Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Discusses The Status of U.S-China Trade Negotiations…

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin talks to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs about the current status of U.S-China trade negotiations.  Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer have been working together on the overall China issues.

Mnuchin delivers a deliberate explanation of the current status.

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61 Responses to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Discusses The Status of U.S-China Trade Negotiations…

  1. Danny Mitchell says:

    Put him on Rushmore already. In another 5 years he might be.

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  2. Danny Mitchell says:

    Put him on Rushmore already. In another 5 years he might be.


  3. CoffeeBreak says:

    I enjoy listening to Mr. Mnuchin!

    Thanks, Sundance and all behind the scenes. It was a great weekend / Monday here at the Treehouse.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      I remember very early on when Mnuchin was on a panel discussing the WTO and he seemed very reticent about doing anything about changes and if they would help. In fact I think he frowned through the whole panel discussion. Now after having worked with President Trump and seeing the successes of his ideas I swear every time you see him in a photo he’s smiling from ear to ear.

      Kudlow was another guy who was very full of what he accomplished in the past (not putting down his experience) and there was really no praise for President Trump in his first interview. He is now full-on supportive and using his experience to further Pres. Trump’s agenda.

      President Trump’s financial team is the best ever. The evolution in their thinking and the use of their expertise has been phenomenal. I’m hoping he can find others like them to take over other Departments.

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Being able to LEARN (real learning from life, not the FAKE college “learning”) and then being able to change are signs of a wise person.


  4. A2 says:

    ‘US seeking to ‘colonise’ China’s economy with trade deal, says veteran economic policymaker Li Deshui
    US demanded China amend domestic laws and proposed establishment of bilateral office to debate Beijing’s economic policies, Li Deshui says
    Trade war is part of a bigger US strategy to contain China by limiting development in key industries, he says’

    ‘A veteran Chinese economic policymaker has revealed certain United States demands made during trade negotiations with China that were later rejected by Beijing, confirming previous media reports and shedding light on mainstream thinking about US policy among China’s economic officials.
    Li Deshui, a former chief of China’s statistics bureau, wrote that the US side had specifically demanded that China amend its domestic laws and proposed to establish a permanent bilateral office to debate Beijing’s economic policies, according to an article obtained by the South China Morning Post.
    In addition, Washington had requested a one-sided enforcement mechanism that allowed it to impose sanctions on China if it was unhappy with economic policies, but China could not retaliate, Li said. The US had also tried to restrict China’s hi-tech industry and state-owned enterprises and to urge China to open up its financial sector and markets “unconditionally”, Li said.

    It is the first time that a senior figure in Beijing has revealed US demands in trade talks that failed in May [1] after Beijing rejected the US proposals.’

    Panda screaming again.

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    • It is like Sec Mnuchin says A2, Pres Trump is the first American official that China has ever run into that is telling them that they can not longer loot and plunder America and they are upset.

      And boy is China upset.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Right. I’ll take an article authorized by the Chinese Communist Party under advisement right behind the news printed in the NYT and WaPooh (maybe just before….).

      PS: the NYT and WaPooh get my attention somewhere after at least 12 to 20 other far more reliably accurate sources of news and information, CTH being at the top of my list.

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      • A2 says:

        What is interesting here is that this is the first time the PRC has revealed what their objections actually were, though it pretty much confirms the news at the time from the US side.

        It also confirms that the essence of the ‘ trade war that is not a trade war’ strikes at the heart of the PRC under Xi Mao2.0 and he will resist any changes, not willingly to their command and control system.

        Not just about pork and beans.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Yes I do get that aspect of the article. But to print that and expect us to read that and take their objections seriously is laughable (the backstory notwithstanding).

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          • SharonKinDC says:

            Who said to take their objections seriously? Not A2. He posts for INFORMATIONAL purposes so our & SD’s theories on vis a vis China have quoted sources to back them up.


            • Agreed, and I promise you that GB fully understands that.

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            • GB Bari says:

              Relax, Sharon. I’m on your and A2’s side here. I very much enjoy what A2 posts in CTH and have so stated several times.
              But I wasn’t clear enough in my OP so let me edit it to clarify….

