“Gossip-blower” is Male CIA Operative Formerly Part of White House NSC…

Details are beginning to emerge about the deep state political operative within the intelligence apparatus who wrote a ‘whistleblower’ complaint based on second-hand information he heard on the intelligence grapevine about President Trump.

According to the New York Times the complaint derives from a male who was a former CIA operative on assignment within National Security Council (NSC), who left the White House and returned to the CIA:

(emphasis mine)

WASHINGTON — The whistle-blower who revealed that President Trump sought foreign help for his re-election and that the White House sought to cover it up is a C.I.A. officer who was detailed to work at the White House at one point, according to three people familiar with his identity.

The man has since returned to the C.I.A., the people said. Little else is known about him. His complaint made public Thursday suggested he was an analyst by training and made clear he was steeped in details of American foreign policy toward Europe, demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of Ukrainian politics and at least some knowledge of the law. (more)

The outlined profile, in combination with the political motive, have led many people to begin searching through: (1) current CIA operatives; (2) who come from the era of Brennan; and (3) were previously assigned to the White House (NSC); and (4) then removed; and (5) then returned to the CIA.  That profile has led to suspicions of identity.

A strong possibility for the identity, a person who checks all the boxes of known attributes, follows a trail to Michael Barry:

JULY 2018 – A top intelligence official at the National Security Council (NSC) is reportedly leaving the White House.

Michael Barry, senior NSC director for intelligence programs, is leaving the council as part of national security adviser John Bolton’s major staffing overhaul, two government officials told the Daily Beast.

One source quoted in the report Tuesday said that Barry is leaving on “very good terms,” but that his departure will be a “tough loss.” Barry is reportedly returning to the CIA, where he served before joining the NSC. (link)

An October 2017 Politico article outlines Barry as he replaced Ezra Cohen Watnick [SEE HERE].  CIA operative Michael Barry was put in place by National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster: “Michael Barry, became the National Security Council’s chief intelligence officer in September [2017] and is the primary liaison between the NSC, which coordinates US national security policy, and the CIA.” [LINK]  “Michael Barry once worked on a CIA assassination program.”

Michael Barry was later removed by John Bolton [2018] after Bolton became National Security Advisor. [SEE HERE] “Barry’s departure is on “very good terms,” one source said, but it will be a “tough loss for the NSC.” According to the source, Barry is returning to the Central Intelligence Agency, where he served before joining the NSC staff. His detail from CIA to the NSC is coming up, The Daily Beast has learned” [2018 LINK]

Though it is speculation, the known profile fits this specific individual.   Given the ‘whistleblower’ hired a well-known partisan political lawyer to represent his current accusations; and given the political nature of his claims with no direct evidence to support them; the motive of the deep state also matches the profile of Michael Barry.

Today in a court filing:

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505 Responses to “Gossip-blower” is Male CIA Operative Formerly Part of White House NSC…

  1. Michael Savage was pretty darn close. He thought Bolton had something to do with his. Savage’s guest on tuesday his attorney Horowitz thought Bolton leaked this to a lower level in the intelligence community, which seems to be the case in Barry. Very good SD 👍👍.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      This happened before Hilton left, no? Dated August 11?

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Silent: That may be, but not so quick. Cohen was a good guy from my understanding – a Flynn guy. He was replaced with Barry – a Deep State hack loyal to H.R. McMaster and Dina Powell & Co. – known people trying to thwart democracy by their disloyalty to PDJT and his agenda and their loyalty the status quo and globalists.

      Yes, Bolton left on poor terms. I just strongly hesitate to point the finger at him. This is more like the work of the Deep State gang – McMaster, Mattis, Kelly, etc. They disliked Bolton immensely. And don’t forget, Bolton let Barry go if I understand correctly.

      Any other Treeper with further information to add or dispute would be helpful…

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      • highlander says:

        For additional info on Bolton see:
        “Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle”

        Information which was a huge surprise to me…. Bolton was given the opportunity to choose to reform and henceforth do the right thing— and he did not choose wisely.

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      • George 1 says:

        Rynn. If not Bolton it was surly one of the neocon/democrat operatives. They hate Trump anyway and the fact that the President has not allowed them to proceed with their war agenda probably has them ready to slash their wrists.

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      • Dixie T says:

        That’s correct—-Bolton “dismissed” Michael Barry from the NSC, when Bolton first took over at the White House, as NSA (National Security Advisor).


        • Dave Hunter says:

          Because he was a known leaker. I don’t think Bolton told Barry anything, rather it may have been Barry’s old comrades in arms at the NSC who passed gossip onto him. Or, and here’s a thought, given the Whistleblower was completely incorrect about everything and had no first hand information (h/t UndercoverHuber), and the one person he cited as having been listening to the conversation between Trump and Zelensky he got wrong, perhaps this was a WH leaker detection op? Especially since it wasn’t the State Department official who was named that was present for the call, rather it was SecState himself. That’s a lot of things to get wrong, and the president released the transcript of the call within the day. Odd, that.


