UPDATE: Louisiana Governor Primary Results Thread: John Bel Edwards -VS- Abraham/Rispone Challenge

President Trump rallied last night in Louisiana to support a challenge to incumbent Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards. The goal is to hold JBE under 50% and force a run-off against a republican challenger.

The national Democrats have made this race a referendum on the Trump impeachment agenda, saying if JBE can win in Louisiana then it proves Trump is weak enough to be impeached.

Mr. Edwards has tried not to make this a national referendum.

If President Trump and the Republican challengers, U.S. Representative Ralph Abraham and businessman Eddie Rispone, can hold Edwards to less than 50%, then one of them will challenge Governor Edwards in a state-wide runoff for the governor position.

  UPDATE: Mission Accomplished.  John Bel Edwards has been held under 50% and will face Republican businessman “Eddie” Rispone in a run-off to decide the governors race.

Link to Louisiana Secretary of State Results Here

AP Race Results HERE

Here’s the results so far.  With 82% of precincts reporting JBE is at 46%

JBE is currently at 45%. Well under the votes he needs to avoid a runoff.

Link to Louisiana Secretary of State Results Here

AP Race Results HERE

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150 Responses to UPDATE: Louisiana Governor Primary Results Thread: John Bel Edwards -VS- Abraham/Rispone Challenge


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    • Sweet Old Bob says:

      Only to 430 !

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    • Raven78 says:

      He is not planning on stopping at 270, his path will be to 380 plus. Guaranteed, watch and learn.
      With 35% black voter support, and well into the 30% mark of latinos, both numbers are historical for a Republican. The only other Republican that even came close to those percentages was Pres. Reagan and he took 49 states in a whooping landslide.

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  2. Jim Smith says:

    Great news!

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  3. Jonah Kyle says:

    No matter. The Dems have hired Goalpost Movers, Inc.™ and now will say that “if Bel Edwards is elected over Rispone then that proves that Trump will be impeached and removed from office.”


  4. Blase Bauer says:

    It looks as if had only one Republican run for office, he likely would have received 51% of the vote.. Let’s hope that is true come run off time

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  5. yy4u says:

    Republicans truly are the STUPID PARTY. It happens all the time in my city — we’ll have an unpopular (usually Democrat) in office and three or four Republicans will challenge him or her. This splits the vote between the voters and the DEMOCRAT wins. Happens every time. Looks like the same thing happened in LA. Why didn’t the two Repubs flip a coin? Why wouldn’t one step aside so that they could get the Dem out of there? Nope, both had to run.

    After POTUS is out of office, the Republican Party needs to go the way of the Whigs and a new REAL constitutional Party needs to take its place the way the GOP took the place of the Whigs.
    The GOP at its instigation was a genuine second party alternative to the Democrats. Now it’s just a handmaiden to them. Totally useless. Without guts or teeth, afraid of the media. So far as I’m concerned there are very few REAL Republicans.

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      yy4u… I see the situation differently. The number of Rs in the primary doesn’t matter. What mattered in the election is the incumbent gov NOT reaching 50%, which was accomplished.

      Going forward the results of Abraham and Rispone provide important information — which of the two Rs is preferred by the most voters and which is the stronger candidate against the governor. Anyone, feel free to correct me if I’ve got this wrong….

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    • Green Bucket says:

      90% of the Republicans are UniParty ( for themselves and against us).

      Trump has ripped the curtain back to reveal our sham “2 party” system. One (big) party for the Globalists / Deep State / Democrats / RINO’s and their Media partners, but no party for us – they just expect us to pay the bill!! Not anymore…

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    • Summer says:

      Run off is NOT a “Democrat wins” situation, though.
      That said, I definitely agree that splitting the vote is never a good strategy.

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    • MGBSE says:

      What you describe happens all the time…democrats always run FAKE conservatives and republicans tp split the vote and elect RATS.

      Abraham is a RINO…Rispone is a true Patriot and Trump supporting Conservative who will defeat the worthless tax increasing, job destroying, sanctuary city loving democrat Edwards…who by the way…has slave owning ancestors and a grandfather politician who did everything he could to keep Louisiana Schools segregated…and his black voters don’t care.

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  6. Pale rider says:

    So could it be the democrats and republicans, I can’t rule them out anymore, want Trump to back down just enough to let more swamp in? PLay the game or get impeached? I’m sick of these traitors.

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  7. hokkoda says:

    Trump has an excellent track record – coattails – stumping for Republicans. Had 45+ RINOs not decided to throw the 2018 midterms by “retiring”, Trump keeps the House and expands the Senate.

    This impeachment stuff? I bet even money that Paul Ryan talked it over with Pelosi because the Government Party needed a way to get Trump knowing that Mueller would most likely fail. If the GOP had held the House, Ryan would have been out of excuses…which is why nothing of significance passed during the lame duck session.

    A huge Trump priority in 2020 will need to be the House…but electing people who support his agenda. The Senate is more loyal because several of them own him for their jobs.

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  8. Darthawk says:

    CNN incorrectly predicts election outcome, again. One day before the election, CNN publishes the headline: Democratic Governor on Verge of Re-Election in Deep South State. CNN Election Analyst Enten (formerly with the New York Slimes) indicated that their election model gave Democrat Edwards a two-thirds chance of winning. That prediction expressed less confidence in a Democratic win than his model predicted in the 2016 Presidential race, but it was equally wrong. Fake Polls produce Fake News!

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