President Trump Calls Out Adam Schiff for Fabricating Ukraine Call Quotes…

There has been no push-back from the democrat allied media about HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff completely manufacturing quotes about the phone call between President Trump and President Zelenskyy. Chairman Schiff made up fabricated quotes and read them during his opening statements at the HPSCI hearing yesterday.

Some people criticize President Trump for his twitter retorts. However, with the media covering for the deceptive conduct of democrats, Twitter is a way for President Trump to set the record straight:

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247 Responses to President Trump Calls Out Adam Schiff for Fabricating Ukraine Call Quotes…

  1. vikingmom says:

    Just called the office of my Congresswoman, who bills herself as a “common sense Democrat” and said that I am sick and tired of all these ridiculous fishing expeditions. Said that if the Democrats couldn’t start doing their actual job, then I would start supporting the Republicans! (I figured that I had to at least have to pretend that I MIGHT support her even though I would never vote for her!)

    Basically her aide listened to all that I had to say and didn’t respond. When I asked for her position, he told me that she fully supported impeachment. I asked if she was bothered by the fact that Adam Schiff basically made up his own transcript yesterday he burst out laughing and practically called me an idiot!

    I am generally a pretty even keeled person but right now, I hope the whole da*n Uniparty crashes and burns and that gallows are built in front of the White House!

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    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      Yeah, they can rot in Hell.

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    • John says: are wasting your time.These people don’t care about you or what you think.You have just to remind them that they are the descendants of the KKK,lowest form of life in the universe,bankrolled by nazi Soros,prostitutes dancing to the tunes of the Deep.I understand that like old Earl Warren and millions of others, the Deep State got lots of dirt on them.

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    • piper567 says:

      vikingmom, if volunteers are called for to salt the bldg. and land, I’m IN !

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    • meow4me2 says:

      It really makes you understand the old timey tar and feathers, doesn’t it. I’d gladly help ride them out of town on a rail, throw the pitch and feathers.


    • There won’t be gallows in front of the White House, but UniParty is indeed self-destructing before our very eyes… the only ones that aren’t realizing it are the ones that belong in those long forgotten and actually necessary institutions for the mentally insane.

      UniParty has long since enjoyed having the crazies among the rest of us, it’s the chaos they needed to divide and conquer.

      And now we know why “they” got rid of them.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      They are nuthin’ but a “Charmin!”


    • buanadha says:

      He didn’t laugh because he thought you were wrong, he was laughing because he knew you were right and didn’t care at all.

      As Schlichter says, “The Left Hates You, Act Accordingly”

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      • vikingmom says:

        Sad, but true! Here in liberal LaLa Washington, the Left has such a strong majority that they can, and do, basically flip the bird to anyone who doesn’t agree with them, knowing that they will be easily re-elected nonetheless. We are, after all, the state that has continued to send Patty “dumb as a bag of rocks” Murray back to the Senate for almost 30 years…

        I was born and raised in Seattle and it used to be a great town – somewhat Libertarian on social issues, but pretty sane fiscally. Most people were well-educated and willing to have serious conversations about their disagreements. But, with the influx of Californians in the late 80s/early 90s, the whole place went crazy stupid.

        I love the beauty of the area, and my family is all still here, so it’s hard to leave, but between the high taxes and the even higher level of corrupt, incompetent politicians, we are seriously looking to move as soon as my husband retires!


    • Come the Day, my friend, Yours Truly stands ready and all studied-up on the Long Drop Method. Have Drop-Chart, will gladly travel! Just show me the Warrant under proper Cover Letter. A Newtonian Physics Master knows exactly what to do to minimize suffering of all concerned.

      Any reader thinks this note is a joke or a hoax, you’re ON. OBTAIN THE LAWFUL CONVICTIONS and THEN TRACE ME DOWN – YT is EASY to find. We make Lawful contract for Essential Services and proceed from there.