              “But FOR THE CCP via to print that ARTICLE and expect us (in the USA) to read that and take their (the ChiComs’) objections seriously is laughable (the backstory notwithstanding).”

              See? I was laughing at the CCP’s hubris and naivete, not A2’s choice to post the link to it.

              Hope that helps. Peace! MAGA!


  5. A2 says:

    ‘Chinese theft of trade secrets on the rise, the US Justice Department warns

    The Justice Department launched the “China Initiative” in November 2018 with the aim of countering Chinese national security threats.

    China has accused the United States of trying to protect U.S. firms from competition and block

    China’s technological development.
    “The issue … is that part of their industrial policy, part of the way they try to accomplish that, is state-sponsored theft or creating an environment that rewards or turns a blind eye to it,” U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Adam Hickey told CNBC.’

    Money shot:

    ‘Hickey stressed the need to look not only at whether there is a so-called back door or an intentional vulnerability, but also at whether there’s intent and capability of a government to leverage that company.

    “If you are looking for a smoking gun and you wait for it, you might end up with a gunshot,” Hickey warned.’

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  6. Bone Fish says:

    Twin deficits, blown out of control.

    Fed emergency liquidity injections on a scale far larger than 2008-2012 TARP as we speak.

    Stay ready.

    Keep the faith.


  7. lorigoldsmith says:

    The MSM, central bank, mainstream media, global elites and the deep state have been crying wolf and like chicken little telling everyone the sky is falling! The sky is falling! Trump’s trade war with China will hurt our economy! Cause inflation! Hurt our American farmers! Wallstreet will crash! This president doesn’t know what he’s doing! We all going to die! The world is going to implode!
    First of all, Trump didn’t start this trade war. We have been in a traditional war with China for decades, and I hate to tell you, but, we lost. Trump is the perfect man, at the right time, who isn’t a slimy politician willing to sell out his country. No status quo for President Trump! He is a great American patriot! He is the only man willing to fight for us, the American people! Thank you Trump, for tapping these very talented people to negotiate the best trade agreement and thank God for this man of steel, President Trump.

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  8. DAVE CRAIN says:

    Off topic I suppose, but hey Sundance, is President Trump’s work ethic wearing off on you?
    12 Article’s by you today? Well done Sundance, well done!

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  9. Bone Fish says:

    China, suffering from grand solar minimum crop failures and livestock disease have run out of other countries to buy enough soybeans and piggy’s from, to keep their people fed.

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  10. lorigoldsmith says:

    Has everyone watched PM Modi and President Trump’s speeches in Houston yesterday? It was historic! PM Modi & Trump are both global rock stars! In a sold out stadium of 50,000 people PM Modi sang Trump praises and called him a true friend of India! Many standing ovations and cheers of Trump! USA! The world witnessed the love and the media ignored it because it doesn’t fit their narrative of Orang Man Bad! He’s a racist! He doesn’t like brown people! He is an embarrassment on the world stage! Yadda, yadda, yada…
    Watch it on Youtube!

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    • lorigoldsmith says:


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    • Patience says:

      Yes. Historic!!!!

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    • Baby El says:

      Lori – I’m not sure how to read this. Yes, I believe all of what you see – and what we saw, but there are still strong trade issues with India – they have high tariffs against us as well as our workers’ issues with H1B laws.

      With that in mind, there is harmony in the foreground and acrimony in the background. I wonder how the two reconcile… can’t figure that one out yet.

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      • lorigoldsmith says:

        I understand your concern. However, President Trump is changing the dynamic of global trade agreements towards a post globalist one on one reciprocal free and fair trade. I think we will hear more deals like USMCA coming soon!


  11. Steve Herman says:

    I’ve posted this several times in the hope that someone in the PDJT admin sees and acts.
    This would chop the legs out from the CCP and the 5/6 families.

    Creation of SOYPEC
    Soybean Producing Exporting Cartel
    US and Brazil produce 70% of the world’s soybeans
    This is leverage
    Include Argentina and India and that’s 84% of the world’s soy production.
    This is leverage of EPIC proportion.
    And PDJT does like leverage.
    If a cartel of this size is put together, you would have little soy price fluctuations, which is good for farmers.
    Crop damage or failure in one country would drive prices higher, but bumper crops would allow the cartel to buffer and maintain stable prices.

