President Trump Hosts Italian-American Reception at White House…

This evening President Donald Trump hosted a reception to honor Italian President Sergio Mattarella and his daughter, Laura Mattarellla.   President Trump began by saying: “Today we celebrate the extraordinary friendship between Italy and the United States and we honor the faith and courage of the incredible Italian American community. The people in that community have done so much for our country.”  [Video Below]


President Mattarella began by stressing how grateful he was “for your words of friendship. And I also listened with a great deal of pleasure to the words you spoke a few minutes ago mentioning all the bonds we share.”

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43 Responses to President Trump Hosts Italian-American Reception at White House…

  1. susanphd says:

    The president of Italy has a beautiful command of language. He exemplifies a true and classic statesman. Very rare to see. Shimon Peres of Israel was at that high level of diplomacy. Beautifully spoken and charming. .

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    • felipe says:

      Thank you SD for this wonderful video. PDJT is killing it on so many levels here. A major shout out to the Italian-American community with Mario Andretti, unwavering support for Columbus Day, recognition of Sergio being the first president of Italy from Sicily, etc. He’s so at-ease with going off-prompter and so aware at all moments of his esteemed guests, his immediate audience, his larger video audience and the ever-present ‘fake news’ press. Also loved the impromptu non-PC commentary about who ‘looks Italian’ or not… and to Steve Mnuchin: “I really don’t think you’re very Italian, Steve”

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    • lftpm says:

      I’m just glad PDJT didn’t accidentally call the Italian president “Sergio Mozzarella”.


  2. tonyE says:

    While Trump is being First Class Diplomatic, the Third Class Politician is home, sulking, tail between her legs, holding onto a Costco 1.75L Vodka bottle.

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  3. WSB says:

    Perfect! It’s Wednesday!!!!!!! 🍝

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  4. JoeMeek says:

    Lunga vita Columbus !


  5. Joe says:

    My uncle lies in an American military cemetery, in Italy. He was killed behind enemy lines. The Italian villagers that found his body have passed on their appreciation, of his sacrifice, to their progeny. It’s actually profound. We have strong bonds with Italy that go generations deep.

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    • Crewdog 52. says:

      Joe — your uncle was a hero that your entire family can be proud of. My dad was one of the fortunate ones who made it through Italy alive and unwounded; Oct 43 – May 45. He would have been very grateful for people like your uncle.


      • The Third Man says:

        My 94 year old Italian American uncle, a marine, fought the Pacific Island campaign as far as Iwo Jima where he was wounded but survived. Thank God he didn’t have to invade Japan. No “boots on the ground” necessary there, just the righteous might of the great United States of America falling from the sky. Game Over !
        MAGA !


        • David Lentz says:

          My father got wounded in the ETO. I can’t say for sure, but I wonder if we had to invade Japan’s home islands, would I be here. Don’t know.


  6. littleanniefannie says:

    I missed our beautiful FLOTUS

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  7. JRD says:

    Love you Potus but Commie Mattarella makes this Italian American with dual citizenship sick.

    EU loving Mattarella screwed the Italian people and brokered the government of Soros’ puppet Renzi and Di Maio.

    May all these Leftists Mattarella, Renzi, Di Maio, Gentiloni, and Conte rot in hell.

    Italians overwhelmingly want Salvini.

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  8. OSP says:

    Schiff was right PDJT is a mafia boss


  9. Richie says:

    Pelosi is Italian Trash. Not to be confused with all the patriotic Italian Americans


  10. GB Bari says:

    Nice closing speeches. Hope our President made some headway with Italy on trade. And other areas of importance…….


  11. meadowlarkspring says:

    Love this. Alla famiglia


  12. dreamguardian007 says:

    After all the crap our President put up with today in particular, while doing the wonderful work that he does every day, he hosts and honors Italy this evening; and he honors America even more by being the President that our Founders surely envisioned for times like these. What a Statesman. What a President!


  13. noswamp says:

    SD your putting up this video is huge. Much appreciated!


  14. 6x47 says:

    President Trump is a class act, it’s a shame the Democrats and their unhinged resistance have made this genuinely warm, funny, and likable man into a villain.


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