          • Xena Laminak says:

            Took a bit to find a text version (tv station that didn’t bother to clean up the OCR errors) and sure enough, you’re right! “In addition to White House personnel, I was told that a State Department official, Mr. T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, also. listened in on the call. .
            I was not the only non-White House official to receive a readout of the call. Based on my
            understanding, multiple State Department and Intelligence Community officials were also
            briefed on the contents of the call as outlined above.”
            I’ll bet you anything this was a Trump/Gulliani water cooler gossip sting. I once worked in a library (hot beds of back biting) where we were bad mouthing the director. I heard a sound and we opened the door and watched as the most hated snitch dove into the elevator (next to the door) and shortly thereafter the director started making our lives hell.
            If that can happen in a stupid library with a staff of no more than 20 people, can you imagine what goes on in the White House?


    • fhb says:

      CTH , post this in the lead of comments , every article everyday , Please.
      This CIA plant, his PRIMARY PURPOSE was to get the scheduling , the patterns, the vulnerabilities, the possible openings , who and/or how to compromise someone on the protection details, electronic and non electronic info (codes, password ,Ids etc) and means of collection { one owners Co-op in Trump Tower-the one that had the fire, housed spycraft gear : spying on the campaign and was eventually torched }, anything of value to use for the physical ending of the threat to Them and how THEY have been operating for decades . THEY are the government. Not the figureheads utilized before. Secondary is all this nonsense about the Ukraine call. That has /had been useful for the House Democrats for their end. Think of this as an actual war and this is a small battle within the whole. Would you risk so much for little gain? Thanks


      • No one wouldn’t risk so much, unless they had a guaranteed safe landing and attorney which will happen with this person. Bolton is the type of guy who would shake things up for the heck of it on his way out, even if it hurt the country.


    • LIsaBeast123 says:

      I’d be shocked if Bolton did it.. totally shocked…. I believe deep down he wants whats best for the country


  2. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    So why did Nancy and the D’s bet EVERYTHING on this Ukraine thing?
    Cause they were sure that the whistle-blower was 100% ontop of the story!
    They got clear signals that what the whistle blower was saying was spot on!

    The source said to be from the WH. So clearly they got trapped. Trump called Nancy before calling the bluff, gave her a last chance. Then he released the Transcript and baited D’s to double down.
    D’s disjointed narrative isn’t made up in their minds. They thought it was real. lol

    Then they realized, OH DANG, the complaint isn’t fitting reality.
    Their shift was: The transcript doesn’t matter, the whistleblower matters.. whistleblower complaint is fully released by the WH. Bluff called. All facts disprove the “whistleblower”.

    Meanwhile all info about Biden is dumped. Who dumped it? Obviously Team Trump and the white hats.

    They can’t turn their moves back now. That’s how we got the bizarre Schiff theatrics today. Trump: “Schiff is a very smart guy” lol CHECK MATE FULL HOUSE.

    This is devastating as truth now seeps into mainstream.
    Feels like the perfect storm. Next IG report,.. then Flynn walks free, then Durham right before the Democrat primaries.
    Btw. Where is Hunter Biden? 😀

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    • CC Ibsen says:

      Can’t help but think that Rep Pelosi is very experienced at the in fightling. As well, she knows that she is SINO (Speaker In Name Only) quickly losing her power to Rep Cortez, Omar et al. Would not surprise me to have her allow this to proceed, knowing it will fail, dismally, at which time she can descend on and attack the fresman upstarts, saying that she allowed it because they wanted it, and now theyt better shut up and learn from their elders and betters, how the system works. CC

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    • The Third Man says:

      Isn’t Hunter Biden the low life who married his brother’s widow. He’s right down there with Ihan Omar.
      And another thing…what’s with all the clinically brain damaged Democrats??? Crooked Hillary was hospitalized, bed ridden for a year with brain damaged, Beau Biden died from brain cancer as did McCain. Joe Biden has had brain damage as well. Many others are obviously insane or seriously mentally deficient, but, have not yet been officially diagnosed, (at least not publicly). Mad Maxine is cukoo’s nest all the way, as are AOC, Stacey Abrams, Adam Schiff, DeBlasio, Sanders, Lieu, Buttgeek, … to name but a few😎

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        WE here in Canada howled when NP said she would not work with P. GW Bush a staffer nudged her, then mad crazy out to lunch said Putin was invading Korea. There you go such smart and educated people in government. God help us all with people like that.

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        • jd says:

          Does Canadian gov have term limits?


          • dollops says:

            Is the question ‘wishful thinking’ or ‘info please’? If the latter, h3ll no. Our politicians chomp at the trough as long as the sheeple will keep electing them, and then retire with gold-plated pensions. Are Canadians ready to boot a bunch of those looters out next month? I’m going all out to elect a MAXimum candidate (PPC, lead by Max Bernier) and if we can’t win we’ll at least take down some Conservative Party slugs.

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            • Peppurr says:

              I’m just seeing your post.. I want Trudy OUT ! Obviously Max has only recently been let into the debates so as to split the Conservative votes between him and Scheer so that Trudy can get a win. I’ll definitely be watching Monday nite and looking at the subsequent polling.I like your theory!