      Satisfaction guaranteed or DOUBLE your l33t Crime Wave back! Swift, sure and easy! Service with a *SMILE*. And that is all. 0{;-)o[


  2. Countrywatch says:

    An interesting thread by Tracy Beanz on the developments and the roll out of justice:

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  3. Heika says:

    I have been wondering about all this… Biden being ‘blown up’… the rest of the Dem candidates being ‘revealed’ as a complete unhinged clown show- almost as if its being done on purpose by the Dems. I keep on thinking, where is Hillary? Why would she ‘lower herself’ and put herself up to have to be on stage with all the idiots? (she would be thinking), she has already proven herself to be the ONLY choice for Democrats who – the only one who could come close to Trump. Why waste all that money on campaigning when she already did it up to 2016, and she came so so close.. in fact she thinks she actually won. By staying out of the ‘dog race’, leading up to the election she removes herself from ‘inspection and attack’… and we know there is much to investigate. Notice how the MSM has kept her out of the scene to date?
    Saw this video this morning and obviously like minds here… the clown show has left us all dazed as to ‘what are they (DNC) thinking’… putting up all this rubbish? And Joe being paraded as the front runner when he is a corrupt old doddering fool? Really? Are they THAT STUPID? I dont think so.
    This is a gaming theory. Make them think that they have no good choice, then present ‘the messiah’ at the last minute.

    Have a look at the ‘smooth as silk’ Hillary in this video. She is prepping.

    My forecast is that Hillary will be standing in the presidential elections in 2020. She will not tarnish herself with the race but will delight in others doing so. The Biden thing is PERFECT for her. She will be ‘clean’ in the memory of desperate Dem voters, THE ONLY CHOICE..
    She is Trumps ONLY threat, because Dems are Dems (aka stupid)

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    • I have no doubts that madam and her immediate circle of handlers might have her return in mind and may have even instigated the forthcoming Biden take down, but if she pulls it off, she will do worse than she did last time and it would cause an insurrection among the recently radicalized democrat base who considered her too antiquated even in 2016.

      A rematch would be epic.

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      • FrankieZ says:

        AOC and her band of Communists would destroy her. Plus the fact she would never be able to keep up with Trump. He would do a Rally a Day to blow her out of the water.

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      • Palafox says:

        Only way she runs again is if there is a fool-proof fraud to guarantee her a win. Her ego will not allow her to lose to Obama (primary) and trump twice. No way.

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        • Amy2 says:

          But she thinks she can win…..and why shouldn’t she? She’s the smartest person in the room, right?


        • piper567 says:

          Well, Palafox, they THOUGHT they had a fool-proof fraud intact in 2016…I do believe we are a bit more aware this time around.
          I am not at all bothered by the fact “our side” is not pursuing election integrity IN PUBLIC.
          but I do not operate under the assumption Parscale and his do not have a clue.
          oh, no.
          I think a bit was learned from the wholesale Dem cheating in 2018.


    • Heika says:

      What I mean is Dem voters are stupid. The Democrats (like Pelosi and Shifty) are NOT… the current behaviour by them is bizarre, UNLESS there is another plan running in the background. It’s the only thing I can think of. Throwing Biden under the bus would fit right into it. Dopey Jo would seen as a disposable item, if they have a larger plan.

      Imagine what Pres Trump would be doing right now in his tweets if Hillary was a candidate? This is a war strategy, she is sneaking up from the wings. If I am wrong, then I surrender… they really are mentally ill.

      Clinton is backed by some very heavy hitters.

      If I was Trump’s team and Nunes etc, I would be keeping a very close eye on Hillary…and there should be more push to hold her feet to the fire. The only one doing that at the moment is Judicial Watch… They keep on trucking, because Fitton knows.. he is fed up with all this.

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      • vikingmom says:

        I think there is a war brewing in the wings between Team Clinton and Team Obama…Biden was sent in as a placeholder to garner the nomination and then, at the last minute, his health would force him to resign and Voila – Michelle Obama would be brought in to carry on the Obama/Biden legacy.

        I think Hillary found out what was going on and decided to sabotage Biden to force him out early…she still sees herself as the “rightful” President and no one around her has the courage to tell her that she is, and always has been, delusional!


      • John says:

        The Dems voters are stupid and too stupid to realise they are stupid.As for the demokkkrats(like Pelosi and Shiiff) they are too compromised.The Deep State got the drop on them,they have to do what they are told,an offer they cannot refuse.Just imagine the tons of dirt they have on those lowlife.

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    • joebkonobi says:

      Yep, the plan now for a while. No way it could work w/o the latest coup attempt. Gonna be a crazy year. She likely escapes any and all legal issues. This is what happens when there is a two-tiered justice system and Clinton’s get to walk.

      Amazingly, because of the current dem clown show, she will be welcomed by the Democrat party, imo.


