The People’s POTUS….

We interrupt our worries and fret-filled daily programming for a brief respite.

Remember when President Trump had the boys and girls Little League champs at the White House last week?…

~ click the pics to enlarge ~

There’s a whole lot of fun happening there….

Come to think of it, President Trump has a remarkable ability to focus on the big picture amid circumstances that would likely overwhelm most people.   His ability to live in the moment and compartmentalize challenges is a very significant strength.

It would be challenging for anyone to face complex global issues and geopolitics, while simultaneously battling domestic political adversaries…. let alone, stop mid-day and give 100% of your attentive self to celebrate with a group of kids and ensure they understood how valuable and important they are….  Yup, President Donald Trump can do that.

Moments later, back to the ‘complicated business‘.

~ Again, click to enlarge ~

Somewhere deep in the locked recesses of Pelosi, Schumer and crew; in a place they would never admit; I’ll bet you a donut they admire and respect a scale of fortitude and focus they have never seen before. Even through the hate and opposition, the gnats must wonder how come they cannot put a visible dent in this President’s focus and resolve…

Something special.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled fake-news crisis du jour.

Day #999 continues…

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145 Responses to The People’s POTUS….

  1. Best President ever,
    GOD Bless President and our country,

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  2. LBS says:

    President Trump is like the cool, strong, Alpha male grandfather that I never knew (mine died before I was born).

    I literally love the man.

    MAGA / KAG 2020

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  3. littleanniefannie says:

    Awesome Little Leaguers with their awesome President.

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  4. TexanInFL says:


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  5. Loren says:

    I would rather watch that for hours than one second of the Demoncrat Party debate. Go Trump!

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  6. Pyrthroes says:

    Going on three years from Election 2016, Pres. Trump has proved sui generis– one-of-a-kind, a most remarkable individual whose 73 years seem more like 58. However his extraordinarily vitriolic, disloyal opposition bleats-and-squeaks, through 2024 he will have reoriented postwar partisan politics for a generation, accomplishing a qualitative as well as policy turnaround similar in peculiar ways to Reconstruction.

    Among much else, this Trump Administration affirms a very powerful precedent: If it’s benign, substantive peace-and-prosperity you seek, a patriotic Concerned Citizen beats ballot-stuffing careerist pols, K-Street bagmen and their cronies, every time. Just maybe, long-overdue Constitutional reforms –judicial and legislative term limits, county-based Electoral Votes, sound-money Unit Allocation Budgets– may actually gain credence: Repealing Wilson’s Amendments XVI, XVII; abolishing the Federal Reserve; curbing incipient Police State apparats would be a start.

    For literal survival purposes, generations born 2013, 2036 et seq. already have their work cut out.

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    • jrapdx says:

      Some excellent points, ideas that keep recurring in these threads—and elsewhere to be sure. I’ve said before it’s high time to witness the final end of the 1960’s. It was fun for a while, but the era has well exceeded its expiration date, we have to move on, PDJT is just the ticket for getting on with it.

      Democrats will be shedding tears over it, but too bad, they’ll have to adjust however reluctantly. I suppose when the election goes south next year (from their perspective) the message will begin to sink in. The gloom will be palpable, but only a temporary distraction from the work of reinvigorating our republic into an even more glorious perfection than ever before.

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  7. NJF says:

    Wonderful post SD. Thank you.

    Love seeing the smiles on these kids faces & POTUS smile is pretty damn good too.


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  8. tuskyou says:

    I’m thankful and proud every day to call him my President. Those kids are living thru an amazing time in world history, when they look back as adults they’ll be blown away–it’ll be like a dream. POTUS cares about others and their accomplishments even though he’s under constant attack. He can enjoy the good things even while evil forces surround him. Not sure I’d be capable of the same but I’d try with POTUS as my example.

    Thank you SD for posting this.

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  9. Sloth1963 says:

    Those pictures cheer me up. Kids doing kid stuff in the White House!

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  10. Bendix says:

    I don’t think he knew how much kids love him, before his presidency.

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  11. Dino says:

    To those spoiled pro halfletes that chose to use their invite to the WH as a political statement boycotting the POTUS. You missed the opportunity to meet the greatest president in the history of the USA. History will show.

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  12. P says:

    Look how the hands of our President and the youngster leaning on the desk are in the same position.

    FTFD: “When someone imitates the things you do, it’s a sign that they like and admire you.”

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  13. Like most kids, their minds haven’t been rotted enough yet to ruin others’ pleasure by taking a knee or boycotting.

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  14. Beverly says:

    I never thought I would feel such warmth and affection for any president. the only one who is in his league is Ronald Reagan who was also outstanding and a tremendous Patriot. Reagan also was extremely clear about the threat of communism and helped to bring down the entire Soviet Union by being steadfast and really clear about them being an evil empire.

    He also was a great communicator, like President Trump. We are extremely fortunate to have another great Patriot as our president now.

    God bless him and save him from the wiles and snares of his enemies, Grant and strength and wisdom to lead our nation in the right direction. And above all, Lord, sow a new great Awakening in the fields of this land.

    We all need to put on the armor of the one true God.

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  15. Alleycats says:

    This is why I love you Sundance, lolz.

    After a 3-days-long adventure battling in the
    Court-of-Opinion; Snowflake’s Hurt Feelings Division, (HR complaint dept), I was in the mind frame of, Is this for real? Has the whole world lost their collective minds?.. Wut??

    As if on cue here’s a heartfelt post that proves their world is not any semblance of real world.

    America. Little League Baseball. The President. Love Laughter and Lifetime Memories.

    THAT is real. That is OUR world.

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  16. Bubba Cow says:

    1000 days of President Trump tomorrow … wishing for many more

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  17. drdeb says:

    Thank You Lord and Savior for the Election of Donald J. Trump! You answered our prayers! In N GA, we are gearing up for another Trump campaign. This time, a re-election one. It is SO rewarding to campaign for a winner! In 2016, 89% of our county voted and 84% voted for Donald J. Trump. On Saturday, we had our Trump float -our local GOP and our Presidents Team-in the Sorghum Parade and the crowd was overwhelmed. North Georgia LOVES Donald J. Trump!

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  18. ZurichMike says:

    OK, my eyes teared up a bit seeing all those happy, happy kids!

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  19. This is too good (incredible production values, in that group picture — colorful), someone needs to speak up for the snot-nosed delinquent, baseball cap on backwards, who feels left out (there’s always one, needing a little more love and attention than the others):

    “Naah! That’s so great, where are the Big Macs and french fries? They did it before, why not now? How about some chocolate milk, huh? Or potato chips, yeah! Big deal, a group picture; buncha wussies, smiling. … I want to sit on the desk!…Boy, wouldn’t you like to have a train set spread out on that rug? The President’s got it made, he can put anything in there he wants. Cool. But big deal, a group picture…”


  20. Genuine!!! The real deal- no phoniness, no pretension, just one honest to goodness guy! What you see is what you get… that’s our President…and the kids know it too!!!!
    Greatest President of our lifetime!!!!


  21. 56packardman says:

    Reblogged and linked back to your original post here:
    Excellent post, Sundance! 😊👍


  22. Alan Reasin says:

    And then he took the boys home on AF1 since there homes were on the way.. I’ve never heard of that before.


  23. Lissmojo says:

    BEAUTIFULLY said, Sundance. Thank you for appreciating another kind act by this amazing man.

    Alan Reasin is right and I’m laughing: “Come on, kids, hop aboard Air Force 1!”

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