      • Wethal says:

        No, Hunter did not marry his brother’s widow; he just had an affair with her, which has since ended.

        He has now remarried (his wife divorced him because of drug use and prostitutes). He is now being pursued by a young woman with a baby in Arkansas for a paternity suit, but is hiding out from the process servers who want to serve papers for a DNA test.

        I feel sorry for Beau Biden’s widow. Watching one’s husband die from a disfiguring brain tumor can leave a person in a very vulnerable state. And Hunter took advantage of the poor woman. Apparently neither Joe Biden or his wife Jill stepped in to stop it, if only for their grandchildren.

        What a family.

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      • iRockie says:

        Hunter Biden is hiding from a process server in a paternity suit. lol


      • mutantbeast says:

        one things NEVER mentioned by the propaganda “media” is that virtually all of todays RATS are your1960s college LSD and pther hallucinuegenic drug crowd. It seems to explain much of why the brain damage issues and bizzare behavior you see in todays RAT crowd.

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        • dollops says:

          Here’s why. Realizing that 2020 is a cinch for Donald Trump and knowing that many R senators have feet of clay, they are tossing out this Hail Mary now in hopes of squeamish Rs voting with them to re-establish the good-old-ways from before Trump. They know that if they fail, the next five years will see more and more exposure of their deceptions and corruption. Desperate? Yes. Burn the house down? You bet, but it’s all they have left.

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    • cboldt says:

      So why did Nancy and the D’s bet EVERYTHING on this Ukraine thing?
      Maybe this was the final campaign in their war chest. It’s now or never.

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        In my humble opinion, I believe it’s panic. They are cared to death of the Biden bombshell, combined with the FISA report about to drop with its numerous criminal referrals. Even with the willing complicity of the lying, domestic enemy, 5th column media estate, they cannot hide all of this from the American people.

        We’ve all known there are several different groups which comprise the democrat / progressive supporters. Those who are essentially honest, albeit simple-minded and / or gullible, will quickly abandon the America haters when exposed to the truth, as opposed to the steady, consistent diet of lies manufactured crises, and other dishonest shenanigans.

        IG Horowitz will issue his report (and criminal referrals) very soon, Biden will have to face the music this fall, Sens. Durbin, Menendez, and Leahy have some splainin’ to do, and we’ll get a nice Christmas present from Durham just in time for the Uniparty primaries in the Spring!

        Also, let’s also consider Romney’s upcoming problems To wit: after Hunter Biden left Burisma in 2017, guess who replaced him on the Burisma board? A man named Joseph C. Black, who up until his appointment on The Board, was a senior personal assistant to W. Mittens Romney himself! Funny how that happened, huh? Funny as in queer funny, not “ha-ha” funny…..

        Yeah, this fall looks to be pretty friggin’ AWESOME!

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      • Rynn69 says:

        cbolt: I think this is definitely a factor. No crowds + No enthusiasm = No money. I’ll even venture a guess that the looney Communists like Steyer, Reiner & the rest of his ilk in Hollywood, Michael Moore and so on have threatened NP and the DNC with “no money until you move to impeach.” NP’s move was stupid and weak and she knew better than to do it…

        The Democrat base is now full-on Communist, full-on Fascist, full-on Hate, full-on anti-American. It is in the process of transformation to something wholly un-American.

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        • steph_gray says:

          All correct except the “transformed” part.

          The DementoRats have spent about a century being America’s Communist Party. It’s only now that they have totally dropped their panda mask and admitted that’s what they are.

          I call them DementoRats not just because they are truly demented, but because they are just like the Harry Potter monsters – spending all their time trying to suck the soul out of America.

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        • mutantbeast says:

          there hatred of Trump is just a refelection of there hatred of American freedom and exceptionalism. Stupid commies will never learn, communism cannot survive w/o capitalism, commies always fail because they NEVER want a consumer market to devlop,because a strong consumer market means average people have the opportunity to do well. Idiots like Gulag Ho and AppHo really think Red China is a great “market”? Right about 5% of ther epopulation even has the $ to buy your products, and most all of them have the words “‘communist party” attached to them.


      • Sorry but this is NOT the final campaign by Nancy and the Ds. It will continue to escalate.

        My prediction is 0ct 2020 Silicon Valley will produce/leak a video of a naked Trump in a Moscow hotel room and hookers urinating on the bed Obama slept in. It will too good of a fake to refute immediately. They will claim a Russian “defector” brought it to them and he will claim Trump is a Russian unwilling agent under Putin’s control. Trump will not have time to dispute its authenticity.

        They will not stop and this will only get worse.


    • Zy says:

      Hunting cocaine and cheap hoz?

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      Hunter Biden was last seen in California ducking the people trying to serve him with papers to take a paternity test he doesn’t want to take. No really!

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    • Lucille says:

      Contrary to the gossip, Hunter Biden did not marry his late brother’s wife. They did have a “relationship.” He married a South African millionairess earlier this year and they are living off his $50,000/mo salary as a board member of some company in the Ukraine. So maybe he’s hiding out in S.A. …or not.

