly wish.

    You’ll see come the 2020 election the actual drag out fight between a man and a woman in politics. Note how AOC dresses for Zuckerberg and others, dripping with that “I’m just a bartender who is seeking love” sexiness.

    Classic…but ugly this fight is surely becoming!


  15. snellvillebob says:

    Adam Schiff’s is using the Delphi Technique in an attempt to impeach President Trump. He is controlling all the narrative throughout his fake trial. He is leaking only partial quotes to the press and banning anyone else from talking about anything. When he is done, he will repeat the most successful looney snippets to the entire House, then Pelosi will push thru the impeachment vote without discussion.
    It is really scary that this most often than not works.
    People are starting to wake up to the Left’s projections, now we need to warn more about this Delphi tool of theirs.


  16. 335blues says:

    Hey Kentucky, your senator Mitch McConnell is acting like a perpetrator in this
    coup attempt. His loyalty seems to be with the chamber of communism,
    and his chinese wife.
    Throw the scum out!


    • Squirrel Doc says:

      Kentucky Treehouser here: Would love to throw him out – but not if it means electing a Dem. No one has emerged from the crowd capable of pushing him aside.

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  17. cbjoasurf says:

    Ain’t it funny how things get REAL when POTUS, AG Bill Barr, Durham, et al. have turned the BOMBER and are on their final approach, already “over the target”?

    The MOAB’s are going to soon fall on the “DEEP STATE”.

    I admit I am an eternal optimist here but to SAVE this country the prosecutions and prison sentences for “Sedition & Treason” NUST OCCUR!

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  18. mostlyogauge says:

    How can we take the narrative back? Everyone refers to this as an impeachment inquiry. It is NOT and impeachment inquiry! No articles of impeachment have been presented to the House. The House has not had an impeachment vote. There is no impeachment inquiry. This is a bad farce, a joke, a scam, a disgusting display of seditionist activity. Call it what you will, but don’t call it an impeachment inquiry, because it is NOT.

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    • mostlyogauge says:

      NOT an impeachment inquiry …..


    • ezpz2 says:

      Agree that we need to take back the narrative. Many of the Rs and the so called ‘conservative’ talking heads (hannity in particular) are whining about the *process* of the so called impeachment inquiry, rather than the fact that there’s no basis for it in the first place!

      Name the crime that they’re investigating. They can’t because there IS no crime!

      They’re persecuting the President as they search (try to create) for a crime.

      I want the first question that any pundit or ‘news’ person asks to be:

      ‘What high crime are you investigating?’

      I’m tired of hearing how Newt is the standard bearer for the process!

      What. Is. The. Crime???!


  19. I just called McConnell’s office and for the first time someone answered. I also called my Congressman Meadows, Congressman Biggs, oh and my Senator Tillis. I wanted to thank the good guys and I told McConnell to get a spine and to tell those GOP Senators who don’t like Trump too bad and they better toe the line or they lose their committee seats, etc.

    I guess Tillis is now supporting the POTUS, well he’s up for re-election, but I told them I was keeping an eye on him and that what I remember was when he first got in there he said the people want him to get along with Dems. Well, I told him I do not want him to get along with Dems, why should I?

    Also when I talked to Biggs office I asked if there was a list of the names of the Reps who participated yesterday and he said no there wasn’t. I told him there are many who want to call and say thank you. Man, Republicans are so lame…no one made a list. I asked him to tell Biggs we want a list so we can call and thank them.

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  20. Phone Numbers;
    McConnell: 202-224-2541
    Meadows: 202-225-6401
    Senator Tillis (NC people should call): 202-224-6342
    Biggs: 202-225-2635
    Zeldin: 202-225-3826


    • Moe Grimm says:

      Best wait a day though as all have a full day of virtue signalling planned over Elijah Cummings. So the order of the day is cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck. Meadows here kicking it off. Everyone here should have this, and more, reach info anyway.


  21. hokkoda says:

    GOP needs to shut down every committee in every vote in every instance House-wide. Use every procedural delay, don’t allow quorums, and for heaven’s sake, 30 is not enough. That should have been 100+ reps singing God Bless America.

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  22. willthesuevi says:

    Rep. Gohmert’s slip is a perfect descriptor of what is happening.



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  23. JunkerGeorg says:

    So I’m listening to Kurt Schlecter filling in on the Hugh Hewitt show. He’s interviewing Steve Scalise. He tries to be ‘tough’ with Scalise, telling him the GOP base is sick of yellow-bellied Republican reps not standing up for the President on this impeachment scam. We’ve heard this from other radio pundits. And yet, what struck me is how Schlecter himself is yellow-bellied for not pressing Scalise on why he and a 128 other Republicans in Congress voted against Trump on Syria. Really, the only one I’ve heard do so is Lou Dobbs. Point is, our conservative media pundits are either sympathetic with the NeoCons, or they’re no less yellow-bellied.

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  24. Chewbarkah says:

    Schiff and the Dems did not chance upon a “whistleblower”; they worked with an ongoing spy, and developed him into a “CIA whistleblower”, even having their pet IC IG change the rules on hearsay, as a mean of injecting a narrative into public view. That the “impeachment inquiry” subject is Ukraine is no accident; we are seeing is an Obstruction of Justice operation, wherein the Dems are sending a message to Ukraine’s President: “Do Not Expose Democrat Corruption, Our 2016 Election Machinations, the Bribes and Kickbacks to Democrats. If we can do this to Trump, think of what we can do to you. Do not cooperate with Barr.”

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  25. Gil Stonebarger says:

    Until we are ready to risk our fortunes, our lives and our sacred honor to march on DC and drag them out into the streets…this is a lost cause…..keep patiently waiting while they plan OUR demise folks.


  26. Mark W says:

    Epic Rant from Jim Jordan: “What are the Democrats hiding?”. Best synopsis of impeachment yet (video).

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  27. foodog says:

    This explains Schiffs prosecutorial process running the Pelosi Wrap Up Smear Star Chamber.


  28. Kerry Gimbel says:

    Wasn’t that cute that Martha mentioned the two polls that show most more people favoring impeachment than not. Martha, we aren’t that stupid. The same polls that said Trump would lose big. And the Congressman should have said that. Give me a break.


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