      • Heika says:

        Agree 100% Heard Tom Fitton say tonight on Hannity that the statute in Benghazi has one more year till it runs out. He said she (her lawyers) had been blocking their access to the documents in FOIA constantly and with a vengeance recently


    • alliwantissometruth says:

      If that lowlife hag is put back up as a candidate, the Deep State must be confident in it’s voter fraud strategy

      That, and although any of the democrat candidates would step aside as President and allow the Globalist syndicate to dictate the office, they all could be seen as possible trouble makers at some point in administrating the Globalist / Deep State agenda

      Hillary on the other hand is a loyal soldier to the Globalist agenda who’s already proven she’s more than willing to sell out the American people for profit, and would gladly turn over the office to the highest bidder


    • Esperanza says:

      Go for it. She already lost badly once. She has learnt no lessons from it. If she wants to lose all 50 states…..have At it.


    • Disgusted says:

      I predict their candidate will ultimately be Pelosi. I am sticking by this guess, just as I did with Trump back in 2015, when everyone laughed at me. THEN they all voted for him.


      • Heika says:

        That has crossed my mind often Disgusted. The trouble is… if she has anymore facelifts (this seems to be what she does for important occasions) her mouth is going to become her third eye! Look out then!


  4. islandpalmtrees says:

    Do we have a case of misdirection happening, again.
    Look at all the Congressional staffers going to the Ukraine. I know, they’re going for the great weather and soccer.

    Are could they be going to cover something up?

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    List of Staffers –


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  6. FPCHmom says:

    Maybe this is important.

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  7. Here’s a question:
    Why do all the democrats assume that looking into Biden’s Ukraine interference is going to be bad for him? Maybe he will be vindicated. What do they already know that makes them ignore that possibility?


  8. Magabear says:

    Demonrat allied media basically reports news like this: “St. Peter says lying is a sin, but we asked Satan for his thoughts on the issue and he says St. Peter is lying about that and should be impeached……..will St. Peter impede the impeachment hearings?”.


  9. bullnuke says:

    Time to fight back hard. Gloves off. Declassified document release. If anyone is called in font of the clowns in congress they should simply state they cannot answer any questions because of an ongoing investigation.

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    • bullnuke says:

      Any documents turned over should be heavily redacted.


    • Heika says:

      This came to mind… you must listen to the words. Danny Schmidt….Circus of Clowns.
      This part in particular… words from halfway through the song to give you the idea.

      “…Well, the spectacle was gripping
      The circus show, indeed
      That no one took and noticed as
      The clowns took to the streets
      On tricycles with wagons
      And with toilet paper spools
      They teepeed all the neighbor’s homes
      And pissed in all the pools
      “Oh, look, oh, look, it’s festive now!”
      The three-ringed martin called
      Old folks looked up to see the fuss
      They watched with shock and awe

      Well, the crowd had gotten weary
      It’s time the clowns should leave
      But the clowns all played a desperate game
      Of hide without the seek
      They’re easily discovered
      In the shadows where they hid
      ‘Cause every clown was pointing out
      The clown right next to him
      So let’s load them up in circus trucks
      And drive them out of town
      It’s not that they are bad, per say,
      It’s just that clowns are clowns, are clowns, are clowns


  10. snowfalling says:

    Is there a petition to Congress for we the people to call for the deceptive Schiff to immediately resign?

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  11. MaineCoon says:

    Chatter that HAG is posturing to jump in the race……could it be that PDJT knocked Biden & son & O out knowing she might jump in?

    He will hand us her head on a platter along with pedo Bubba. Remember… “honestly, she deserves to be locked up”. She might not ever go to jail, but she will lose what little health she has left if she runs again.

    He will take her out. In due time the donors will run and hide.

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    • oldersoul says:

      Likely not happening. And I’ll tell you why. The socialists.

      Hillary’s rigging of the primaries in 2016, to steal it from Bernie, is now why the DNC has since been hijacked by raging socialists. Clinton and the old guard refusing to share the platform has caused the socialist surge in that party. And now they are aggressive about it.

      If she swooped in and stole the nomination again from the remaining socialist platform candidates, these socialists elements would resort to full hot civil war in that party. Pelosi can barely control them now.

      Not that Clinton wouldn’t try, because the big DNC money will not finance a socialist in a GE, and she is desperate for money and power. But she would burn down what’s left of that party in the attempt, and make a GE all but unwinnable.

      Amazingly, Biden was their best 2020 chance, because he caters to the middle, is part of the old guard establishment, and represents a continuation of the Obama era, which the socialists can at least tolerate (for now). They will not tolerate another Clinton run.