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    • Gary Lacey says:

      The whistle blower only has second hand knowledge of the conversation……this IS……in legalese…..hearsay!

      Not admissible in court……but admissible in a kangaroo impeachment!

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    • Jedi9 says:

      All I want to know is who is going to jail! AG Barr ominously silent! What is up with that?

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    • goldduggar says:

      And where is Gina Haspell? What does she know?
      The CIA needs to be disbanded.

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      • I read that she would have been the go between with the UK intelligence services and Brennan and because of her position would have had to have been involved in all their work relating to Trump.

        TRUMP has failed to drain his own swamp.


    • Mr e-man says:

      To me it is easy for them. Yes they blew it up bigger than it is but the can hang their hat on:

      1. Trump was delaying aid to Ukraine
      2. Trump said “Do me a favor” (implying he would not release funds if favor wasn’t met)
      3. His favor was to have a foreign country dig up dirt on a political opponent

      So where is our full court press to refute those things?
      1. Trump delayed aid based on corruption and wanting the EU to pay more money
      2. Trump speak should never be criminalized. Trump uses that turn of phase all the time. It was not tied to the money at all, See #1
      3. He asked a foreign country to investigate a possible crime based on statements made by Joe Bribem. Joe dug up the dirt himself. That is not illegal and quite possibly is a requirement. Just like following up on the crimes committed by the Russian Hoaxers that had a start with Ukraine and Crowdstrike and the DNC server.

      And more. Hundreds more items to overshadow their 3 weak links. How do you get through the MSM filter?

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    • mutantbeast says:

      hiding like the little rat he is. Oh BTW Hunter Biteme resigned recently from his Russian comoany there, and guess who replaced him? The former Chief of Staff to one Mittens Romney.

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    • Rockitz says:

      “Where is Hunter Biden?”

      I heard Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Program yesterday and the good senator said Hunter was busy trying to evade process servers acting on behalf of the mother of his child from Arkansas trying to get Hunter to take a court-ordered DNA test to prove his paternity.


  3. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Rep. Mark Meadows said he is surprised by the lengths to which U.S. Attorney John Durham is going to conduct his review of the origins of the Russia investigation.

    With little public knowledge about the monthslong inquiry, the North Carolina congressman said Wednesday the prosecutor of Connecticut is “doing a lot of work behind the scenes.”

    “I can tell you, they’re reaching people that I thought only I had talked to, and it’s going to be a good day for America and a good day for justice,” Meadows told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

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    • 56packardman says:

      I hope this is correct because I’m tired of all these coup plotters walking around with no consequences for their treasonous behavior. Two sets of rules – one for the Deep State ‘Rats and another set for the rest of us. It’s time for this to end.

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    • I am put off by the namby-pamby, polite-to-the-point-of-curdled-milk, demeanor of Republicans like Meadows; I think the key words to be taken from what you wrote about him are, “he said he was shocked”. The whole Democrat party — since Obama 2008, the The Insane Left of anti-American radicals — is committing treason in plain sight of America and the world, and Meadows is “shocked, shocked I tell you”. Bull fizzle (pardon my authentic Western gibberish). When he starts calling the Democrats on their treason, then I’ll think well of him.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Oh please. Meadows is a stalwart for MAGA. It makes no sense to eat our own.

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        Thank you Steph; you don’t have to possess a foul mouth to possess a stout heart.

        Two of the bravest, most courageous Americans that ever lived never cursed according to numerous, different sources who had personal knowledge of their lives – our 1st President George Washington, and the commanding general of the Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee.

        While I certainly fail miserably to live up to such a high personal standard, I do admire both men greatly for having done so, especially considering the extremely adverse and harsh conditions both men faced.


    • MGBSE says:

      Sounds like more carrots on a string…more words …and “justice soon”…NEVER arrives.


  4. Bob Guzzardi says:

    Spy is the word we are looking for.

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  5. bessie2003 says:

    Was just thinking, this is exactly how Red Letter laws against gun owners would work; anonymous accusations against a law-abiding citizen (or sitting President) and the police (congress) must act as if they are true and viola all guns confiscated “just in case” (or President’s impeached).

    Really, is there a difference?

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    • WSB says:

      That’s why they are red.

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    • 56packardman says:

      Back in the Old Country, we spelled this P O L I C E S T A T E.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Yes, their way of thinking is “guilty until proven innocent.” The exact opposite of what makes our nation great. We see it across the board now. Stunning. 😦

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Gotta be done by Superbowl Sunday, per What’s His Face on NBC. They’re bumping up against the election and Trump, et Al are bumping up against the truth with Crowdstrike. They got spooked and had to launch.

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    • shirley49 says:

      My Grandson just got caught up in this when after he broke it off with her his crazy girlfriend called 911 and said he was threatening suicide. They actually pulled him out of work and made him go the the mental health dept. of the hospital. He was there for over 5 hours waiting to get evaluated and they found there was nothing to her claim after he showed them the texts she was sending him telling him he should kill himself. They found that she was on all types of psychotic drugs. They had in the meantime taken his shotgun and he has been unable to get it back. It is another big SCAM to take our guns away. The accuser never gets any repercussions. I did send her the $1000.00 hospital bill which she has not paid. Fight these laws if they do not have a mandate that the weapons are returned after resolution of the so called Red Flag complaint.