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  12. GB Bari says:

    I winced when Mnuchin answered Dobb’s question about Sheldon Adelson’s anti-Tariff advice (AKA, interference) in the Trump Administration’s ongoing sensitive negotiations with China.
    Mnuchin: “He [Adelson] meant well.”
    No, Steve. If he meant well, he wouldn’t have interfered.

    Then again, the alleged “conversation” may have been another canary sent out to find leakers….


    • SharonKinDC says:

      Ah, so a donor can never offer an opinion? Good luck with that and suppressing Adelson’s 1A rights.


      • GB Bari says:

        I never said “never offer an opinion.” You have done what the MSM does – distorted the facts and “put words in my mouth” .

        A donor of Adelson’s position can certainly speak to a friend and offer an opinion at anytime.

        However, using good judgment and discretion (something badly lacking these days) as to WHEN that donor might offer a suggestion, and also endeavoring to keep that conversation completely discreet, considering the extreme political sensitivity, might be much more desirable than allowing it to be broadcast to the world and contributing to the President’s detractors’ tools to interfere….UNLESS the donor intends to increase political pressure on the President

        IMO neither I (nor you or anyone here) have any idea what Adelson’s intentions were at the time he made the remarks. We only know that his remarks made public does not help PDJT’s effective use of Tariffs as leverage in negotiating trade agreements for the U.S.

        (Comment edited by Admin…)


  13. mtk says:

    It very illustrative to take the position that long term, President Trump is doing the Chinese people a massive favor.

    Economically the measure of the Chinese GDP is built on a lopsided model, right or wrong or indifferent, this model is not substainable. At some point the Chinese ecomony will be forced by market realities that will impose a correction upon their economy through a ‘victory’ recession. Then where will they stand, having thus milked the American economy for all it is worth, their export market having bleed drydry and no longer able to provide the growth ‘bank’ will translate into dealing with the growth pains of China’s having to face its first GDP contraction recession.

    President Trump is in a way forcing the Chinese Government to come to terms with their own success, and a needed economic contraction for China to institute their own domestic reforms for dealing with boom and bust economic cycles.

    It is a reality if China truely wants to have a first world economy they must faced this at some point.

    The Chinese negotiating strategy should step back, look into the mirror and see the Panda that is smiling back at them.

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  14. Tim says:

    Wall Street keeps saying that deficits dont matter. If deficits dont matter, then it wont matter if Trump shifts the trade defict from the USA back to China !! Also the USA trade deficit with China is about US$ 330 billion a year. Chinas admitted defense budget is about US$ 177 billion a year. So the poor managment of US – China trade, pays for Chinas military completely !

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  15. Mhf says:

    I’m seeing increasing hostility/frustration toward Trump and his tariffs on forums and Agtwitter. The so-called Trump checks (MFP2) is not enough. Cotton is priced in the low 60’s, soybeans in the low $9 high $8, and corn in the high $3. Not to mention the affects on pecan growers, ginseng and other obscure crops.
    The cotton and soybean growers cultivated the Chinese customer over years of market promotion, paid for by the growers check offs.
    Now we hear the banks are being supported in the trillions by the Fed?


  16. lorigoldsmith says:

    I have never posted my thoughts on any forum until this one.
    I am very impressed with the knowledge and insight of the the people on this forum. I am in awe of you and I feel out of my depth!
    Thank you CTH for your interesting and insightful format!

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    • cattastrophe says:

      No need to feel out of your depth. Everyone has to start somewhere if it’s a subject they aren’t well versed in.
      I agree it’s great to have such a wonderful teacher (CTH) and insightful commentators.

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      • lorigoldsmith says:

        Thank you! Forgive any blunders I may make now and in the future. I may be a cross between cynical, rose colored glasses and in need of intelligent knowledgeable people to help guide my way. This is a great format as a sounding board to see if my thoughts or opinions are on or off track!


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