      The DNC would have been better off had they let Bernie have it in 2016, and get the socialist virus out of their system. Now it’s a much more virulent form.

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  12. Mama says:

    Trump is the only one with the guts to call Schiff a liar.

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  13. David says:

    Here’s what my congressman – David Price, NC4. He talks about why he’s supporting impeachment and includes this:
    “…request that the President of Ukraine investigate and manufacture negative information on a political opponent…”
    Manufacture negative information? He’s repeating Schiff’s ‘parody’ This is disgusting and should be illegal.

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    • Lulu says:

      Call his office in NC and let them know that not only do you know he’s lying but you are knocking on doors in your neighborhood, talking to your book club, and have sent an email around to all your friends and family etc. telling them that their Representative is lyin about the president to remove a duly elected president.

      We all need to call our reps and give them hell. Mine is a GOPe hack who would never think to stand up for anything except new wars and Chamber of Commerce graft but I called and said I expect him to be publicly defending the president as a representative of the Republican party.

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  14. Lock and load patriots. The tree of liberty is very thirsty for the blood of tyrants and the demonrats want to eliminate us deplorables.

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  15. davidberetta says:

    Bring back the duel! Remember that shiit? That actually kept Congress “Politics” somewhat honest.


  16. giveadamn says:

    I want to see the IG FISA Report released first thing Monday morning then, I want to see the indictments start by Friday. Otherwise, I fear for Trump’s ability to survive the MSM/DEM/IC onslaught.

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  17. visage13 says:

    If a Republican did what Schiff did yesterday, they would be made to step down, the outcry would be far and wide but no one is going to hold him accountable. He has been lying for 2 years about having evidence of Russian collusion yet has never produced it because we know it doesn’t exist and yet he still is allowed to lie and smear President Trump. Despicable, There is a special place in hell for him.

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    • BitterC says:

      If Nunes had pulled that Schiff or some Dem would have been on their feet screaming.

      I couldn’t believe Nunes sat there and let Schiff tell that tale uninterrupted. In fact, his face doesn’t show any expression. Was no one listening or hadn’t the GOP congressmen read the transcript? When Turner called him out, he said he was getting texts about it

      That was a HORRIBLE hearing for our side. Only Ratcliffe hit the right notes

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  18. Chieftain says:

    Like the Great Pretenders of Hollywood that Schiff represents, he feels a compulsion to pretend, to be an actor playing a part. The question is: is it the Fred mcMurray role in Caine Mutiny or is it Brutus?

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  19. czarowniczy says:

    Well jeepers, there’s Schiff slandering the POTUS while in the process of trying to build a case to impeach him, seems like Trump should consider suing Schiff in Federal court for defamation. They both ‘reside’ in different states and the case could be made that Schiff’s comments were malicious and while it probably wouldn’t go too far it would be good political theater


  20. Stephen F. Paul says:

    When is someone going to call for an Ethics investigation into this Clown?

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  21. Everett Miller says:

    I was screaming at my big UHD TV while Schiff was reading these lies–fully expecting Nunes or someone to interrupt him and call him out for this outrageous and despicable behavior or reading outright lies into the Congressional Record. Crickets. So then when it was Nunes turn to pontificate, he couldn’t bring himself to do the right thing, he just strumbled through an attempted reading of the comments his staff had pre-prepared, calmly reading his way into history with exactly zero mention of the lies that just preceeded his oh so desirable face time. Crickets.. . . . . .
    The Stupid Party on stilts.

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  22. debbiesemms says:

    How can even a Democrat be fooled by Schiff, He is obviously corrupt,


  23. SweetPotato says:

    Not sure where this thought belongs, but…it seems that this frenzy about forcing PDJT to release his conversation with Ukraine’s president will have a chilling effect on any other country leader chatting with Pres. Trump. If he knows our Congress can demand & get what should remain a private convo, why would he discuss anything important with our president? What these clowns are doing to our ability to conduct business, etc. is an absolute disgrace! I’m surprised the worms of Envy and Hate haven’t totally consumed every one of them!! Fie on the whole lot!!


  24. mike diamond says:

    How is it the demo-rats are never investigated!,and when they are nothing ever happens? President Trump is right it’s a rigged system! We love President Trump!we voted for him a nd we will do it again in 2020!!!then in 2025,we will vote for Trump JR!!Right on!