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      • bessie2003 says:

        Sorry this happened. Have seen similar happen to people in child custody battles and no repercussions – there should be repercussions.


    • George 1 says:

      1000% correct Bessie2003. When constitutional protections/rules of law no longer mean anything, even for a President, you know we have crossed the Rubicon.

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  6. OSP says:

    Who is Maguire?

    I didn’t watch the hearing today, and I don’t see the name mentioned in sundance’s article.


  7. FPCHmom says:

    This is interesting

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Mmmm…. interesting, indeed.

      I wonder if Mr. Bakaj has any interest in the area of HAM Radio activities. Just kidding. Or am I?

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      • Moe Grimm says:

        At this point Nothing would surprise me, but still want to know more about this which Sundance tipped awhile back re: nellie ohr’s FCC lic. at the same time she was hired by fgps. So, suddenly a 55 some odd yr. old leftist shrike develops an interest in something as mundane as HAM radio? Possible yes, likely no. Both her and her husband remain employed in Barr’s DoJust-Us. The only reason I can think of is that they both flipped, but IF so did it before Barr being appointed and Rosenstein would have never worked them. So, unlikely they did and as such what the hell are they still doing there? Still say they’re ALL going to walk and one step closer to the next Lexington Green. http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/LicArchive/license.jsp?archive=Y&licKey=12382876


        • Jackal says:

          Maybe they are being watched by those Trump trust looking for lines of communication back to the source?


        • Xena Laminak says:

          When I first saw the word HAM radio mentioned, I wrote it down and made sure that I kept an eye out for it ever being mentioned again. These scum are well aware that AI systems track every keystroke on every kind of device we all use. We can’t hide BUT so far as we know, HAM radios are not tracked. In the now canceled TV series “Elementary”, one of the villains sent messages through a online video game on the Dark Web. Rather cool, but since our keystrokes are recorded, that wasn’t a way to evade the NSA. Can’t use a phone – not a landline nor cell. I bet we can’t use Satellite phones either. But radio??? And I doubt one can place a weird ad on Craigslist in the hope of signalling anyone either. These are spooks in the James Bond/Get Smart sense. Hopefully, more Agent 86 so they will eventually get caught.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      This is in line with what I have been saying…

      …that Deep State have known about Hunter Biden for a long time. By “known about,” I mean: they are aware of the specific way Joe Biden was working the system. No one was saying or doing anything because they all are doing the same. Gentleman’s agreement.

      I have said, generally, that one way the graft and corruption works is through family members. Biden does not get on the board of the Ukraine gas co. No, his son does.

      So, I suspect that the Deep State has known for a long time that their Ukraine involvement is a huge liability, if discovered by the one person with the ability to upset the apple cart: Trump. And no one else. Just one guy.

      So, they have had their feelers out for the indicator that Trump was taking action on any Ukraine shenanigans of theirs. I am not sure whether they had plans in place for responding when Trump eventually was heard hitting on the Ukraine stuff, or if the plan was to 1. figure out specific context, 2. consult Lawfare and form a legal plan.

      (Trump is too popular and just clean enough that slander and innuendo don’t work; they have to use the Law to slow him down. The legal process cannot be dodged so easily.)

      Finally, the day came. Somehow, very possibly from an ally in Ukraine, they learned that Trump was barking up that tree. So, they set their response in motion.

      This whistle blower may have been set in place to be on guard before Trump stumbled upon this.

      What is not clear: why Biden? I think Biden simply happens to be tied up in Ukraine because it was there, AND he is Heir Apparent because he is “there:” he is the most connected, in-deep (D), as was Hiraly, and he has been so solid in that role that he walked right on to the Presidential Stage.

      This was set in motion when they set him up as a favorable VP, for those reasons – at the time, he was “their man in London,” so to speak. They knew he would play along. With Deep State.

      So, I think they have been conducting a vigil for a long time waiting for the likelihood that Trump hits on one of the rotten deals in Ukraine.

      Either Ukraine deals OR faking Russia-Gate is enough to begin unraveling the fabric.

      I was thinking the other day, “Where do they go with this?” They really are setting off on a plan with only the beginning laid out, and all projections leading to poor outcomes.

      But they have nothing else.

      Unless they want to trot out Alicia Machado again, for the third time, and have her repeat the fact that he once called her “fat.”

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  8. WSB says:

    From the Politico article:

    “President Donald Trump has placed a Central Intelligence Agency veteran in a key White House post that has been a point of friction with the CIA.

    Michael Barry took over as the National Security Council’s senior director for intelligence programs in recent weeks, sources in and outside the Trump administration said. He replaces Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a controversial official who left in August after clashing with some CIA officials, as well as national security adviser H.R. McMaster.”

    Is it at all possible that Flynn and Watnick (who I still have yet to see a picture of) knew that the usual shapeshifters would pop up for ‘whack a spook’? And President Trump has had an idea of the vipors in the den?


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    • Jederman says:

      What it sounds like is a bureaucratic fight over a WH assignment. PT (or someone loyal) wanted Cohen but the CIA wanted their guy in the slot.

      Very normal jockeying to get people placed in senior positions. Happens frequently in Joint military HQs.

      It’s all about influencing the process or at least keeping tabs on who says what and where decisions are headed.

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  9. Ausonius says:

    Local ABC Fake News affiliate here in Columbus just breathlessly reported that the Trump Administration is “locking down” its communications and – you should have heard the breathless, outraged tone – dared to call the “Gossipblower” a “spy.”

    And they ran a recording of the president leaked to the L.A. Times of him using the word “spy”!!!

    If you have someone spying on you, does that not make him…a…spy? Or is the president not allowed to say “spy”? Is that unconstitutional?

    We have proof now that the White House needs to frisk everyone, no matter their rank or how seemingly trustworthy they may be.

    Beyond belief! Insanity has captured The Leftists and the MSM.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Slow news day in Columbus, apparently.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Xena Laminak says:

      NOT just the Left. Guy Benson took over a time slot here in Nevada vacated by the comedian,Tom Shillue, after Robert Davi took the slot when Babylon 5 actor, Jerry Doyle died. I loved Doyle but he hated Trump. Davi LOVED Trump but didn’t last long. Shillue was okay but not enough depth. BENSON wants to be the conservative nice guy who (wait for it) pussy foots around trying not to offend his Leftist guests. Today’s show was so bad, I not only turned it off but I drafted a scathing letter that I doubt I’ll send. You can’t rebuke these folks. You can’t wake them up. Have you tried reading passage of Conservative Treehouse or Gateway Pundit or Infowars or ZeroHedge to someone who finds Trump’s tweets offensive? They hang up or walk away or threaten divorce!
      And you’re right, all of the news reports on tv and the radio are given by BREATHLESS idiots. Why not just read what’s on the page? Why sound like you’re being diddled?


  10. nuthinmuffin says:

    these people are subversives, plain and simple. not only do they gather information, they form propaganda messages to thwart lawfully elected officials. if I remember correctly, they hang subversives…

    Liked by 1 person

  11. John Fullbright says:

    WH personnel leaking to a kleptocrat/deep state dog whistle blowers or dog blowers or something. Seems different versions of the story that deviate from the transcripts/hard evidence were leaked. Sounds more like a plumbing operation to catch the leakers on the part of the Executive. A bonus was completely invalidating the marxist media and the dimocrats and making them look like the low IQ idjits they are…

    Liked by 4 people

    • loteal2014 says:

      I too, wonder if this was intentional by the White House, same goes for the republican talking points on this issue sent to democrats today. Remember how Wall Street was taken down, as overstock put it, they traced back to the people doing the dirty by the false reporting and bashing. Just a thought.

      Liked by 2 people

    • loteal2014 says:

      I also wonder if the leaking that happened about the Russian spy that was extracted was someone inside seeing who would take the bait and how they would report.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. J.Thomas says:

    Red State has offered up Obama lackey, Ben Rhodes minion, NBC News leftist talking head Edward Ned Price as the “whistleblower”. Ned had a spectacular flameout and quit the CIA in a petulant public tantrum when Trump transitioned into office.

    If Ned is innocent, I apologize for mentioning him here in that capacity as it would have been honorable for him to bow out rather than to be a subversive. However, he became a public subversive anyway, but I suppose there is more dignity in that than being a snake.

    If it is Ned, then he needs to be dealt with. These subversives are acting against a sitting president.

    Liked by 3 people

    • babrightlight says:

      But how do you deal with Ned? If you’re right it’s Price or whoever the whistleblower, is there criminal liability here? Does he even fit the requirements as official “whistleblower”? I see flashbacks of SNL Roseanne Roseanna Dana with a “Nevermind” at the end of the story. What’s to prevent a slew of unending “whistleblows” of this or that with no possible consequence? Dems and the MSM no longer care if they look foolish or stupid. That’s the part we overlook. We think, “Boy, they look foolish. I’m sure they’ll stop it now.” No, this nonsense will go on and on until election day. Their strategy is to play the numbers game–throw a thousand things at the wall and hope at least one thing will stick. If there’s no consequence, then why stop?

      Liked by 3 people

      • Austin Holdout says:

        Ban: Wikipedia says he published a piece in WaPo Feb 2017 saying he had quit his dream career in the CIA because he wouldn’t work for Trump. So, to your question about whether he’d qualify as a whistleblower, no. He hadn’t been part of the IC for 2.5 years.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Tom says:

    I frankly don’t think it was a single individual. I think the letter is a result of a group who are still out to get DJT and they submitted the letter as though it was from an individual. Simple enough to do since these types of things are done anonymously via letter or phone call.