  25. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired says:

    Note: My fellow Americans, please read lessons learned # 2. Think Adam Schiff could lead soldiers. How about being the lead Congressman investigating whether the President chosen to lead 320 +/- Americans should remain in office? Think his ability to perform his sworn duty employing absolute candor may be important?

    Memorandum for Record

    Date: 09/26/2019

    To: My Fellow Americans and Nancy Pelosi:

    Re: The Last Straw!

    1. My fellow Americans, what will it take for you to pick up a weapon and stand a post?
    2. I had resigned myself after watching Mr. Trump and most of the players in the swamp before the last few days that I could put away my ruck sack, jungle boots, BTU’s, etc.. and just watch my trees grow until Jesus returns. I even decided that I should just quit reading/listening to/commenting on all the news (save Sundance on the Last Refuge) because surely the majority of Americans could see that in spite of all the pure unadulterated manure being slung in his direction, D. J. Trump has done more for the average American than any president in the history of the Republic! In short, I was truly starting to think that Mr. Trump was the one Commander-in-Chief in my lifetime who provided an old soldier/cop the degree of confidence required to sleep at least half the night with both eyes closed.
    3. Since Monday night I have had both a personal and professional awakening. I contend that of the lessons learned presented below (1 – 2 & 4 – 8 written in 1989) have been proven to be as relevant today as they were in 1989 and most certainly 14 – 15 (added in 2019) are validated.
    4. Ms. Pelosi, I will address this paragraph to you and your comrades. Madame, suggest you carefully read lessons learned #1 & 2. First, I contend that you and most of the members of congress (on both the left and right) have demonstrated time and time again that not one of your numbers would last two minutes if assigned to lead soldiers. Farther, I suggest that the total absence of a professional code among your body insures that trying to instill any one of the Seven C’s of Leadership in any of your group would be a waste of time! And, now for the truth that has been brought out in the bright sunlight by you and your comrades regarding lessons learned #1. It is the one lessons learned that I have prayed was not true since my first combat tour. Now it turns out to be one of the factors that has made the caliber of politicians dominating Washington, DC safe in their incompetence/corruption to date. Cannot speak for all veterans; but for the small sample I have taken over the last few months I can confidently state that if we of the Profession of Arms did fight first and foremost for country, the flag, motherhood, and apple pie you and comrades would be on buses headed for California well short of any farther elections.
    5. Once again. My fellow Americans, what will it take for you to pick up a weapon and stand a post?

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    A Soldier/Cop’s Lessons Learned

    1. Soldiers (ground combat soldiers, that is) do not fight first and foremost for their country, the flag, motherhood, nor apple pie. Before all else, soldiers engaged in ground combat fight for their fellow soldiers and their unit.
    2. The Seven C’s of Leadership according to a 1980 survey of 1646 of Vietnam era ground combat veterans listed of the order of their importance are; Candor, Competence, Consistency, Commitment, Courage, Compassion, and Courtesy. The reason the soldiers in the survey chose the word “candor” is because to them candor encompasses both omission and co-mission. To a combat soldier lack of absolute candor, be it co-mission or omission, are equal sins! In short, soldiers expect/demand absolute candor from their leaders before all else.
    3. Omitted
    4. The American people are the most effectively lied to people in modern times thanks primarily to the American political class, the American bureaucracy, the American media, and American academia.
    5. Arrogance coupled with ignorance equals stupidity.
    6. The greatest threats to the American people are the corrupt and/or incompetent politicians/bureaucrats/academicians found at every level of government/academia, and the majority of the American so-called media.
    7. Most of the politicians/bureaucrats/academicians I have encountered during my years as a soldier/cop I most kindly refer to as; self-serving, witless, cowards.
    8. The American Profession of Arms and our brothers/sisters in blue have failed to protect the American people from all of their enemies, both foreign and most especially domestic.
    9 – 13. Omitted
    14. After carefully watching the whole of the political class since Donald J. Trump walked down that escalator in Trump Tower to date, I can say without reservation that most of the group will sell their souls and our bodies just to remain in power. (Added 2019)
    15. Want to see what the United States of America will look like if the left takes control of the government? Take your pick, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the complete package; California. (Added 2019)

    Charles W. Lauderdale
    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired


  26. USA Citizen says:

    Adam Schiff should be kicked out of his office, because he’s a lying, corrupt,
    crooked, troublemaking evil eye Liberal Democrat!


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