    Liked by 3 people

    • benifranlkin says:

      That’s what the guy said on Laura Ingraham tonight. The complaint is professionally written and probably a bunch of attorneys (Lawfare) hired by the Dems and working with Schiff to fabricate a whistleblower complaint. (Only trouble is Trump released his phone conversation first.) But Schiff has been saying stuff right out of the complaint for several weeks now and just saying wrong stuff and doesn’t care if it doesn’t agree with PTrump’s transcript.

      Liked by 1 person

      • eagle931 says:

        Because Schiff knows that most people won’t read the actual transcript and will believe what they say, hear or read on the news. And the news media is playing up Schiff’s version of events. This is how brainwashing works.

        Liked by 2 people

  14. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    This is getting over the top boring.
    It’s high time to buy some rope and look around for a nice high light post and hang ’em high regardless of which Party is behind it and especially if it was bankrolled by Soros or one of his useful idiot groups. And, It’s high time the seditious communist Brennan be taken out to sea aboard a huge aircraft carrier and made to walk the plank for treasonous behavior. Enough!

    Liked by 4 people

  15. CNN_sucks says:

    Wow. CIA is always the root of evil. How many countries did they destabilized? And now working to destroy this great country. For what? So that they and their puppet politicians at the helm while Rome is burning. Time to defund this POS.

    Liked by 4 people

    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      CIA is beyond regulation because they have their own operating funds. We could cut them down to a dollar a day and they would still be operating off of poppie proceeds and such.

      Yes, a solution would be to cut off or drastically shrink their legal status, legal existence.


  16. ChampagneReady says:

    Do we have any absolute CERTAINTY yet that John Durham has been working with a grand jury ?

    I don’t think we do and now we know why. He’s digging into every crevice and cranny of the origins of the plot to subvert Trump’s election. When it was just revealed that Durham is tracking back all the way to the Ukraine mission of Clinton pimping out Chalupa to start phony Trump BS, (Brennan, Comey, Clinton, and Clapper went into cardiac arrest. They never conceived he would connect the dots. But he has ! This was the origins of the intended frame up. It started dirtying up Manafort which would then provide the pathway to Trump. That was all they thought was needed. Wrong! Then enter the FISA fraud.

    John Durham is a veritable Sherlock Holmes. And what we have just seen with this PHONY whistleblower operative is a guaranteed result of that panic !

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Rynn69 says:

    “Returning to the CIA, where he served before joining the NSC.”

    So all American government does is shuffle these filthy, corrupted parasites around the various departments – never getting rid of them.

    Americans need to take a good, hard look at these behemoth executive agencies that grow in size and provide rats with sanctuary until retirement. Where unelected bureaucrats can mete out policies based on bias, ideology, and now we are finding out – lawlessness and corruption. A cultured environment where there is no accountability whatsoever. No threat of job loss. No threat of pension loss. A BIG PROBLEM FOR AMERICA.

    Out these basT$rds to the public so everyone will know who they are. That is step one.

    Liked by 5 people

    • underwhelmingposter says:

      It is the “Dance of the Lemons”. People get to where they continually underperform and then get “shuffled” to the next opportunity to underperform. Fed jobs are in high demand. High pay, high pensions. high benefits, low expectations for performance.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. distracted2 says:

    Besides Brennan’s involvement, this has Hillary’s fingerprints all over it as well.’


  19. Joemama says:

    Peter Strzok might fit the bill. I believe that his position was liaison between the CIA & FBI and was an employee of both organizations.


  20. MarkJ says:

    Whatever the ID of the perp, I’d reckon they’re going to be in for a rough time if/when they actually testify on Capitol Hill. I’ll wager a sawbuck that GOP members will be (very correctly) all over this Deep State idiot like hyenas on a fresh carcass. Heck, I’ll even put up another sawbuck that any such event will end up being a galactic-scale PR disaster for the Donks.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Austin Holdout says:

    Redstate article speculates that “whistleblower” is Edward “Ned” Price. He sounds like just the TDS suffering crybaby who would have been recruited by the cabal to do this.


  22. Just a reminder — upon my seeing “CIA” in the title above: This is just further confirmation of what I have been calling the entire attempted coup d’etat for over a year: A CIA In-Country Regime Change Operation. The source of corruption within that body has not yet been uncovered and thus neutralized, obviously; it continues to put out infectious bodies (“whistleblowers”).

    Just as the Democrat party is no longer a legitimate political force and is collectively guilty of treason, so is the CIA. Diseased bodies, that have to be neutralized and then completely cleansed before they can be allowed to function in our republic.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. meteorofpoo says:

    So which one of these fake whistle blowers is going to step out of the shadows? If their claim had merit, they would put a face to it instead of falsely claiming that their life was in danger.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Bulldog84 says:

    The NYT could well be preferring fake news over a true scoop. In other words, the story could simply be major misdirection by them in cahoots with a source who has a motive to conceal the identity of an obvious traitor who might in fact still have access to the White House.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. John-Y128 says:

    This type of behavior is seditious from the CIA against their boss the POTUS, even the DNI sounded like an establishment hack yesterday, “Everything the WB (leaker) and the IG did was in ‘good faith’ and ‘by-the-book [an Obama phrase]”, rubbish and a waste of a public hearing!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Pokey says:

    If Barry is the guy, then Bolton is involved in the bs being thrown against PDJT. I suspect Brenner, Soros, Clinton, Comey, and Obummer are thick as thieves on this charade. Brenner and Comey are just trying to save their own backsides without having to point their fingers at The One. As usual, the financier of Antifa ( Soros ) is also financing this plot to get our President. PDJT must be hitting the moneyed people where it hurts, because this episode will even be difficult for the useful idiots to believe.

    If the Republicans decide to fight this, the Demcommies could be set back ten years or more. But I don’t think the Republicans have the backbone for any kind of fight because they are too stupid and too complicit to understand what is going on right under their noses. They would not know where to start even while holding a roadmap to follow.


    Liked by 2 people

  27. Dr.Jay says:

    They have been planning this fraud from the get-go.

    Read that statement by CS & DNC. Their contract states that because they consider the work by CrowdStrike (akin to) legal services, that contract, and all work products, are protected by attorney-client privilege.

    LOL! Do such schemes actually work in the USA?

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Daniel says:

    Just keep in mind the CIA is not supposed to be operating on US Soil.

    No one seems to be asking why this person is “a whistle blower” at all. To be a whistle blower, one MUST be directly involved in whatever it is which is somehow wrong. Heresay is not eligible for blowing whistles.

    And much worse that it is CIA. The CIA needs to be completely uninvolved with domestic matters and when they find themselves in domestic matters, they need to be forcibly removed.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. iRockie says:

    “Michael Barry once worked on a CIA assassination program.” Did anyone get assassinated over email releases?


  30. mutantbeast says:

    In other words, the CIA “operative” was a scumbag put into the Trump white House by Brennans CIA to spy on the Trump admin.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. mutantbeast says:

    BTW Put in place by McNasty? Hmmm, even more suspicious.


  32. Warmac9999 says:

    Do you really believe the NYTimes on the identity of the whistleblower/spy? This complaint is a team effort and somebody will fall on their sword to make the fakery seem real.


  33. Rockitz says:

    “RETALIATION!” All of these most recent attacks on Trump are leading up to this single response from democRATs when the DOJ starts dropping indictments for Spygate on Obama and his minions. DemocRATs have long known this day was coming and how badly it will decimate their party, so all of these recent attacks are pre-emptory purely so that they can unleash the only possible response to their depravity and corporate corruption. “RETALIATION!” Watch for it. It’s coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Rick says:

    So what’s happening here with Russia gate dossier part 2, the whistle blower hoax? It’s a repeat of the same chess game that happened in the beginning with McCabe’s opening of a CI investigation into the POTUS. Allegations are created by unelected bureaucrats, disseminated by their mainstream media allies to the dense masses in what in chess parlance amounts to a pin against accusations of obstruction of justice/meddling in elections.

    Is POTUS, Bob Barr frozen by the gambit? Was the Ukrainian investigation into the truth stalled because of this pin? Is Bob Barr afraid to go to Kiev and cooperate because of a fear the democrats/bureaucrats will shout from their media allies Trump ordered him to do it for retribution or political advantage?

    Bob Barr needs to seek truth and justice while ignoring the globalist’ stooges(radical dems and bureaucrats) chaff and counter measures, and charge the lying phony whistleblower with abusing the whistleblower program for political purposes.

    And another thing, who’s the bundler behind the entire coop? All roads lead back to George Soros. Why can’t Trump announce he’s an enemy of the USA, freeze his assets and put out an arrest warrant for him on interpol?


  35. Art C says:

    Listen up Treepers– all of these communists/socialists/fascists and generally Godless people running around the halls of power in all countries, including the US government are a fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima’s prophecy in 1917 that unless men repent, God will use Russia as his instrument of chastisement to punish the world. She said “If my requests are not granted, Russia will scatter her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be destroyed!”
    One of the major requests of the Holy Virgin was for the Pope, in union with thall the bishops of the world, on the same day at the same hour, were to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Unfortunately, to this day, the Vatican has refused to consecrate Russia as requested, therefore, there is so much evil in the world. Look at the communists running around the USA, look at the Satanic Antifa people causing mayhem and havoc.
    Those of us who are faithful to the true Catholic Church, and not the false Counter Church that emerged after the Second Vatican Council in the 1970s, keep praying that the Vatican will finally obey her requests and do what She asked so that there can be peace.
    For a good summary of what living the Message of Fatima means, go here (http://catholictradition.org/Mary/fatima3.htm). God bless and keep praying!


  36. jameswlee2014 says:

    It’s a Hail Mary. The roof is about to fall on them and they know it. Ask yourself who seriously believes Trump can be removed. The country is being deviled by children.


  37. itsy_bitsy says:

    Intel people who misuse their power need to pay for their traitorous actions. Hang him high!


  38. tgimacb says:

    This fella may be hero to some, villain to others
    But he’s not being asked to be some child’s godfather…
    Trust but verify


  39. 8675310 says:

    The only guy this guy has to fear would be a “cleaner” from his old assassination group. They might want to tie up loose ends before the trail is followed back to them.


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